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Teeth Maestro off to Hingol, Baluchistan

Vigo in HingolJust a personal update for my blog readers, I am off to a four day 4×4 adventure cum camping trip to Hingol, Baluchistan. An estimated 14 off road vehicles are set to brave the dunes of Baluchistan in an attempt to reach Goran Gatti a mountainous region deep inside the Hingol National Park

The group consists of over 30 odd 4×4 adventure seekers from the Karachi based group called Off Road Pakistan which has frequently gone an many adventure trips in the past many years. I was fortunate to get hooked on to this sport last year when I joined them on a trip to Hingol back in April of 2007. We plan to leave Karachi early Friday morning to return hopefully safe and sound late Monday night, In this four day trip I shall be out of contact both cellular as well as email and hence the blog may adopt a dormant status for the four days, though a few friends from the People’s Resistance might pitch in occasionally with some updates if needed.

Upon my return I hope to have for you a day-to-day narration with some beautiful pictures for your participation along with me on the trip. But if you would like to have a taste of some adventure then browse through my flickr link of the pictures I took during the 2007 expedition or alternatively a good set can also be found on OffRoadPakistan

Better yet have a look at the short trailer made by MO during our trip last year – Long version here


  • waris junejo |

    have a nice exciting and a fun filled trip sir!!

    wish u all the best..

    n thanks for this wonderful blog/site..

    ur the best!

  • Silence |

    Take Care of you guys.

    And YES, its a beautiful blog, thanks for standing for truth.

    I loved your video of trip, it seems professional, I wish to join you guys once I am back.

    Allah protect you all and you guys enjoy your trip.


  • Khalid |

    Jealous of your 4×4,

    Looks good. I hope you had good time.
    Get out of stress and breath some fresh air.