Missing in Pakistan – Documentary


A very touching film which must be watched by all alike, it was set to be released on Nov 21st in a viewing at FAST-NU Lahore but the authorities clamped down on this and prevented the viewing. Since then it has moved on to the digital world originally uploaded at [ The Critique Aggregator ] while simultaneously uploaded on the Missing in Pakistan blog. Watch the video and spread the word, if you want to download a full screen version then download from RapidShare 103MB

Message from [ The Critique Aggregator ]

The Critique Aggregator (http://paki-blogger.blogspot.com) is a blog maintained by concerned activists, academics, some of them of Pakistani origin, some non-Pakistani but concerned with the situation in Pakistan, living wherever they are. The aim of the blog is to resist state oppression in Pakistan and to disseminate critical information. The bloggers have just uploaded a video on people Missing in Pakistan. We are not taking the credit for the video either. We are only the disseminators. Watch the video released today by the students at a protesting university in Lahore. The names of the documentary filmmakers are in the movie. So the credit goes to the brave filmmakers. Not to us. The bloggers also seek anonymous contributions from all concerned citizens of the world on the situation in Pakistan.

Send in your anonymous contributions to this email address. We will not publish any story with a name so do not send anything with your real name. The focus is on privacy and safety. Not on gaining fame. Namelessness and facelessness are the most well-known resistance tactics. Forget them and you are eaten by the agencies of Pakistan.

It is a viral movement. We want to publish fearless stories. Individual opinions. Cutting-edge reports. Protest tactics. We are trying to become the faceless multitude. The flash protest. The autonomous viral movement of resistant action. This is not the time to cut a deal with Musharraf or his cronies or the Empire that supports Busharraf or to garner fame. This is the time to try and push for a change in Pakistan.

NOTE: If you send something to us for publication and it has your REAL name on it, we will change the name. So it is better if you use a consistent nom de guerre / pen name for yourself. It is even better if this name is symbolic or figurative (like LUMS Pamphleteer) so that there is no accidental resemblance with any real person. We can give due credit to your nom de guerre. Please also try to substantiate your analysis with pictures and videos. We are not trying to replace other blogs but to complement them because we have very fast uploading connections. We support the movement at LUMS, FAST-NU, BNU, Quaid e Azam University, Punjab University and elsewhere in Pakistan. We do not seek any recognition. We are part of the collective struggle.

ANOTHER NOTE: Some of the stuff on the blog is rude or uses coarse language. But after seeing the video on the missing people, you will forgive our little rude jokes on Musharraf. It is our attempt to laugh in the face of extremely rude dictatorship by being a little bit obscene every now and then. It is all political humor. Milan Kundera has written somewhere that, during the Soviet Occupation, people recognized the members of the resistance in Czechoslovakia because of their tendency to laugh. Laughter is subversive too. This blog will be maintained by volunteers and many people already know the password. So if one or two persons are removed or hunted down, it will not be silenced. It is already a work of a multitude and all of them use the same username and password.

Yours in solidarity

The Human Text Collective
Email: human.text@gmail.com
Lahore, Islamabad, Paris, Berlin, New York, London


35 responses to “Missing in Pakistan – Documentary”

  1. Ahmad Avatar

    I will never forget this video in my life. How we Pakistani men will face Allah. I feel a heavy guilt. Busharraf is leaving us no options besides picking up guns.

  2. nota Avatar

    Had trouble downloading from Rapidshare link although I have a 256kbps connection. But luckily found a better way to watch/download the full-screen version(99MB):

    Go to http://stage6.divx.com/user/HumanTextCollective/video/1877811/ to view and click on the download button (down arrow) in case you want to download for later viewing. The avi is in divx format.

    In case you are using Win98 or WinME, the embeded player from divx will not work. To get around it, simply click on the link below and save to hard drive but do rename the file to something like “MissingInPakistan.avi” as the default name given to it would be 1877811.divx which your player might not recognise…

  3. Saad Avatar

    FACT: USA still hasn’t disclosed evidence proving who carried out 9/11. I have a feeling it was (power/money hungry elite)American who did it just to wage more wars and be able to modify their own constitution to give more powers to ‘law enforcement agencies’ and make way for further possible future exploits by neocons and the likes.

  4. Fahad Majeed Avatar
    Fahad Majeed

    musharraf saari laanaatain tumharay liye.

  5. Rashdan Avatar

    I just don’t understand that why we people keep on blaming them , what have we done to save and protect our country from such rude and cruel dictators ??? what ??? No one of us want to jump into this because we think that by doing this we will be the part of that ridiculous and pathetic politics. If we students and youngsters won’t participate into politics how can we imagine that someone else will come and save us from this dictatorship. What i think is that everyone has to play his role and right now our role should be played while participating into politics, think over it .!!!

  6. Asif Avatar

    I can not forget the video which I saw today  what is happening in Pakistan? Who is the responsible for that? Our Government? Our politicians? Our judiciary ? or we?

    In my point of view we are the responsible for that, we have to take the step about it, we have speak loudly, we have to come on the roads for it and we have to fight for it.

    ALLAH blasé our country.

    Pakistan Zindabad !

  7. Tariq Avatar

    Asalamo Alikum to all Bro and sis!

    I would just pray and you all say Ameeen,
    MAY ALLAH REPLACE THESE TYRENT RELUERS AND THERE BLOODY DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM WITH A sincere CALIPH AND THE SYSTEM OF CALIPHATE. Believe me this is the only solution and the only way out for us as a muslim and above all is an obligation upon our neck…..


  8. javeria Avatar

    on merits on ground reality Gen Musharf have prove him self to be a true leader for a sick nation.
    Doctor sahib from your letter I see despondence I see negative .as no one is GOOD ..no future no life khuda na karay we are doom.
    But what I think if this what musharff is doing other previous may have done that we might have a good picture today ..if we dont support musharf then look.then look tha kind of demand we can see khudana karay)

    WE may demand if Taliban people in swat are allowed in Pakistan to rule or impose there shariat law and allowed to have jihadee army then we The
    Shia community
    Barelvy firqa
    (ahley sunant wel-jamat)
    Sunny tehrik
    Agha khani
    Others 72 sec and firqa :-
    Must be allowed to have private army in our respective MOSques as we must have right to impose our shariat law as compulsion is given in our firqa
    If these local so called mulla /Taliban party want an army of its own then we also need to bring our own army .We
    The Punjabi Sariakee potoharee.tiwanas,gujar jat.70 more baradreesetc etc
    -The sindhi..-89 more instances sec and
    The pashtoon hazarahwazirees92 tribes.
    The balouchi- makrani.,,,bugtee-75 further instances
    Never ENDing TO THIS..list

    We if believe in Pakistan must have one army ..pakistan army and support that
    Any group any one that own weapon or call himself jihadee or super muslim have to obey the law of Pakistan if not then must be killed or executedas this is the fatwa obey the law.no citizen can have his own law.
    We muslim have not given license to these so called jihadee to create anarchy in our country .they are nadan dost..
    We Muslim dont believe in anarchy , as literate Pakistani we have an obligation to our country to invent new things for our country and to have more knowledge and become economic power we want more scientist then mulla.
    See for yourself one muslim scientist .aqkhan performance and his effort has saved all muslim world and religion islam and Pakistan ..and these mullahs performance ..they have divided us and have made us enemy of our selfwe need muslim scientist ..enough of these Taliban and their stupid and foolish thoughts..in our point of view AQ khans is more maqbool in God eyes as said “first word IQRA from quran.knowledgeknowledge

    We must construct rather destruct.build then become stronger..these madrasah must stop producing their private army rather must produce muslim scientist and useful people that make
    the biggest jihadee are these pakistani scientist making MISSILES, TANK ,FIGHTER PLANE, Submarine ,now to make SHIPs,,,,
    We need people that make STRONGER rather these mullah good for nothing.there taqwa will help only them .but AQKHAN and 11000 scientist working in Pakistan taqwa and knowledge will and is helping us the muslimto live in peace and spread islam..

    ThinkI know musharf had the most pressure to hand over AQkhan to handover to USA..but he protected him intelligently ..even many files from Holland courts just disappeared over night good job..American knew they are deceived the file is closed for time being but ..benazir have given guarantee for that ..you know from 2nd number in corruption we are now on 42..and according to transparency international if we correct our judiciary and police we are out from this list ..why because nadra & CBR and custom are now computerized..with best system incorporatedso Pakistan revenue has increase with only one step in right direction
    ….MAY ALLAH HELP US >>>>GUIDE US AND SAVE US from all evils who are working against pakistan..make us good citizen with brain and vision ..save us from nadan dost

  9. serwar Avatar

    a bullshit a propagnada film against pakistan only…..so that we become a demorolized nation….why the army never arrested all pakistani????why these individual???because they are crimnal simple ….musharf is doing good job…..

  10. Shahid Saeed Khan Avatar
    Shahid Saeed Khan

    Why people are so afraid of Taliban. After all they are the people who like Islam and try to act upon the message which has come to everybody thru Qur’an and Hadith. No doubt that there may be mistakes which have been committed by them in doing their efforts, and they need to improve themselves.

    The matter is that those are afraid who want to rule innocent people ever, who want to do whatever according to their will, the people who praise Democracy. Let me tell you the meaning of democracy!!!

    Democracy is the name of a daemon in which the word becomes law which was spoken out by large no. of people… you can see if most of the people say that they appreciate the Marriage of same sex, then the law is passed!!! if they say Zina should not be banned, then the Govt. has to do that also!! Few months back we listened a Pakistani Federal Minister advocating not to ban wine (Sharab).

    This is the result of democracy that when one party is ruling, then others are deprived by them.. this has been the practice in Pakistan. And whenever Army’s stomach started becoming empty, it invaded and eat their cake.

    Think about it .. i can just request you people, and the overall circumstances. We must not worship some individual like Musharraf!! but we should see the insights of the doings as well as Wrong-doings of him.

  11. muhammadSAAD Avatar

    oh my God!!
    i ll never forget this video in my life. ohh whts happening..who is responsible for all of this..
    now the time has come to fight against this bloody democracy. we have to take our steps out to urge our tyrent rulers to not to please washington.
    Hazrazt Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) set an excellent example for everyone to follow..so why cant our leaders try n follow Him.
    may ALLAH bless pakistan with the sincere rulers.
    pakistan zindabad

  12. farhan Avatar

    According to a hadith-e-quddssi,
    “Allah Ta’ala says: ‘I am the King of kings. their hearts are in My control. When servants (i.e. Muslims) are obedient to Me, I make the rulers merciful to them. When the servants are disobedient to Me, I cause the rulers to oppress them and be cruel to them…” (Abu Nuaim)
    I guess we have to start correcting ourselves to correct our rulers.

    This documentary shows a very sad and disappointing angle of the situation in Pakistan . The even more disappointing thing is that all the other angels of this situation are also sad and equally devastating.

    Nothing good will ever come from our own Army killing our own people. Why do we have to look to USA for orders… only because some hungry beggars…(Musharraf and co) could get some grants..and who are they collecting all that money for? to tell you the truth ..being at the age that he is..he should be checking out possible graveyards..more than possible bangalows and bank ballance.

    I feel for the Army that once was such a dear and respected group in our society and now people hate them to an extent that even people from the army avoid telling there profession or be seen in there uniform. truthfully musharaf has not only wronged all other innocent people in pakistan but the Army too.

    I hope the human rights organizations succede in there cause and the missing people get returned to there families.

    and last but not the least , the law minister in this documentry.. ah he is such an ignorant “JAHIL” “GANWAR” “MAWALI” from the streets. and what would be the situation of LAW in a place where the law minister himself beats up ppl for no reason or swears on the TV live.. or for that matter has not enuogh manners to stop avoid “ball tempring” live on TV (if u know wat i mean). seriousli that guy is hopeless and a disgrace.

  13. Sharminda Avatar

    Hey guys, this is low, we all should actually protest againt this, a civilized protest by 100,000 people, n the government wont b able to do a shit. May we stand united as a nation.

    Pakistan Zinda Baad

  14. MB Avatar

    For those who are having problem with GOOGLE VIDEO can check this too . . .


  15. Ahsan Avatar

    i think in pakistan no any one can come who will not obey the orders of America.now america want benazir as a prime ministor if she will come she will also do like same as happend.if we will only criticise on politics it will no any use we students new generation should come in a front line.but problem is that no any honest person want to come in politics because pakistani politics is only “who is powerfull who is Boss”.politics will not allow honest person in politics no any one is sincere with country they all like money bank balance luxure cars.our politics spending millions of rupees for only decorations for their houses alots of money they have spent for outing not for work just for enjoyment no any use for country.waistage of our poor needy persons money.while we are a poor country but our many ministors have mercedese BMW cars.
    Its my pray that Pakistan always go up.

  16. Qureshi Avatar

    Last night i watched a politician interview on TV and he said a sentance that to we are crowed not a nation.
    i agree with him becasue to overcome the current situation in pakistan first we need to become a nation and think like the nation not individual.
    Such thing can be happen with any one at any time so avoid ourself from such incident we should need to be unite and protect ourself.

  17. Rashid Avatar

    After watching this video I believed that no one is protected in Pakistan.
    Life of any is also not saving from the government and agency in Pakistan.
    No one knows when he /she were picking up any agency with any justification.
    In Pakistan there is no law for a citizen protection. May Allah save the life of every citizen of Pakistan from the cruel government and agencys?

    Now they do every thing what they want but a time come when all were answerable in front of Allah. Then what they say?

  18. Kamal Avatar

    I couldnt agree more but our generation is not going to make the same mistakes which our parents did. They kept quiet but we will not. They compromised, we will not. They did not think what country they would leave for their children to live in by “doing nothing” but we will not compromise the future of our children by not having the guts and courage to compromise our present!!

    I learned at a young age that if you believe in a goal, you can do something about it. Thus again, we will not keep quiet!! These generals may be appear to be big bullies but are real cowards when confronted. We will confront them, We will not let the difference between right and wrong fade away. We will not let them play havoc with the constitution and we will not let them destroy this country. This country was not created by these generals nor by this army. In fact these generals are responsible for dismemberment of our land.

  19. Maha Avatar

    A heartbreaker, that shows us the real color of a government that supresses the weak and poor people of Pakistan.
    A brave attempt from a young film maker who unveils the reality of a dictator who really did no good for his country.
    Musharraf’s attempt to stablize ties with the American Governemt may have strengthened the relationship between both the countries for a while, but it came with a price to pay, a price our civilains had to pay.(not terrorists)

  20. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar

    These type of videos show how unsafe the Pakistani people are. Insecurity, uncertainity, chaos, disgrace, and many more words can depict our true picture. “When the going gets tough, tough goes home” May Allah bless us and our motherland Amin.

  21. Some! special Avatar
    Some! special


  22. Some! special Avatar
    Some! special

    Musharraf Bay-ghairat…Iska apna baita jaye , then he will come to know… What person is he…I don’t call him a man.. Infact, he is a beast. The people who are affected by this crime will come against this BUSHARRAF on the Day of Judgement….Where will he hide then..??? Nowhere… He would have give answers of all the questions which he could not do…….May Allah Catch him in his PUNISHMENT… AMEEEEEEN.. My Cousin is also captured by the army…He was a pilgrim this year and came from Hajj 7 days before he was arrested…
    Its been 6 months, we lost him….MUSHARRAF,,,prepare yourself…..U will beg every Pakistani, every person, but will not be forgiven…..May u Die and answer ur God if u have a belief….
    O Allah, please do justice as we are lacking it… PLEASE.. My God is Great..He is the Creator of this Universe…. He will do justice and Musharraf, u will be no more… INSHALLAH….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O Allah, Help us….help us…..help us.

  23. Some! special Avatar
    Some! special

    Musharraf is the son of a woman who was lived in the market (dancer)….!!!!! O Allah, save us from him….save us from him…………..U are Great, My dear Allah……

  24. rehman Avatar

    i have lot a of comments but inshort i will leave some comments which will be enough. since many years bush has blamed muslims if it is in afghanistan, iraq or pakistan first question is that why he blamed muslims only everywhere there is no any al-qaida its fruad its the mission of jews to eliminate muslims. whats the fact that they blamed dr.afia that she was helping al-aida?? the first thing which is very common in jews that they are motherfucker they dont think that he is my mother, siter or duaghter they tourcher him or her even sexualy and phisically. they dont know even the word of human rights. why they destroy the people and everything of afghanistan and iraq?? why they capture and tourcher and made mentally disturbed her??? if any muslim capture the doughter and wife of bush so what would be happend in all over the world? they will destroy all the muslims through atom bomb but today when a respectable and hounorable muslim women is deprived from mind, body and kids there is no body to ask them WHY??????? even our own muslims are helping them in pakistan and afghanistan which is very sad news for us. allah is great he knows better. allah sare musalmanon ko apni ammaan ma rakhain AMEEN.

  25. Suman Hammad Avatar
    Suman Hammad

    THis is to answer Serwer’s comment 29h Nov: If Musharaf is doing good by arresting these people do you really think that these people should be even denied the basic right to defend themselves against the allegations and their families be tortured by not informing whether their loved ones are alive or not and where are they?
    After 61 years our leaders are still ghulam of the west,their mindsets have still not come out of Ghulami?!!
    Our young generation has also a habit of sitting back and cursing the government and later they would try to get a visa for the west ASAP and save themslves.
    PLEASE wake up an live here and show your sincerity by what little you can do in your capacity here in Pakistan.
    Is gund ko saaf kare k liye haath gande karne parain gay.
    Lets join together work together and root out these traitors

  26. tariq Avatar

    How it can possible ISI do torture without any reasons the Missing person does’t involve any crime or action. Thses are peoples which was involve in bomb attack with AlQaida. NGOs , Human rights commossion, Aminsty Internation are all agents which play dual role. Why these organistaions are not shouting against Gautonama Bay or Abu Garib Bay.

  27. Hassan ali Avatar
    Hassan ali

    I want to say only one thing that muslims all over the world specially in Pakistan should cut our flesh and see whats the colour of our blood, i’m sure that it is white, if it wouldn’t be would we be sitting so calmly when our sister Dr.Aafia Siddiqe is spending every single second of her life in such a miserable condition, She might question me and you people who say that we are muslims, that was not i your sister, so why not you heared my screams and weeping, why not you became irritated when “the people with white skin and dark hearts” smahed me under their feet, why not you were tensed when my childeren were snatched from me, when i was wounded and cut by the people who have not any heart, when i was kept hungry for several days, “NO I AM NOT YOUR SISTER” she would say in front of ALLAH and we people will be standing there, could we face them, could we be so peacefull if our own relational mother or sister was in place of Aafi??????????????????

  28. M. Bilal umer Avatar
    M. Bilal umer

    "Those nations can not be defeated , whose youths are awake.

    Jews and christans are trying to do the same with our youths,and want us in such a way that even we would not feel shame of handing our women to them which is their major target in crusade war".


  29. qureshi Avatar

    shame on us !!!!!! we are watching it and sitting at our home!!! can't we do anything same happened to Dr.Afia…what sort of muslims we are????? and what pakistani??? what pakistan???? she's right there's series of question marks that can be resolved if we take a big step……we as Pakistani as humann should come to a platform and should bring unity…….if we will unite than very thing will be fine….though still I'm proud to be pakistani(HUH)!!!!it's insane and it's all about us!

  30. Farhan Rasheed Avatar
    Farhan Rasheed

    May Allah Help us Out

    I have also lost my Father,

    He is Missing since 1997.

  31. Farhan Rasheed Avatar
    Farhan Rasheed

    He was a brilliant and competant Chemical Engineer

    Kaash Hum Pakistanii na hotay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. csyma Avatar

    It is indeed highly unfortunate as to what is happening to dr afia siddqui, the verdict and the future possibilities.. think this forum started with a different intention…

    we need to be united for these missing persons rather than give conflicting statements….

    whether guilty or not is another issue altogether, it was wrong on all grounds to hand dr afia( or any other pakistani) to the US. The most striking fact about this case is, she was picked on grounds of terrorism, supposedly involved in the alqaeeda networks, supposedly to have found cyanide in her purse at the time she was arrested and maps of us landmarks…. where are all those charges now? if she was caught red handed then she should have been arrested immedietely tried and found guilty and punished! or , y werent these charges tried on her in the previous hearings? y have they all come down to just attempts to kill the US military soldier? what had her innocent children done to deserve this? there are so many questions, even if we agree for even a second that she was guilty and invovled!

    the funniest is, that the us is not ready to accept that she was in their custody for five years, they say, that they had caught her just the year she was found – in 2008 from afganistan carrying all those thing in her purse along with her three children…. what about prisoner 650!? they found her at guantanamo jail! their is enough evidence on that…. the grey women -prisoner 650!

    a day shall come when every thing will be out in the open!

  33. Engr. Bilal Avatar
    Engr. Bilal

    I want to ask that how an attack can be done by a physical week female which cannot be even done by the males under custody???? what a stupid story by the stupid devil american brain .

  34. ZAHID LAGHARI Avatar


    Subject: Plea for intervention to save Sindhi people

    Dear Sir,

    Members of Sindhi communities in the world would like to draw your kind attention to the heinous crimes committed by Pakistani police regime against the Sindhi people. A brutal operation is being carried out by Pakistani state in Sindh worst repressive actions are going on in Sindh over the past several years. The inhuman actions by Pakistani police regime have resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent Sindhi people. Hundreds of Sindhi political activists have been kidnapped by Pakistan’s police agencies. Their whereabouts are unknown, these political activists are being brutally tortured, and since then many of them have been suffering irreversible physical and mental damages. In the perspective of state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan, Sindhi are legitimately concerned about the safety of their national leaders.

    By all accounts, the acts of terror on the part of the Pakistani police establishment are tantamount to acts of genocide against the Sindhi people. The tactics adopted by the armed forces, paramilitary forces, civilian administration and state security agencies of Pakistan are in violation of international conventions regarding human rights. In the absence of any meaningful international pressure, Pakistani armed forces and security agencies are perpetrating all kinds of brutality and human rights violations with impunity. We plea for urgent intervention from Her Majesty Government of to save the lives of Sindhi people in Pakistan.

    Sindhi communities in world would like to draw your attention on two most urgent issues of kidnappings and illegal detention of Sindhi national leaders.

    S.H.O.Azizabad Karachi (ISHTIAQUE) and other secret agents picked up Dr. Hameer Sindhi ,in his home in Azizabad block 2 Karachi prominent Sindhi political leader Sindh Jagarta Tehrik Founder and Sindhi Thinkers Forums Founder Human Rights Activists and Amnesty International Pakistan chapter Member political leader, on 31/3/ 2010. His whereabouts are still unknown.

    The Pakistani establishment has been playing a very dangerous double game. It pretends to fight against terrorism, but in reality, this is only a ploy to extort money from the Western nations to strengthen its military and nuclear capabilities and to enhance religious fundamentalism and international terrorism all over the world. The Pakistani establishment has been exploiting the support of the Western world for the terrorization and suppression of the voices of minority nationalities in Pakistan. The weapons that you supplied to fight international terrorism are being used to kill innocentSindhi people. The Sindhi communities in world would like to express their dismay and disappointment over the continued patronage of a rouge army of a terrorist country on whatever pretext by Her Majesty’s Government.

    Having historical and cultural links and sentimental bondages with our brethrens in Sindh, kindly take the long-standing issues of the basic human rights of Sindhi people plight in international forums like United Nations, European Union and Common Wealth.

    • We appeal for immediate pressure on the Pakistani president to release Dr. Hameer Sindhi, and all other national leaders and political workers.

    • We appeal for your immediate intervention in order to stop the killing of innocent Sindhi people by the Pakistani army.

    • We appeal for the constitution of an international commission to investigate the crimes against humanity committed by the Pakistani army in Sindh

    We hope that this petition be taken as an urgent humanitarian appeal.Sindhi communities in world would be highly obliged by your kind immediate attention and positive interventions in saving the lives of Sindhi national leaders. Immediate intervention by the Government of Her Majesty can save not only a lot of Sindhi lives but it can stop the present situation to change into a total genocide of defenseless and Sindhipeople by Pakistani army.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    1. aabro Avatar

      Zahid Leghari,

      Looks like your master do not have time for you as currently they are sleeping with the Pakistani Establishment.

      Once their honeymoon is over, they will come sleep with you. Until that time you can beautify youself with 'ubtan' 🙂 LOL… So that master will atleast find you attractive.

      So in other words there is no difference between Pakistan Establishment and you guys. You both sleep with the same master all your complain is like a second wife who wants more attention.