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Jackson Not Guilty

Moments ago at 2:15 am Pakistan time, Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all 10 counts. To me this was surely a very surprisingly judgment that the Santa Barbara jury passed allowing him to run free for all the molesting charges. I was completely dead set at having him sent to jail for the maximum 18 yrs. Im stunned

Update – More comments: Looking back at the trial it gives you a good idea how the US media works. Gone are the days of being innocent until proven guilty as with the media frenzy its more like Guilty Until Proven Innocent. That is exactly how this trial went, media had, to the last moment determined for itself that Jackson was Guilty and all the pundits were already warming their butchering knifes and were revving up for a victory celebration. It must have been a missed heartbeat for the editors to scramble a new story line once they started hearing the words Not Guilty. I was sure if MJ was found guilty the media would have danced all over him for atleast a few additional months but now with a not guilty verdict it no longer remains a juicy story and will fade away within a few days as its no fun trying to ridicule an innocent person. Sitting all the way across the world in Pakistan, I and many others were exposed to the constant media bombardment of Jackson being a child molester and were throughly convinced that a guilty verdict was soon to follow – hell – I was extremenly disappointed at hearing the Not Guilty verdict and for a few hours felt betrayed by the American Judicail system. A good nights sleep put things in better perspective and I was satisfied at Jacko being innocent after a well fought trail. Jackson I now make peace with you and hope you continue to mavel us with a few more stunning music pieces.

Train to School

Train to School logo

Take a closer look at this redesigned map of the London Underground by clicking the image on the right, I feel it is a unique piece of art which I incidently found on deviantart forum
Mind The Gap

Torrent Fascination

Gone are the days of Kaaza and Bearshear or even the old Napster, in come the world of torrent file servers. For the past few days I have been preoccupied with downloading numerous software and files shared on the torrent network. I have installed the software Azureus and have been busily using my 256k DSL to grab quite a good torrents off the net. One of my future prized possession will be a 3-DVD set developed by Total Training on Adobe Photoshop CS2. Its a whopping 8.3 GB and I stand today at only a measly 4% and the software estimates a 30 day download but I feel it will be worth the wait, as I have always wanted to get a full grasp on Photoshop. A few recent additions to my downloaded items over the few days are as follows

    89 High resolution pics of Jessica Alba exposed in the MTV awards
    The Da Vinci Code PDF format
    Teach yourself PHP and MySQL
    GetRight cracked verison
    Cute FTP 7 Prof cracked version

Its just a small list with a few unlisted entertaining pieces interspersed here and there….. any hot torrents you might recommend?

Irritatingly Interesting

Light bulbIf you cast your gaze at my sidepanel you will see an new addition Titled “How to Irritate People”, I have just recently compiled a huge list of more the 250 quotes of very interesting and mostly funny items that one can do to act irritating to people. You will be treated to a fresh new quote on every page load so do cast your gaze onto the sidepanel and maybe enjoy the Quote of the moment.

Eye Color Calculator

eye color I Its always an intriguing question to guess the color of your children, as you all know its more a genetic probablity then a mere lucky guess. TheTech company has created this nifty website where you can easity calculate the eye color of your children. Its simple and all you have to do is enter a few sets of information and viola it will show you the probablity of a certain color your child might have. Unfortunatley in Pakistan there are not many variants of eye color still play with it and maybe outguess everyone.

TheTech : Eye color

Stress Reliever

StressCheck this Interactive Buddy flash presentation out, its a cute looking animation and you get to beat the shit out of him. To play the game you have to start by being friends with the character earning money along the way. But once you get rich you get to place grenades around the cute character and see him repeatedly being blown from side to side. With time you get to buy additional benefits for $40 or more which should also include some blood and gore, that is then a luxury for you to enjoy to see him really get hurt and bleed. The cutest part of the interactive game was when you place quite a few grenades up his wazooo he then will tremble and beg for no more bombs, but heck you wanna teach him a lesson and you ofcourse treat him to a few more grenades. Picture him as your boss and then you will really enjoy beating the shit out this cute charachter.

I interpret this flash animation more closer to real-life, where everyone is usually greedy and self centered, we usually be-friend someone only for achieveing our own ultimate goal. Once we either get rich or climb the social ladder invariably we then turn a blind eye to the ones below us and usually enjoy seeing them suffer. Greed and power is one of the worst evils in any society, try your best to stray away from such thoughts and think more for others and less of your own gains, with this attitude you will more likely suceed as a better human being certainly better then a rich ass struck up person. On second thoughts maybe you should not play the game afterall…….

Pentagon Confirms Quran Pissed on

Breaking News: A few minutes ago Pentagon has just confirmed an incident of Quran being pissed on at Gitmo Bay.

The U.S. military findings concluded that one soldier deliberately kicked the Quran, other guards hit the Quran with water balloons, and a soldier’s urine ‘splashed’ (nice word ‘splash’, it sounds so innocent, childlike and unintentional) on a prisoner and his Quran. So there you have it. The Quran was not flushed down the toilet. It was pissed on by a U.S. soldier. — Official Wire

Gitmo may come under some serious attack after the Pentagon has finally confirmed the desecration of the Holy Quran, it might be a simple book but it simply has a tremendous emotional value for all muslims, similar to other religion considering their own book as sacred.

Official Wire: Quran Pissed on
Seatlle Times: Quran Kicked and stepped on
ABC News: US Confirms Soldier kicked Quran

Anonymous Prank Calls

TricktelIts always been a fun deal to make anonymous prank phone calls to your friends and listen to their reaction. Well so much for finding the perfect prank call as Tricktel now has a nifty website which allows you to place these anonymous prank calls to any phone in the US (plus a few other countries sadly Pakistan is not on the list). The website even allows you to spoof the Caller ID and you can even select your prank message from an impressive number of voice recordings, I was even tempted to download them all and add it to my own personal collection.

Enjoy the site and do make use of the one free credit that you get upon registration. I do remain in search for some hot new recordings that are a good laugh so drop me an emial if you have any good ones.

Follow your traffic signs

Bike Sign Basic commando training before applying for a driving license in Pakistan. It surely will get one used to the bumpy roads ahead. (Caption added at the request of my fellow blogger Shirazi, I would agree with him to add a comment to any humourous pictures as it probably adds to its humor well)

The Great John

GJ Toilet

This was too good to pass by and had to share it with you all.

The Great John Toilet Co. manufactures a toilet seat for the those with a gifted Ass. I can only presume that people with a gifted ass probably have a tough time negotiating with the miniature sized toilet seats that we people use. The manufacturing being run by a large assed husband and wife company operating out of the US have tapped the perfect market, the upsized McDonald munchin Big-Mac consuming nation.

Click on the image to see a better graphical animation of the advantages of this revolutionary shiting bowl. The animation is enough of a visual explantion for you all but if you care to venture into further details or maybe place an order, check out their website Great John Toilet that I don’t need to go in any further detail. Not only does it have ample seating space on the sides for the overhanging muscle but tons of space in front as well to enable comfortable seating, surely making the loo a more pleasing experience for the gifted few.

An Aalim-like Encounter

Fingers Crossed

People ask me, why are you so dead set against Aamir Liaquat Hussain who commonly referred to as Aalim Online by his stage name. Reasons are innumerable, starting off with his set of fake degrees, his outlandish dress code, his fake humble attitude and the biggest reason of my animosity against him is that he belongs to a party that has destroyed Karachi from within and its leader lives in a luxurious mansion in London after ripping us all dry and he as a parting gift leaves behind a reckless bunch of cronies who contiune to be a menace to us. Dr. Aalim ul Momenen belongs to a corrupt group of people who have overtime not yet produced a decent leader, why should this character be any different.

I narrate a story of last night when I casually met Dr. Jahil. While on a casual late night drive around the city of Karachi, I invariably land @ Motaa’s (for those not living in Karachi this is one of the posh late night hangouts where you invariably meet the rich and famous of Karachi busy either eating pan or induldged in ‘supporting terrorism – [ Counterfeit DVDs and cigarettes may be funding terrorists – Homeland Security ]’ by buying pirated DVD’s) After my usual stroll grabbing a pan and a couple of DVD’s I sit in my car (which sadly does not happen to be a Porsche) all of a sudden catch a glimpse of His reverand Dr. Aalim ul Momeneen entering a DVD store along with the a few family members.
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Virtual Magic Kingdom

Virtual Magic Kingdom

Too poor to go to Florida, or is the US Embassy in Pakistan simply refusing to grant you your one last wish on earth, to atleast once visit the magical world of Disney. (We all know you have no intention of overstaying in that country or maybe find a job in the process, marry and have kids – Heck NO our only wish is to enjoy Disney Land.)

If you cant actually go there then why dont you tour the entire Magic Kingdom online at Disney Virtual Magic Kingdom found at this link

This happens to be a virtual game that you can play online, do drop us a line and tell us all your experience they might be virtual but you might have to settle for this until your visa finally shows up……….

Yahoo Mindset

Y! Mindset

Yahoo! has a new search tool called Mindset. It features a slider bar at the top of the page which can switch between commercial and non-commercial sites.

This site is presently in Beta development by Yahoo Research Labs and seems to be a neat tool that adapts to ones requirement with a simple slider click on the top of the page which quickly moves to either search for shopping items or make it a pure reserach based hunt. Try it here

The Perfect Expression

Ronald McDonald

I simply love the expression of Ronald McDonald in this picture somehow it perfectly matches the expression of a person who get the opportunity to look at a dirty magazine for the very first time.

I extend my apologies to anyone who finds this bordering a rated picture, but it was too good to let it sit in my computer, I simply had to share it

US Admits to ‘Mishandling’ of Quran

Breaking News: (Reuters) The U.S. military has identified five incidents of “mishandling of the Holy Quran” by U.S. personnel at Guantanamo Bay, but found no credible evidence that the Muslim holy book had been flushed down a toilet, the commander of the prison said on Thursday. Brig. Gen. Jay Hood refused to specify the nature of the mishandling, other than to say it did not involve placing it in a toilet. An FBI agent quoted a detainee in an August 2002 document made public on Wednesday as saying guards had thrown the Holy Quran in a toilet. Hood said military investigators interviewed that man this month, but did not directly ask him whether he had seen U.S. personnel put the Holy Quran in a toilet.

Read more at Reuters