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Shaheen Sehbai analyzes Tahir Qadri’s Show of Strength

Shaheen SehbaiA very good critical analysis by Shaheen Sehbai about Tahir Qadri’s show yesterday – naturally I prefer the quoting the concluding remarks

“Qualified support has also come from Imran Khan who said much of what Dr Qadri said was similar to the PTI agenda.

Given a choice and given his lack of parliamentary experience, Imran would be the ideal politician to opt for the presidential system, directly elected by the people, if that idea has to materialise any time, sooner or later. It may be his best shot to get into power, with some real room to operate and change things. It may also suit the establishment to get someone on the top slot who is honest, means business and could be persuaded to carry out his national and social agenda in return for cooperation on security policies and defence issues.”
The News: Dr Qadri has a plan and it may workshared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Imran Khan listed in TIME: People Who Mattered in 2012

Imran KhanImran Khan has been listed in TIME: People Who Mattered in 2012 at #20

He has emerged from obscurity this past year as a new dominant player in the country’s turbulent democracy, challenging the unpopular government of President Asif Ali Zardari while capitalizing on widespread frustrations over corruption, governance and U.S. drone attacks”
TIME: Imran Khan | People Who Mattered in 2012 | TIME.com
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Debate on Womens Reserved Seat

PTI Women The issue about the Reserved Seat for Women came under heavy debate when Imran Khan was misquoted by a number of newspapers to have said that he wanted to oppose womens reserved seats – the issue naturally took a lashing, but in reality it was uncalled for as Imran Khan actually only questioned the “Nomination” of Women Candidates to these seats as not a direct representation of women – his actual words were

Legislators in assemblies are representatives of the people. How can some women be representative of women when they haven’t even contested elections?

The same statement was was followed up by his tweet immediately after the conference

Seeing the confusion being played up in the media – PTI was quick to issue a clarification

PTI & Imran Khan would like to clarify that while addressing a seminar “Justice for Women,” at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore yesterday Imran Khan never said that he is against reserved seats for women in the parliament and is misquoted in several newspapers. Imran Khan said that instead of women taking the reserved seats based on Nomination lists, a special election specifically for women alone should be held for the reserved seats so as to ensure genuine women representation.

The intra-party election of PTI is proof of the fact that the reserved seats for women are also being contested for. Imran Khan holds that legislators in the assembly are representative of the people and the women on reserved seats should be truly representative of women and their issues

A good explanation about the Women’s reserved seat was provided by Salman Latif : Women in Pakistan’s National Assembly currently have 60 reserved seats. How exactly are these seats filled in? Well, since the seats are allocated to each political party based on their proportion in the legislature, the said political parties have the sole authority to figure out who will fills these seats. The result is simply that the wives, daughters, sisters, relatives of the bigwigs of each political party smugly position themselves on these seats, clamouring out about women rights yet being utterly incompetent to launch the least effort to that end. Seats are allocated purely on political connections with nary a thought spared to any merit or qualification.

An argument presented by Bina Shah in her blog post Hands off the Reserved Seats for Women! would have been valid, had if Imran Khan actually spoke about abolishing the reserve seats all together, but he DID NOT – Bina goes on to question the fact that it might not be possible to hold elections in many rural areas of Pakistan – it could very well be the case, but its ironic to hear Bina Shah and Marvi Sirmed some well respected women activist to actually resist the suggestion of a further empowering women in Pakistan right down to the individual level, im sure if they were to look at the actual statements they too would appreciate this positive suggestion by PTI. Imran Khan sensing the confusion did respond to Momina Khawar about this confusion via a tweet the same day

Imran Khan and PTI is not against the reserved seat but wants to empower women more so by enabling the women in Pakistan to directly elect their own parliamentarians and let them carry forth the baton on protecting the rights of women in Pakistan – not be left at the behest of an elitist party leadership to pick and choose elitist women representatives who have no connection or relationship with the grass root constituent women and their issues

A further proof of PTI’s commitment to women in Pakistan – takes example from the its Intra-party elections – each UC has ELEVEN seats being contested for, SEVEN are designated open seats (both male and female can contest) while it has reserved FOUR seats for Women – and women are then asked to vote for them and hence women truly become an integral part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

I truly had a good laugh to have read a number women parliamentarians raising a firestorm in the National Assembly objecting to Imran Khan’s “alleged” statement – I wish these women would take time to investigate the issue and not be so greedily focused on protecting their own seats in the National Assembly – I honestly wonder how many would make it to the NA floor if they were to contest the elections directly, some .. maybe,  most … not

Truly if you look beyond the fog deliberately created by PTI opponents – in reality PTI is actually working to empower women to the individual level – A women parliamentarian elected by women from each constituency will work to bring forth issues that are pertinent to the area – definitely not by appointed women nominated into power

Do not vote for parties with militant wings, Imran Khan advises Karachi

Imran KhanThe people of Karachi should decide not to vote for any party that has a militant wing, said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Wednesday.

“We have said it again and again that Karachi is being destroyed, The people of Karachi should decide not to vote for a party that has a militant wing,” said Imran Khan
LINK: Do not vote for parties with militant wings, PTI chief advises Karachi
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Imran’s Jehad for Peace

In the battle of Badr there was a boy of fifteen ‘Umayr who stood amongst the ranks of the believers. His heart was full of fear as he stood amongst the taller, broader, stronger and more experienced soldiers. But this fear was not of war nor of death. It was the fear of being asked to turn back to Medina because he was too young to fight.

This was the love and devotion that was deserved by the character of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).  When the Prophet inspected the ranks he discovered this young man and as expected asked him to turn back. With tears the boy begged until the Prophet resigned to allow him to come. The young community of Muslims were after all outnumbered disproportionately 313 against over a thousand with armed superiority.

The love of the people is one of the qualities that defines a true leader. This is where we can appreciate Heaven’s role because not every one is destined to be a leader; let alone a true leader. This is a quality that in our time Imran Khan is blessed with. He is not a shrewd politician, nor is he cunning but what he has is the will and the heart to deserve the love of his people.

On saturday morning when my father woke me up for us to join Khan for the Waziristan rally my heart was in it but my self-preserving mind was against it. Along with my own back injury and an unrelenting chest congestion; my one year old first born son Isa had been ill all night with high fever and vomiting. At 6 am after not having slept all night I was told by my father that I should stay with Isa and not proceed to Waziristan. At first my mind gave in but in my heart I remembered little ‘Umayr who fought bravely at Badr. I trembled with fear that what if one day that boy was Isa fighting for the independence of our nation that his father had not stood up for. I leapt to my feet kissed my son and wife goodbye and with my mothers prayers set sail for Waziristan with Abu.

Is it not unusual for a young man of 28 with all the luxuries of a rich upper class background to be willing to; with full knowledge of the consequences; be prepared to give his life for a leader he believes in? This is the love that Imran commands. I have no reason or desire to give my life for anything; but I know very well that all my luxuries would be of no satisfaction without the dignity of freedom. I sent an SMS to my elder brother with my will written in it and decided to join the protest against the drones and boycotting our government’s silent licensing of it.
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Nawaz Sharif’s Clueless Economic Plan for Pakistan

So utterly clueless is PML’s Economic plan, that it must be embarrassingly exposed. Nawaz Sharif in his interview to Hamid Mir said that he wants to REDUCE TAXES for the existing Tax payers in Pakistan from 35% to a minimum of 10%, with the “hope that it would inspire people” to pay more taxes,

Ironic is such a suggestion specially coming from an experienced politician like Nawaz Sharif whose party has effectively ruled Pakistan for approximately 18 years, is that, it positively shows that he has no clue what he might actually be suggesting, to suggest a reduction of taxes from an elite class of society that already eludes taxes means that the rich continue to get richer and the poor driven further into poverty

His vision would produce a country which would be a very harsh place to live for the poor and the middle classes which are easily around 90% of the country. It will also not work for those who are well off because with the social fabric frayed like it is, the ability of islands of prosperity to survive in a sea of desperation is very low indeed.

Its not just a casual remark about low tax rates, it is a totally different view of the world that leads to a country with a massive fiscal deficit, to easily say good bye to any hopes for rebuilding this nation

So clueless is Nawaz Sharif, that even after his party has intermittently ruled Pakistan for about 18 years, since 1981 when Nawaz Sharif first became the Finance Minister in Zia-ul-Haq era, he has still no idea of how to solve this economic crisis in Pakistan. This is just one example as to how ill prepared PML-N is even to this day.

Its truly your choice to distinguish what is good for Pakistan and what may actually be damaging if people select to vote for a clueless bunch of failed politicians from Raiwind ruin all over again, alternatively Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, to its credit, has presented FOUR visionary policies [Governance, Energy, Economy & Health] which shows the vision and a definite PLAN FOR A BETTER PAKISTAN.

Cheema’s Keyword Antics from Benami to Charge

Today The News published an article by Umar Cheema titled PTI changes constitution to open gates for those accused of corruption where he argues that a portion of the PTI constitution was modified to give immunity to some favored individuals.

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has revised its constitution, introducing a radical change that would grant immunity to the office-bearers facing corruption charges, a major amendment that could open PTI gates for anyone tainted with corruption charges, even those powerful people who are in the government.

The clause governing the qualification criteria for the PTI office-bearers in the previous constitution had stated: “…who has not been convicted or charged with an offence of moral turpitude.” In the constitution revised after October 30 mammoth gathering in Lahore, the word ‘charged’ has been removed and now it only says: “…who has not been convicted with an offence of moral turpitude.

It is quite easy for a writer to play with words and use them out of context for framing his own argument, I believe this is the second time where Umar Cheema has written an op-ed and has chosen to confuse the public merely based on the confusing play of a word.

If we were to merely analyse Umar Cheemas argument – He alleges that the word “charged” had been removed in a attempt to give immunity to various office bearers, lets take a closer look to see the implications of such a modification.

Charge, is defined as “to make a claim of wrongdoing against; accuse or blame” which can easily be baseless allegation on upon someone and can remain unsubstantiated, akin to being condemned “guilty until proven innocent“. With such a myriad of potential mudslinging accusations I believe PTI deliberated hard to avoid getting sucked into a spiraling endless debate on their potential candidates being held hostage to unsubstantiated accusations or charges, they instead choose to focus on a more robust word which did in fact remain in PTI’s constitution even after the revision “Convicted” which means a verdict of guilty given by a court of law.

In both statements original & revised, the term “Moral Turpitude” did not change, for those searching for its definition can simply understand it as “the candidates reputation in society” but it can be precisely defined as “a concept which refers to conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals

So in full context the PTI constitution will now select candidates who do not have an outstanding court verdict and were of good reputation within society, moving away from basing their rejection upon unsubstantiated allegations

Had if, this been the only clause in the selection of a candidate, then one might have to seriously wonder about the selection criteria of PTI candidates, but it is not, Umar Cheema conveniently forgot to mention or take into consideration the other SEVEN clauses. I reproduce here the relevant portion of the PTI constitution that is important to the discussion and can confidently challenge the readers to see if such an elaborate constitutional section can pave the way to grant immunity to any favored individuals – I let you be the judge.
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Columnists vs burger babies: And the winner is…

AbuBakar Agha smacks around a few Express Tribune columnists like Mosharraf Zaidi, George Fulton, Fasi Zaka, Feisal Naqvi & Saroop Ijaz for being so naive about the PTI revolution – in his blog on Express Tribune

“What people fail to realise is that in their sweeping, over generalised judgments, they had closed their eyes. When the PTI woke the youth of the elite class up & politicised it, it wasn’t the party’s only step; it was the party’s last step.

Imran Khan, through his life, teaches us to be idealists and that is why he is who he is today; that is why so many years of supporting the PTI are bearing fruit. I got to spend 30 minutes at the, August 13, 2011 PTI rally in Islamabad, and during those few moments, I was convinced for good that change was inevitable. This rally was not aired prominently on television.

Maybe if it was, the columnists would not have been so shocked on October 30. The burger babies certainly were not.”