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Survey by JWT Shows PTI leading in 5 out of 8 Cities

A survey by James Walter Thompson (JWT) Pakistan published in Express Tribune today shows some very interesting results

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ISF will Challenge the appointment of Director HEC in Islamabad High Court

Insaf Students Federation [ISF] has decided to challenge the appointment of new Executive Director Higher Education Commission before the Islamabad High Court.

Farrukh Habib the President “The government has political motives behind this appointment as it wanted to control the autonomous commission for its vested political interests, wanting to grab the funds allocated for higher education of students by transferring them for their upcoming election campaign,” LINK: ISF to challenge HEC director’s removal in court
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Jasmin Manzoor Quits SAMAA TV – Blames Builders Mafia

Jasmin Manzoor quits SAMAA TV – blaming the Builders Mafia for preventing her from doing a show on the Hindu community by challenging with a stay order but she also goes on to allege that Ameen Lakhani sent thugs to her office and threatening her office staff.

Express Tribune reports on the Hindu Temple debate and the SHC Stay order that Jasmin is referring to

Builder Ameen Lakhani, his partner, Muhammad Shoaib, and a man who claimed to be the owner of the plot, Ismail Gora, went to the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday. Ismail claimed that he possesses documents that confirm his ownership of the disputed property on plot no. 39 in Dolly Khatta neighbourhood.

According to Ismail, Ram Chander, Jay Prakash and Panchoo Shankar, who claimed to be poojari and shewadris of the temple, have encroached upon his land on the pretext of the temple and are blackmailing the petitioners and the administration, including the police. He said that these men misled the Hindu community and the rest of the residents in the name of religion and took over 100 square yards of his property

With a definite land dispute why does a builder need to threaten a journalist – for which I fully condemn this act and stand with Jasmin – I hope we get to the bottom of this mess quickly

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Nawaz Claims Credit for Zardari’s tenure

Etch this picture vividly into your memory

Credit Sabir Nazar – via Facebook

Sharif’s Billions in Assets abroad and No Money Laundering?

Hassan Nisar tweeted: How can any sensible logical honest person believe that the Sharifs have billions of dollars of assets abroad & did not do money laundering — Courtesy I Support PTI
– via Facebook

Next Elections the Battle in Punjab is between PTI vs PML & not PPP

PML has been chest thumping a logic that if you vote for PTI you actually help elect PPP into power – a major fallacy being played up in the desperate greed to be in power

The results of By-Election clearly conclude that PPP+PML-Q alliance will be nowhere in the next general elections and its now more of battle between PTI vs PML-N or PTI vs all status quo parties, since PML must also be included into the status quo cluster proudly claims credit for having Zardari Disaster rule Pakistan for FIVE years

NA-162 (Chica Watni):

  • In Election 2008: PPP get 68,000 votes, No PML-Q candidate.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 20,000 votes only.

PP-26 (Jehlum):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 27,500 votes.
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 15,000 votes only.

PP-92 (Gujranwala):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 30,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 16,000 votes only.

PP-122 (Sialkot):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 20,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 4097 votes only.

PP-133 (Narowal):

  • In Election 2008: PPP candidate+PML-Q candidate got 44,000 votes
  • In By Election 2012: PPP+PML-Q joint candidate got 22,500 votes only

The bottom-line is PPP is down in Punjab, and the election battle in the upcoming battle is PTI vs PML-N and then its peoples choice to decide if Pakistan needs to change from all these rulers who have destroyed Pakistan to such a horrid situation – shared on Facebook via Awab Alvi

NADRA Lists should be used to form Electoral Rolls

Still amazed at why cant a simple solution be thought out for a free and transparent election – Simply using NADRA’s database will save tremendous resources – ECP should extract Voters LAST REGISTERED ADDRESS and it can become his voting address. If there is a mismatch on the last known address of the person it should be the responsibility of the voter to have it corrected at the NADRA office before the electoral lists are locked (90 days prior to election) – this effort also enables the Govt of Pakistan have the updated present address every five years

So if an 18+ Pakistani has a CNIC card, he should be able to walk into the nearest polling station to his registered present address and cast his vote. Door-to-door verification & compiling of the data will always be prone to errors & political maneuvering – hence the more hurdles that are created opens the door to Election Fraud
LINK: Army, FC be used over electoral rolls, votes’ verification, rules SC
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Imran Khan – Still treated & respected as the son of the nation

– via Facebook

Pakistan at the helm of Terrorism Index

Thank you PPP, PML, MQM, ANP, JUI-F for your disastrous 5 years of governance – via Facebook

Silence over Holy-alliance of PPP with Qadri’s supporters

PPP partners with Mumtaz Qadri’s Supporters
PML partners with ASWJ (Anti-Shia)

Both parties are delicately showing their true colors but the media chooses to look the other way
LINK: Silence over Holy-alliance of PPP with Qadri’s supporters | LUBP
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

PPP & Sunni Ittehad : PML-N & ASWJ

While PPP decided to sleep in-bed with Sunni Ittehad Council

PML-N joins the gimmickry with an election alliance with the Banned outfit Alhe-Sunnat-Wali-Jammat (ASWJ) to contest a by-election in Sialkot
ASWJ to support PML-N  shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

PML-N & Nusrat Javed attacking but Failing Miserably – Exposed

An Urdu proverb is often used نقل کےلیے عقل چاہے  Nakal Kay Liyae Akal Chahye” [you need brains to cheat] for the past month it seems, I have begun to haunt a talk show anchor on AAJ TV called Nusrat Javed. You can start to read the development on the issue starting from #TwitterGate which was followed by a few of his glorifying articles where in one he accused me of running Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Social Media Karkhana [factory] and desperatly pledged to expose us.

His investigative reporting is so skewed that he has no idea that PTI does not hire anyone for social media and there is no office that we go to, we the official PTI volunteers a numbered not more then two dozen and are scattered all around the world and our office is our own computers volunteering our time for the casue of a better and brighter Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan

A few days after Nusrat Javed attacked we were delighted to scoop exposing the PML-N Social Media Team where some members were hired by the Punjab Govt, appointed within the Punjab IT Department using PUBLIC TAX MONEY, but were specially deputed by Nawaz Sharif to organize a counter offensive for PML-N’s Social Media against the rising PTI force on the social media. I have no idea who made the video, took the screen captures or created the blog, but Pakistan must indeed applaud the whistleblower to have shown the courage to expose the inherently corrupt PML where they have yet again proven their habits of expoliting public money for their own gains and for their own party, as if the Sharifs had not made enough money in their 17 years of ruling that they could not hire a social media team to do their dirty work, had if this been coming from volunteers or employees hired by their own money then it was understandable but when it comes at the expense of govt funding, then the public and we have the right to question

If you are interested to watch the expose the video is here or read the expose here

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One Rupee Project

One Rupee Project

Friends !!! Need to ask you to seriously support One Rupee Project to help alleviate poverty – ONE RUPEE at a time, Make this project YOUR OWN spread it like wild-fire.

One Rupee a day [Rs. 365 a year] WONT hurt YOU, pledge it and ask others to pledge and give as well.

Interesting pledge I’d like to share: we already have a pledge by Dr. Rashid Ali (@58R) promising ONE RUPEE per TWEET that he makes on twitter.

As an owner of a business Alvi Dental Hospital I have pledged ONE RUPEE per transaction, its a very very small amount, but the rupees will add up and can help change the destiny of one child – it is part of my own small contribution – Whats yours, share your commitment to inspire others to match, the stories do matter in this noble cause, not to brag, but to nudge your colleagues and friends to step and join you – Lets change Pakistan ONE RUPEE AT A TIME. posted on Facebook

Blackberry users in Pakistan can migrate to Enterprise Service for unrestricted use

For a good one year, ever since the facebook controversy regarding the burning of the Quran hit Pakistan, internet browsing has been significantly restricted on Blackberry devices under the orders of the Lahore High Court and subsequently conveyed to all telco’s via Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Other cell phone users enjoy unrestricted access to most websites since they rely on simple GPRS connections which can be easily monitored and controlled but Blackberry users face the brunt of the impact of these restrictions since their devices are connected online via a secure tunnel connection to Singapore easily bypassing any government enforced censorship.

My personal position is that any blasphemous / illegal (including porn) content should not be viewed, those individual who seek such content do so on their own free will and they alone are responsible and will be answerable to Allah. Condemning an entire population for something they have no interest in, is unfortunate, and such blanket censorships only become a source of inconvenience.

Most of Pakistani Blackberry users subscribe to Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) which is the simplest form of blackberry service the services and tools are controlled to a great extent by the Telco themselves, one way to bypass all the censorship hoopla is to subscribe to Blackberry Enterprise Server,
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Op-Ed: Slacktivsim, The birth of the drawing room politician

Facebook activism is a new buzzword making its way into the public sphere and discourse in Pakistan. As excited as I am by its power, I am worried at the exponential increase in the number of people giving all kinds of opinions. As a result, I find that it is increasingly becoming easy to lose track of genuine content in an ever-expanding web of social gossip chatter. The positive side in this is that more people are becoming independent digital journalists, some of them displaying as much influence as a media house.

The world, we are told, is in the midst of a revolution. Social media has reinvented activism. With Facebook and Twitter and the like, the traditional relationship between political authority and popular will has been upended, making it easier for the once powerless to collaborate and coordinate in order to give voice to their concerns.
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