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You deserve what you get

For sometime I contemplated if this article may best be simply linked too in the collection of Decidous Links [mini-links] we have running on the blog but then it would not have opened an opportunity for comments and reactions and I suspect this heart felt article by Ghazala Minallah might evoke some comments from our readers here on Teeth Maestro

Published in The News on Saturday, May 31, 2008
By Ghazala Minallah

It appears that whoever comes into power in this God-forsaken country of ours, shuts themselves in a shell, oblivious of the cries outside. My head is bursting with questions, and I want my cries to be heard and answered. Firstly, why is Farooq Naek suddenly the biggest authority on the Constitution? Why is there a conspicuous absence of veterans like Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, Justice Wajiuddin, former Chief Justices and judges of the Supreme Court and Aitzaz Ahsan? Is he the next Sharifuddin Pirzada in the making?

The recent unexpected verbal attack on Musharraf was eyewash meant to distract us and pave the way for the constitutional package. The package intends to reduce the chief justice’s tenure. It is ironic that such a ludicrous idea can even be considered by a party which claims to have its roots people’s hearts.
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Safe Passage for Musharraf – for What?

There are strong reports coming in from Islamabad that General Musharraf may truly [finally] be unseated and sent home packing.

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani held an extremely important meeting with President Pervez Musharraf at the Army House Rawalpindi late on Wednesday. The meeting continued till after midnight lasting more than three-and-a-half hours. This was their longest one-on-one encounter. The meeting, which was significant in view of the current political and security situation in the country, gained further importance as it took place after day-long consultations of the Army chief with his important commanders.

The chain reaction started from the change of command in the Triple-One Brigade [Military unit designated to protect the President of Pakistan] where Brigadier Faheem Rao was asked to take over immediate command replacing the president’s loyal commander Brigadier Aasim Bajwa and reports saying that Musharraf has also been asked to vacate the Army House in Rawalpindi which he continues to occupy despite his retirement many months ago.
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The Package is out !!!

by Afzal Khan
Islamabad May 24

Musharraf toppling overThe Constitution Package proposed by the PPP is partly out. It is comprehensive and probably first attempt to cover a broad spectrum of changes and correct distortions made by military rulers since the original document was approved in 1973. It also tries to enshrine most part of the Charter of Democracy signed by Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif in May 2006 that had enkindled a fresh hope for a democratic Pakistan. The full text has yet not been released to the media, so any meaningful commentary would have to wait for that.

Senator Asif Zardari and law minister Farooq Naek spelled out some of its salient features. However, they conveniently skipped over some other elements, in particular the abridgment of tenure of chief justices, extension in the retirement age of judges of superior courts and restoration of deposed judges. The media, in any case, was able to skim out many details from the PPP’s CEC members which are disturbing.

A key question that was not asked in the news conference nor did Mr. Naek volunteered any information, is about the status of the package itself. What is it amending? There is reason to believe that the constitution before the author of the package is post-November 3 document that includes Article 270 AAA. That means an implicit recognition of the constitutional validity of the emergency, the PCO, the massive purge in judiciary, his fraudulent election, grant of indemnity to himself besides Shaukat Aziz and other accomplices of gross violation of law and court judgments etc; and all his other acts perpetrated between November 3 and December 15 before lifting the emergency.
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All The President’s Men

by Afzal Khan
Islamabad May 24

Musharraf keeps his strangle hold on the governance

Musharrafs version of Democracy in PakistanIslamabad May20:”We want governance and not just government”, PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari had bravely declared soon after elections. Unfortunately for him, that runs counter to Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf’s concept of shedding the authority he had usurped in 1999 and has retained much of to date, February 18 elections notwithstanding.

In November 2002 while swearing in Zafrullah Jamali as Prime Minister, Musharraf declared that he was “transferring responsibility” (not power) to his protégé. Thus he ushered in a unique era of a dangerous dichotomy where the person to be held responsible for everything did not exercise any real authority while the one who held all levers of power, was neither responsible nor responsive to anybody.

What we have at present is, in fact, another hybrid structure in which there is further dichotomy within the present dispensation. After initial shock on February 18 that left him in a stupor for some weeks, Musharraf has recouped and appears steadily returning to the driving seat. “The Presidency has energized”, says Musharraf’s inveterate foe, Nawaz Sharif, in utter frustration over the way things have shaped up in recent weeks. Quite often, Musharraf seems to be setting the agenda for the PPP on critical issues with the benign pat from the US. This is seriously compromising PPP’s enlightened interests and diluted the popular mandate.
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Cui Bono: Is This Constitutional Amendment a Ploy?

Guest blog by Temporal from Baithak

The media is speculating about a 62 point draft of a constitutional amendment that would ostensibly cleanse the 1973 constitution of the changes made by Pervez Musharraf.

“Pakistan’s main ruling party has drafted a set of constitutional amendments that would erase the legacy of President Pervez Musharraf, its leader said Friday. Asif Ali Zardari provided few details, but said the reforms would reverse changes made to the constitution since Musharraf seized power in a 1999 military coup.”

Constitution is the basic declaration of the voice of people in governing themselves, stated as laws and principles that outlines the functions and limits of state institutions. Since it affects all people, and for it to be effective, it has to have widest possible consensus of the people.

This attempt by Naik and Zardari to “reverse” the Musharraf changes is self defeating. It is like the NRO that has a cut off date that benefits the Bhuttos and Zardaris but does not go far back enough to affect other politicians.
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Is the Judges Issue a Distraction to the Economic Crisis?

The most common argument that I get asked day in and day out, is “Judicial issue is diverting the governments attention from the core issue of the economical crisis”, in response I have endlessly argued against the rhetoric, since I have long since believed that the economical problem though valid and very important is more of a transient issue, and a fall-out from the mis-adventures of the old administration (read Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz & Q-League).

Economic stability needs time and a genuine commitment from the leading politicians to solve, only possible with a sincere effort and the courage to look towards a better Pakistan rather then hunting for a juicy under the table wad of cash. Whilst an independent judiciary will play its due role to ensure justice is served to the people of Pakistan and the people are not forced taking matters into their own hands to exercise their own version of civil courts served mob-style on the streets.

The existence of an independent judiciary will more importantly keep our bureaucrats and politicians in check and act as a deterrent for them hopefully preventing them to make a quick buck, while the country goes to hell. Aqil Sajjad has done well in trying to explain the argument in his article which was published in the The News this Saturday

By Aqil Sajjad published in The News on Saturday May 17th
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Toothless Election Commission delays bye-elections

Election Commission of PakistanIn a very surprising development the Election Commission of Pakistan has today announced that the by-elections for the vacant seats in the National and Provincial assemblies which was scheduled to be held in June have now been delayed for two months. Immediately at the outset President Musharraf denied any involvement in this development but the finger pointing quickly started when a spokesman for the PML-N came on board accusing Musharraf of trying to sabotage plans for Shahbaz Sharif attempt to contest in the Punjab provincial assembly.

The spineless Election commission’s secretary Kunwar Dilshad denied the president had any say in the timing of the vote. But one may speculate that the unique timing of the announcement can immediately cast doubts of the ulterior motives be it Musharraf trying to black=ball / black-mail the wanna-be candidates (Shahbaz and Zardari) especially after the agreement they cobbled together in Dubai, alternatively it could also be a part of the great master plan hatched in Dubai, the people of Pakistan await the next part of this suspense series called the Sweet Talking Return to Democracy in Pakistan which has been airing at our fabulous Pakistani theaters since October 18th

It is also amusing to note that practically every Pakistani has a theory on every political development (I too am guilty of this crime) so what is your analysis on who may have the Ace for this new twist, who might we accuse and who will indeed come out smiling from all this – any guesses?

Dubai Talks seemingly successful

Nawaz Sharif has briefly announced from Dubai that the talks with Asif Ali Zardari have completed and leaders have finally agreed on the restoration of judiciary according to the Murree Declaration, formal and full announcement will be made in Lahore tomorrow

Now one must wonder what compromises were made to reach this understanding since the Murree declaration was already a finalized draft. One can easily speculate that the delay in making the full announcement with the details is to give a little time for Zardari to share the results with Musharraf and his US allies and bring them on board to the final decision

I suspect that the judiciary will be restored but will be seriously impaired restricting their scope of functionality, cases like NRO, Musharraf and the Nov 3rd Martial law will be off-limits while the United States would ensure that the Missing Persons Case is not reopened by the reinstated judiciary.

At times I wonder if its worthwhile to open any old cases and issues, it might not be, as for the sake of our nation its time to look forward and not backwards. I may truly be ready if the judiciary was reinstate with full independence to tackle any issues facing Pakistan in the future with no political interference whatsoever. Enough of speculations and gutt feelings, let await the formal announcement on about 24 hours

Musharraf vs Restoration of Judges: Showdown

An article written by Abbas Kassar in The Pakistan Weekly caught my eye which was titled Musharraf Threatens To Dissolve Assemblies If Judges Restored, it raises some serious concerns about the looming threat wielded by Musharraf and his right to exercise article 58-2(B) of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Quite simply utilizing this threat to keep PPP at bay

…as meetings of committee continues which has been assigned task to prepare draft resolution to be put before parliament the President called his aide to president house since last two days to block way of restoration of judges. It was disclosed by source that. 3 petitions would be filed in supreme court one each by MQM, Q league and Dr. Sher Afghan to stay any resolution to be brought to parliament. Speaker, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly and Law Minister will be made respondent in the petitions. Presidential camp threatened that if judges were restored president would not hesitate in invoking article 58 (B)-2 of constitution and may dissolve national assembly.

The entire world, including most Pakistanis have continued to celebrate the return of democracy in Pakistan, amidst the chaos of full swing political adjustment which include in no short measure the ‘pardons’ being served up for the ‘men in power’ who are predominantly busy whitewashing their sins in the name of political compromise for the ‘greater good’.
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Karachi Riots: MQM & The Establishment – To Blame

I would like to share with you an analysis shared by a lawyer who claims that MQM deliberately started the fight and then took the battle onto the streets if Karachi

So far as I have been able to ascertain, the turmoil started around 12.00 in the Karachi Bar Association when a group of lawyers belonging to the Legal Aid Committee (an MQM-backed organisation comprising lawyers working in the CDGK, KESC and other state owned organisations) accompanied by a number of non-lawyers marched into the general body meeting of the Karachi Bar chanting slogans in favour of Musharraf and condemning the Sher Afgan incident. At this point, the lawyers of the Legal Aid Committee claimed that one of their number had been assaulted and injured by some other lawyers and chaos erupted.

Within minutes, the City Courts were cordoned off by hundreds of MQM activists who started firing at lawyers and setting fire to their vehicles. Around this time, news started coming in that the Malir Bar Association building had been burned. Then they started attacking the buildings around the City Courts (which are predominantly occupied by lawyers chambers) and set fire to them. It was clearly a pre-planned action. Lawyers’ offices and residences as far afield as Zamzama, PECHS and Gulistan-e-Jauhar were attacked.
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Review of the Political Situation at the Dawn of a New Year

With Sunday’s decision by the Pakistan People’s Party to contest the elections, it instantly threw the PML-Q and the ruling elite into a frenzy, the PML-Q had predicted this move and a day before had announced a complete stoppage of their election camping taking the excuse of deteriorating unrest in the country following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

PML-Q had the perfect plan the entire elections were rigged to ensure a clear majority but the events on the 27th December would exude a definite wave of sympathy for the PPP enough to place them closer to a ruling majority. The election commission met today morning behind closed doors to make a decision but at the conclusion they had a decision but delayed the announcement for one more day. This in itself should expose the ‘independence‘ of the election commission which was being trumpeted as the upholder of free and fair election. Sadly it goes to prove that its nothing less then a nurtured organization installed to rig the upcoming elections for those toeing a Pro-Musharraf sentiment namely PML-Q, JUI-F & MQM. Free and Fair how truly breathtaking

A the start of a New Year I think its a good time to do a party-by-party analysis of the present political situation, it must be noted that things are changing dramatically in Pakistan on a moment to moment basis but on the morning of Jan 1st 2008 my understanding of the overall scenario is. But sadly in my analysis there are just one too many conspiracies going on to mean us any good
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The NAB Diaries – Part Three

Guest Post by Amer Nazir

Part One of the ‘The NAB Diaries’ can be read here
Part Two of the ‘The NAB Diaries’ can be read here

It is with a heavy heart that I write today. My condolence to her immediate family and to all who looked up at her and I fear for the consequences that face my country if things are not sorted out with maturity and dignity even now.

I read two newspapers while travelling the London underground on that fateful day, the Evening Standard and the Daily Mirror… and I could not believe my eyes. Both gave out the same message. Apart from the usual sympathy shown to a victim of violence, all of a sudden, almost overnight to be exact, a new verdict had emerged that she never was a solution for Pakistan…

Coming from the west it was a surprise, there seemed an indecent haste to dismiss her as a political leader of any significance whatsoever even before she was buried. More was written about the corruption in her time. It is not to say that there werent occasional mentions before but never were they so outright and blatant…
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HRCP doubts polls can ensure democracy

Human Right Commission of Pakistan has just sent a press release where they share doubt that these election polls can ensure democracy read the entire press release here

The process leading to the January elections holds no promise of any transition to democracy. On the contrary, the elections are being used to sideline critical issues affecting the fundamental rights of people, including the ruination of the judicial system of the country, says a press release issued here on Monday by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

It says the lifting of emergency is a superficial exercise as the judiciary remains grievously damaged. The worst blow, it says, the judiciary has received is a series of attacks on its prestige.
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I am being Haunted by what I said in October

Back in October immediately after things had started to settle down after the fateful day in Karachi when hundreds of Janesaran-e-Bhutto were killed in the bomb blast attack on Benazir’s reception rally, I wrote a blog post titled Thank God, Benazir Lives where I summed up my view to say.

“I suspect that if Benazir had been killed, her name would have suddenly transformed into a larger then life hero handing the country on a silver platter to the new found PPP leadership to run with unrestricted rule for a good many years. Hence my honest opinion, Thank God, Benazir Lives”

Observing the recent turn of events and watching Asif Ali Zardari straddling the PPP, I weep in despair that I stand to have been proven correct. PPP might have lost its leader, but they are the same bunch of crooks who were part of the campaign to patronize and legitimize Musharraf’s dictatorships, Lets not fool ourselves any longer.