Q & A with Salman Ahmad

Here is a Question and Answer response by Salman Ahmad in light of his recent email where he shared his ongoing problems with the MQM reign of terror

Q1: You recently stated in the press that MQM leader Altaf Hussain has threatened you on a number of occasions. Have you ever taken a legal action against him? If not, why? If yes, what happened?

Salman Ahmad: Altaf Hussain is not courageous enough to threaten me directly…he gets his goons to do the dirty work.The first time I was threatened by the MQM was in the early 1990’s when their armed activists told me to go on stage and welcome their then local leader Azeem Tariq at the KMC sports complex. When i refused they threatened to abduct my wife and children. Then they called my house repeatedly and told my father and wife that they will shoot me if I continue to perform in Karachi. I took the threat very seriously and called the Sindh police who sent officers to protect my family residence. I didn’t make it a public issue then because the media was also intimidated by the MQM unlike the Pakistani media now which is strong and independent.

I discussed the matter with legal counsel and everyone told me that no court would be strong enough to stand up to the MQM’s fascist tactics. My friends told me that since I’m a nationally known figure these thugs would be taking a huge chance at attacking me or my family for such a stupid reason.

They did however disrupt many Junoon concerts at (REX) Hashoo auditorium when armed members of their student wing APMSO gate crashed,fought with private security guards and terrorized women, children and families by firing shots in the air and shouting party slogans.

Unfortunately these threats have always been there and most artists have given into these terror tactics because of fear just like all the other citizens of Karachi all through the 1990’s right upto the present bloodbath of May 12.

Another time I got a call from nine zero was from a guy called “Khalid bin Walid” who said that his “quaid” Altaf Hussain had personally demanded me to appear with Junoon at his “ghyabana walima” in Karachi followed by the one in London.When I refused to comply he told me that “aap nay iss shehr mein rehna hai ya nahin, yeh merey quaid ka Order hai” I refused and had no choice but to contact the federal govt. which provided Junoon with security at our Karachi concert. My security officer Hasnain and even my sound engineer, Ishtiaq, were told to convince me to perform at the walima where other artists were also hustled into going because of MQM’s reputation of terror.

Junaid Jamshed and Sajid Hassan told me that these people are dangerous and not to be taken lightly. My response to them was that If I gave into these threats then all the songs that I have composed like “JAZBA-E-JUNOON, TALASH, EHTESAAB, MERI AWAZ SUNO, NO MORE, AZADI,MEIN KAUN HOON ETC would all be blatant lies…

Q2: Do you acknowledge the fact that MQM is a major party in Sindh?

Salman Ahmad: My mother’s family also came from Patiala, India in 1947. Some of my relatives lost their lives and all their possessions during partition. They shed blood for a Pakistan which they hoped would give them human rights, protection and a home for their children to grow up in Peace and prosperity. Its for this reason that initially I supported the MQM, but when I saw their politics of terror, violence and coercion, I was disillusioned by them. After seeing the blood bath of MAY 12, Muslims killing Muslims, I’m forced to ask these questions: For how long will these parties continue to threaten the new generation of Pakistanis who are Pakistanis first and Sindhi, Punjabi, Mohajirs, Pathan, Baloch second. For how long will they arm young students with T.T. pistols and other weapons and teach them to kill rather than educate them. Is this the Pakistan they want for their children to grow up in? My appeal to the MQM and all the other political parties who believe in terror and violence is to listen to the voice of change: LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS and let us all help build a new Pakistan, a Pakistan of Peace,Justice and prosperity… A Pakistan which openly celebrates its beautiful and diverse people.

Q3:You have also stated that, “I think the time has come for all Pakistanis to stand up and be counted.” Are you planning to take any action other than the statement you have sent out?

Salman Ahmad: I’m an artist first and my work speaks louder than my words: From DIL DIL PAKISTAN to GHOOM TANA I have always had strong political views which have been reflected through my music and films… Whomsoever helps Pakistan become a strong,just and Peaceful country will always get my support.As a U.N. goodwill ambassador I have an added responsibility to promote HIV. Aids awareness and a global vision of peace, tolerance and coexistence. Pakistan is an integral part of this vision.

Q4: You are friends with Imran Khan. Are you unbiased or are you working in support of Tehrik-e-Insaf?

Salman Ahmad: Like I said I’ll support anyone who serves Pakistan’s interests and not their own.

Q5: You have always been a strong supporter of President Pervez Musharraf. What is your view of his behavior regarding MQM and what happened on May 12 in Karachi?

Salman Ahmad: President Musharraf will be judged by the legacy he leaves behind, Its in his interest and Pakistan’s that he keeps the will of the people his highest priority. There should be a strong independent commission which should look into the causes of the tragedy of May 12th. Pakistani blood is not cheap…. each one of the killers should be brought to justice and May 12th, “Bloody Saturday” should be a reminder to all, that, Pakistanis will NEVER surrender to terror and violence.

Q6:All over the world, musicians often get involved in politics. You have made a political statement. Do you think Pakistani musicians should get involved in politics?

Salman Ahmad: Its not for me to say what other artists should do,but this is a time for all Pakistanis to stand up and be counted.You have to ask yourself: will I always live in fear and be a slave in someone’s fiefdom…OR will I express my true “Khudi” and fly like Iqbal’s “Shahine” to discover my highest potential.

Q7:Are you planning on making a song about this May 12 carnage?

Salman Ahmad: Music, poetry and a guitar are far more powerful than guns, bombs and bullets. Sabir Zafar and I wrote the song “Junoon sey aur Ishq sey miltee hai Azaadi, Qurbani ki bahon mein miltee hai Azadi” for the movie, Jinnah. In this, Pakistan’s 60th anniversary of independence,

I’d like to dedicate those words to the Martyrs of May 12 who shed their blood for the sake of Jinnah’s dream…



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  1. insecticide Avatar

    0therside of salman ahmed,


  2. Muhajir Avatar

    Salman! you said…
    ….which they hoped would give them human rights, protection and a home for their children to grow up in Peace and prosperity. ….

    the only thing Muslim masses of India wanted was a Muslim Identity in form of a country where they can practice and live according to teaching of Islam.

    If they wanted only PEACE and PROSPERITY, they would have lived happily with Hindus and they wouldn’t have to sacrifice their blood and belongings.

    Shame on our leaders and our Musician who would like to change the objective altogether.

    and shame on the Muhajirs who have sold the sacrifices of their grandparents and chosen thugs and murderers as their leaders.

  3. Pappu Avatar

    Shame on those Urdu-speakings who call a country headed by a uniform wearing and gun touting General a democracy and not only that but also stregthen the army's claims on power by supporting it when in reality 60 years ago their forefathers died to make a country that is democratic and progressive!

    Shame on Altaf the Kala Naag and his cronies!

    Shame on Military and its establishment!

    And yes this is coming from an Urdu-speaking whose forefathers immigrated 60 years ago to Pakistan!

  4. AH Avatar

    I am a Pakistani who’s family migrated from India and I can categorically state that we did not move to Pakistan to just live according to the teachings of Islam. Rather, as Mohammad Ali Jinnah said, we moved so that everyone would be free to practice their religions, be they Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jews. India had discrimination against Muslims and we did not want discrimination against anyone.

  5. Asad Avatar

    Pappu yaar, tung naa kar!!!

  6. Love Pakistan Avatar
    Love Pakistan

    Actually a big portion of Urdu Speaking people as mother tongue of Pakistan, are in a complex that: they are chosen people, they have a right to rule, to lead, they are only civilized persons in Pakistan, all civil services for them. They captured all beneficial (even non-beneficial) services in Pakistan, after partition. They took into custody all the urban properties of Pakistan on fake claims. Natives welcomed them on Muslim brother hood basis. Now these muhajirs are turned away of Islam, they are most jealous people of Pakistan, their thoughts are very poisonous. They chose a terrorist as a leader. They want a quota more than their share. Musharaf is a muhajir, he want a domination of muhajirs. He (Musharaf) and Altaf Bhai in share created a bluff for people of Pakistan to earn money and to kill Balouchis with name of “Gawadar. The same bluff he is going to create with the company of Fazal Ur Rehman (JUI) and off course with Altaf Bhi with name of “Sawat to earn money with converting it an Armed forces heaven. Whole of the conflict is a drama to capture the land of SAWAT to convert it it into a brothel for Europeans.

  7. Dr.Tariq Avatar

    Asalamo Alikum Dear Brother Salman,

    I really appreciate your courage and your work as a Muslim. Bro my question is that you have said that “I will support any one who would serve the interest of Pakistan and not his own interest. Looking at the system of Democracy we can see that only those people come into power who afford to contest an election, so an industrialist a land lord or a business man can easily secure a seat in the parliament and then they will never pass a bill which would go against their own interests. The other thing which I feel is the problem in Democracy is that it was invented way before our prophet (Saw) came to this world and the main principles of democracy are two. 1soverignity belong the parliament 2- Majority is authority. Our prophet brought a completely new system where sovereignty does not belong to the parliament rather sovereignty belong to Allah (swt). As you know in democracy the legislative power belong to the parliamentarians and by having 51% votes they can make right wrong and wrong right. It is not failed only in Pakistan rather the system of capitalism whose ruling system is democracy has failed globally and ideologically to serve the world. So despite of this fact would you still support this system or will you opt for another alternative system, which is given to us by our creator and implemented by our prophet (saw), the khulufah Rashedun and those who followed them, I mean the system of khilafah. The system which came out from our Aqeedah, and the Ruling system in Islam. Khilafah is the only system which will re-unify the Ummah under the single leadership of the khalifah and will safeguard the interest of the ummah both locally and globally. It will protect our Blood, dignity, unity, recourses and above all our Aqeedah which is not protected today. A country which is not even visible in the map of the world is cursing our Prophet (Denmark and Sweden) this is because we have lost our shield. Our prophet rightly said one of this hadith “Immam (caliph) is a shield behind whom the ummah fights and protect her self in another hadith prophet (Saw) said “Muslims are one ummah, their land is one and their war is one. Dear Brother this can only be achieved through the re-establishment of khilafah and not thorough the system of democracy. In fact democracy insures to keep us divided into more then 56 state lets, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

    Bro if you want evidences to prove that khilafah is the only ruling system in Islam or working for khilafah is obligatory upon each one of us or democracy is a ruling system of capitalism and is forbidden to rule by or work for, in Islam, I will be very happy to present it to you.

  8. nabeel Avatar

    salman statment sounds like one sided scriptedsound by imran khan tone, using easywords but trying to damage the repotation of mqm and directly altaf.h that he wants me to participate in his ‘gaybanavalima'(veryfunny(like people said hi bichara) i dont think that mqm or altaf bhai needs to do those kind of threaten invitations actions,may be some of the people belongs to mqm trying to do some wrong actions by there own which is wrong..but mqm is a very peace full organization if you hav any prob you can make a complain they hav a complain cell even they hav there direct ph# to london on there web site(www.mqm.com)
    every bdy know that salman is a very contervertial person short tempered attitued first junaid thrown him out from vital sign caz of his negative approch i know my self junaid very closely and on the head of ali azmat he got fame, why aliazmat is not allowed to perform junoon songs caz salman madelegal documents very krook after junoon where is salman…any award any hit nothing now he wants to pass some scripted stories(imran khan tone) and trying that ‘plz discuss me i m alone and mentaly sick’benazir-altaf-nawaz they all r political leaders plz recpect them who make them leader?off course people of our country,salman kind of abcd kids they look innocent but basically in there playboy kind of life they already done lot of things…salman try to do what is your actuall job ‘nach gana’

  9. zee Avatar

    This is in response to nabeel mail. For starter,fix your grammar , i suggest” grammar made easy ” by longman for you.
    As for mqm,yes it is terriost organisation . I used to be the member of apmso which is nothing but organisation of goons which might explain i am not the member any more.
    If we can do away with mqm, i believe , half of pakistan’s problems will be resolved.

  10. KAMRAN Avatar

    you are telling lie coz u demanded lot of money from them for participating in the concerts than others and you have some personal problems with mqm
    my dear but all the urban areas public is behind the ALTAF BHAI we love mqm “DIL DYA HAY JAN BHI DAIN GAY MQM TERAY LIAY”


  11. Die hard Karachiite Avatar
    Die hard Karachiite

    Salman ,

    This shows it self that you are nothing but an enthnic person who himself is lost . Imran Khan serves no iterest but only of himself and Pathans . We saw that during his tenor of his captaincy . Imran has done some good and so has you but you loose your respect .

    My elders fought for the independence of this nation so that they could come and live and are known as Pakistanis not as aka Sindhis or Punjabis or Pathans or Baluchs . We did not fight for our freedom to become slave of people like fuedal Imran and his group of religious fundamentalists . Also , please shed some light on your connections with Jamaat-e-Islami. You need more than singing songs . Show it by action and for our friends who dislike MQM . The message is very clear that it is because of your selfish , feudal and ethnic approach that we needed a platform like MQM . So please stop wasting your energies . MQM is a reality which goons like Imran Khan and Hamid Guls are trying to wipe out for a while . You should be thankful for the leadership of Altaf Bhai or else in Karachi and southern Sind there would have Talibanization by now . If my brothers from Northern Pakistan love Talibanization so much please go ahead and let them enter Lahore and Islamabad . As for Karachi we are a moderate city always hit by conspirators , we believe in moderation , we believe that we are the strongest arm of the nation and we believe that after partition we were cheated from winning freedom from British into slavery of feudals and landlords of Pakistan .

    Altaf Bhai has taught and we know that we would never ever given to the rule of feudals and religious extremism . As for Salman , please take off your two face ideology and have some courage and come properly in politics with Imran . We still remember what evidence does Edhi Sahib gave against you . So stop making people fool in the name of peace .