[Pictures] Update on Rangers assault on Karachi University Professor

It is just being reported that today late at night the rangers have finally been able to registered an FIR against Dr. Riaz for allegedly assaulting a Rangers officer (FIR # 73-08 Riaz Ahmed vs Anwar ul Haq at Mubina Town Police Station). The source is also reporting that just a few hours earlier (11:00pm) today Dr. Riaz suffered nausea and vomiting and was immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctors on duty have advised him an extensive CT scan which at 3:00pm is still underway. It is likely the Nausea and vomiting may have something to do with the extensive injury he received to his head after the battering served to him by the Rangers

A careful analysis of the situation has slowly developed. It all started on the afternoon of the 31st March where two student groups, which have surprisingly remained unnamed in the media [APMSO & PSF] [Student wings of MQM and PPP] had in effect a territory war on Karachi University. Sources say that it started off in the usual way [leave my girl friend alone argument] but developed into a bull blown battle. To control the deteriorating situation the University instructed the on duty Rangers to seal the campus preventing anyone to enter the premises, essentially to prevent the build up of supporters of the rival gangs from outside.

NOTE: One graphic picture after the jump please proceed carefully

All teachers [including Dr. Riaz] were [huddled in a room] asked to remain within the University premises, but around 5:00pm Dr. Raiz decided to head on home, upon reaching the Silver Jubilee gate he asked the Rangers to let him exit and go home which they refused, he followed up with identifying himself as a professor and teacher of the Karachi University, incidentally during this conversation he saw that the gates were opened up allowing two young gentlemen on motorcycle & one rickshaw to enter the University, this in effect infuriated him, the orders from the VC were prevent outsiders from entering the premises but contrary to the order the Rangers were allowing people to come inside, while those [like him] desiring to leave were being prevented.

An exchange of words ensued and the senior officer threatened him with dire consequences, which did not ride well and moments later summoned four jawans [Rangers] to physically drag him out of his car, lay him on the ground and beat him with boots, sticks and rifles. The battering continued for over 25 minutes.

When he was left Dr. Riaz was visibly and physically beaten sore but remained at the scene until the Vice Chancellor arrived 40 minutes later. It was then that Dr. Riaz filed a full complaint with the VC and remained stationed at the gate until the media arrived to record his statement on TV.

Later the next day Dawn reported [KU teachers want Rangers to leave campus] & [Rangers beat up KU teacher]

According to the spokesman [for the Rangers Captain Fazal], when Dr Ahmed was not allowed [to leave through the Silver Jubilee Gate], he used abusive language and pushed one of the Rangers personnel who fell. The two became involved in a brawl, he said. Captain Fazal denied that the teacher had been beaten up at all. On the contrary, he insisted that it was the Rangers man who got injured and had one of his fingers fractured

Dr Riaz beaten up by RangersIt seems as if the Rangers choose to toes the innocent line, but in fact it is a teacher who was admitted to a hospital and has some extensive bruising all over his body.

I have been shared these pictures [please proceed carefully] of Dr Riaz which show how severely he was beaten up, his back shows a number of red marks as if someone gave him severe lashing, there are about 4-5 bumps on his head and his left arm has been placed in a cast. Since the incident happened within the KU premises Dr. Riaz followed normal procedures and filed an extensive report with the University administration [not an FIR, as University is not in Police jurisdiction] and following the report went immediately to Agha Khan Hospital for a full medico-legal examination to document his injuries.

This could be one side of the story but the facts remain that one university professor is actually admitted in Ahga Khan undergoing a CT scan while the fractured pinky remains elusive. The People’s Resistance has already demanded a full extensive inquiry into this issue and the culprits must be brought to justice.

Quite literally my heart screams How Dare They !!!


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  1. Khurshid Ahmad Avatar
    Khurshid Ahmad

    Dear Blogmaster/mistress
    I must register my considerable anguish and deep sorrow at the violent treatment meted out to my brother Riaz Ahmed. To be beaten up in a dark alley is the probable fate of many a urban citizen world-wide. But to be beaten up so severely at the gates of an academic institution in broad day light takes the proverbial biscuit.

    Riaz is 17 years younger than me and I have known him and have been irritated by him and exhilarated by him in equal measures. But one thing I am certain of: his commitment to his students and to the (establishment of the) broader civil society in Pakistan has never been in doubt. For such a committed citizen to be beaten up severely and systematically is appalling and deserves universal condemnation.

    His siblings abroad are keeping an eye on the matter, praying to Almighty Allah for his speedy recovery, and are approaching civil authorities to investigate the matter, ascertain innocent or guilt, and above all be fair and just. This is what the Quran says – all people are equal in the eyes of Allah.

    Be very assured of our commitment to the civil society in our beloved Pakistan, but also know that we are a committed family and have over 75 years of service to Pakistan in difficult circumstances (our grandfather was amongst the few survivors/Muslim League leaders in Bihar during the 1944 Bihar carnage, our father was a pioneering journalist had to deal with 3 dictators in one lifetime). We are watching, praying and hoping in the first instance. Please join us in condemning violence anywhere, especially on University campuses. We seek justice and hope that the University, province of Sindh and the state of Pakistan will help.

  2. Zainulabiddin Avatar

    I have been following this story for the past two days, and I am amazed at the differing versions published in my favorite newspaper ‘Dawn’. There is news one day that a University professor is beaten, and the University authorities are quoted. The culprits are even “jailed”, next day the culprits are reported to be the injured party. Is there never going to be free and fair reporting in our country? The newspaper is obviously scared of the ‘Uniformed’ authority or does it simply not care?
    A university professor beaten up in the campus for no rhyme or reason is not a light matter, dear newspaper to retain your fans please do some true and investigative reporting.

  3. E.Durrani Avatar

    Truly the situation is absurd, who would have heard that a University teacher is beaten up because he is trying to leave a place where ‘security is tightened’. I mean u do not let people in not disallow them to leave and then take the law into ur own hand and beat them up severely and continuously. Guys I have a suspicious mind when I hear an absurdity I try to find reason behind it. I may be wrong but the reason I find is attempt to divert. I kind of think that there was a story about the rangers kidnapping two girls in the campus. So guys is this a diversion for that. What a shameful diversion I must say.

  4. BK Avatar

    All Pak armed forces people (Army, Rangers etc) are nothing more than corrupt bastards!

    May they burn on Hell.

  5. Adnan Khan Avatar
    Adnan Khan

    As long as Pervez Musharraf remains in the goverment we will not receive justice…

  6. pqrs Avatar

    no need to abusive. good people exist in all organizations
    Adnan Khan
    I dont think this issue is directly realted to the President of Pakistan

  7. pakeeza Avatar

    Thrashing a UoK teacher within the premises is intself a disgraco for the University, if the administration of UoK under the Vice Chancellor ship of Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddqui cannot provide security to its professor then who else!
    It is a shame to UoK if the propoer justice is not provided to the professor. I think all education institutions of Hihger learning should be closed down if this is the state of civil society represented by academia

  8. Nitasha Avatar

    The UoK Vice chancellor should be kicked out alomg with the rangers if he himself does not resign

  9. BK Avatar

    @ pqrs

    Not in PAK armed forces. Not even single!

  10. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar


  11. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar


  12. pjs Avatar

    21 April and still the poor Professor is being hounded: http://www.dawn.com/2008/04/19/local5.htm
    The UoK administration and the Vice Chancellor Pirzada Qasim are showing moral bankruptcy of very great order.
    @Tahseen – ditto

  13. yjan Avatar

    “Karachi University always proudly mentions the names of renowned educationists and scholars associated with this institution of higher learning like, Dr. I. H. Qureshi, Dr. Mahmud Hussain, Dr. Salemuzzaman Siddiqui, Dr. Afzal Hussain Qadri, Dr. M. M. Ahmed , Dr Mujtaba Karim, Prof. M. Ilyas, Prof. Q. Fareed, Dr. Ibadur Rehman Khan, Prof Muntakhib ul Haq, Prof. Memony, Dr. S. M. Yousuf, Dr. M.A Wali, Dr. Karawala”.
    Unfortunately the names of the current incompetent administrators running the University will be mentioned with distinguished names in the list above. Arise pirzada qasim…

  14. pjs Avatar

    What has happened to inquiry by the Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi? It was supposed to report in 3 days?
    The University of Karachi ( UoK ) administration should be taken to task about the report of the inquiry.
    What has the University of Karachi done about this. Nothing.
    Exactly what TAK says

  15. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    TM, any update on this ??? You civic society people always use the incidents and just forget about it once you get some coverage. I have not read a single news about this for last one month any where ….

  16. Viki Avatar

    What punitive actions have been taken by VC against the Rangers ?

    What has been done to conciliate Dr. Riaz?

    Did university students put up a strong protest condemning this rampant injustice?

    somebody please update us !

  17. Khalid Avatar

    pakistani fouce (rangers, police, army) all are corrupt…

  18. ZIA HASSAN Avatar

    Do you think there is RULE OF LAW in our country?If Dr Riaz considered the same,then he is justified to go to VC or other authorities,if not then he should try to take revenge.

  19. fazal mehmud Avatar

    i express my deep seated regrets over the tragic incident in which a teacher was beaten up .

  20. fazal mehmud Avatar

    i hope and pray that u will forgive

  21. Ashraf Zaidi Avatar

    Ajj agar Puhktoon ko na raka ga tuu yeh loo akseryat mei a kar karachi ka sookoon aur mahool afghasintan jei sa bana dega ha sind ko Bachana hei aur karachi ko be!! key loog janwar Qoom hei aur Washi. Hamarei Mahou aur bhaneo par inhone Baneie Bhotto ki Shadad kei DEn muhar bora sulook kiya hei app hum sind wala in ko bardasht nahi karei gei.

    Baneie Bhotto ki Shadad kei (Sindhyou nei nahi kiya ) Sab Lata korei Janwaar Qoom PUHKTOONoou nei kiya .

  22. aqeel ahmed Avatar

    i cant believe this .i think thay are bad force 4 us