PML-N & Nusrat Javed attacking but Failing Miserably – Exposed

An Urdu proverb is often used نقل کےلیے عقل چاہے  Nakal Kay Liyae Akal Chahye” [you need brains to cheat] for the past month it seems, I have begun to haunt a talk show anchor on AAJ TV called Nusrat Javed. You can start to read the development on the issue starting from #TwitterGate which was followed by a few of his glorifying articles where in one he accused me of running Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Social Media Karkhana [factory] and desperatly pledged to expose us.

His investigative reporting is so skewed that he has no idea that PTI does not hire anyone for social media and there is no office that we go to, we the official PTI volunteers a numbered not more then two dozen and are scattered all around the world and our office is our own computers volunteering our time for the casue of a better and brighter Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan

A few days after Nusrat Javed attacked we were delighted to scoop exposing the PML-N Social Media Team where some members were hired by the Punjab Govt, appointed within the Punjab IT Department using PUBLIC TAX MONEY, but were specially deputed by Nawaz Sharif to organize a counter offensive for PML-N’s Social Media against the rising PTI force on the social media. I have no idea who made the video, took the screen captures or created the blog, but Pakistan must indeed applaud the whistleblower to have shown the courage to expose the inherently corrupt PML where they have yet again proven their habits of expoliting public money for their own gains and for their own party, as if the Sharifs had not made enough money in their 17 years of ruling that they could not hire a social media team to do their dirty work, had if this been coming from volunteers or employees hired by their own money then it was understandable but when it comes at the expense of govt funding, then the public and we have the right to question

If you are interested to watch the expose the video is here or read the expose here

In response to the whistleblower video PML-N choose to retaliate and came back today with a video using one of their vile propaganda pages for sake of exposing them we have uploaded it on Youtube (easy to embed and securely stored if PML-N decides to delete the evidence

And quite immediately Nusrat Javed pounced on it and was gracious enough to post it on his Bolta Pakistan page, adding his own spice followed by a few more gracious abusive comments, which only go to show his own dirty character, I simply refuse to stoop to his level

Which came to Bolta Pakistan courtesy of PML-N dirty propaganda page working against Imran Khan

Had these been real images it would have been very difficult for me to convince you that I have played NO PART in propaganda or used such language or characterless behavior, im appalled that PML-N supporters could cook up such foul language against their OWN leaders. Allow me to expose this fake video, all screen captures have been taken from their video, which is blurry in the video and each shown briefly not allowing the viewer enough time decipher their contents.

The accusers accuse me of being part of a secret facebook group called PTI Cyber Tigers, let it stand for the record that I have never been a part of any such group ever that focuses on creating counter propaganda against PML

Normally when using a facebook group, (you can check yourself ) you will notice that each post posted has a specific DATE & A TIMESTAMP (I share one as an example)


BLOOPER #1: But in the concoted video do notice that in the screen capture the date exists but there is NO TIMESTAMP



BLOOPER # 2:  When you LIKE a post on facebook only then do you have the option to UNFOLLOW the post, without liking the post, you simply cannot have the unfollow option selected



The comments framed below also have abundant blooper

First observe a screencapture from one of the Facebook groups I belong to, please notice two things

  1. Postion of the LIKE button
  2. Presence or Absence of the LIKE button
  3. At times the time formatting can also be questioned – depending on your settings it could be in AM/PM or 24 hr
A standard facebook comment from a group


BLOOPER #3: Observe that a Timestamp should be in the comments and formatted mostly in the 12hr format, but here it exists in 24 hour format (00:00), if we were ignore this fact and give them the benefit of doubt that their computer clock settings were in 24-hr format



BLOOPER #4: Moving on to the next blooper do take notice that there is NO LIKE buttons on the comments, weird isn’t it, better yet, I hope you start seeing how fake this video actually is



BLOOPER #5: There are times where the fake video the creators accidentally ‘forgot’ to insert a LIKE button aside a comment, at some places they do , at others they dont, Facebook error? or a cheap fake?



BLOOPER #6: The Display Picture that they have used is a picture I uploaded on facebook on June 15 2012 – (VERIFY DATE BY GOING TO THE IMAGE ON MY FACEBOOK PROFILE HERE clearly the DP they used was the recent one but all timestamps used were from March and April, quite difficult to retrofit the image, unless its a cheap fake, or utilized from a fake profile



For a total of SIX clear EVIDENCE that this is a FAKE video

I then share more screen captures that the fabricators posted in the video and do note that ALL have flaws and I only help you identify the mistakes with my markings

MOST WORRYING part is with this FAKE video it also shows that how they have chosen to
Abuse their OWN LEADERS on our behalf


Best part, was a screen capture where they stipulated that ‘I’ abused NUSRAT JAVED somewhere in March 2012 – wow, about 4 months back, when he was a NOBODY for me, our tussle actually started after June 14th when he dedicated a his commitment to my cause

Bottom line is this is false and fake propaganda against me, I think its time that Nusrat Javed sb grew up and behaved like an adult, with the hope that he can possibly choose to resume his journalistic duties of being fair and balanced.

It seems on this video he has been taken for a ride by the deceiving and conniving PML-N Social Media team. This must also serve as a warning to those who may want to “correct” their errors for another round of fake videos let the public be known that PML-N might actually be engaged in such dirty and cheap tactics

Hence with all the evidence i have shared the video is FAKE, it is appalling that the supporters of PML-N resort to such language against their party leaders, women and some respected anchors – let this blog post stand as an example that the right will always prevail and wrapping up as it is often said in Urdu

نقل کےلیے عقل چاہے




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30 responses to “PML-N & Nusrat Javed attacking but Failing Miserably – Exposed”

  1. mabdullahkhan Avatar

    Their veil is gone, curtain is no longer there to protect their lies of chamber. another most important evidence was, its not your writing style ;). rightly said "naqal k liye aqal chahiye", We feel pity for such sap turned intellects, grow up chaps. please!

  2. Rehan Avatar

    Also notice that every person shown in this video has the habit of adding an extra space before the QUESTION MARK symbol (?). this shows that all the typing is done by one person. If you want to know who has this habit just have a look at Fawad Khalid (PMLN Social Media Member) page ad his posts. 

  3. KamranHashmi Avatar

    Nice work. Indeed Nakal kay liyae akal chahiyae….

  4. XIApk Avatar

    It seems they used fake conversation generator for this crime but they failed big time

  5. Ali_Raa Avatar

    LoLIt is 24 hrs time format everywhere……I have my TL……..n its showing 24 hrs time format…grow up Dandan saaz……and the DP question…….well that shows how stupid and fake u, ur arguments and ur poodles can be…..Look.. Change ur DP now……. and bring out a 3 years post of yours from ur TL and see its DP…..Both will be same…….shame on such lame excuses

    1. XIApk Avatar

       @Ali_Raa Ur so dumb as ur leader Nawaz. read the whole reply first

  6. Ali_Raa Avatar

    Dr. Awab@ One thing is for sure…….. LOKI is not a person from any other party….. He's an insider/…. believe me or not 🙂

  7. XIApk Avatar

    All Comments in one image made at 16:20

  8. Jawwad_ji Avatar

    Akhir kb tkh hum pakistani apas me larty rahei gy,,,  Both social media teams of  PTI n PMLNz are dumb…

  9. _Saad_Asad Avatar

    @Mister____V @DrAwab Reminds me of the MQM guy who said Altaf kutta haye haye by mistake. He got a few good ones. Very funny stuff

    1. DrAwab Avatar

      @_Saad_Asad LOL that was hilarious @Mister____V hence in the same spirit one daily smack on #PMLPatwaris just to remind them of #Burnol4PML

    2. Mister____V Avatar

      @DrAwab i bet nusrat javed would have abused them alot for their inherent incompetence & dimwits LOL #NadanDost @_Saad_Asad

    3. imranwaseem Avatar

      @Mister____V @DrAwab @_Saad_Asad NJ choose wrong people in his own party #PPP there r people master of fabrication , PMLN clerks r pathetic

    4. Mister____V Avatar

      @imranwaseem @DrAwab @_Saad_Asad yeah at least zardari knows who to hire. the ppp aunty squad are grt propagators.

    5. imranwaseem Avatar

      @Mister____V @DrAwab @_Saad_Asad why to forget @husainhaqqani master of fabrication ,once he ran character assassination campaign against BB

    6. Mister____V Avatar

      @imranwaseem @DrAwab @_Saad_Asad i was referring to their social media forgers. the likes of marivisirmed/chiltan/beenasarwar etc.

    7. imranwaseem Avatar

      @Mister____V @DrAwab @_Saad_Asad yes they are not bad either and there are others also #PPP social media master of manipulation

    8. Mister____V Avatar

      @_Saad_Asad the way he was slappin his own head depicts the gravity of the blunder LOL.pata kero zinda hey k chal basa @Mister____V @DrAwab

    9. _Saad_Asad Avatar

      @Mister____V @DrAwab I doubt that he is. Thats not the way altaf bhai operates his fiefdom

  10. Shahmeer Khan Avatar
    Shahmeer Khan

    The type of abuses they have made to their own leadership betrays how much respect they have for them. Money may buy them social media teams & electronic media channels but it cant buy them RESPECT! 

  11. Sanaa_Amir Avatar

    @DrAwab : Another blooper doc. If u were the one giving instructions like they claim in video, u would not hav spelt Jemima like "JAMAIMA"

  12. rahatm85 Avatar

    @DrAwab in the vid they say khan has got one seat doesn't matter now creating fake vid, khan must have plucked the nerve there.

  13. Dr_khurramS Avatar

    @DrAwab well researcbed

  14. hm_awan Avatar

    @DrAwab .. fake is fake.. they tried to defame some1 but defamed themselves..

  15. Ahsan_Hayat Avatar

    @DrAwab Bhai can I DM u?

  16. Ahsan_Hayat Avatar

    @DrAwab Please*

  17. imranzarrar Avatar

    Now u must have realized how it feels once you are on receiving end :):)

  18. adnanbutt12 Avatar

    @DrAwab Jhootay pe Khuda ki Lanat

  19. rajamumtazahmed Avatar

    @DrAwab uff itni detail my koun krta ha analysis ?? Sara din yahe krtay ho dude daant kb nikaltay ho ?

  20. HAMZA Avatar

    nusrat javed is paid agent of pml n.