Nasim Ashraf & his Resignation Bull Shit


Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Nasim Ashraf offered to resign, trying to follow the footsteps of Inzamam-ul-Haq who can be considered valiant enough to have accepted responsibility for the World Cup disaster. Nasim Ashraf, the supposed leader of the Pakistan Cricket Board literally ran from the media hovering someplace at an undisclosed location in the interior of Sindh, when on the other hand he should have been manning the fort, and ready to stand to take the heat, front and center. After all it was on his watch that things were going haywire, leading to the culmination of a first round exit.

Immediately a few days after the fateful loss to Ireland followed by the disastrous news of Bob Woolmers death Geo.Tv was able to locate this whimpering Son-of-a-bitch roasting his sorry ass at some feudal lord harem in Sindh. When Geo.Tv talked to him live in a telephonic conversation Ashraf had not much to say to defend the PCB organization but very soon indicated in a casual off-the-cuff remark in a last ditch attempt to save his sanity in front of millions watching Geo.Tv, that he had already tendered his resignation to the President of Pakistan.

There is a must watch video on Nasim Ashraf later in the post

After this statement it was ironic that no one was able to confirm if he had truly sent a letter of resignation only to find out today that the President had outright rejected his resignation and wants him to continue heading the PCB. The statement also goes on to include his vision to revamp the cricketing structure in Pakistan etc etc … don’t bother reading it as its just hot air being blown from a faithful President’s Lap dog.

This is the same person who stood in front of the Senate answering the questions thrown at him but did not for one moment accept responsibility for the disaster and blamed it on everyone except himself, but, BY THE WAY during the hearing he did not forget to mention that he had tendered his resignation to the President. Honestly one should ask him, if he does not believe himself to be at fault what was the reason to submit a resignation? As if to write….

Dear Mr. President,

I am submitting my letter of resignation because I did a great job but the team failed miserably. I know you want me to continue at this position so please simply reject my letter of resignation.

Your Faithful ‘Beardnaurd Sheppard’,

Dr. Nasim Ashraf

I strongly suspect the statement made to was just a public distractor, no letter was ever handed to the President (one must also remember that Musharraf had his head up his own ass with the CJP crisis) so later in due time he probably met the President and told him to make a statement rejecting his letter of resignation, [one must also remember that today’s Press Release came from PCB and not the GHQ] on the other hand I feel Musharraf also would never want to show the world to see his team collapsing around him and a resignation by Nasim would just have added to his woes where CJP issue was eating away his popularity.

Imran Khan quite well said in an interview, that there is no doubt that the country is in mess at the moment, how can people assume that cricket will not be affected by the happenings within the country, and we see the evidence quite well as PCB is also in a state of utter chaos. I tend to agree with him, the political upheaval within Pakistan has definitely taken its toll on the sporting arena.

In a little entertainment news you should watch this video of Nasim Ashraf making a fool out of himself playing the flute, my guess is this is the exact same thing he is doing with the Pakistan Cricket Board….. making a fool out of us … or could it be that he does not know any better

I think the cricket lovers of Pakistan deserve answers, Nasim Ashraf has been stepping on toes ever since he took office, to the extent of warning “I have told him {Inzamam} clearly that there should be no pressure on players who dont pray regularly or any compulsion on them to do it. this was sparked due to objections raised by English Cricket fans when they saw the entire team offer namaz on the field during a lunch session, they felt religion should be kept outside the sporting arena. I still remain baffled as to how he could even think of calling a person of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and attempt to stop them from praying

I as a passionate cricket lover and a citizen of Pakistan simply demand that he be thrown out and sent back to the United States, he simply does not know shit about ways to revamp the cricket in Pakistan, he simply cannot be considered to be an expert in five months in the office handling a sport which he has never played personally apart from watching a few matches on DirecTV at his home in the United States. I dread what he has dreamed up for us to be shared quite soon, I dread to be at the hands of a surgeon performing a surgery which he has just learnt in five month.



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12 responses to “Nasim Ashraf & his Resignation Bull Shit”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    I am not surprised. Are you? He actually gave resignation to president so that he could reject:-) Ghairat hoti usmay tu usko president k jawab k zaroorat nahi hoti :>

  2. Asad Asif Avatar

    I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article.

  3. Khalid R Hasan Avatar
    Khalid R Hasan

    I fully agree with you. However, one small correction – I read somewhere that he did play a couple of first class matches, probably for Peshawar, before he originally left for the US

  4. ehsan Avatar

    No surprise there. I do want to point out here that most people forget he is nothing but a crook and i believe he has been put as head of PCB because it has a lot of money. Remember He formerly was with something called “Pakistan Fund” which went kaput (see

    That “success” got him to head the “National Commission for Human Development” which stole billions from donations and never did a thing for human development. And that is the success that elevated him to his current position. No wonder he is Mush’s buddy…

  5. shobz Avatar

    off with his head. He is an a.hole who is only obssessed with his own image.

  6. Maz Avatar

    Mushy has almost destroyed all the intitutions like paarliment,judicary,election commision and the latest of the lot is Cricket by not accepting the resignation of Mr Ashraf. I request Mr Musharaf ..Plz give us a break……Stop destroying Pakistan

  7. ehsan Avatar

    Here’s more on ASSrub (from Dawn 4/10)
    “The PCB chairman was told clearly that though the patron had expressed confidence in him by not accepting his resignation, your steps for damage control are unimpressive and the recent reshuffling in the board is just an eyewash.

    He added that the PCB chairman was asked to make public the accounts of the board but he was not ready to do it saying, it was not the public’s prerogative to know the details. The entire committee showed its resentment over the statement and reminded the chairman that since the president of Pakistan General Pervez Mushrraf was the patron of the PCB, it was a public institution and the people had the right to know about its financial resources.
    from NASC furious as PCB chairman, Inzamam fail to justify position

  8. Aurangzeb Khanm USA Avatar

    Salam Alakum to all,

    It is good to read your comments and what you think of Nasim Ashraf. We all want Pakistan team to win and be the best team in the world, but it just never became a reality. Politics runs the game and until PCB becomes an independent Insittution making its own decisions, that reality is not possible. Look at India, they commercialized cricket, the fans love everything they do, the players love everything they do and get (fame, money, wins) and the board is making money and providing the best entertainment to all in the most innovative ways.
    But living in Pakistan and looking at things and Living aborad, like in USA and looking at things is very different. In the US, we work hard and have a tight schedule thoruhgout the week, no gup shup, politiccal gossiping, and wasting time when a lot of useful things can be done. I played a lot of cricket when I was in Pak, and love cricket till this day and will always love it, there is no match when i have missed its live covergae (cricinfo only thoguh, no time for TV), and always wishing and thinking something should be done to improve and enhance how things are done at PCB and in Pak overall about cricket.

    Personally, I have never met Nasim Ashraf, but I will give him credit for leaving a life of luxury here and going to Pak to be blamed for every failure that ever happened in PCB and NCHD. If I was him, I will do things a little differently, but the problem is, Paki people dont want to change and always blame others for their own failures, which is a problem impossible to fix. In the US, people take responsibilty for their failures and thus others can jump in to fix it. I have the gut feeling Nasim Ashraf tried his level best, but their is so much politics in PCB, that it is practically impossible to bring any change, and he in the end just gave up and hung on till it was time to go. I am very sure he will look back and feel bad about he could not accomplish what he planned to, but one things is for sure, examples like this discourage leaders outside of Pak to help bring about a change in Pak.
    I wish PCB becomes one of the greatest institution but with its current setup, it is just wishful thinking. May Allah Help us help ourselves and leave the selfishness behind and do things that help all of us not just one of us. Ameen!

  9. jearierob Avatar

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