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Welcome 2006

A good 365 days before we were celebrating the incoming year of 2005, sadly how quickly has it passed we stand to again wonder. A new year confronts us with renewed cross-my-heart-to-do promises. But I wonder if another 365 days later we would still be caught napping when 2007 comes knocking on our door. Lets do a little analysis of the world around us in 2005.

The US Reign of Supremacy

I can confidently say that the year of 2005 was predominantly ruled by the Dictator George Bush – who continues to use his peanut-sized IQ to try and dominate the world. Saddam Hussain was overthrown out of Iraq for the inhuman torture he did to his own folks but surprisingly the US Army conducts similar torture cells in all its occupied territories Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. I wonder who gets to decides which party is the actual terrorist, as I presently see an anomaly in the naming system.

We saw that lowest point of Bush’s reign of power when he termed the US Constitution as ‘It’s just a god damned piece of paper’, if I were an American citizen I would be worried when my own President considers the very constitution by which he was sworn into office as toilet paper. Would I be worried, NO – Heck I would be pissing in my pants wondering what other shit has he done in his 5 years in office. Some amazing men have ruled the United States I am sure this President can be considered more of a disgrace to the office, a name to shovel under the carpet once he passes through, hopefully never to be discussed again.

Disasters of 2005

The world saw a two major disasters, in the form of a massive hurricane and devastating Earthquake, we lost thousands of innocent lives but at the same time it can be looked back as a high moment for 2005 when millions of well-wishers pitched in selflessly to help these victims.

Pakistan in 2005

This 2005 was nothing different for Pakistan politics. Gen Pervaiz (Pussy) Musharraf and his supreme army generals continue to get richer and reign supreme over the poor. Pussy Mushy has gotten himself a life-extension to remain in office till 2007, simply put another few years to get even more richer at the cost of our own country. Army is busy land grabbing to become the biggest real estate mafia of our country. His present mission is the Kalabagh Dam, Pussy Musharraf is dead set in hopefully solving this age old problem and time will only tell if he is actually sincere or could this be just a distractor or diversion tactic while he does some under hand deal in the background? Time will only reveal.

Karachi in 2005

Karachi saw an important local body elections in 2005 which was a complete MQM victory, Mustafa Kamal has gotten himself the Nazim seat and we can all keep our fingers crossed, if MQM have any good plans for our city? During the Earthquake crisis Karachi took the initiative lead by Fakhr-e-Alam to organize one of the biggest relief drives of the city, hats off to Karachi in stepping forward at such a crisis

Lets keep our fingers crossed as we enter 2006, and pray that we can indeed have a better year then this past 2005.


Bring out the Vote

As they say every vote counts, be it a national election or the Local bodies, I think its our duty to ensure that the right people are elected into office who can better serve our city is for you to decide. I assure you this post is not a plug for any party but comes straight from my heart, 18th August is the the day when all Karachites need to step up and be counted, vote for anyone who you feel will better serve your city, be it MQM, PPP or MMA but do vote.

As we all can see the administration is gunning for a single party with a dominating presence of banners, flags and massive billboards with Altaf Hussain pointing his finger out to you, as if to say Vote for me or else…..

Vote for anyone who you feel deserves to be in office but do vote. Be counted

Wanted: Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain

I would strongly recommend you to read this post on KO’s Blog. The western world is at present running chicken-shit scared of terrorist all over the world but sadly they continue to turn a blind eye to a terrorist living right under their nose. Altaf Hussain the founder leader of the MQM has ruled Karachi for the past 25 years and we continue to hear of his terrorising activities all over the city. His rouge organization continues to be carefully monitored by the exiled leader in the UK where he comfortably resides and makes life miserable for all of us here. To shed more light on their activities please read the Yearwise detail of MQM’s atrocities starting from 1986 to 1998 its a shocking read and no doubt stunning.

What do you have to say about the MQM and Altaf Hussain, I would like to hear both sides of the story and do speak up, its my personal feeling that its about time we got rid of this organization, it may be tough but lets start some place.

Article on KO’s Blog | Yearwise detail of MQM’s Atrocities (1986-1998)

British born Pakistanis

Ain’t it ironic that the word Pakistan seems to creep into every terrorist incident worldwide? In the recent London Bombings three out of the four terrorists are British nationals of Pakistani descent: Shehzad Tanweer, Mohammed Sadique Khan and Hasib Hussain have been accused to be the primary suspects in the on going investigation.

Following the recent active investigation by the UK Police I am sure it wont be long before they start to investigate all muslim families residing in the UK in an attempt to root out other threatening sleeper cell organiststion, ineffect making life miserable for muslims peacefully settled there. It also is bad news for us Pakistani green passport hilders where is it likely to become difficult to get a UK visa as surely there will be a strict visa policy in-effect after these bombing incidents

Are we really a nation that breeds these terrorists?
My analysis is that our nation is no different as compared to any other country, poverty along with social frustrations, pushes people towards the ‘wrong sort of company’ and slowly the individual is turned into a extremist. A good example can be taken from the MQM faction that invaded our youth in the 1980’s and has now left us with a corrupt terrorising generation. With the same breath I also accuse the US and the UK government to have grown these terrorist in Pakistan for their own personal goals in the past and now these extremist have turned against them.
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Jahil Online

I am sure you all must know of our famous MNA cum TV personality Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain. For the past few months rumors have been circulating that he is a fake doctor finally I have evidence. In a detailed investigation conducted by a local newspaper ‘Ummat‘ and recently published in South Asia Tribune, some really interesting fact have indeed come forth surely worth a NAB ‘chappa’.

Dr. Aamir appears to be one of the biggest local scams of Pakistan. For the past couple years he has been the host of ‘Aalim Online‘ on Geo TV where he brings together Islamic Scholars to shed light on the religion of Islam. I have always disliked watching the show as it always appeared as a scam, a snazzy looking Dr. Aamir preaching Islam some how irritated me, but that’s just me, I have for sometime labeled his show as Jahil Online. It now appears to be entirely true. Dr. Aamir had been preaching Islam with such authority that it had the nation fooled for years including our General who has appointed him as a Minister of Religious Affairs (probably in a deal with MQM)

He has graduated from ‘Trinity College and University‘ with a Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 17, 1995). The next degree that he allegedly pursued was a Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 15, 2002) and amazingly 20 days later was awarded a doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies (conferred on April 5, 2002). All these degrees were awarded by Trinity College based out of Spain. The going rate for these ‘degrees by mail’ as published on the Trinity College website (link) is

Bachelors = $ 212
Masters = $ 332
Doctorate= $ 500
Or a one time deal all three degrees for a bumper price of $ 850

Trinity College on its webpage claims the following slogans “providing degrees based on your previous life” and the best slogan “No Residency or Attendance is required in Spain Everything by Mail

Dr. (Fake) Aamir Liaquat Hussain contested the National Assembly elections based on these degrees and successfully won, he stands to be disqualified for providing fake degrees to support his candidacy (which as you all recall was strictly limited to graduates). The Higher Education Commission Pakistan has also declare in a letter that Trinity College is not a authorized degree awarding university. How can it be since its just one of those online stores that awards these degrees. Check these pictures out as they sure are incriminating evidence.

Copy of Amir Liaquat Hussain's Bachelor of Islamic Studies from Trinity College & University

Copy of Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from Trinity College & University

Copy of his Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies degree on 17th March 1995

Copy of Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies of Amir Liaquat Hussain

Copy of Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies of Amir Liaquat Hussain

Copy of his Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies degree on 15th March 2002

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies of Amir  Liaquat Hussain

Copy of his Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies on 5th April 2002

Provisionally Accepted Degree

Election Commissioner ‘provisionally’ accepting his degrees on August 24th 2002

Trinity College being listed as a NOT LISTED university

Higher Education Commission declaring Trinity College as a not listed university

Side by Side example of Sample Degree with Amir Liaquat’s degree

A sample degree issued by Trinity College (Side-by-Side)

Detailed report on SA Tribune
Get your fake degree –> Trinity College Website
I leave you with considerable evidence, for you to decide

Update 13th March: In a Google search of our fake Aalim I came across this interview from Daily Times

Daily Times: What are your predictions about the Pakistani politics?

Aamir Liaqat:I am really disappointed with the Pakistani politics. The biggest despondency is the involvement of Maulvis in the mainstream politics, who are raising local issues at national levels. I am not hopeful with the national politics. The politicians of my country fight only for their own interests. I request General Musharraf to give me a chartered plane, and I would take all the politicians to Iraq. Then I would ask all those who claim to be great Muslims to come out and fight against the anti-Islam forces. If I could not take the airplane to Iraq, then I will destroy it in the sea. I would sacrifice my own life for this noble cause.

I am foreseeing a bloody revolution. Sorry to say, the democracy would bring nothing better in this country. Pakistan needs a bloody revolution. A person is required here, who will eliminate all the politicians once for all, and then intelligent and young people of Pakistan will come forward to lead the nation. I fear that in revolution the geographical situation might also change.