Vote Rigging Videos in Karachi – could this be why YouTube is blocked?

A few videos appeared yesterday barely a few days following the elections showing some polling officers setting up the voting process. I have personally not seen them but am told that they show some serious election manipulations of the four videos that were online two have been deleted but two specific videos still remain available. Sadly the release of these videos appear too suspcicouy close to the Youtube blocking which came barely a day after these videos become public

Alternatively you can use YouHide to watch this video HERE – rumored to have been deleted – rumored to have been deleted

Disclaimer: Since I have not personally seen these videos I have no idea about the contents of such things so would be open to corrections and even a withdrawal if they are useless or insignificant



17 responses to “Vote Rigging Videos in Karachi – could this be why YouTube is blocked?”

  1. MB Avatar

    And they say we accuse without substance when we say they rig. . .lo

  2. Asad Avatar

    Seems too long a stretch….

  3. SHaiTaaN Avatar

    OMG !!!!

  4. Zovc Avatar

    Youtube blocked because it contains Movie made on/against Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H by Denmark. (Geo News)

  5. shobz Avatar

    youtube seems to be working at my end. it seems they have only blocked the blasphemous videos.

  6. JinnahFan Avatar

    Hi…I’m in the U.S. and it says that the video has been removed by the user….can someone post it again please?

  7. MK Avatar

    PTA walay itnay muslmaan nahee keh us video ke wajah say block karain gay.
    haan yeh zaroor hai keh MQM ko khush kernay kay liye block kia ho. But that is also a speculation.

  8. durrani Avatar

    View the Geo News undercover video that exposes rigging all over Pakistan

  9. durrani Avatar

    An alternate link for the above Geo video is also available in case people in Pakistan are not able to access YouTube.

  10. waqas Avatar


  11. Zain Khan Avatar
    Zain Khan

    This is stupid…. one or two videos that really do not show anything do not prove anything. Yes there was rigging in many places according to newspaper reports and facts given by different candidates.

  12. Rameez Kakakhel Avatar
    Rameez Kakakhel

    How many Pakistani’s Watch YouTube? Infact How Many use Internet?
    Everyone knows that there has been rigging to some extent, No One Knows about the “Specific” technique used by politician to get votes in my area, And I won’t expose it too. BUT What I want to say is that EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THERE HAD BEEN RIGGING!
    Blocking YOUTUBE Not to let Pakistanis know about rigging is Ridiculous. Come On PTA can’t be that Stupid.

    If it was so, they would have banned the NewsPapaers and TV Channels and Even Nawaz Sharif who said about it on “GEO”.

    PLEASE! PLEASE! For GOD’s Sake, don’t try to take everything into the political ring. Why do we consider everything a political blunder? a Political Favor? A Political Conspiracy?
    “Aur Bhi Gham Hain Zamanay Mein Is Siyasat Ka Siwa”

  13. B. Solangi Avatar
    B. Solangi

    Fantastic MQM.
    MQM operatives forgot that this is age of multimedia and they are not immune to being spied. After seeing the video, I feel ashamed but I am certain that MQM will deny this report. It is not difficult to ascertain how MQM agents stuffed the ballot box and got the result in thier favour. The thumb impressions must be there on the record and it would not be difficult to find out the fraud.
    There is no denying that MQM has its solid votes in some areas but it can not claim to be representative of whole Karachi.

  14. ahsan waseem khan Avatar

    MQM is the representative of whole karachi ofcourse but if people from different parts of the country keep coming here to watch LIGHTS then how can MQM maintain its vote bank,the videos are also available which contains rigging reports against ppp in interior sindh and pml-n in lahore but you are only hating one party just because they are the representators of poors and middle class society they are against feudil minds,if MQM had rigged these polls then they wouldnt have won in hyderabad(ya wahan bhi rigging hoi)LIARI is the biggest vote bank of ppp why because they rig their they have a strong hold there(no im blaming jst to show that MQM has got many enemies who wants control over karachi if rigging would have been done like that then there would be our prime minister sitting instead of ppp and U-TUBE you are favouring U-TUBE which contains most of the dirty and vulgure material.

  15. ahsan waseem khan Avatar

    you are right zain non of the video contain anything most of the people here are lying and just speculating sad too sad…..

  16. Hira Avatar

    i think MQM is a not a political party but a coalition of terrorists no doubt they won the lection by rigging they are worth nothing it doesn;t matters people will never learn

  17. eliza Avatar

    i think after some years we wont be able to see pakistan in the map of the world because of frantic position.baluchs are fighting sindhis are fighting punjabis are busy in there own fighting and pakhtoons want to be with afghanis.FATA is loosing there soldiers day by day.indians precious dams are ruining our indus river at the coast plane.every one is just fighting for there own sake n this country is just drowning.i think for this pakistan was created isn’t it.