She Magazine Pilfers from Teeth Maestro

She Magazine OctoberA month back I had made a post on Karachi Metblog discussing a TV show on AAJ.TV called Begum Nawazish Ali. The review a month back was a sarcastic reivew of the show but now a month later if you pick up the October issue of She Magazine and turn to page 77 you could read an exact replication of the intial post, spare for a few editing changes and the addition at the end the gist of the article was pilfered from my post Hijra on Aaj.Tv. Its flattering to see that someone actually cares to read our blog around here, but pilferage by a reputable money making magazine !!!!!

Pilferage if found internationally is taken very seriously, but sadly in Pakistan people have no respect for copyright of intellectual property. Personally I have no axe to grind but only ask the editors to show some respect and atleast acknowledge Karachi Metblogs. I am arguing this case to provide a issue to promore the Karachi Metblog only and might agree on a compromise if the editors mention Karachi Metblogs in one of their future editions of the magazine. For the Evidence

The text of the post that was made by Teeth Maestro on Sept 4th 2005:

If you happen to watch “The Late Show with Begum Nawazish Ali” on Aaj Tv you would really be in a shock to see a Hijra hosting the show. Ali the host, was previously well known for his amazing parody of Benazir Bhutto, success from the local stage has brought him some fortunes into the silver screen and has been lucky to land a show on the Aaj Tv Network. The show at first seems funny but it soon gets on your nerves and are compelled to hop channels. For this show Begum Nawazish Ali is all dressed in a short blouse Sari, fully waxed with long manicured nails and to top it off a small boob job to compliment the scam. What is this world coming too…..

The scanned picture of the article appearing in the October issue of She Magazine
Nawazish Ali






18 responses to “She Magazine Pilfers from Teeth Maestro”

  1. Yasir Salam Avatar
    Yasir Salam

    she is she who did peeshe in heaven and source of fall a man
    so she is she who is seducer and subverts.(serpent)

  2. shobz Avatar

    thats one reason why i keep the juicy stuff for my book 😉

  3. abbas halai Avatar

    what i want to know is what the hell you’re doing reading SHE?

  4. Arif Khan Avatar

    Abbas: perhaps trying to get a better insight into all (or at least one) ‘SHEs’ out there … every mans dream ; )

    Maestro: Plagiarism is nothing new, we have a ‘decent’ reputation that we excel in this particular arena …..

  5. Fun D@ Ment@l pOinT Avatar
    Fun D@ Ment@l pOinT

    well first things first i think the show rocks bigtime!!

    it isn't easy being or enacting a woman and Ali Saleem manages it quite aptly i must say! Moreover its all about INNOVATION especially nowadays and i think the problem with our nation (esp those back home) is that they are too bogged down by orthodox ideas leaving no space for innovation and spice in any aspect of their lives.

    On a more personal note i strongly think that everything 'Thought' and 'Action' have a limit to it but you need to understand is that providing -breathing space- is the very least or lets just say the first step one can take towards 'moving on…'

    Think real people…don't get caught up by the packing and quit judging the book by it's cover!! listen to what the content and the theme of the show cariies (mind you taking the unusual jokes along positively!) and you'll see hoe BOLD the show is and its all related to current affairs and the script is absolutely foolproof but then again the delivary too adds up for the, in my personal perspective, 'excuisite' peice of entertainment!!

  6. A Critic Avatar
    A Critic

    When i was watching this Program for the first time I was shocked to see this person hosting the channel. The just made me to think about “its” gender first of all. At the end I reached a decision this person was a transexual wh*r3

  7. yameen Avatar

    I had a hunch that it is ali of benazir fame and now u ppl tell me that it is true it is a bit shocking is ali mad any way if he likes it he must behave b/c he is to outspoken in the show.

  8. what's in the name? Avatar
    what’s in the name?

    right so i do completely agree with the fun da mental’s comment on the show and as for the copied extract well its sad that some media agaencies sure do not in depth primary research because the first thing is that Ali Saleem aka Begum Nawazish Ali isnt a hijra at all and a perfectly complete MAN who tends to be a pro femenist..
    This link is to NEWSLINE i think its a worthy piece to look through!

  9. Shahid Avatar

    This programe is nothing but a piece of junk. I realyy feel annoyed watching his program.

  10. Bushra Avatar

    I think Ali is doing a tremendous job… i just saw one of his episodes and was curious enough to search for his interviews online… he is a very talented actor… and i must say he is daring enough to take the initiative of doing something different… our industry needs people like him… creative!!! his character is not everyone’s cup of tea… well done Aaj tv and begum nawazish/Ali

  11. Rakesh Avatar

    I live in South India and I don’t think we get this show: Can anyone tell me how to see it? I’m very curious because I was raised in San Francisco California, which is famous for cross-dressing, and I am curious about the South Asian take on it.

  12. Aliyah Avatar

    Begum Nawazish is doimg a great job and the people who don’t like ‘her’ show should conduct some serious soul searching as to the reason they really don’t like the show. Nowhere do we see the world condemn Dame Edna Evans, who by the way, has a wife & children. Remove your blinders & get rid of the ‘holier than thou’ attitude. This is the real world, get used to it. If you don’t like it, lump it. Change the channel.

  13. angel Avatar

    this is a real bold move by ali. there are milliions of people like her in this whole big world. but she gathered enough courage to come out so confidently. hats off to her guts. she is very good looking. she has the attitude. i love her for everything. though i have not yet seen her show on the television but i m sure she is doing a pretty good job there too. she is an inpiration to many transgender, transsexuals ans transvestites living in the sub-continent. i wish i could meet her someday.

  14. sadz Avatar

    she’s sumbody who has made a difference in dis society and is gutsy enough to come froward wid such an idea! for those who think he’s gay go get a hike because he’s getting married soon!
    he’s somebody who deserves appreciation rather than havong u guys drooling over.

  15. Arjun Avatar


    I think its really good. It completely changed my views about pakistani television program.

    Its not crass or vulgar, just plain funny. Hats off to the guy who had the guts to do this to make people laugh. This is the first pakistani show that I could watch till the end.

    Dont judge him by his sexual orientation, but by his creativity.

  16. shah Avatar

    i want to say that ali is doing a great job. but i am confused that is he really a hijra? . i dont think so he is a nice person. and i appreciate it. to me he is a nice and sincere person. and i hate when somebody call him a (hijra). and i have a request! will someone plz give me a contact no of ali. so that i can get to him. cus i have a plan in my mind. i also want to be like ali. the way he dresses up. if somebody have his contact no. plz give me his number. and i appreciate that girls do support him. and in the end girls i want to say that there are boys out there like me who want to be like ali. so plz help me and these guys. send an email to me , if somebody has ali’s contact no.thanks. my email is {}. i will give you my mobile no after recieving anyones email. thanks

  17. Omar Haq Avatar

    haha – that is funny that they copied it. you should have sued them? if nothing, it would have raised awareness

  18. fatima Avatar

    hahaha very funny you people are much confused about him/her… he is actually HE but loosing himself in SHE..he has become begum nawazish but he is not a female…i dont think so he is doing a great job but he is making fun of women