Karachi Welcomes the non-PCO Judges – Report

A report sent into the People’s Resistance network by UZi giving a detailed and funny narration of the welcome by members of the civil society, judges, lawyers, PR activists, students, laborers and journalists on the arrival of Justice Rana Bhagwandas and Justice Ghulam Rabbani to Karachi from Islamabad

Karachi gave a rousing welcome today to Justice Rana Bhagwandas and Justice Ghulam Rabbani. The two judges were returning to Karachi for the first time since Martial Law (yes, Martial Law) was imposed in Pakistan on November 3, 2007. Justice Bhagwandas and Justice Rabbani are among those heroes who refused to take oath under the Provincial Constitutional Order (aka PCO, or in common parlance, bullshit, aka BS). They were placed under house arrest in Islamabad, and later deposed as a result of their principled stand.

Today’s reception was organized by Peoples Resistance (PR), a loose coalition of NGOs and concerned citizens in Karachi (I hate using the term “civil society”). Although this welcome was in no way comparable to that of BB’s on October 18 [sic], it did however send a very strong statement across to everyone concerned. “We will stand by our heroes, come what may,” today’s event said.

The two judges left Islamabad around 03:00 p.m., and landed in Karachi around 04:45 p.m. They left the departure lounge around 05:05 p.m.

Around 70 people showed up to welcome them. These included judges, lawyers, PR activists, students, laborers, journalists, businessmen, and housewives. Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, Justice Sabihuddin, Justice Sarmad Osmany, and Justice Rashid Razvi were among the higher-ups of the legal community who had come to welcome the two “non-PCO” judges. Comrade Jaffer and I represented the CMKP. The number of people gathered there today was commendable, given the short notice. News of the judges’ imminent arrival in Karachi came last night. PR got in action immediately — phone lines buzzed, SMS-es and emails were sent out en masse, and facebook was utilized for mobilising people. Special mention should go to Dr Awab Alvi and Noman Qadir for coordinating the whole thing.

A lot of slogans were shouted, and the mood was generally jubilant. “Our heroes are coming home!” everyone seemed to say. Naarey barey mazeydaar thhey aaj, thanks to Comrade Jaffer! The favourites included “Hum kia chaahtey haiN — Azaadi; Adlia kia maangey — Azaadi; kia maangey — Azaadi; Hum chheen k lengey — Azaadi; Na bheek meiN lengey — Azaadi; TumheiN deni pareygi — Azaadi; Tera baap bhi deyga — Azaadi; Teri maaN hi deygi — Azaadi!” and “Jabb takk sooraj chaand raheyga — Bhagwandas tera naam raheyga!” Justice Bhagwandas’ name was substituted with that of other non-PCO judges too, in this naara.

Zinda hai wukala — Zinda hai” waala naara bhi utha thhaa. “Zinda hai qaum — Zinda hai; Zinda hai wukala — Zinda hai; Yeh meri khaatir — Zinda hai; Yeh teri khaatir — Zinda hai!

Comrade Jaffer came up with an improved version of “Mukk gya tera show Musharraf.” This one went like:

  • Mukk gya tera show, Musharraf — Go Musharraf, Go Musharraf!
  • Kalla baetha ro Musharraf — Go Musharraf, Go Musharraf!
  • Jaa k bhaandey dhho Musharraf — Go Musharraf, Go Musharraf!
  • Tu hai kaala deo Musharraf — Go Musharraf, Go Musharraf!
  • Per hum haiN terey peo Musharraf — Go Musharraf, Go Musharraf!

NYAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! You should’ve seen the faces of the policemen and the agency-waalahs around! HILARIOUS!!! Aur bhi bohat saarey naarey thhey. There was one that one of the lawyers came up with. It was a really good naara — unfortunately, I can’t remember it now. : (

As the judges got into their cars to go home, we shouted “Justice Bhagwandas — Zindabad!“, “Justice Rabbani – Zindabad!“, “Humarey judges — Zindabad!” and “Justice Zindabad!” ๐Ÿ˜€

All in all, it was a fun demo. The judges appreciated PR for their role today. I believe it was a really, REALLY good initiative — these judges have taken a difficult stand, and are under a lot of pressure. They deserve to know that their decision is appreciated, and that, they’re not alone. We support them and stand with them! They are our heroes. They are the leaders of this Movement!

The CMKP’s role today was greatly appreciated. Comrade Jaffer chhaa chhoo gaey haiN kuch! ๐Ÿ˜€ Me ka voicebox is a tad messed up too, now. Lesson learnt: take a bottle of water along to the next demo. ๐Ÿ˜›

On a side-note, an agency-waalah came up to Jaffer to ask him who he was. This was hilarious. Here’s how that conversation went:

Agency waalah idiot (AWI): Aap ka naam kia hai?
Comrade Jaffer: KiuN bhai?
AWI: Aisey hee!
Comrade Jaffer: O_o
AWI: yaar meiN aap logoN meiN sey hee hooN!
Comrade Jaffer: uh HUH!!! ๐Ÿ˜›
AWI: Fikr na kareiN, aap ko arrest karney nahi aaya meiN! *sweet waali smile*
Comrade Jaffer: *snicker*
AWI: Yaar naam kia hai!
Me: Inn ka naa Musharraf hai. ๐Ÿ˜›
AWI: Yaar nai bataana tou na bataeiN!
Me: Bataa tou dya, inn ka naam Musharraf hai. ๐Ÿ˜›
AWI: *goes away*

Idiot. If they think they can stop anyone this way, well here’s a message to them: SOCH hai baeta tum logoN ki!!!

As for Musharraf’s statement today about how “agitation will not be tolerated,” here’s a message to him too: -UP ———, GENERAL!!! ๐Ÿ˜› Looking forward to the next demo!

Power to the People!!!

In Complete Solidarity,
~ UZi


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  1. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    Keep it up, great report, enjoyed it.

  2. M@ni Avatar

    Hilarious and brave. Keep it up

  3. Aamir Altaf Avatar
    Aamir Altaf

    Great, next time please make a video.

  4. Ali Ebrahim Avatar
    Ali Ebrahim

    It was first day back to Karachi from England and I had arrived at 5am yesterday… I was up and about and ready to goto the protest at 3pm… I wana know more about these protests and I want to join you people… I think we should hold some more like 3-4 a week as i want to attend as many before i go back to England in Jan…