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Billion Tree Tsunami reaches 750 Million Trees & Counting

Billion Tree Tsunami – I remember when people mocked them when they started the four year project – it is now 3/4th done standing at 750 Million trees

Will have ZERO impact on election – as it will ONLY benefit the future generations of the people of KP (Likewise PTI’s focus on Health and Education) – even meeting the requirements of the Bonn Challenge  to reforest the entire world

All these are nowhere near the billions spent for cosmetic projects spent by the so-called economic experts (PML) where our generation and the future generations will have pay-back billions in loans and compounded interest for many many years to come

this is no small feat …. #Proud

Details of Assistance being provided by KPK Govt to APS Victims

Efforts of the PTI Govt in KPK after APS School AttackThe tragedy of APS Peshawar on 16th December 2014 shocked the entire nation, how could a heartless group of individuals target a school filled with children – the tragedy impacted the lives of 144 innocent people who were killed in the attack with over 124 additional people injured during the carnage.

Since then, the KPK Govt has been doing a lot for the victims and their loved ones, there is no way that the parents can ever be fully compensated for their loss, but some effort has been done to support them, there were still reports of some disgruntled parents who were stil unhappy about their cases, but looking at their genuine pleas it seems they were angry as the perpetrators who had masterminded this carnage have not been caught, during the session even Imran Khan allowed them to voice their concerns and reassured them that all grievances shall be handled immediately

KPK Govt on the 16th Dec 2015 sent out a press statement listing out the assistance given to the victims and their family members – sent to all media outlets but it seems no one cared to report on the facts, I think instead of waiting for a media house to publish these facts even 15 days after the anniversary, I’m reproducing the update from the KPK govt. This is also just a humble reminder that PTI Govt in KPK has taken the full burden of the compensation while the Federal Govt is garlanding the public & media with mere statements of support

Details of Rehabilitation &/or Assistance support given by KPK Govt to the victims & survivors of the APS Carnage on 16th Dec 2014

  • Shuhada Students: 122
  • Shuhada Teaching / Non-teaching staff: 22
    Total Shuhada: 144
  • Seriously Injured: 73
  • Minor Injured: 48
  • Police Personnel Injured: 3
    Total Injured: 124

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KPK Govt Security updates after the Army Public School Attack

There are many people who ask what has PTI / KPK Government been doing in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to counter the terrorist threat to the people living in the province and also to the school children of the area specially after the tragic Army Public School attack on 16th December which claimed the lives of over 140 school children.

We have compiled a short list of action items taken by the PTI govt in KPK

  1. KPK has almost 37,000 Schools.  5,000 of them are without boundary walls. KP Government had a 3 year plan of putting all the missing basic facilities in the 37,000 schools which included Boundary Walls, Toilets, Clean Water, Furniture, 6 Classrooms for Primary Schools, etc. Now the priority has shifted to finishing the Boundary Walls in all schools within an year about Rs. 1bn has already been allocated to the department with a promise of additional funds as per requirement of each school
  2. KPK Govt has also pledged to spend Rs. 11 Billion on Security Arrangements in Schools. Expenses will include Equipment and Training of School Staff
  3. The Threat Levels to each school has been categorized in three slabs as Low, Medium and High. All the schools are getting uniform security arrangements as per their threats level
  4. The arrangements include an 8 Feet High Boundary Wall, Razor Wires, CCTV Cameras, Armed Guards, Jersey Barriers, SOS Alert service, Alarm Systems and PODs (Professor on Duty) according to their needs
  5. The KP Government has again requested in writing to the Federal Government to return the FC to the province to control the No-Man Land between the Tribal and the settled area.
  6. KP Police already sensed this threat and were already preparing for it and that is precisely the reason that they initiated police training schools like the School of Investigation, School of Tactics, School of Intelligence and Specialized training to the Elite force for Counter Terrorism. All these training schools are operational and law enforcement personnel are being trained.
  7. Counter Terrorism Police Unit in KPK getting professional training to be fully equipment to combat Terrorists.
  8. KP Government has close liaison with National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) to ensure timely intelligence and response in case of an ongoing or a perceived threat
  9. Police Patrolling has been increased and Citizen Watch Committees have been erected to watch the Neighbourhoods.
  10. Children of the last attack are being treated in all Hospitals and we only have two remaining victims who are presently admitted in LRH and are undergoing treatment.
  11. CM KP has announced that in case of an injury that cannot be treated within the country, the Government of KP is willing to bear all the treatment expenses of these children abroad to ensure the best possible care for them. (This was announced for a child suffering from Nerve Injury after the attack at APS).
  12. KP Government is also keeping a close liaison with Public to implement any suggestions or ideas.
  13. KP Government has decided to name the schools after the martyred child in the native districts of Shuhadas.
  14. A major Roundabout in Peshawar will also be named after the Shuhadas of APS
  15. Archives Library will be renamed
  16. A conference room in the Provincial Assembly has already been renamed after Mrs. Qazi, the shaheed principal of APS
  17. KPK Govt orders to terminate illegal Afghanistan Mohajirs from all Govt & private jobs
  18. To counter terrorism and improve security of the people and public property, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has enacted three special laws within a short time:
    • Restriction of Rented Buildings Act
      The KP Restriction of Rented Buildings Act 2014 requires the landlords renting their properties to do so only after proper background verification and provision of sureties by the tenant. The law further requires the landlord and tenants to get registered with the concerned police stations after submitting their particulars. Failure to do so is a cognisable offence and involvement of tenant in any terrorism activities in such a case entails vicarious liability for the landlord as well.
    • Restriction of Hotel Businesses Act
      The KP Restriction of Hotel Businesses Act 2014 requires all hotels, inns, motels and rest houses to get registered with the concerned police station and to ensure provision of guest lists to the local police station on a daily basis. The law makes it mandatory for the hotel management to record complete particulars of each guest and verify their identities and to inspect the baggage of each guest.
    • Security of Sensitive and Vulnerable Establishments and Places Act
      The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Security of Sensitive and Vulnerable Establishments and Places Act 2014 requires the owners/management of public and profit making private establishments to make appropriate security arrangements for the safety of such establishments and places. Based on the target hardening theory, the law aims to make it mandatory for all such public and private places to perform their social responsibility. This law makes it mandatory for the police force to regularly check these establishments for ensuring the implementation of its objectives.
  19. In order to effectively check terrorism-related incidents, the KP police have sought permission for allowing them direct access to phone intercepts, NADRA database and FIA’s database on travel history besides provision of necessary equipment and software for boosting its intelligence gathering capabilities!
  20. KP Govt has issued a provincial ban on all hate, sectarian and extremist literature as well as radical speeches. District police officers have been requested to form vigilance committees to eradicate the dissemination of books, pamphlets, CDs and other similar material which could be disruptive to provincial peace.
  21. CM KPK announce a compensation package of Rs 2 million for the families of APS victims (link)

The KPK govt is fully geared to protecting its citizens in the time of crisis as best as it possibly can.

Researched & Compiled by Jibran Illyas & Najiullah Khattack

Clarification to Media reports on IK’s protocol in Peshawar

Najiullah Khattak closely linked with KPK Govt has clarified the recent controversy by the media which alleged a 16-vehicle convoy for Imran Khan on his visit to Peshawar on 18th Nov.  He clarifies that the convoy primarily belonged with Chief Minister of KPK, and Imran Khan was a passenger in the same vehicle, the other dignitaries he has also listed also accompanied the convoy which only included the necessary vehicles as stipulated for their respective offices

Samaa and Dunya TV reported 16 vehicles entering CM House on Imran Khan’s visit to Peshawar. IK and CM were in the same Vehicle. CM has to follow an essential protocol by the Book that included only 4 vehicles for Security and Intel.

Following these 5, were the vehicles of Chief Secretary (6), IG Police (7), Secretary Health (8), Chief Executives of HMC (9), LRH (10), KTH (11) and Ayub Medical College (12) and a few MPAs and MNAs (13-14-15-16) who were all coming for that meeting. Where is the PROTOCOL except for the essential ones?

By the way, he travelled from inside the Cantt from the Airport and not a single road was blocked – shared by Najiullah Khattak on Facebook

Is Punjab IGP as powerful as his KP counterpart?

The Nation writes – “Many may not believe it but it is a fact that KP police chief, Nasir Khan Durrani is the most powerful IG the country has ever had in a province…” — “The Chief Minister has even surrendered the powers exclusively meant for him under the rules”, Durrani told The Nation – more

What has PTI done in KPK up until now! [Updated Nov 13th]

KPK Govt

[UPDATED 13th Nov 2014]

PTI remains focused on bringing a positive change in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and these progress notes will continue to be updated highlighting the efforts being made throughout the province

PTI True Democracy: Humayun Chacha becomes PTI Kohat President & 25 year old Gul Sahib Khan PTI Karak President

PTI Intra-party elections are under a severe level of scrutiny – but one takes hope when such stories emerge were a simple daily wage worker lik Humayun Chacha gets elected as PTI Kohat President (Official confirmation still pending) – this is an example of true political democracy making room for simple Pakistanis to emerge into main stream politics. PTI does not believe in familial politics but relies upon genuine democracy to bring about a positive change in Pakistan

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