Justice or Martial Law?

Ever since the attack on the Judiciary in Pakistan, last Friday (post) practically the entire country is abuzz with a number of confusing questions of which probably the least addressed is when does Pervaiz Musharraf enforce a proper Martial Law. In my opinion Pakistan is already under a full fledged Martial Law since 1999 but disguised as a torjan horse titled Enlightened Moderation.

Iftikhar beaten up
Police escort Manhandling the
Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry,
A picture not aired in the media outlets in Pakistan

A number critics say that it just can’t happen, while many believe that martial law is inevitable. I belong the latter group, in my opinion Musharraf had been buttering the people of Pakistan for the past year in preparations to make them swallow the presidency pill for another five years. The stage was prepared when he successfully masterminded a thumbs up from Uncle Sam, it was during his US-Book Tour visit that Pakistan went through an interesting roller coaster ride, I had protested back then that the simple revelation of Pakistan being bombed back into the stone ages should have been enough for any decent Pakistani leader to walk off, but not Musharraf as he was their for a more personal reason far more important then Pakistan. Millions back home reacted simply How Dare They?. It was actually Musharraf who expertly handled the ABC interview threw out this ball-busting comment to force George Bush onto the back foot and then was able to pull out the trump card right from the grasp of Uncle Sam getting himself a sexy peck on the cheek and a pat on the behind for a job well done. Musharraf finished the cake with a hilarious gig with Jon Stewart where he displayed stand-up comedy type of showmanship but the icing was when he got Bush to publicly plug his autobiography on live TV, asking people to ‘Buy the Book’, literally a dream come true for any aspiring writer.

Upon his return from the US, Musharraf went right to work wheeling and dealing with all the crooks in a number of political parties. The MOU’s were not on principles but more on what mutual benefit each had to offer. Benazir & Nawaz drooling for a third chance at office in exchange for placing Musharraf in the Presidency for an extend five year tenure. There remained a significant concern if he would be able to win an outright majority as the political ladder was littered with party switching greedy politicians. For some time the grapevine was reading a good level of understanding with Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. THEN this happened…..

There is no doubt in any ones mind that Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was corrupt to some degree, and the all mighty and powerful (read Musharraf) actually believed that taking him out would have been an easy walk in the park, it would not be any more difficult then the coop he served up to roust the Pakistani hero Abdul Qadeer Khan, Musharraf I felt honestly believed if he could get away with Qadeer, Iftikhar was going to be more like easy play dead dogie style rampage. So he took a swipe at the Supreme Court, little did he know that all the pent up anger within Pakistanis would suddenly boil over. The true feelings of resentment were being suppressed for sometime, the rich were naturally getting richer by the minute while the poor getting poorer. The President of Pakistan made tall claims of a surging economy, but it was nothing more then hot air in terms of actually impacting the poor. Petrol prices going through the roof, taking along with it all the basic commodities with it.

The frustrated Pakistani people did finally have a perfect opportunity when Musharraf conveniently placed his ass on a platter, this attack on Supreme Court irked everyone with yet another of his examples to dominate every aspect of Pakistan.

I feel the good will created by Musharraf over the past few years is at an all time low of 0%, this actually sends any chances of a free and fair elections out the door from his mind as he will definitely stand to loose, hence for his survival he needs to force the issue down our throats and the only way possible is to declare a state of emergency and in effect a martial law. To declare a state of emergency he needs a desperate law and order situation on his hands and it would really help the overall cause if US were to invade Iran in the process. That invasion would irritate all Muslims and they will be on the streets in a rampage protesting against the US. A double whammy cake for Musharraf to enforce his rule and also guarantees his five years in the Presidency.

The scenario is quite clear, he will most definitely not step down at any cost, a retreat from the CJP controversy is highly unlikely and unbecoming of an army official, so all his efforts right now are to hush up and clear up the case as quickly as possible without further damaging his image. A gag order is being issued to every media representative that starts to speak out, a number of programs have been taken off the air while a strict noose has been attached to all the owners of the news outlets.

I bleed for Pakistan since I love my country to the core, I simply cannot tolerate these greedy bastards raping my country, hence I choose to speak out, knowing very well that the noose might tighten all too quickly, but having strong faith in Allah and belief in my country to stand tall we need to throw out these greedy politicians possible only if true believers of Pakistan are willing to step forward and speak out. I firstly ask you to join the petition created recently titled Pakistanis Condemning the Mockery of the Judicial System in Pakistan where over 500 proud Pakistanis have already signed up supporting the cause. In the end I ask you to reflect on one simple question.

Lets be Proud to be Pakistanis

I definitely am, ARE YOU?



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6 responses to “Justice or Martial Law?”

  1. The Patri0t Avatar

    I don’t have any words left man. Thanks for posting this. I’ve quoted in my Blog.

  2. shobz Avatar

    its not martial law,it’s more like musshy’s law. damn u musshy.

  3. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Awesome Awab truly awesome!

  4. a citizen of pakistan Avatar
    a citizen of pakistan

    Dear Readers.
    We all are revealing our thoughts without knowing the real facts.
    In my opinion, President wants pakistan to survive against any aggresion from outside, india is doing well to convience america that pakistan is state of terrorist. President is trying its level best to prove that pakistan was facing aggression, unjustice and above all isolation after cold war. Think about this current crises in this scenerio. CJP Iftekhar is respectable person and i am sure doesnt have any personal differences with president musharraf. Steel Mill privitisation was stopped by supreme court of pakistan. GOP has to oblige to its arab friends and support in privitization and to hand over sensitive sector, one can only handover to sincere person. Since arabs are investing in pakistan with huge investment and pakistan need money, investment and stability. President tried to have a political friendship with ppp without bb but bb is not ready for it , now the two force left , one is pml q and other is mma and they both are partially with president. Yes there are some bad people in ruling government and has to quit, but how it will done and will president will able to overcome the crises , let see he is really a statesman or not. Let president give one good chance. pakistan zindabad

  5. Wajih ul Haq Avatar
    Wajih ul Haq

    Dont worry there is no martial law on the horizon. Musharraf is weak man. Just look at the way they have to carry out the whole drama. His predecessor Zia introduced the most brutal martial law and still had to concede. Musharraf is not even 10 percent of Zia. He is just a puppet and now his whole drama is back firing. He should go to Washington where his master Bush will be more than happy to offer him the prestigious place of his poodle.

  6. Hina Avatar

    I love AZAD MEDIA.