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Kick the Killer out of UK Petition

Altaf Hussain and UK passportA group of Pakistanis have started this online petition to convince the British Prime Minister that enough people care that this Karachi Killer should be sent out of the UK. We all know that Imran Khan is there in the UK discussing with lawyers about preparing the case to file in the UK courts, rumors are that the lawyers need a little more time to digest the case and make it into a rock solid, close and shut case.

I doubt that there is any shortage of evidence as Imran Khan has claimed to have a European Commission report which allegedly finds Altaf Hussain intrinsically involved with local terrorism while he lives on British soil. Hence I feel there can only be one attempt to take this Karachi Killer to court and that should have a good attempt with no leaks.

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To: Honourable British PM

This is stated with very great disappointment and displeasure to let you remind regarding an International Terror Master who is also the leader of fascist party MQM (now Mutahidda Qaumi Mahaz; previously Mohajir Qaumi Movement), a Pakistani fugitive who is enjoying protection in UK and you have protected and covered him under Your Own Wings, his name is Altaf Hussain.

Target Killing and Mass Murdering is the mission of Altaf and MQM at large. Keeping with his terrorist traditions and mission, Altaf Hussain master-minded and then micro-managed the slaughter of more than 40 innocent people of Karachi. Altaf Hussain is carrying out all his sadistic urges from the comforts of his office in London using his Sofa and a Telephone, according to Daily Telegraph London, May14, 2007 issue.

“The man in charge of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, was at his usual command-and-control post at the weekend from a sofa in north London.

As his fiefdom descended into brutal violence, with the deaths of at least 40 people reported amid the worst political bloodshed Pakistan has witnessed in years, Altaf Hussain directed his followers by telephone from a safe place more than 5,000 miles away.
His headquarters, or “international secretariat”, is not in the Pakistani port city but housed in a red-brick office block opposite a supermarket on Edgware High Street

We therefore assert that the British government, supporting the so-called war against terror, would do well to look into its own backyard as to how one of its adopted citizens, enjoying its protection has unleashed terror in a city thousands of miles away. The UK government may obtain transcripts of Altaf Hussains telephonic conversations a week before 12 May, when the wanton killing occurred, and a week later to ascertain how deeply he was involved in the heinous crimes in Karachi.

Peace loving people in Britain and around the world want to know how you make a difference between Osama Bin Laden and Altaf Hussin. Since you are so sure that Osama has used Afghanistan and has carried out attacks against innocent civilians in NY, USA. What Altaf Hussain is doing? Its OK for him to use his base-camp in London and carry out attacks against innocent Pakistani civilians? Its OK as far he doesnt wear a Turban and keep a Muslims Style beard and does not say the name of God before killing?

Altaf Hussain has killed people like Hakim Saeed, the former governor of Sindh (Pakistan), the founder of Hamdard University and many other renowned institutions. His only crime was, he did not bow down to Altaf Hussain and rejected his philosophy of violence, killing and mass murdering. He was an Indian Migrant to Pakistan, as the parents of Altaf were.

Altaf assassinated Salah-u-Din, the chief editor of weekly Takbber. His “crime was exposing the crimes of Altaf et al. He had the same ethnic background as Altaf Hussain has. They also have got the “credit” for killing a US Counselor in the port city of Karachi. These are just few examples of Altaf et als heinous crimes against opponents and political rivals besides hundred and thousands other target killing and mass murdering.

Altaf safely escaped two times form the reach of justice to UK, through the help of the notorious and ever infamous Pakistani Secret Service Agency ISI, who are the real founders of this Gang. Now Altafs criminal gang is a partner in Government with the current military dictator Parvez Musharaf. A proven criminal and Altafs right hand person is the governor of Sindh Province. They also have the local government in the city of Karachi, (many thanks to the Military). Musharf phones and takes dictation from Altaf. The question is what fears Altaf going back to Pakistan to make speeches in the public instead of using his London office telephone.

People around the world are rightly wondering that how a former Chicago Cabby driver, who lost his refuge claim in the US, successfully became a UK citizen. Why British authorities turn their eyes blind at him? How you can deny that UK is not a safe haven for Terrorists and International Criminals.

Peace-loving People throughout the world rightly consider the UK government an accomplice to Altaf Hussains crimes against innocent Pakistanis. We wonder how the British would have reacted were such a man to sit outside and trigger mayhem inside the UK? We also wonder to know how Altaf live like a King in London. Where is the money coming from? His private life is more luxurious and comfortable than any other average British citizen. Your government never got a chance to think about that?

Honourable British PM!

Take a chance and click the following web link just for reference purpose:


“International organizations such as the UNHCR and the United States Department of State have cited examples of MQM’s perceived involvement in terrorism”

We demand of the British government that Altaf Hussain be expelled from the United Kingdom, Freeze MQM (Altaf) bank accounts and declare MQM (Altaf) as a terrorist organization.

Better late than never done.

Thank you.


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Individual Counts: Making Altaf Hussain Accountable


  • faiq |

    Thanx doctor for sharing..inshAllah a day will come when karachi would be peaceful city where people from all ethnic background live peacefully without any afraid of bhata or sector inchrage.

  • shobz |

    i second the motion. kick that bhangi out of london and torture him for an eternity.

  • The Pakistani Spectator |

    Govet should probe in the karachi issue its silence is predicting a bad story.

    Nation need the answer who was involved in that Massacre, in future such unknown killers are dangerous for the nation.

  • Viqar Minai |

    The charges listed in the petiton, e.g. the murders of Hakim Saeed and Mr. Salahuddin; have they been filed and proved in any Pakistani court of law?

    Any links?

  • h1all |

    Ok so the “bhangi” gets kicked out of UK what happens then? He returns to Pakistan to terrorize its poor citizens??

  • Abdul Wadood |

    Following is a letter I wrote an online friend. He was in no way agreeing that in the creation of MQM, there is any role of Pakistani Notorous ISI.

    My friend asked,

    My answer was,

    “I do not want and will never want you start hating the Army. All I want you do is FIND THE TRUTH. Try to fix the problems.

    I am getting back to you with some more compelling evidences. Other than that, please help your self. Since you are the son of retired Soldier, this wont be difficult for you to reach to the right person and dig out the Bare Realities. Please find a Retired Military Officer.

    So here you go:
    It is generally believed in Pakistan that MQM was created by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), main military intelligence agency in Pakistan. Many people from Karachi and other parts of Pakistan have very strong views about MQM, due to their role in Karachi’s law and order situation. It was created to break the stronghold of Benazir Bhutto in her home province, Sindh. ISI believed that the ethnic tension between Sindhis and Muhajirs will distract Benazir Bhutto and her political party, Pakistan Peoples Party, from launching campaign against the military government of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Altaf Hussain was living as a taxi driver in Chicago at that time and he was called to form a Muhajir ethnic political party with funds supplied by ISI.

    Ref: http://www.answers.com/topic/muttahida-qaumi-movement

    The parting of the ways between Pakistan’s military-intelligence establishment and the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM–since renamed Muttahida Qaumi Movement), which was created by Zia-ul-Haq in the 1980s to counter the influence of Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and the Sindhi nationalist parties. When Altaf Hussain, the founding father of the MQM, stopped doing the bidding of the Army and the ISI, the latter created a split and instigated the newly-created MQM (Haqiqi-Real) to indulge in acts of terrorism against the MQM.

    Ref: http://www.saag.org/papers6/paper508.html

    One other to respond, whose letter was printed on August 8, was Kunwar Khalid Yunus of the MQM, who has spent well over two years in jail on various occasions during the last decade and who, when he is out and about, is the press spokesman for his party. He categorically states that the MQM has never received any illegal amounts on behalf of its founder and leader, Altaf Hussain. Listed amongst the recipients of ISI funds was “Yusuf Haroon, Rs 5 million [he confirms having received this for Altaf Hussain of the MQM]” which Khalid does not refute. Yusuf, now in Karachi , has reconfirmed that he handed over the money to Altaf Hussain at Nine-zero. Obviously Khalid was not privy to the transaction.

    Ref: http://www.dawn.com/weekly/cowas/20020811.htm

    Yet more payments: During the Mehrangate investigations of 1993 which led up to the Supreme Court case, Younas Habib of HBL/MBL, as per his statement filed in court (recorded in Karachi under section 161 Cr.P.C), disclosed that the following political and other pay-offs were made between 1991 and 1994: “General Mirza Aslam Beg Rs 140 million; Jam Sadiq Ali (the then chief minister of Sindh) Rs 70 million; Altaf Hussain (MQM) Rs 20 million, Advocate Yousaf Memon ( for disbursement to Javed Hashmi, MNA, and others) Rs.50 million; 1992 – Jam Sadiq Ali Rs 150 million; 1993 – Liaquat Jatoi Rs .01 million; 1993 – chief minister of Sindh, through Imtiaz Sheikh Rs 12 million; Afaq of the MQM Rs 0.5 million; 1993 chief minister of Sindh, through Imtiaz Sheikh, Rs. 01. million; 1993 – Ajmal Khan, a former federal minister, Rs 1.4 million; 1993 – Nawaz Sharif, former prime minister, Rs 3.5 million; 27/9/93 Nawaz Sharif, former prime minister, Rs 2.5 million; 26/9/93 Jam Mashooq Rs 0.5 million; 26/9/93 Dost Mohammad Faizi Rs 1 million; Jam Haider Rs 2 million; Jam Mashooq Rs 3 million; Adnan, son of Sartaj Aziz, Rs 1 million; Nawaz Sharif and Ittefaq Group of Companies Rs 200 million (photocopies of cheques and deposit slips, etc, already attached with affidavit at page nos. 42 to 73); Sardar Farooq Leghari 12/12/93 (payment set/off) Rs 30 million – 6/1/94 Rs 2.0856 million – 19/3/94 Rs 1.92 million.”

    Ref: http://www.dawn.com/weekly/cowas/20020811.htm

    The former attorney-general of Pakistan , Iqbal ‘Groovy’ Haider, representing General Babar in the Supreme Court, informed the court that the money was distributed not to political parties but to political individuals. It was common knowledge, he said, that the ISI was involved in politics. Lt General Hameed Gul, a former ISI chief, was on record as having boasted that it was he who created the IJI, and another ISI chief, Lt General Javed Nasir, had taken credit for creating the MQM Haqiqi.

    Ref: http://www.dawn.com/weekly/cowas/20020811.htm

    Apart from religious prejudices the Zia dictatorship and the ISI created other organizations along linguistic, ethnic and chauvinist lines to drive a wedge into the class unity of the proletariat. The most significant was the creation of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) based upon the Urdu speaking immigrants who had moved to Karachi and other cities from UP, CP and other provinces of India . This transmigration was the result of the reactionary partition of the Subcontinent in 1947 on a religious basis.

    Ref: http://www.marxist.com/pakistan-state-at-war150507.htm

    Help your self and check this one:

    How did you find it?

    Let me know.

  • Wadood |

    Dear all,
    This is the new petition you need to sign and circulate. Our enemy is not only Ter.Altaf. We also need to go and knock at the door of Ter. Musharraf and Co-ter. Shaukt Aziz to till them, “Come out Terrorists, we wana talk to ya.


    Any body knows why Bangladesh came into being?

    Because, these bastard Generals used to treat our Brother and Elders as their slaves in the former E. Pakistan. Why, they were not Muslims? Lets put the religion in the drawer, who gave the right to do that?

    And than what you see is, see this historic photo of that Bahadur aur Sherdel (F..) Pakistani Army:


    (Sharam thom ko magar nahee athee)

    These evils and bastard Generals used to rape Our Bangladeshi Muslim Mothers, Sisters and Daughters. Alas, history was kept secret out of our eyes.

    Look, what is happening now in what is left “Pakistan”?

    Look at that Altaf Harami; he is partner in crimes with Army Generals and making the Urdu speaking citizen of Pakistan fools.

    (Sorry for some of my wordings, but…sometimes the blood gets very hot)

  • Imran |

    to all the Punjabis and other racist bastards don’t you see what Nawaz Sharif did ? don’t you see what B.B and her Husband did, Dont you see what MMA is doing, and again don’t you see what Mustafa Kamal is doing, Well You are all racist thats all i can say, You Have Eyes But Still You Can’t See, You Have Brains But that doesn’t Respond well what else you need

    i am sorry too for being harsh but would fight against racists n racism


    In my view Altaf destroyed a generation of Karachities for his ulterior motives. I am appalled at the UK government, the propogaters of human rights & war against terrorism. UK is harbouring a person who has terrorised a city, whose people were the most progressive in the country….all he gave the city was body bags, blood & destruction…

  • Habib Khan |

    I think you all go to hell. He is Uk citizen and he has all the right to stay in UK.

  • fadi |

    I agree with Habib! You all go to hell and take Imran Khan also along with you. This is all bullshit. He is British Citizen now.

  • AH |

    Yes, he is a British citizen but he wasn’t born there. He is naturalized and if it can be proven that he is a career criminal, which he is, then his citizenship can be, hopefully will be, revoked.

  • zulfiqar zaidi |

    How happy he is after getting British passport .You can see his caliber( a leader or a big party)

  • azhar dar |

    why you guys wan him to return back to karachi infact he should stay out ,think about it if he is causing this much pain in the karachi while living in uk what will he do if he return back to karachi so this bastard should stay out but british gov should send him to jail…