Karachi Welcomes the Non-PCO Judges – Pictures

Another large set of images (75+) for people to enjoy, recording the colorful activites that took place when the People’s Resistance welcomed Justice Bhagwandas and Justice Rabbani to Karachi. A detailed report can be read here


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  1. Aamir Altaf Muhajir Avatar
    Aamir Altaf Muhajir

    Rana Bhagwandas will play a lead role in the lawyers’ movement in the days to come.

    He is a brave and a fearless soul.

  2. aalyaq Avatar

    ISLAMABAD: Two sacked judges of the Supreme Court Justice Rana Bhagwandas and Justice Ghulam Rabbani vacated their official residences in the Judges Enclave on Sunday and flew to their hometown of Karachi.

    Police escorted the two judges to the Islamabad airport amid tight security from where they flew to Karachi by a PIA flight at around 3pm.

    Justice (r) Bhagwandas told Daily Times before leaving for Karachi that he had vacated his official residence after attaining the age of superannuation on Friday (December 14).

    Social work: Bhagwandas said he did not yearn for an office and would spend the post-retirement phase of his life with his family. “From now on, Ill study books, write memoirs and take part in welfare activities, he said. He said political parties should contest the January 8 elections. He said he could not meet the sacked judges, including the sacked chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, on Sunday.

    CJP barred from meeting: Sources said the sacked CJP wanted to meet Justice (r) Bhagwandas and Justice (r) Rabbani before their departure to Karachi but was barred from doing so. The Judges Enclave is still housed by Iftikhar Chaudhry, Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan, Mian Shakirullah Jan and Nasirul Mulk. Sacked judges of the Sindh High Court, including former chief justice Sabihuddin Ahmed, lawyers and members of the civil society welcomed Justice (r) Rabbani and Justice (r) Bhagwandas at the Karachi airport.

    Bhagwandas told reporters that he had retired from his office according to the constitution and not under the Provisional Constitution Order. He said the sacked judges of the superior judiciary were still judges. He said he would support the lawyers movement, but would not join them. He said the order that the seven-member Supreme Court bench had issued on November 3 had become valid again with the lifting of emergency rule and restoration of the constitution.

    “I have no intention to step into the political arena, Online quoted Justice (r) Bhagwandas as telling reporters at the Karachi airport.

  3. Khalid Parvez Avatar
    Khalid Parvez

    A country runs under constitution and law. No one is above the law. All special powers, like pco, emergency, etc., should be cancelled by lagislation. The courts should not alow anybody to go against the law. Law is the only way by which we can provide justice, social equality, basic rights and socio-economic justice.


  4. Naveed Avatar

    Welcome the true justices of Pakistan to the city of Karachi. You are the heroes of second movement for independance of Pakistan. You are the torch bearers for this struggle. Your courage has awakened the whole Pakistan. I salute you all our heroes.