PM Sharif actually in Norway for a Mega Solar Deal

Prime Minister is headed to Norway for an education conference – so important is the education conference that dignitaries from Rawanda, Haiti and Nigeria are attending and the conference is being inaugurated by UN SG Ban Ki Moon and also by Malala – I guess PM is there to applaud the efforts of Malala from the audience, if he’s not there for anything else

The 40+ member delegation which has accompanied the PM shall loiter around and not even bother interacting with any Pakistanis living in Norway

But what the author rightly ask – what’s the “REAL REASON” of the visit – sources say a mega $$$$ solar project deal is on the table – a local sweet talking front company in Islamabad which barely has license to install 10MW project is to bang this lucky draw with a Norwegian company to be one of the Norwegian companies biggest project of their life – funding will be allegedly claimed to be from some ADB source, but reality at the moment is that it’s gonna come squarely out of our (Pakistanis) pockets

Let’s hope I’m all wrong – my source lead me on a wild goose chase and Pakistan does not waste mega millions in corruptions and cuts – for the sake of Pakistan – let’s honestly hope I’m wrong

BTW I have as per my source the names of the companies involved – won’t disclose it as I think it’s too premature – and the deal may possibly not be inked, so it may turn out to be nothing but a shot in the dark – but the question the author also asks

Why are you here Nawaz Sharif?

Good question but for three days – I guess Raiwind mein too much garmi



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