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Open letter to BB: Why I left PPP

A lengthy but interesting letter shared on the Emergency Time Mailing List, worth reading to understand the frustrations faced by a PPP supporter

Dear Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Assalam alaikum.

After resigning from the basic membership of the Pakistan Peoples Party on 27 Nov, 2007, I am writing this letter to you elaborating my views, as a common Pakistani, on some burning issues confronting Pakistan today and how these issues, in my opinion, need your attention as a national political leader. Keeping my past association with the PPP, and with you, I assumed that I do have the privilege to write this letter, irrespective of how variant my views maybe with the current stance/political posture of the PPP.

This letter will also be sent to all those who received my email addressed to you when I tendered my resignation on 27 Nov, 2007. Thus, this letter is an open letter which I am constrained to write because of the numerous emails and phone calls that I received in response to my resignation from the basic membership of the PPP. All those Emails and phone calls urged me to state the reasons that forced me to resign from the PPP. Every one of them said that as Pakistanis they had a right to know, especially so, in the given political crisis prevalent in the country. Respecting their viewpoint I had to make this letter an open letter.
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Update @ 0944: CEO of Geo TV sends message on extent of media clampdown

The following comes in, via a Facebook e-mail exchange, from Mir Ibrahim Rahman who is the CEO of Geo TV in Pakistan, a channel which has been blocked by the Pakistani government who has also begun talks with foreign governments to have the channel’s transmission blocked overseas. In his message, Mir, states that he is safe at the moment despite having received numerous death threats, his TV network along with the Jang newspaper group been victimized while senior hosts, journalists, producers and the chairman have all had their phones bugged and recorded:
I am kind of Okay. They have shut down all our channels. I can’t believe Musharraf has become what he has become. I still feel sorry for him though. I cant believe THAT more than anything else. Anyway, pray for Pakistan. It needs it. Things are a lot worse than you think, since you are probably not watching what is going on as all of Pakistan’s private news channels have been blocked for past 6 days.

Tomorrow they are going to revise the army act, which will give them powers similar to that of the infamous patriots act where they can ‘court martial’ civilians even and hold them without due process or cause for months at a time. Another nail in the coffin of our constitution. actually its only now that I have truly begun to have felt the power of and appreciated words and promises. I guess which is what our or any constitution is- when I realized what life can be without them. we normally don’t feel it. I guess, apart from some of our lawyer friends. and most of us definitely think the common man will definitely not feel it as he or she has many more important things to think about and worry about than a bunch of words written in a book 40 years ago.

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MQM threatens 20 journalists

Reporters Without Borders has issued a press release suggesting that Muhajir Rabita Council an integral part of the MQM leadership has threatened some 20 odd journalists for their reporting activities related to the 5/12 Massacre. The list of Journalists include Zafar Abbass, Mazhar Abbas, Shaheen Sehbai, and Dr. Shahid Masood.

Ever since the fateful day of 12th May, MQM has continued to take a lashing from all quarters as it was most definitely the first time that the MQM organization was caught on live tv fully engaged in the terrorism. This was nothing new as all Karachiites have known the threat of MQM to the extent that the term ‘Supari Nikal Na’ was a keyword instilled in the Karachi vocabulary ever since this party reverted to using terrorism to stay in power. This open threat to journalist can continue to spell disaster for MQM as such threatening messages do little in terms of rebuilding the shattered image.

The Mujahir Rabita Council (MRC) issued a threatening statement on 22 May with a list of some 20 journalists it described as “chauvinist” and hostile to their movement. The MRC is affiliated to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which supports Gen. Pervez Musharraf and which was partly responsible for the 12 May riots in Karachi in which 40 civilians were killed and a TV station was attacked. “Now it has become necessary to inform the nation about these cruel elements and those who conspire against humanity,” the statement said.
Reporters Without Borders calls on the MQM to put a stop to these threats and urges the authorities to protect the journalists.

Among the prominent journalists on the list are Zaffar Abbas, editor of the daily Dawn, Mazhar Abbas, AFP bureau chief in Karachi, Shaheen Sehbai, the head of the TV station Aryone World, and Shahid Masood of Geo TV. One of the journalists named told Reporters Without Borders on condition of anonymity that he was scared because “having your name on the list means that the MCR wants to eliminate you.” – Reporters Without Borders

Update 26th May

IFEX has also issued a press release to highlight this threat to journalist which can be viewed here The list of journalists are as follows

  • Zafar Abbas
  • Azhar Abbas
  • Mazhar Abbas
  • Ayaz Amir
  • Sajjad Mir
  • Irfan Siddiqui
  • Shahid Masood
  • Aneeq Ahmed
  • Asfar Imam
  • Zahid Hussain
  • Shaheen Sehbai
  • Zarar Khan
  • Iqbal Haider

Nancy Johnson (R-CT) hits out at Pakistan

No to Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson (Wikipedia) a republican congresswoman from Connecticut has recently launched a TV commercial where she actually depicts Pakistan as the source of terrorism. Watch the short commercial here.

We as Pakistanis object to such accusations and must work against people who label Pakistan as a terrorist state. Ever since 9/11 Pakistan has stood shoulder to shoulder in supporting the grieving American nation in helping it root out all forms of terrorist. The Government of Pakistan offered full unrestricted cooperation since 2001 which actually meant going against popular local vote and offer a supporting helping hand to the Americans in their battle against terrorism.

Five years down it continues to be a battle fought by the United States of America and even now we stand along side in any decision handed to us by the United States. But what really hurts a peaceful nation which has chosen to lend the Americans a helping hand, is when a congresswomen like Nancy Johnson, a republican, who chooses to highlight the name of Pakistan as a terrorist state. We then have to reevaluate our unconditional support to the United States of America asking ourselves if it is OK to offer a helping hand to an arrogant nation which has no care for its allies and friends.

What can you do

  • Write an email to all CT newspapers pressuring them to ask Nancy to issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY – copy all these email addresses into the BCC field of your email and send them a strong letter in protest.

    letters@courant.com, nbnews@ctcentral.com, news@countytimes.com, letters@recordjournal.com, opinion@rep-am.com, editor@registercitizen.com, letters@bristolpress.com, mconnolly@newstimes.com, avonpost@ctcentral.com, farmingtonpost@ctcentral.com, Simsburypost@ctcentral.com, tri-townpost@ctcentral.com, news@countytimes.com, ttimes@snet.net, editor@thebee.com, news@cheshireherald.com, hmtnn@aol.com, news@theplainvillecitizen.com, editor@lakevillejournal.com, editor@heritagevillager.com, acummings@newstimes.com, Thomaston@ctcentral.com, citizennews@aol.com, editorial@jewishledger.com, tkrazit@whitepublishing.com, mrichmond@whitepublishing.com, mjahne@whitepublishing.com, Sriefe@whitepublishing.com, kcallaghan@whitepublishing.com, Housatonic@ctcentral.com

  • Forward this as an email to all your compatriots and publicise this issue so that people can join and protest against Nancy Johnson
  • Pakistanis living in CT must rise to the occasion and organize a force to counter Nancy in the upcoming elections
  • CT Voters support Chris Murphy for Congress

    The Cartoons had been a Journalistic Project….

    The world around us continues to ask for peaceful protests in response to the Blasphemous cartoons published a few months back. From the gloomy day of 9/11 the Muslim community has continued to take accusations for a good five years sitting quietly taking punches and have generally adopted an apologetic attitude even for an action that IS NOT a part of a peaceful religion. Please do not equate or generalize the radical approach of a select few individuals as Islamic, they are the extreme end of our religion which sadly is NOT Islam.

    When these cartoons come forth, we have now been forced to scream Enough is Enough, and have come onto the streets in protest, call it a boiling-over of all the anger built up over these five years finally let loose. We don’t mean harm, and I on behalf of all Muslims sincerly apologize for the actions of a radical few who have resorted to rioting and vandalism but in the same breath as followers of Islam we will do our part to inform the world of the grave offense against our beliefs. Muslims, like followers of other religions, are extremely emotional when it comes to disfiguring a religious their idols. Especially when the Editor-in-Chief of Jyllands-Posten talked so boldly when there was no pressure back in October confidently defending his publication.

    [Editor-in-Chief, Carsten Juste]‘…The newspaper urged cartoonists to send in drawings of the prophet, after an author complained that nobody dared to illustrate his book on Muhammad. The author claimed that illustrators feared that extremist Muslims would find it sacrilegious to break the Islamic ban on depicting Muhammad.’

    The cartoons had been a journalistic project to find out how many cartoonists refrained from drawing the prophet out of fear. ‘We live in a democracy,’ he said ‘That’s why we can use all the journalistic methods we want to. Satire is accepted in this country, and you can make caricatures. Religion shouldn’t set any barriers on that sort of expression. This doesn’t mean that we wish to insult any Muslims.’ — Little Green Footballs – Oct 12th 2005 & RedTV – Oct 17, 2005

    ……Its important to read the entire statement very carefully, his publication received a complaint from an author, that nobody dared to illustrate the authors book on Muhammad. The author claimed that illustrators feared that extremist Muslims would find it sacrilegious to break the Islamic ban on depicting Muhammad. Juste, the editor in chief, was well aware of this dilemma but continued to set up a competition to find illustrators willing to mock Prophet Muhammad in an illustration, his actions and later the printing of the 12 blasphemous illustrations can’t be termed as a naive mistake on his part due to oversight but instead a well thought out aggression against the peaceful religion of Islam.

    Juste and his newspaper have now issued a public apology which to many seem like a mere half-hearted face saving letter, akin to committing murder in broad daylight and then sending a simple “too bad – I’m sorry” condolence letter. For him to even indicate that “the cartoons had been a Journalistic Project”is making a mockery of our religion and is Simply unacceptable.

    Many ask, Why are the Muslims so vociferous? I don’t justify the rioting around the world but when you irritate a persons religious beliefs, he/she usually tends to react in a very unpredictable manner. Amongst the thousands of muslims a select few reacted poorly. The world should now warn idiots like the Danish publication to think twice and hard before ever repeating such a mistake.

    One also will tend to wonder what it takes to wake the world up from the February slumber, it only requires a few burning buildings and a number of riots and boom the issue is a global incident. Back in September 2005 this images barely raised an eye brow but after all the news breaking incidents the issue is now the headlines of all major news channels around the world. One thing is for sure the Muslims are offended beyond words, will this be an excuse to lead the world into the invasion of Iran? I like many now have to keep our fingers crossed, one excuse for another.

    Sorry to the People of Norway and Denmark
    by the Arab world for all the unrest created by the rioting

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