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Yakuza Boss

Yakuza Baby

……….Damn this picture sooo rocks… he loooks like he’s gonna be some new yakuza boss or something. Insert two hot chicks under his arms there and he is the #1 boss in town.

Women Drivers?

Women Drivers

……….Honestly I would like to come to a conclussion at Why women drivers are bad drivers. To be honest men also have accidents but somehow whenever a car sways erratically in front of me, I instinctively blame a woman at the wheel. Lets hear both sides of the story.

This is Pakistan

In the ever expanding blogsphere, I have seen blogs of every subject from cats to kites from technology to mythology and from romance to withering congugal life. But G 3 a famous Pakistani tech blogger has come up with Wallpapers Suite — a rich collection of walpapers he has previously been offering at [G3]-TechNews. Go have your pick.

Also @ Light Witin

Galloway fires punches


This could be for many old news but today I just happened to hear the entire senate hearing in which George Galloway delivered punches onto the US Senate committee hearing on 17th May 2005, seems as if the senators were simply taken aback at his opening statement and soon realized he would not be a simple scapegoat but would do down fighting. If you have not had a chance to hear the hearing then listen online at BBC.

“I have never seen a barrel of oil, owned one, bought one, sold one, and neither has anybody on my behalf,” he said. “The real sanctions busters were not me or Russian politicians or French politicians,” he continued, but “your own companies with the connivance of your own government.”

I think he won the battle hands down, he spoke eloquently, talked straight facts and I commend him for taking the challenge. Its now all about RESPECT

Taking a Piss


…………I have heard a dog take a leak like this, but one has to wonder why an SUV would have its leg up at the gas station (I await a humourous caption to go with this picture)

If I could ….

To continue the challenge started by Shirazi @ Light Within I proceed

If I could be a Cartoonist
…. I would remove all the hard hitting cartoons and go back to the days of soft cute cuddly cartoons so that my son would learn a peaceful co-existence with the world instead of hatred

If I could be a Dentist … there is no ‘If I could’ … as ‘I am’ a dentist…. BUT if I had the opportunity I would teach the world to brush twice a day and also floss which can lead to a disease free mouth.

If I could be a Politician in Pakistan
…. I would throw out all the corrupt politicians and bring in a good lot of educated people to run the country, assign them yearly targets and if they fail to achieve them switch them over to another selected individuals, run the country like a coroporation which needs to achieve its yearly goals

Now I pass the “If I could be” challenge to….

Yasir Memon
Tuzk e Jalali

You are requested to write a few lines on your blog and pass the chain to another select five bloggers who in turn should wirte about “If I could”

I am Back with tons of Static electricity

People living in Pakistan see a loss of electricty quite frequently but rarely excess of electricity – apart from the few surges we get every hour or so, well yours truly experienced a surge of static electiricty in my laptop which corrupted the magentic fields of my hard disk (at least thats my diagnosis). Sadly I won’t be able to blame Big Brother neither anyone else around except Toshiba the maker of my P20 Satellite Laptop (and ofcourse its typically beyond my warranty)

A few days back when I used to touch the laptop it gave me a tingle of static electricity, I thought nothing of it until the horrible Thursday night when I inserted my PCMIA Wireless Card to connect to my Wireless LAN and then I it probably triggered a static charge which I presume crashed my hard disk. I tried all sorts of data recovery softwares on the market to only be able to recover about 2GB of my 55GB hard disk. On a last resort I tried a sector-by-sector scan with Easy Recovery Pro which to my surpriese found about 13Gb of data lying on the harddisk. I have yet to rummage through the recovered data but feel that something is better then nothing at all.

As a backup I had copied all my data about 5 months ago onto another Laptop but sadly that Laptop also suffered a fatal Harddisk crash, the techie blamed it on a Physical reading error. My hopes only lie there now, I have the Hard disk secured safely but need to find someone in Pakistan who can fix or recover the problematic harddisk and maybe save some of the data in that drive, any recommendations for a good team in Karachi?


I apologize for my protracted absence from the blogging world and also the net as on Thursday 12th May I had a traggic Hard Drive crash, I am slowly in the process of recoveting my 60GB data off the Hard drive and transfered onto another computer. The process is slow and time consuming, sorry again, and meet you soon.

Customer Service in Pakistan

Bad serviceI write this post in anger, I write this post in pure frustration at being repeatedly mistreated at the hands of customer service representatives. Before I begin, I actually do not owe them a dime and have always paid my bills on time, but this unlucky soul whenever has a problem, I dread making the call to a CS center. Name any company Ufone, Mobilink, Union Bank and Citibank etc etc (These are a few companies I have had a bad experinece with) I am more often frustrated at being blatantly mistreated by these organization who lay tall claims to the extent “Its all about U”.

I will narrate today’s incident with Union Bank (Credit Card div) where I called to cancel a Supplementary card, mind you it was for only the additional card NOT the main card so I do remain their loyal customer. The converstation started with a barrage of security question, so many questions as if I was in the process of withdrawing millions from their piggy-bank.
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Guess Who?

Fake Pix

Guess who is all dressed up in this picture? I agree its been doctored but the picture is simply hilarious, If I were to give you one simple hint which should be enough to allow you to guess this elaborately dressed up minister and maybe extract a giggle from you in the process. Hint ‘Jahil Online’ ….. now now, don’t start ranting and just enjoy the joke

Read the latest mess of allegation between our Jahil Online and SA tribune (Link) Just sit back and enjoy the show

Karachi by Night

Karachi by night

………Credit goes out to ‘Anathema’ on Karachi Metblogs for providing the link to a stunning pictures of Karachi I have ever seen.

The Washington Times

Washington Times

Bill Garner of The Washington Times depicts how the Americans feel about Pakistan. Take a closer look and then look back into our history at how we slowly fell to such a disgraceful position, it has a lot to fo with selling our souls to satisfy our ambition to become the ‘West’.

I leave you to ponder and maybe leave a comment as to Why?

Q-News talks about Blogsphere

Q News

An upcoming Muslim Magazine recentlyy discussed the Muslim Blogsphere in some detail see the PDF file and turn to page 33 to read more.

A few well known muslim bloggers were mentioned whom I also happen to sometimes follow, Zack Ajmal of Procrastination which get an ‘Honorable Mention for Non-English Blog’ and also Avari/Nameh who gets recognized as Best Blog, Best Writing and Best Post.

Read in depth on page 33 of Q-News March edition and a bonus for you is an interview on Salman Ahmed found on page 23 where the caption reads “The Rock Star and the Mullah”


AKU Expels 10 Students on Murder Charges Finally

I am sometimes quite hooked onto SA Tribune, for its blunt reporting style, though Shaheen Sehbai the ex-editor of The News is wanted by the Paki Govt because the Danial Pearl video tapes landed on his doorsteps and Shaheen instead of handing the tapes over to the establishment convinently showed up at the US Embassy to present the evidence, for this reason he came on the most wanted list so had to leave Pakistan ASAP. Well placed journalists say his reporting style is unique and is wasting his talents running an Anti-Establishment journal. Enough…. now to the latest disclosure, the report seems to be well investigated even with attached supporting evidence.

A few students of AKU were found to be involved in the murder of a third-year student and one of the accused was the son of a Army Colonel who was also appoitned to the Higher Education Commision and taught at the Army Medical College.

Assad Aftab, a 3rd year student of AKU, was found dead in the Hostel room of another student Zeeshan, son of an Army Colonel, on Sept 16, 2004 in mysterious conditions. When the body was found, family members said the AKU emergency doctors proclaimed it as a “suicide” by “overdose of drugs” and wanted the family to take it away and bury it, without involving the police. When the family refused, police was called and an autopsy was done the same night at the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC).

The autopsy report was not immediately available to the family so they were confused but it clearly showed the cause of death as “Asphyxia due to suffocation” and “overdose of Benzodiazepine”. The report also noted that there were “groove type” marks over both wrists as if the hands had been tied before death.

…… Read more @ SA Tribune

UPDATE 8th May 2005 – Daily Times splashed this news item across Sunday’s newspaper read more @ Dailytimes.com.pk