Musharraf continues his rant ‘Former CJ was corrupt’

An article written by Javed Siddique in The Nation titled Former CJ was corrupt gives an interesting insight into how Musharraf believed that an elaborate conspiracy was being hatched to unseat him from the throne of the President of Pakistan. At first I wanted to leave the full contents of the article intact without any editing, but the more I read it, I get the urge to comment on each specific issue as my own rebuttal to all this hogwash. The rebuttal is being clearly demarcated in [italic parenthesis]

Article orginally written for The Nation by Javed Siddique titled Former CJ was corrupt

President Pervez Musharraf has said that besides former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice (R) Khalilur Rehman Ramday, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan and Nawaz Sharif were involved in the conspiracy to block his way to become a constitutionally elected President. He said this while addressing the 18th Annual Banquet of the Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAK-PAC) and its Board of Directors here [Islamabad] at a local hotel on Wednesday. President Musharraf claimed that Justice (R) Ramday and Aitzaz Ahsan held meeting in Geneva. “Today I want to disclose as to what conspiracy was being hatched to sidetrack democracy. [Hallelujah, pray tell us *looking onwards with a twinkle in the eyes anticipating for some juicy gossip*] He alleged that Justice (R) Ifthikhar was at the centre of this conspiracy. […geez is that all you got for us!!!]

“A day before giving verdict against Steel Mills, […glad to see that you finally admited that it was Steel Mills which started the entire fiasco and not a Naeem Bukhari charge sheet] he (Iftikhar Chaudhry) telephoned my Military Secretary that he wanted to meet me and talk of Steel Mills issue [for a deal sheal? or was he providing you to an opportunity to bail your lapdog Shortcut out of this mess]. I told him I do not know much about legal matters services of [..its funny you talk about your ignorance of legal matters, considering the elaborate PCO and PEMRA ordinace you pulled out of the bag or maybe the services of Jadoogar of Jeddah had not been utlized] and advised him to talk to the Attorney General. [… correct me if I am wrong, you asked the CJP to talk to Mr. Snooty Nincompoop Malik Qayyum… please !!! hes one hell’uva joke] Next day he came to meet me at Aiwan-e-Sadr, where the Attorney General was also present. I told him that privatisation was the basis of our economic policy.[… read with me C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N] He told me that he had sought a via media to settle the issue.[brilliant – thats a new excuse on the propaganda list] The next day he told the bench hearing the Steel Mills case that he had met me and found a solution, but the next day the Supreme Court decision was contrary to his claims. [I find this too hard to believe, and you naive enough to not realize the mess created by the greedy Shortcut selling an industry for dirt cheap prices]

The President said that the Supreme Court verdict against the Steel Mills damaged the prospects of foreign investment in the country. [aha, you mean liquidating all of our assets and selling them off so that Shortcut and others can make some hard cash] The investors, he said, had plans to produce 5 million tons of steel, but after the Supreme Court verdict they decided not to do so. The President said, “I want to tell what the former Chief Justice was? He was corrupt. […and you!!!] There were complaints from various quarters that he was not only interfering into administrative matters but also interfering into the affairs of High Courts of other provinces. […and you!!!] He virtually abused the Chief Justices of High Courts. […and you!!! – geez this is getting monotonous] He was not making decision on merit. A person who was Chief Justice of Pakistan was not delivering justice. [..well the other side of the argument could be, justice AS YOU would like it to be] He insulted the high-ranking police officers. […and you!!!] He committed hanky panky in preparing his patrol and medical bills [ROTFL come up with a better excuse next time, PUHLEEZ – oh I almost forgot the …and you!!!, part]. I sent the reference on the recommendations of the Federal and provincial governments and Chief Justices of the High Courts. This reference was sent to the Supreme Judicial Council. I did not constitute this Council. This was a constitutional body which was ignored. [talking about disobeying the constitution, Mr. Retired General, I think with all what you just did you of all people cant complain about abusing the constitution, can you!!!]

The President said the Supreme Court bench, which issued a short order in favour of Justice(R) Iftikhar did not release the detailed judgment, because they were not in a position to do so. “I tried my best to reach a compromise with Iftikhar Chaudhry and declared in a public meeting that there was nothing personal between me and the former Chief Justice and I accepted his verdict, but Ch Iftikhar continued to toe the confrontational path, [so you then decided to take matters in your own hands overthrew the constitution and invoked a Martial Law in Pakistan, truly brilliant!!!] he added.

President said on the other hand media was aggravating the situation. It was weakening the country, [and you strengthened the country by enforcing a martial law and throwing out all the basic rights of its people, only to put the CJP into his place] he said adding that the former Chief Justice was taking suo moto notices despite the fact that there were hundreds of complaints filed by the common citizens [hmmm so he was picking a fight with you, addressing the issues of Missing Persons, which you wanted shoved under the carpet… you threw Pakistan into a Martial Law simply because he selected case where YOU would be found guilty, nothing surprising there, after all its justice being served]. The President further blamed the former CJ of some times interfering into the affairs of F-9 Park and some times into the farming schemes of Chak Shezad [… lets sing AGAIN together this time C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N]. The President further said that the result of his being elected as President by 57 per cent of the parliament members was held in abeyance. [*applause*, but did we all accidentally forget that you held two offices illegally, but then again you consider yourself Mr. Angle !!! who has done no wrong…] The President also alleged that the strength of 7-member bench was raised to 11 because the former CJ feared that 5 out of the 7 judges would decide in his favour. [funny for him to say this as the votes never got posted and the Judiciary was thrown out before they could deliberate on this issue – arent we a bit too paranoid]


5 responses to “Musharraf continues his rant ‘Former CJ was corrupt’”

  1. MB Avatar

    I would love to know MUSH remarks on all the good deeds CJP did, like keeping punjab police tight, keeping an eye on HUMAN RIGHT records, taking notice of matters realated to ordinary people. If anyone for last 8 years has done some real work its the CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry man!!

  2. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    There were time in his speech he sounded like he was crying, in some parts he was mad as hell, ranting n raving like crazy man, the more he talks of cjp, more mush sounds guilty, then ever. Mush is a very lonely man without friends and without respect, now.

  3. MB Avatar

    The more you watch/read/hear MUSH the more you feel like he is sort of doing some bachelors in lying,manipulating facts,bringing out his own selfish agendas forward. Over the years he has gone from a simple straight forward man to a corrupt, power hungry lion willing to kill anyone for his power.

  4. Israr Avatar

    I want to apologise on behalf of the Appna Members who feel ashamed for the role PAK-PAC and Mushes Poodles are playing, rest assured that I will make sure that this time PaK- PAC poodles have to answer as to if they are for Pakistan or Jis ki Lathi .
    HEre are some of the names , I think every one should call and tell these guys Shame

    Saud Anwar

    Raza Bokhari Raza Bokhari


    224 Jack Martin Blvd

    Brick, NJ 08724-7772

  5. Asim Avatar

    Is this Justice??

    Tuwairqi group who was buying Pakistan Steel Mill (1.1 million tonnes capacity) for $369 million have now set up Tuwairqi Steel Mill (1.2 million tonnes capacity) for $300 million

    Now where is Geo TV who was doing propaganda for steel mill scam that

    Steel Mill is worth $5 billion??

    Musharraf is doing Loot Sale??

    Is this Justice Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry?