American boots in Pakistan will push miscreants into Pakistani homes

Guest Blog Post by Moin Ansari
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The push theory pushes drug dealers and insurgents out of an area. This action does not eliminate the the insurgents or destroy the insurgency. It simply moves and “pushes the insurgents to a different area, usually into civilian quarters.

The US and NATO have been successful in pushing the insurgency, though not the insurgents out of Kabul to the Afghan Pashtun countryside. NATO, Khad, RAW and others then pushed the insurgency into the tribal areas of Pakistan. Continued activity pushed the insurgency, (not the insurgents) into Swat and Islamabad.

Already some of this insurgency has spread beyond Srinagar. More boots on the ground will spread this fire deep into the heart of India. From the other side, Burma, Thailand already are fighting a growing insurgency.

A more animated intervention or invasion of Pakistan will further push the insurgency and the insurgents into Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, and other settled areas of Pakistan. Surely the US army will follow the insurgency and the insurgents. Drones flying over Islamabad and firing missiled children hidden in Aabpara or missiles being fired into Gulberg 3 and Husein chowk in Lahore?

A deluge of Dollars in Pakistan is conjuring up visions of the “Democracy utopia and distracts Pakistanis from the current occupied dystopias in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

The Crescent of fire now spreads from the Mediterranean to the Indus.

Monkey say, monkey do. Pakistan follows the Chinese model of development and does not follow the penury stricken Indian model which is a total failure. 78 separatist movements exist in India.

Pakistanis have to dump the archaic notions, and band together.

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2 responses to “American boots in Pakistan will push miscreants into Pakistani homes”

  1. NAZIA Avatar

    In chief justice issue whole nation was unitied and world has seen that only educated people had come to streets against military dictator and now whole country is being thrown into civil war like situation as US didnt like this awareness of masses in Pakistan.Military rule has strongley promoted mafia culture and that is the only reason in 10 months whole country is being burnt as people are showing resesntment against military rule.Land,flour,gas,sugar and power scams are intentially produced in the country so that people could adopt criminal tendency for their survival.Inspite of all these worst factors people should be united to get rid of military and US policies and come forward to save the judiciary that is our only hope to survive as dignified nation.

  2. Moin Ansari Avatar

    Check out my article on CIA involvement. The shortages are typical psy-op tactics to create popular discontent and then overthrow leaders. Both India and Afghanistan have shortages of foodstuff. Most of the flour was smuggled out under a plan.