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PTI True Democracy: Humayun Chacha becomes PTI Kohat President & 25 year old Gul Sahib Khan PTI Karak President

PTI Intra-party elections are under a severe level of scrutiny – but one takes hope when such stories emerge were a simple daily wage worker lik Humayun Chacha gets elected as PTI Kohat President (Official confirmation still pending) – this is an example of true political democracy making room for simple Pakistanis to emerge into main stream politics. PTI does not believe in familial politics but relies upon genuine democracy to bring about a positive change in Pakistan

Pakistan Today: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Election Commissioner Hamid Khan on Wednesday said that the intra-party elections of the PTI would uproot the prevailing political culture and introduce real democracy in the country. In a statement, Hamid Khan said, “The intra-party elections will not only be the foundation of real democracy but also uproot dynastic politics in the country.” He said that PTI, through these intra-party elections, had provided maximum opportunity to the youth to lead and had also provided a platform to the common man to come forward and spread the message of Imran Khan. Moreover, he said that PTI’s internal election in Kohat, which was won by Humayun Chacha, who was a tailor master, was an example of this revolution

Gul Sahib Khan 

While at on the other end of the age bracket Gul Sahib Khan (Age 25) has been elected as the District President of PTI in Karak


Gul Sahib Khan

*Note: [Official confirmation of these KPK elections by the PTI Chief Election Commission are still pending]


  • abeer khanzada |

    its not possible in Pakistan but great Imran khan possible it in Pakistan its the true democracy and beginning of real change inshallah pti will clean swip in election

  • engr jamil |

    gul sahib u should prove ur self as a great leader
    for karak and for whole nation and keep remember
    the respect of PTI which his enable u to becomwe MPA
    in this age ,,u and we all proud on khan sahin mendate