Aitzaz Ahsan Beaten & Detained – Vigils held in Karachi & Lahore

free-aitezaz-ahsan_smaller.jpgPosted on the Emergency Times mailing list and also on the People’s Resistance

Aitzaz Ahsan was picked up on the motorway enroute to Islamabad, beaten up, glasses broken and brought back to Lahore in a police bus. Is now suffering from bruises and fever.When he asked for a detention order, they shoved a gun in his face and said – This is your Order.

A number of Vigils took place across the country at 6:00pm on Eid Day. Lahore held a vigil outside Aitzaz Ahsan’s house at Zaman Park. Whilst People’s Resistance in Karachi staged a vociferous demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club condemning the ruthless attitude of the administration against Barrister Aitizaz Ahsan.


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  1. Naveed Avatar

    Shame on you who do not know the meaning of shame. Shame on all those who supported this evil regime when it took power in 1999. Shame on all sensible, educated people of Pakistan (like me) who do write and speak on internet but do not participate in any demonstration anywhere to mark their protest against the house arrest of our Hounerable Judges who did not bow down to the commands of the dictate.
    Finally shame on him who shows fist to his own nation and extends his hand of friendship to the enemies of the country.