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Ms. Bhutto, A free Judiciary But Detained Judges – An Open Letter by Ghazala Minallah

An open letter written by Ghazala Minallah d/o Late Justice Safdar Shah to Benazir Bhutto

Dear Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto,

I was absolutely shocked and amazed at your latest statement regarding the judiciary. How could you, of all people, say that you believed in an independent judiciary BUT that personalities did not matter? If personalities did not matter then why was Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry removed? Why were some judges locked up whereas others were not? If personalities did not matter then why is Musharraf waging a personal war against the CJ? You do not have to be a genius to figure out the reason. How can you separate the personalities from the institution? What you have on Constitution Avenue right now is a besieged and helpless building. The unfortunate but harsh truth is that right now we are a besieged nation as well.

Ms. Bhutto, I am writing to you because your statement has shocked and disturbed me to the extent that I feel I have no option but to reach out to you in this manner. I would like to remind you, since you seem to have forgotten, that you too were the victim of a corrupt judiciary. If Justice Iftikhar had been the CJ of the Supreme Court at that time then perhaps your father would never have been hanged. Had the entire bench been like the present one then there would have been a unanimous judgment. But the judgment was not unanimous – it was a 4 to 3 split just one judge too many on the wrong side. One more upright personality on the right side and our history would have been different. So yes, personalities certainly do matter.
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CodePink – Vigil Outside a “Sub-Jail” in Lahore

CodePink activists were in Karachi for a few days and later headed off to the northern areas to take more part in the Anti-Martial law activities. Reaching Lahore they have already started making a ruckus and an article by Medea Benjamin on their visit to Aitzaz Ahsan’s house where he has been placed under house arrest

By Medea Benjamin

As soon as we arrived in Lahore, Pakistan on November 30, Tighe Barry and Iboth human rights activists from the United States–called the wife of the most prominent lawyer in Pakistan today, Aitzaz Ahsan. Ahsan is under house arrest, but his wife, Bushra, invited us to come by their office the following day.

The law office of Aitzaz Ahsan is connected to his home. When we arrived, the building was surrounded by 10 policemen. We entered the office and had a long chat with Bushra. She told us that her husband had been in jail for 21 days, and was then placed under house arrest. He was not allowed to leave the house, and visitors were not allowed in. I asked her if we could try. She smiled and escorted us to the door connecting the home and office.
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Open letter from Salman Ahmed to Bilal Musharraf

I share with you an open letter sent by Salman Ahmed of Junoon to Bilal Musharraf, son of General Pervaiz Muhsarraf, I had received the email directly from Salman but had resisted the urge to post it since I thought he may have not meant it to go public, but when I read that this email exchange was posted up on PkPolitics.com i decided to share it with my readers as well –
Post updated at 20:17 with a letter from a Pakistani asking Bilal Musharraf some honest questions

The first email from Bilal Musharraf to Salman Ahmed

I am compelled once again to share another personal anecdote, rather a saga¦ and apologize in advance for the length of the account. This one is about Salman Ahmed.


You read heaps and write heaps
And bury your head in books
Light is everywhere but where you are
And you haven’t a clue how to reach it

Marking time in extra prayers
Climbing a minaret and screeching
Mounting a pulpit and preaching – –
All this has nothing to do with knowledge

Cryptic Sciences? Enough already!

Aleph is all you need ¦. Iko aleph teray darkaar

Title: Aleph
Album: Parvaaz
Lyrics: Bulley Shah
Music: Salman Ahmad

Salman has been a close friend and a spiritual guide of sorts since 1998. It started with an email I wrote to Salman (got his email address from my brother-in-law) in a moment of unabashed inspiration after listening to Ali Azmat sing “Aleph? over and over again. From what I remember, “Aleph: A Call to Basics? was the subject line of that email. I was star struck when I heard back from Salman, and pursued further correspondence that developed into a friendship. My brother-in-law Asim had made Junoon’s first video ‘Sayonee,? The video, along with the amazing album ‘Azadi’ had propelled Junoon to become the best international band by Channel V in 1998. Asim went on to make videos for Junoon’s live concert at central park in 1998 (a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali), “Yaar Bina,? “Bulleya?, and “Saqi Nama.?
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Eye witness account of Lahore Protest

A report of the Students Action Committee protest on 30th November as posted by The Neem Revolution on The Emergency Times

Students from 21 universities, under the banner of Student Action Committee Lahore, gathered today at Liberty Chowk to publicly voice their dissent. The streets were lined with hundreds of Police Elite forces which warned the students that they would be arrested if they did not disperse within fifteen minutes. Amidst chants of “NO” to this question of dispersal, student’s made it clear that police or no police, they would not disperse without making themselves heard. Students brandishing colorful placards and wearing black armbands flooded the liberty roundabout. Some members of the civil society, the lawyer’s movement, doctors, and human rights activists also came to express solidarity and support for the student initiative.
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Students Action Committee Protest in Islamabad

An eyewitness account of the protests organized by Students Action Committee in Islamabad published by The Neem Revolution at The Emergency Times

The Protest Rally in Islamabad on Friday turned out to be a huge success, with around 300 people showing up to express their outrage at the continued subversion of the judiciary and media, and to stress on the boycott of the upcoming elections. The protest, co-ordinated with similar rallies around the country and abroad, consisted of students, journalists, lawyers, civil rights activists and ordinary citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, who showed up despite the downpour in the twin cities in the afternoon. The crowd first gathered outside the Press Club at 3 PM, holding placards in support of the judiciary, prominent figures in the movement, such as Muneer A Malik, as well as the media. The protestors chanted slogans against the unconstitutional acts of the government and hailed Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his supporters as the heroes of the day. Several prominent figures from among the student, journalist and legal community stepped forward to address the gathering and outline their demands.
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Letter from the Daughter of CJ Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry

“I am a proud child

This letter is for all the Judges who refused to take oath under PCO and who happen to be my uncles as well. I had never thought that one day I will have to convey my message to you people like this, through this mode but we know things are not smooth as they had been and it is one of our testing times.

This might be one of the crucial times we are facing but we should be proud that Allah chose us to sacrifice for this country. Yes it is indeed a sacrifice which we have to bequeath, not for ourselves but for this country. Ever since I opened my eyes I have seen my father affiliated with judiciary and now it is like a part of our lives. Our life is like a tree and judiciary is one of its branch. We have grown up with this branch and we cannot let anybody slice it. If we will not protect it then who else?

We may not be allowed to attend our schools or universities, we may have got our mobile phones blocked, we may not be allowed to meet anyone or go out, we may be kept in our homes like prisoners, we might be treated like militants or terrorists but WE DO NOT CARE, because it’s a time of sacrifice and we have to do it.

We are proud to have elders like you who have made us proud. You people have made our lives, not only for us but for our next generations as well. We will feel proud to tell our youngsters that our elders did not succumb to any kind of pressure no matter how hard things were around them. We will always walk with our heads high and our hearts filled with pride. Thank you so much for giving this immortal gift to us.

I hope all of you are in best of your health and would read this letter. Love you all.

Yours Pinky
(Palwasha Iftikhar Chaudhry)

APDM Boycotts Elections

Reports are coming in that APDM has resolved to boycott the elections – this is a good move on behalf of the opposition and must be hailed widely. The pressure will now be on Musharraf to somehow try to salvage the his notion of Free and Fair elections. It must be remembered that a proper democracy is only possible under a free and independent judiciary in Pakistan.

At the same time it is sad to see that the US Government still wants to play an influential part in supporting Musharraf and his notion of democracy, I quote a statement appearing on the Geo.tv website ‘The White House on Thursday called on Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to lift state of emergency “as soon as possible” to pave the way for free and fair parliamentary elections in January’ I wonder how they expect it to happen when Pakistan has been raped clean of it judiciary simply because one person could not tolerate a decision against him

Doctors for Democracy refused to meet visiting ‘Special Envoys’ at NY Consulate

Received via the Association of Pakistani Professional network

Dear Consul General of Pakistan,

Thank you for your invitation to attend a briefing and dinner on November 29th, 2007. Our understanding is that the representatives of the current government in Pakistan will be present in this briefing. Considering the representation of a regime which has trampled the constitution, sacked the judiciary, censored the media and public opinion, we believe that our presence in such a gathering will erroneously augur our support for the above unconstitutional actions. We regret to inform you that we will not be the participants of such a gathering.

With regards,

Dr. Abdul Majeed
Doctors for Democracy and Justice

The original invitation is as follows
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Student Action Committee Lahore urges for an Election Boycott

Emergency Times has published a letter from the Student Action Committee in Lahore urging the political parties to boycott the elections

To the leadership of the APDM, PML-N, PPP and PTI,

The students of over 15 universities and institutes of Lahore have united to form the Student Action Committee, Lahore. We are also collaborating with the Student Action Committees of Islamabad and Peshawar. Together, we call to you at a time when the nation is required to unite. The institutions of the state have been maligned again and we, the students, have united to oppose their blatant subversion. In the absence of organized structures, it has taken us a while to unite, but united we stand to ensure that our country has a future. Our voices were raised and, then, attempted to be muffled from the first day following the emergency but we have remained steadfast in the face of mounting pressures and we request you to do the same.
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Peace Initiative threatened by Police

Civil Society event for Judiciary & MediaToday’s Peace Initiative event by the citizens of Karachi has come under threat from the administration, the police have categorically said “We will come and smash everything and arrest everyone there”. While Geo which was helping orchestrate all this is saying that “this is far too much responsibility” we also don’t want to put people in harms way.

At the moment the event is on the verge of being canceled but alternate peace initiatives and candle light vigils are being organized at the KARACHI PRESS CLUB to stage a silent and peaceful sit-in in protest

Citizens delegation meets non-PCO judges of the Sindh High Court

Report prepared by People’s Resistance

Judges of Sind High Court who did not take oath under the PCO of Nov 3 were surprised when they gathered for dinner at one of their homes, where a large delegation of ordinary citizens — students, businessmen, accountants, corporate executives, journalists, and activists were waiting with flowers and cake to meet them.. This meeting was part of the campaign to let these judges know that the people of this country stand by them and are proud of their principled stand.

The citizens delegation covered the entrance of the judges residence with rose petals. As each judge entered, he was presented with a bouquet of flowers with his name on it, on behalf of the people. On learning what the bouquets were for, the flower-seller sent two bouquets with love on his own account, said one of the citizens. Members of the delegation were receiving messages from all over Karachi as well as other cities asking them to convey their heartfelt gratitude to the non-PCO judges.
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Imran Khan refuses to contest elections under Martial Law

Coming through a number of sources, the PTI leadership is said to have refused to file election papers for the upcoming elections on the grounds that it is a farce and far from being fair and independent being orchestrated by a Martial Law administrator simply to enable him to get a life extension from the west for his much acclaimed ‘positive steps towards democracy’, sadly the world stands witness to the numerous human rights violations that have been conducted to see through this farce.

I am told PTI has taken this initiative as it passionately felt the need to pressure for change and stand shoulder to shoulder for an independent judiciary, it must be noted that other APDM parties may already be in the process to submit their nominations surely to play it safe and defer the decision for a few more days but PTI has in turn taken a very bold position.

The Path of a Patriot

Guest post by mhb

Opposing General Pervez Musharraf is not a cause worth endorsing solely by itself.

General Pervez Musharraf is not the man he was when he first usurped the seat of Pakistan’s government. Over time as his political age has advanced, he has undergone a staged metamorphosis: from an amateur idealist, to a practitioner of temperate Realpolitik, and then finally to an outright Machiavellian Prince.

It will be profoundly self-righteous of any single one of us to contend with authority that if exposed to the General’s temptations – the troika of International interests, institutional weaknesses and a manipulatable judiciary – we ourselves would not succumb to a similar fate. Opposing General Pervez Musharraf is therefore akin to focussing on the proverbial symptoms of a malady, and not its root, when in fact ours should be a struggle against the method of perpetuation of our affliction and not its recurring product. We are merely opposing a masque today.

It is high time that we question our motives before treading any further with placards in hand and slogans on tongue. The return to democracy we yearn for today can potentially be a rude awakening since General Pervez Musharraf’s successor in the wake of an all-pardoning National Reconciliation is set to be Ms. Benazir Bhutto. Notwithstanding those forgotten corruption charges of fraudulently amassing roughly $1.5B of the nation’s wealth[1], she is a more vociferous representation of strategic international interests than the General; she is the proverbial soldier of fortune.
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Nawaz Sharif’s Return and the Boycott Dilemma

Its all over the media that Nawaz Shairf has finally landed in Lahore after some serious arm bending negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Musharraf (mind you I use Musharraf as Pakistan does not figure anywhere in this equation). It was basically orchestrated to level the playing field as Benazir was apparently acting too erratic in the recent past that Musharraf could not swallow a PPP electoral sweep which could potentially hold him hostage after the elections. This move is yet another ploy which will favor Musharraf in the five years to come, as he then has more pawns to play with rather then be stuck with a Lotta-Queen Benazir Bhutto.

It so seems that all the moves are being played by Musharraf from day one to the extent that he calls a ‘check’ every time expecting a predictable reaction from the opposition which quite often is forced to respond predictably and according to the plan. Yesterdays apparent announcement by Raja Zafar ul Haq from the APDM platform to boycott the forthcoming sham elections was a brilliant move as it actually meant that the opposition was not suckered into the pre=planned circus of elections, an apparent unified opposition boycott can throw the legitimacy of the elections out the window, yes it may severely impact the voice of the opposition as the would sit on the sidelines while the sham rulers will make legislatures at their free will, but then again how could one seriously believe in a so called elections governed by a slave judiciary and a severely compromised Election Commissioner sworn in by Musharraf himself, its highly unlikely that any one of the critical postions would resist in validating the elections as free and fair
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