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Shia Genocide being ignored by the Media

Buffoon Tribune, challenges the Pakistani Media to have ignored the Shia Genocide protestors in Karachi for the past 30+ ours with very minimal reporting

This seems to be an open challenge – I hope the MEDIA can prove Buffoon Tribune wrong !! you simply cant ignore this !! I assure you its gonna grow bigger and bigger

– via Facebook

PM Raja Rental appoints Damaad-e-Rental to top World Bank job

The DAMAAD’s are the new talk of the town – From Damaad-e-Ala we now have a competing Damaad-e-Rental.

Raja Rental’s Damaad-e-Rental is being appointed on a 3 year appointment as the Executive Director of World Bank in Washington which amongst other privileges lands him a $220,000 annual salary.
LINK: PM appoints son-in-law to key World Bank post
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PTI Seminar on Women Empowerment & Justice in Pakistan

On Sunday 16th Dec at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore, PTI is holding a historical seminar on Justice for Women in of Pakistan. Imran Khan will express his views on Women Empowerment & Justice in Pakistan. – via Facebook

The world will destroyed by those who Watch and Do Nothing

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Nawaz Sharif exploiting Punjab Govt resources

Prime example as to how Nawaz Sharif, who does not hold any office in the Government of Punjab, is using PUNJAB GOVT resources to run & manage his own (PML-N) Election Campaign.

The use of Punjab Government helicopter should be for the sole purpose of Punjab Govt Employees and not for any family member to help them attend party Jalsa that have nothing to do with the official govt of Punjab specially not to assist them in running an election campaign – Ironic is the fact that on one hand Nawaz Sharif & PML-N want to inspire a Khud dar & Khud Mukhtar Pakistan but just looking at this picture it show how unabashedly they misuse public funds for their own personal gains without a shadow of guilt.

Honestly, If they can’t respect the importance of Public Funds now, how does one expect them to reform to a Khud Muktar Pakistan – Sharifs have been in some form of power since 1980’s and have extensively misused their offices for their personal gains – its a fact old habit and old habits die hard – via Facebook

Pakistan politicians engulfed by Tax Evasion storm

ZardariNearly 70% of Pakistan’s politicians, including some of the country’s wealthiest people, did not file tax returns last year. It found 69% of national assembly members and 63% of senate members did not file tax returns in 2011

“Those who make revenue policies, run the government and collect taxes have not been able to set good examples for others,” says the Representation Without Taxation report
The Guardian: Pakistan politicians engulfed by tax evasion stormshared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Do not vote for parties with militant wings, Imran Khan advises Karachi

Imran KhanThe people of Karachi should decide not to vote for any party that has a militant wing, said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Wednesday.

“We have said it again and again that Karachi is being destroyed, The people of Karachi should decide not to vote for a party that has a militant wing,” said Imran Khan
LINK: Do not vote for parties with militant wings, PTI chief advises Karachi
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All our efforts are for the future of Pakistan!

Imran Khan lovingly holding a young child on stage who had come to attend the PTI Awami Rabita Muhim Jasla in Mutan – to say “All our efforts are for the future of Pakistan!”

ISF Report: Classic red-tape coup at HEC

Insaf Students Federation [ISF] has published a detailed fact finding report on the HEC

Classic red-tape coup at HEC

shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Nawaz Sharif Copying PTI

Nawaz Sharif is copying the Tehreek-i-Insaf’s ideas about building a progressive Pakistan as a welfare state, just like he is copying President Asif Ali Zardari’s corruption methods. Turning to other PTI opponents, he said that if Altaf Hussain really believed that the people of Pakistan were with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), he would have no objection to the fresh delimitation of electoral constituencies. Hussain’s objections showed “there is definitely some problem”, he said. He also said Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam chief Fazlur Rehman had been running an “Islam shop” but it was time to close the shop.
TRIBUNE LINK: South Punjab tour: Nawaz Sharif copying PTI’s ideas, says Imran Khan
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If soldiers were democrats …

If soldiers were democrats & democrats were doctors & doctors were bankers & bankers were honest folks & honest folks were governors & governors were servants then Pak would be a fun country.

via Wajahat S. Khanshared on Facebook via Awab Alvi

Shaheen Sehbai: Who wants elections on time and who does not

A very good and holistic picture presented by Shaheen Shebai on who wants a delay in the elections

I think at the moment PPP & PML-N would love an opportunity to delay giving them cushion to fix their 5-years of non-performance while MQM & PTI would prefer on-time elections

The President remains the de-facto president until the parliament elects a replacement – I think it’s most likely then not that the elections will be delayed How do you read the overall scenario?

THE NEWS 10th Dec: Who wants elections on time and who does not
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Update: Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Captain served with a Bottle of Acid in India

UPDATE: Hearing that Zeeshan Abbas has been discharged from the Hospital – so in all likelihood he swallowed some “diluted solution” Had it been Acid then god help us, and if it was some concentrated Phenyl then it would require 3-4 days of detoxification – and the hotel manager is saying it was a glass of diluted soap solution – So im guessing that it was Soap. Pakistan and India Go back to DefCon 1

INDIA: What an utterly despicable & inhumane act “placing a bottle of acid on table of a blind cricketer” The captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team was shifted to a hospital in critical condition after he mistakenly drank acid from a bottle which was supposed to contain water

I personally wont blame the entire Indian nation as I believe this was a despicable act by one lone person – SHAME HIM & OTHERS LIKE HIM
LINK: Pakistan blind cricket team captain critical after consuming acid
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi