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Salman Ahmed shares his views on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination

Salman Ahmed a very prominent musician in Pakistan shares a short commentary on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, I reproduce his email verbatim

Despite my critical view of her as a politician, I’m saddened by the loss of Benazir. For the sake of our collective conscience and the nation’s self respect we need to know immediately who was behind her assassination. The govt’s version of events are pure fantasy, a full independent and credible inquiry is required to get to the bottom of this. Having said that, when there is no system of justice and no credible electoral process desperate people will remove Political candidates through desperate measures… The corrupt system helped create these suicide bombers and assassins… they will continue to create havoc until social justice is finally addressed.

Feudal politicians like Benazir, who presented herself as a “modern leader”, still continued the essence of the subcontinent’s colonial rule during her two times as prime minister. The nexus between the Pakistani feudals and our military are the reason why India has left Pakistan so far behind while we continue our confused, corrupt and clumsy spiral to disaster. Whats shocking is that PPP veteran politicians are brushed aside while power stays within the Bhutto clan. Bilawal and Zardari, are a slap in the face of democracy in Pakistan. This is not democracy, its a monarchy and the poor people of Pakistan pay for it with their lives.

Even though it seems to get darker by the day, I have strong hope that Pakistan will rise against tyranny and injustice. I base that hope on the resilience of the people and their love for freedom, equality and justice. Benazir’s death is shocking and regrettable but not surprising. She paid the ultimate price but left behind a legacy of corruption and revenge. She was part of the gangster rule that we grew up with since college… I still remember the first time I met her at the PM’s house in Islamabad, after she became the world’s first Muslim female PM. During our college days, She invited my first pop band “Vital Signs” to sing our national song DIL DIL PAKISTAN. For us naive students, she seemed perfect for Pakistan: young, educated, charismatic and courageous… but unfortunately that early promise betrayed the deeply flawed nature of her feudal upbringing. She saw Pakistan as her personal fiefdom rather than a country whose people needed her to be a strong democrat. She continued to make backroom deals with the Army and the US, married a Gangster in Asif Zardari and siphoned off 1.5 billion dollars from the poor people of Pakistan.

I believe that we are in a decisive stage, in which stability in Pakistan is pivotal for the safety in the region and on the planet.

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination is a stark reminder that Pakistan needs to restore the rule of Law, immediately. Otherwise, the law of the jungle will devour the fabric of society

Salman Ahmad


  • Internationalist |

    Dear Bro salma the points you mentioned are very much true and valid but I want to know what solution or alternative you have in order to save pakistan in specific and Muslim Ummah in general. Because we must not forget that we are part of this Noble Ummah and we are obliged to do something for the betterment of all Muslims world.

    I personally dont agree with the concept of democracy being a solution rather i m a strong believer that Democracy is infact the biggest problem of pakistan and the world. There are obviou reseans which we all know.


  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Salman Ahmed is half-demented, pseudo-scholar and analyst, too obsessed by India’s “awesome” progress and prosperity, whose visions of progress do not exceed beyond the glitter of Bollywood movies. India left us “far” behind – is a delusive notion of his semi-confused state of mind.

  • Silence |

    Dear Singer;

    We are a country where any politican who enjoys public support is assasinated and every political party which represent public is broken by our military rulers.

    Every convict and criminal finds a shelter in lap of our defence forces and becomes a representative of people who he oppresses and loots, its a blessing that we have one party which represents federation, otherwise “mard e momen- made e haq” tried to establish regionalism, ethnic groups and sectrian forces which are still in power.

    Lets be honest, if Zardar (Mr. 10%) would have raised the salogan of “Pakistan na khapy” (Pakistan not acceptable) today we would have seen a burning Sindh while Baluchistan and NWFP are already under fire.

    Before we go to an ideological state of democracy we have to see wehere do we stand in terms of federation.

    I am thankfull to Zardari, Nawaz and Qazi who played a role to save this federation after Benazir murder.

    Lets save federation and give time to democracy to grow (which was always under destruction by generals) and then wait for ideal form of democratic institutions.

  • shaaista |

    Salam Mr. Salman
    Before pointing fingers at someone as courageous as Benazir, let me first ask you if you or any other famous, well-off personality would want to dare and enter politics and save Pakistan and look into the eyes of your own death threats exactly like benazir, being a lady, has done. Shaheed Zulfiqaar Ali Bhutto and Bibi Benazir gave up their lives for this country. The greatest indication of their unjustified murders is that people still remember and pray fondly for him despite the fact he was executed 30 years ago and no one mentions or pray for the murderer. That is how good people are remembered as Allah is Almightly and knows who the wrongdoer is. She is a martyr, killed without any mercy and will be remembered by generations to come. She was not hungry for money or power as she believed in helping the poor section of our society. She was the only hope for pakistan in such times and we have lost her. Regardless of all the acqusitions against her, she was a down to earth, charistmatic very courageous leader who will be fondly remembered as one of the famous female martyrs of all times. Zardari and Bilawal are big slap on the face of the cruel government who wanted to wipe off democracy and not a slap on the face of Pakistan as you have mentioned. I am a part of this nation and I salute Bibi’s decision which was truly ahead of time. I find hope in Bilawal and he will come out as a leader in few years time. Allah SWT will make sure of that. Long Live Bhutto!!!!

  • He's right |

    Though Salman Ahmad does not provide an alternative, all his points are very much valid.

    Just look at some of the ensuing comments, which go to show that most people simpley do not get the big picture. They are too caught up in their emotions.

    Yes, India has proseperes very much, and more importantly they are on the right path and investing int he right sources. Their deomcrayc is being nourished and is finding its way. We started the race togtether, although India had the advantage of doing away with the Feudals. We have not moved forward because Jinnah had to oblige the Feudals of the Muslim League in order to gain their support: The resultis for all to see.

    My alternative suggestion: Take back the illegal lands from the Feudals and give them back to the tillers and landworkers. This will take away the thrust of power that the FEudals use to advance in politics.

    About the army: I have no idea what can be done there. They have become a mangled version of the original Feudals, and the previous Bhutto/Sharif governments only helped to provide a ground conducive for the Generals to become what they have become today.

    At the end of the day, I do not know if we Pakistani people are the way we are simply from ignorance or from a lack of ability to analyse/process information. Whatever it may be, the case against the formation of Pakistan in 1947 could not have been stronger than it is today.

    And maybe we deserve it.