International Public Opinion Polls – Pro-Musharraf Propaganda EXPOSED

International Public Opinion Polls (IPOP) has recently appeared onto the scene in the recent few months when they published the results of a survey conducted by this agency during the pre-Emergency period of August 15th to September 20th which showed General Pervaiz Musharraf leading the political pack with 42% while Begum Bhutto trailed at 32% and Nawaz Sharif fared only at a lame 26%. In a follow up survey a month later after Musharraf shed his uniform IPOP has come to record that of the 1000+ people surveyed in Pakistan approved the civilian President Musharraf by a whopping 74%

Generally numbers and figures don’t catch the eye unless one notices a startling discrepancy between a few survey. It has been on record that the International Republican Institute, a world renowned organization carried out a five-part survey over the past year which continued to show a decline in Musharraf’s popularity from a massive 65% in Sept 06 which took a nose dive over the 2007 year to land at a measly 22%. Comparing both IPOP and IRI surveys one does instantly notice 20% difference. In the popularity graph when comparing various leaders in Pakistan the survey showed that Nawaz Shairf poised at 53% popularity, Benazir Bhutto at 36% and Musharraf and Imran Khan at 22% and 21% respectively.

Observing such a surprising contrast between the results of the two surveys, one does get the urge to figure out what might be the bias in both situations to understand the true sentiments of the people of Pakistan. A little hunting around we find that IPOP presents a shady pictures.

The domain was registered on the 4th of October 2007, which seems to be the first on only sign of the birth of this new organization, a whois of IPublicPolls reveals that it was registered by a certain M. Amir Khan from the iPhlux Technologies. On contacting the registered office [in Karachi] the callers were at first given a run around but later talked to a receptionist and provided with the name of Nawab Kaifee as the original owner of IPublicPolls

Creation Date: 04-Oct-2007

iPhlux Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
M. Amir Khan (
4th Floor, Mateen Gallery, 172-J,
Tel. +92.0214322657
Fax. +92.0214553389

It is surprising to note that only three days later on the 7th of October the website of the Government of Pakistan publishes the results of this same survey in a news item titled President Musharraf ideal choice of leadership of Pakistan: says US survey report making claims to support the overwhelmingly popularity of popularity of General Musharraf in Pakistan

President General Pervez Musharraf, an obvious and ideal choice for leadership of Pakistan in comparison to Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, says International Public Opinion Polls (IPOP) survey report. The International Public Opinion Polls (IPOP), research organization based in the US recently published a opinion based report on a survey conducted from 1572 people in Pakistan

It touts IPOP as a US based organization but surprisingly the registered office is in Karachi [4th Floor, Mateen Gallery, 172-J, Karachi] and practically the only reference to it being anywhere near the US comes only in the PDF presentation of the survey report where the first slide states the name of the presenter being Gloria Adami, President IPOP, Houston, TX

When we tried to contact Amir Khan the official registrant of the iPublicPolls, he had this to say:

I have only registrar the company ‘’. I am 100% agreed that if the reports which they are giving from there web are wrong then it is wrong. I am only the registrar of there web site. If you need any further info then contact to there website (i.e

Rounding off the investigative search we looked for the name of Nawab Kaifee and surprisingly he cropped up in at the Federal Investigation Authority [FIA] website in the List of Overseas Employment Promoters with Gulliver Travels [Check Item # 9].

Considering this remarkably suspicious trail one does then tend to wonder if this survey is at all legit or is it just a simple concoction to distract the People of Pakistan from the true numbers. It must be noted that the results of this survey had been faxed to all news agencies in Pakistan of which a few covered the story assuming it to be fully authentic without carefully evaluating the originating source.

Another Pro-Musharraf propaganda down the drain
Credits for this Investigation goes out to a large group of Pakistanis who truly believe in Pakistan, and denounce this one-man-dictatorship


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  1. Fatima Avatar

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    extensive debate, click on
    Pakistan Elections 2008

  2. Saqib Avatar

    Apparently they got the US address messed up as well. The initial Boston. MA address was exposed to be a fake and they promptly relocated to Houston 🙂


  3. sheikhu Avatar

    There is absolutely no comparison between President Musharraf and other Pak leaders including Benazir,Nawaz Sharif,Imran Khan and Religious one.Any Pakistani who does not like Musharraf is requested to listen to his lectures telecast from President House which clearly prove his wisdom and love for Pakistan.Can anybody compare any previous leader of Pakistan so tolerant and genius as he is.He has always upheld Pakistan’s cause at every International Forum.May Allah help him to safeguard Pakistan.His only one action of saving Pakistan from American’s attack after 9/11 incident is graet service to our nation but unforfunate people forget good deeds.

  4. Raja Amir Avatar
    Raja Amir

    This is wierd, Gullivers stopped working 17 years ago and there is no further record of Gulliver travels, rather the owner is running a television news agency himself. your facts are wrong.

  5. M.Javed Avatar

    I think imran khan the only honest and brave leader who can surive this country.He is a corn tiger as he won the world cup with outstanding leading qualities same he can do for Pakistan.All other only running for money but he is only one who did his mile stone like cancer hospital with his own confidance as in Cricket.He is the only leader who can change the era with his outstanding leader ship and ofcourse with his pleasnat and power ful personality.Some stupid anchors try to talk harsh with him may they are supporter of PPP or PML(N).What is doing Nawaz sharif he has only 5000 PKR in his account disaster.Inside both PML(N) and PPP obeying America.Stupid and ignorance people can not ubderstand.These politician like MQM they dont have another topic except SITA WHITE or his affairs.Can these politician honestly described that they are very far from these matters.In punjabi it can say bande ko pahle apne gribaan mein deekhna chahea.Imran khan he was a popular even england austrlia every where and that time he was not in politics.I think he is more religous than mazbi people and these so called gentle ones.