Youtube of the People’s Resistance run in with the Police last Sunday

If many might recall the People’s Resistance had a small run-in with the police which almost ended up in a few arrests [Update 1] [Update 2] & [Final Report with pictures], but luckily after some intense negotiations every one was let go, members of the CodePink organization had just landed in Karachi a day earlier and were there to videotape it.

Later Medea Benjamin’s also blogged it at the CodePink website which can be found here and a small interesting extract I quote below

….. you could hear the siren of a police car pulling up. You might think that the group would have dispersed immediately (the women with children did), but most people stayed. One young man who was with the group kept filming as the police approached and started yelling at the crowd to disperse. The police didnt like that, and two of them tried to grab his video camera and threatened to arrest him. Two women immediately intervened, trying to calm the police. They escorted the man to his car, but the police blocked the car. One of the policemen, toting a Kalashnikov, also approached Tighe and wanted his video camera.

He started grabbing Tighes hand, trying to pull him to the police car. Tighe, playing dumb, kept repeating that he was just a tourist, while I grabbed the camera and put it in my purse. The policeman let Tighe go, but the standoff continued with the other man. So the women huddled and came up with a plan to all jump in the car. The police are less likely to arrest him if he is surrounded by women, they reasoned. So five of us, including me (a foreigner was even better protection), squeezed into the car. And sure enough, it worked. They police, exasperated, finally told him to go.

Afterwards, the group met in a local cafe to debrief. The man who almost got arrested was giving high fives to the women. I asked him if he was scared and he shrugged. Ive seen so many others get arrested in these last few weeks, he said, I thought it was my turn. I asked him what he did for a living. Im a dentist, he laughed, so perhaps my arrest would have gotten some of my colleague out on the streets.


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  1. binary-zero Avatar

    lol – another survival story ๐Ÿ˜€

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    โ€œIm a dentist, it wasn’t you, was it tm? ๐Ÿ™‚