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Check this forum out for all your Pakistani Technology News. This is the perfect idea to fill the vacum of a unified source for all your Paki technology news. I commend the webmaster on doing a through job, I see a long future for this forum which can be a success only if users like you take active aprt in the forum.

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Guantanamo: Quran on Toilets

In the latest issue of Newsweek (Dated: May 9, 2005), a horriyfying scandal about the Guantanamo Bay has been revealed.

Among the previously unreported cases, sources tell NEWSWEEK: interrogators, in an attempt to rattle suspects, placed Qur’ans on toilets and, in at least one case, flushed a holy book down the toilet.

……The US indeed remains as the biggest human rights violater of all time, I think its about time to put our foot down. Check out the hyperlink to the news story @ Newsweek Intl (3rd story from the top)

What do you have to say about this?

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

For those cricket fanatics who want to take the passion a step futher check this online game out. The game is flash based and very well made, you can compete at various levels, either Head 2 Head or in a tournament setting.

What I really enjoyed was the solid knock sound of a the bat when I hit a good shot off the center of the bat, I got creamed by the spinners bigtime still dont knwo how to handle them, fast bowlers are a walk in the park. My best score was 186/5 but the top scorer there is at a whopping 320/0. I must be dreaming. Try your luck and if possible post your best score here.


Mobile Alerts in Pakistan?

I have wanted to receive Yahoo and MSN alert on my cell phone (ufone) for sometime. Going through the MSN / Yahoo Alert sign-up screens I am allowed to enter an email address of my messaging device and I enter is properly in the format as 0333*******@ufone.com following this I am supposed to receive an confirmation code, but I do not get any. Just now I talked to a Ufone representative and he was also confused and said you need a paid server to provide this service, on my query on if Ufone provides such a service, he said no. I am now open to any nifty solution to this problem. Cell phone users in Pakistan do you have a solution for this dilemma of mine.

Army the biggest Real Estate Mafia

Apart from controlling the budget of our country the Army has a tremendous control over the freely available real estate of our country. Lets take a glancing look at the statistics, the Army has 22,500 acres of land sanctioned to its own profitable use while the Navy has 712 acres and the Air Force has a measly 536 acres. First of all ‘What has the Army done to deserve such a bulk share?’ Secondly we Pakistanis know how these army officers have slowly climbed up the social scale to start driving Mercs and Beamers in town, one often does have to wonder with a normal pay-scale how can serving in the Army be so profitable.

The scam is simple – they ‘earn’ a few pieces of land ‘for their faithful service for our country’ and have then earned the right to rip us dry, the well located plots are sanctioned to them at a dirt cheap controlled price and soon they make a handsome proffit mostly entering into the millions more often a 100 times proffit for a quick turnaround.
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US Embassy gets medical bill

Belgian Woman

Belgian doctors sent an Iraqi girl home Thursday after treating her for leg wounds caused by a bomb during the U.S. invasion — and sent the 51,570 euro ($66,650) bill to the U.S. embassy.

In response to a few queries the hospital managment stated that they sent the bill to the U.S. embassy because international law dictated that an occupying force was responsible for the well-being of the country’s people. Thats a good step in the right direction make them pay-up for the mess they made in Iraq.

Read more @ Reuters

Flat Tax Revolution

This was the title page of last weeks Economist dated April 16-22 2005

A Flat-Tax system is an over-simplified taxation model, it attempts to bypass all the intricacies of a complicated taxation slab which is commonly prone to tax loop holes. The Flat Tax system enforces a unified one-rate tax for everything across the board. This taxation model started from Estonia in 1994 who were the pioneers to take the bold step and enforced a 26% Flat-Tax, this concept slowly spread to the neighbouring Baltic nations and was finally also implemented in Russia in 2001 with a 13% tax on personal reserves. We are all aware that Russia, like Pakistan is a bribe-infested economy but they have used this concept with great success and have an increase in its taxation returns by 30% surely not a small increase.

The thing that drives this concept is the notion that lower taxes convinces the people to declare and payup then to suffer later. A unified taxation also avoids loop holes for people to sneak through hence in a way forcing people to come clean

Fewer tax brackets are simpler to administer, but one bracket is simplest of all. Under a pure flat tax, the taxman takes the same cut from the last dollar you earn that he took from the first. The appeal to high earners is obvious. But the administrative elegance of such a system is not so immediately apparent. Because every dollar is taxed at the same rate, it does not matter to the tax collector how many dollars are going to whom. Thus, in principle, the taxman could simply withhold 20% of a company’s payroll, without needing to know who was paid what. Add a second rate of tax, however, or a personal exemption, and the tax collector must find out how much money is going into each pay packet before he can be sure of collecting the right amount from the right person. In America, for example, the tax collector needs to tax the wage packets of 130m or more employees, rather than simply taxing the payrolls of 8m or so enterprises.

………I ask from those Business guru’s out here, is such a system possible in Pakistan?
Read in detail at The Economist editorial

Pakistani Blogger: Shirazi

Shirazi the author of a well known Pakistani blog ‘Light Within’ is taking the Pakistani blogging scene by storm. I have gotten to know Shirazi over the past few months through the inter-connected world of blogging. He is a very down-to-earth humble person who has the ability to inspire bloggers. Many a times when I go into a ‘blog-snooze’ he pounces on me by simply asking ‘Are you too busy to blog?’ an innocent comment but one that ignites the fire in me to resume blogging.

His captivating headlines catches the eye of even the most casual reader and is an enticing invitation to read more into the post, the absorbing text with an artistic splash of words in turn forces the reader to actually acknowledge the post by making a comment, that my friends is blogging at its finest and our dear ‘ol Shirazi at your door steps with just a click-away @ sajshirazi.blogspot.com
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Google Launches Non-contextual CPM-based Ad Service

Seemingly to give more choice to its advertiser base, Google, today, began testing a new service that allows advertisers to place non-contextual, cpm-based graphical ads on sites of their choosing. It’s a marked change from its history as contextual text ad giant. Publishers can opt in or out of this program if they choose. Explaining the new program succinctly is Google Product Management Director Susan Wojcicki who said, “Now our system takes things very literally. If you are on a wine site, we show ads for wine. Now we will let you advertise your cheese on wine sites.” Wine and cheese. Nothing wrong with that.

Help Page for GMail Clips Available, unlike the Feature for Most.

Google added a Help page for Gmail Clips, the presumably upcoming feature that will work RSS and Atom feeds into the Gmail display.

But for most (like me) the feature is still to be a reality, only a blessed few have this feature.

Enabling Clips happens in the Settings area for the chosen few (actually, the randomly selected few). The first indication that an account is clip-worthy will be either the appearance of a preset clip, or the appearance of clip activation in Settings.

The big question here is how Google will make feed aggregation in Gmail better, or more convenient, than using a dedicated newsreader. ????

What Do you Say???

Read : Gmail adds feed reading
View: GMail Help Page for GMail Clips
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Guide : How to tweak WordPress Template

An interesting read here ….

There have many concerns and question about the template system used in WordPress.

Mostly the concerns are with n00bs and the complications of PHP. “I want to change this and that, but don’t know PHP”.

I hear this a lot. But the thing is, you don’t need to know PHP to change the Templates in WordPress.

Matt explains why WordPress isn’t PHP and how to easily change the WP templates.

Read Article : WordPress is not PHP

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Rolex or Replica?? Don’t get E-Screwed!!

Many people are buying and selling Rolex and other fine timepieces over the internet. Most are honest people representing their product correctly. However, some are either intentionally or unintentionally representing their watches as something they are not.

Having a resource to clarify this information can mean the difference between making a wise investment in a quality timepiece, and overpaying for something that was misrepresented.

Read Article: Rolex or Replica?? Don’t get E-Screwed!!

White Smoke Black Smoke

This is indeed a very ‘late news flash’ but I had to get this out of my system. The election of the 264th Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger also known as Cardinal No. I sincerely wish him a strong and healthy leadership as he has big shoes to fill left by John Paul II. What catches the eye is the fact that he is significantly old to actually be unable to make any difference for greater good of christianity, he also happens to be an ultra conservative to the extent he was nicknamed ‘Cardinal No’ this spells trouble for many modern day activist (eg Gay rights etc), the new Pope is all is not so sweet towards the muslims as a few years back Cradinal Ratzinger had argued that Muslim Turkey did not belong in Christian Europe and issued a strict document stating that Catholicism was the only true religion and condemned the Muslim Turkey. Numerous Cardinals objected to this harsh doctrine but Pope John Paul II accepted the doctrine as Ratzinger was a very close ally. In his election what seems to have missed the eye was that he hails from Germany and was a soldier in Hitlers Army. Jews may feel a little disgruntled at having a German officer take the Papal office.
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Review of Pakistani Bloggers

It is my sound belief that more exposure is needed to bring our local talent of Pakistani Blogger into the International limelite. Not that they arent already making waves, but more exposure can’t hurt. Linkbacks etc do help support the blog but nothing would beat a review which might actually try to reveal the person behind the blog. It would also be interesting even for the Blogger to find out how the world percives his blog. Blogsphere is littered with thousands of Bloggers who have their own individual blogging style and there is no shortage of outstanding talent of our own Bloggers.

I intend to take this as a personal venture to write a weekly review on one Pakistani Blogger, it is some effort but I feel it is important for the greater cause. If you would like to add your name to the list please comment.

I give credit for this idea to my blog buddy Shirazi