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Update @ 0244: Geo TV’s website back online

Geo TV is now back online and have posted an announcement on their homepage stating that due to enormously heavy traffic on their website, they are presenting a light text-version with latest news updates while the full version of the website will be available in a few hours. A summary of the main points of Musharraf’s speech have been extracted and is available in English here and in Urdu as well.

The metroblogging team in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore have been doing a great job with posting updates of happenings on the ground while a little over an hour after Musharraf began delivering his address to the nation, Umar, blogs that apart from police patrolling the streets, the situation on the ground is peace and hopes it remains that way.

During her press briefing with the media, a few minutes after she landed in Karachi, Benazir Bhutto appealed that the world community should pressurize Musharraf to lift the emergency with Canada officially stepping up the pressure on Pakistan for the removal of the state of emergency (via Edmonton Sun) Meanwhile Nawaz Sharif who spoke to Al Jazeera News via phone from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia agreed with Bhutto and stressed that this was not a state of emergency but rather marital law which has destroyed the Supreme Court with Bhutto emphasizing that the “people of Pakistan, are capable of defending the country”.

Protests against Musharaff’s state of emergency have already begun and Publia in Chicago gives us a heads up on the call for all persons concerned about Democracy to gather and rally in New York City at the Pakistan Consulate at 65 street between Madison and Fifth avenue TODAY (03/011/07) at 2:30 pm (0122 Pakistan time – 04/011/07).

And Mark in California calls on fellow bloggers and members of the media worldwide to stop referring to Pervez Musharraf as “President Musharraf” and to start referring to him as “Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf” and encourages those who wish for real democracy for the people of Pakistan to engage in a dialoge over here (lj site – no need to register to post comments) and to link back with their ideas for a discussion on how to act in a united way to oppose Pakistani martial law and the illegal dismissal of its Supreme Court Justice.