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Imran Khan vs Imran Farooq

A must see dialog between Imran Khan of PTI and Imran Farooq of MQM on View Points from London. The discussion should have been good, but it seems that Imran Farooq did not prove to be a good rival, he mumbled and stumbled through the show without much substance.

The most hypocritical comment which I feel must be mentioned was when he talked about the ‘agencies conspiring against MQM’ during the May 12th massacre, had if not the TV channels not captured this live this lie would have been drilled down our throat with conviction, but as they say pictures speak louder then words, sorry Dr. Farooq, you have been found wanting.

Throughout the interview Imran Farooq remained on the back foot quite literally mumbling support for the lost and fading MQM ideology but was able to sneak a lone punch when he had Imran Khan talking on the Article 62 and 63 charges against him, but even then the goon fumbled his way back to the corner

Bottom line, I feel Imran Khan bowled him over with an in-swinging yorker. He has been sent back to the pavilion, and we await the next batsmen to come onto the crease….

Part 1

Part 2


  • insecticide |

    either I am deaf who cudnt listen to what IMRAN FAROOQ said or YOU ARE INTELLECTUALLY DUMB to comprehend this debate.

    IMRAN FAROOQ literally clean bowled IMRAN KHAN by offering MQM’s support with a condition that APC should declare that in future they wont use ARMY’s shoulders to gain powers.


    you shud work for FOX NEWS.

  • Rehan ul Haq |

    I think insectiticide is right Imran farooq cleanly uprooted imran all 3 stumps, & hit all his questions right out of the studio.

    Imran does not have any agenda of a Politician the way he is running behind MQM will evaporate his political stature.


  • Kashif Jan |

    I dont what program did Rehan and Insecticide watch but anyone who was struggling to come up with an answer to anything being asked was Mr. Imran Farooqi. He is a very able politician however came across very inarticulate and devoid of proper argument. He had a very unsatisfactory response to supporting Musharraf and yet at the same time being against Army. If ever there was a more bizaare argument?

    Bottom line was that his answers were inadequate because he had weak argument to beginwith. He also lied by sttaing that if you apply for assylum in UK you somehow get UK citizenship. This is a blatant lie, if one applies for assylum you may get the right to remain in UK but that does not mean you have to apply for British Citizenship. Mr Altaf Hussain could have easily continued to live on his Pakistani Passport with an Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK, there is no law that you automatically get the British Passport. So not only were Mr. Farooqi’s arguments and defense weak but he was lying also.

  • Ibaad ur Rehman |

    I totally agree with Kashif Jan and the review by teeth maestro. Farooqi couldn’t properly answer even a single question posed by Imran khan or Amir ghauri. All of Farooqi’s responses were rhetorical and all over the place. He denied statements given by members of his own party. He couldn’t even describe the demon called “establishment” which they blame for forcing them to live in exile, MQM is an integral part of the establishment, atleast in Sindh.
    I don’t understand what rehan and insecticide are talking about. The condition on which MQM would support APC was “pehle tum chor do, phir hum bhi chor dain gay”.
    Then, the reference against Imran is such immoral, callow and personal attack. I wonder how many people know that pictures of MQM leaders, semi-conscious, dancing while drinking alcoholic beverages were published in various newpapers a few years ago.

  • Khalid |

    I totally agree with Mr. Ibaad ur Rehman that the MQM leaders dont know a word about establishment, judiciary or legislature- things they dont have any connection with. Every law abiding citizen knows that MQM believes only in politics of hooliganism, extortion and money laundering. May 12 incidents were being watched by everyone to make their deductions & if any one says that MQM was being attacked by PTI or Jamaat Islami people would any one believe him from the rest of the country (that is except karachi & hyderabad). Non American terrorists (if any exist) can attack the twin towers by covertly plannig an attack but cannot raid the white house by a procession