GEO and AAJ Pulled off Air

Breaking News: it has come to my attention through reliable sources that the GEO.TV & AAJ.TV have both been pulled off the air in a bid to issue them a stern warning and also curtail their press freedom. I suspect this has all to do with the CJP crisis and the tussle the Govt had just following the CJP crisis and GEO.TVÅ› show host Kamran Khan amongst a number of other channels that dared to stick their neck out

So long for any hint of press freedom.

Updates to follow as soon as I hear of more news in this regards. KMB

Update: Geo has resumed its normal coverage and it looks like all channels are back on the air. It seems something was afoot in regards to the off-air status of a number of news channels, MQM has denied having an hand in this fiasco [but I tend to disagree] they may deny all they want but one must critically observe that the cable distributors here in Karachi were blocking the channels while the rest of the country had unhindered access. I suspect MQM was attempting to prove its loyalty to Musharraf by threatening GEO to stop the coverage or else they threatened with censorship, it seems the media played a tough hand and called the bluff to which MQM ended up blocking the channels, little did they know it would blow up in their face. Chalk one up for the strong media lobby in Pakistan



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5 responses to “GEO and AAJ Pulled off Air”

  1. stabani Avatar

    Can’t seem to find anything about it on I might also add that ary seems to be off-air as well.

  2. Asad Avatar

    Geo is ‘on air’ in Islamabad.

  3. leonardo Avatar

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  4. ray Avatar

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  5. umer Avatar

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