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The Toothless Election Commission

Election Commission of PakistanBy: Naeem Sadiq
Comment from Teeth Maestro: I received this article from an email list and felt it important to share with everyone, more interestingly I had an image perfectly suited for this article, to the letter, so enjoy

One must give due credit to the pious MQM for having realized that Imran Khan does not possess the impeccable character that their own leadership is endowed with such abundance. While this discovery may not fetch a Nobel for early character detection capability (ECDC), it would long be remembered for raising pettiness to new heights.

There is little doubt that we could have witnessed our first virtual parliament, had the Election Commission bothered to correctly scrutinize the 300 odd fake degree holders, loan defaulters, drunkards, murderers, kidnappers and ‘bhatta’ takers during the 2002 general elections. Although late in the day, it may still be important to take a quick look at how the clueless and gutless election commission completely failed to filter out the gang of 342, most of whose members were well within the ambit of Article 62 and 63.

Newspapers have repeatedly mentioned the names of over five dozen Parliamentarians who possess fake and illegal degrees. Many of these were subsequently proven in court or confirmed by HEC as fake degree holders. (That includes our honorable minister of State for Religious Affairs.) Had the Election Commission acted with due diligence, and removed all fake degree holders, we would have been left with only 280 odd MNAs. Article 63 of the constitution, debars loan defaulters and beneficiaries of written-off loans. That knocks off another 80 odd members. The article also debars absconders, criminals and utility bill defaulters from contesting elections. This would easily encompass another 80-100. Article 63 also debars those who have taken citizenship of a foreign country, have pending criminal cases, have indulged in money laundering or have not declared their correct income or not paid due income tax. This could have taken away most of the remaining members, leaving behind a number that would not fill even a single row of the assembly seats. Why were the people of Pakistan punished to bear this burden.

The helpless citizens had to lump the rule of this highly suspicious gang for five long years. How would the Election Commission make sure it does not repeat this performance? Will the Election Commission publicly publish police, criminal, bank loan, education and tax records of all candidates before they are declared elected. Will the election commission ask all citizens and parties to stand up and point out their objections. Alternately everyone holds his peace for next five years.


  • Mutant |

    if you conduct elections(or not),their results have already been decided by YOU-AS-A!

  • Atif Abdul-Rahman |

    interesting read.
    However, what would be more interesting to know before this decision is made is that what does the election committee do with the filed references? Will Imran Khan b declared naughty and like AQ Khan be the second only person to apologize (to say the least)?

    interesting blog. keep up the good work doc.