Pressure on Police Station to arrest Dr. Riaz

Sources close to Dr. Riaz report that there is tremendous pressure being applied on Mubina Police Station to arrest Professor Dr. Riaz today on the FIR # 73/08 [Riaz Ahmed vs Anwar ul Haq] the charges are Pakistan Penal Code 337-4F, 2B-R, 353, 186.

The DG Rangers is reported to have said that his jawan Anwar ul Haq has filed the FIR on his own personal behalf.



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27 responses to “Pressure on Police Station to arrest Dr. Riaz”

  1. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Dr. Sahib, where is free speech? I am continuously moderated and none of my comment is ever deleted from this site so that means, I do not post rubbish then why moderation for me ? 🙂 I have always liked you by the way.

  2. pqrs Avatar

    Obi Wan Kenobi
    The 2 dimensional cartoon character in the movie, after whom you name yourself, had more brains than you.

    I am assuming that being on the internet you probably belong the tiny minority of the people of your country who can read or write. If you really think that Professors and teachers should be arrested for being beaten up, for standing up so that people like you can sit on your computers and write crass then its little wonder that there is only a tiny minority in your country who can read or write. In which case one hopes there are fewer of you who can access the internet.

    Think dude, use the 2 kg (or less) of the stuff thats inside your skull

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Arrest this stupid professor and make him suffer for few days.

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    PQRS , there is no need to get personal 🙂 Not that it bothers me by the way. You are entitled to what ever you think. I left a following comment on some other thread of this site.

    “I am a product of 90’s when we had worst violence in Karachi history. In 98, even one guy got killed in KU in these students’ clashes. I strongly believe that we need ARMED forces in KU. And the argument that who ended up being in hospital is lame. Of course, it had to be professor because see his pics, he even can’t run to save his life. Acc. to this theory, if rangers guys were taken to hospital then prof was guilty ?? And what this prof was asking to let him go via the gate on the basis that motor bike was allowed to enter ? Where are his moral values, he should have insisted that ok he would take another route but please follow the rules and stop those guys from coming in but he said, it’s ok you are not following the rules but please break the law once more and let me go.

    And let em tell you one more thing, the gates are closed in a way that people could walk in/out of the gates and via that space, bikes could also come in/out so Rangers have always allowed bikes to pass via this gate always no matter what.”

    I can bet that all these stupid wanna be civil society would follow 100% rules when they are abroad but they think they are beyond any laws in Pakistan.

  5. Baylaag Avatar

    There is only one person The Vice Chancellor of University Of Karachi to step up for the faculty members.I’d like Dr.Qasim Pirzada to take a stand for Rangers Brutality to Dr Riaz Ahmed, Dr Pirzada Qasim visited the scene of incident immediately.Soon after the statement was issued that the crimnals were in KU Jail.
    Now this news item Police to arrest Dr. Riaz, what for???so now the victim will be penalized , Bravo Vice Chancellor.
    FIR against Dr. Riaz because Rangers Beat him up, Bravo, Bravo.
    Dr Qasim Pirzada should take a stand for his Faculty members, should issue a statment to revoke this FIR against Dr. Ahmed,immediately, and take proper measures to protect the Professor from being harassed further.
    Only The Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi is Jawabdeh for this injustice.


  6. Blessed Avatar

    For the Pea Brain:Obi wan
    The Gates are closed so the bikes and people could enter , but the vehicles are stopped to exit. Think before you write.
    Gates are closed so no one can Enter the University of Karachi , but people could exit at there will .The order of Vice Chancellor.
    What is the grand idea of closing the gates when Bikes/people are always allowed in.
    Some people take leave of their senses and blog.

  7. Anotherguy Avatar

    And since when was it “breaking the law” to leave the University? The man was going home, and proving to the rangers that he is a professor, truly you wouldn’t say that leaving the University,regardless of the time, is not breaking the law, especially when you work there. This is a man assaulted by three armed men. And may I paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr.,when I say that there is a line between just and reasonable laws and regulations, and the unjust, nonsensical ones. Civil disobedience, and standing up for either moral, or just logical things is something practiced internationally. Are you saying that there is some reason that a professor would not be allowed to return home? You think that by placing armed forces that attack civilians who do not threaten them in any way, that the situation in Karachi University, which by the way I don’t find serious enough to send paramilitary troops in, would be resolved? If these troops serve to prevent violence, and protect the students and teachers of Karachi University, why would the disrespect them so often, and attack them?! Is this governmental protection, or is this mafia “protection”? Is Riaz Ahmed an armed aggressor, or is he a teacher en route to his house? In the small time between his leaving his car, and his getting assaulted, how could he possibly pose such a threat to the rangers that he must get beaten for 25 minutes? In proper society, these men should be charged with assault and battery had they been unarmed civilians. More so, they were military troops, trained for combat and armed with rifles. Should they be enraged by a single man, they could quite easily kill him. They are dangerous, and very deadly, and for this crime, they should not only receive a suspension that they did, they should be removed from their military division, and given a jail sentence. What if the man they attacked had a heart condition, and could DIE from this beating. What if he was a hemophiliac, and would bleed to death from a small scrape, let alone an assault such as this? There are innumerable scenarios in which this could have been a murder, and military troops, through their training and armament, must be far more careful with their abilities. Is this military rule in which they can, without warrant or even a reason to suspect Riaz Ahmed of committing any crime, simply seize and attack him? In many nations, there is a term for something far less serious than this: illegal search and seizure. Any branch of the military should not be able to simply pick a man off the street and, for something as trivial as wanting to go home,drag him away and begin to beat him with their batons and rifle butts. How can you justify this act? You say he should go to another gate?! Why should anyone have to change his route home just because three men decide they don’t want to let him through? This is not private property, this is government land, and this is land dedicated to education, in which this man serves! How little is it to demand in repayment for his service to the university, that he should be able to go to his own house at night? Should he instead be jailed inside his workplace? Where is the justice in this? Instead of being brought to court, this man should be bringing the state to court, for infringements upon his natural rights, and bringing the rangers to court, for assault and battery!

  8. pqrs Avatar

    Obi, I am not getting personal, sorry if you feel that way.
    You do seem rather obtuse to logic, if you claim to have gone to a University.
    The core of the argument is this: Professor leaving the University is held up and beaten up by armed men belonging to a paramilitary organization, on campus and broad daylight. Whatever the reason of the argument is irrelevant. This is fascism.
    I would refer you to a poem attributed to Martin Noemoller.
    If a society reaches a stage where people have absolute power to physically harm others for a verbal argument about gates and crossings and people cannot grasp its gravity: if you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind
    I hope this does not unduly offends you. But you need to think before you speak.
    If you had an education, there is no excuse not to.
    As the old saying goes, I dont agree with what you are saying but I will defend your right to say it.

  9. pqrs Avatar

    Also, trust me, if a professor is beaten up for any reason on campus in a Western University, the first thing that will happen is the head of security and Vice Chancellor of that University would resign, police would first arrest and charge those who assaulted the professor, the minister of education would report in the parliament and the University will end up paying compensation to the professor.

    But then again in the West, Universities churn out people and train them to think and invent things like computers and internet so people in lesser nations can exercise their right of free speech by calling for the arrest of victims of violence. Free speech which their own government and society hardly ever allow them

  10. Owi!  Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi! Ban Kenobi

    Obi Wan, Can you name five universities in UK,USA or Canada where there are armed forces at the premises?

    Your comment that “he should have insisted that ok he would take another route” will only happen when the route he wanted to take was known to have closed. If you had been to university you would know there are three gates of university and all are manned by rangers.
    And in West they would have no such non-sense of which gate to enter and not to enter.

    Think before you think!!!!!

  11. Owi!  Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi! Ban Kenobi

    I want to highlight on the news reports that appeared since the incidence of beating the professor happened. Initial reports quoted by rangers said that the professor did not produce the identity card to prove he is a teaching member of the university. Later in the press release by the rangers it was commented that the professor had altercation with the hawaldar earlier in 1998.

    Somehow, 1 and 1 does not add up!

  12. kingsley Avatar

    O Ban Kenobi, I dont know which fairy tale world you live in.
    If this does not get into your head that it is wrong to beat a person so badly.
    Dr, Riaz Ahmed has a University of Karachi Staff identification sticker on the windshield of his car, thats how he comes and goes in & out of the University of Karachi, day in and day out .Almost all the security people know him by face for years.
    As you mentioned 10 years ago something happened so this hawaldar has the right to beat him. Then files an FIR after beating him. I want to say please “Think”. But poor you has been deviod of this faculty. It is not your fault
    For you Pea Brain it is not possible to add up 1+1. So Give it up as a bad job.

  13. Bilal Avatar

    O B Kenobi.
    Its so strange that you are inclined to believe the twist given by Rangers and authority that some hawaldar had an altercation, and fail to see the fact that a University Professor has been beaten and the Vice Chancellor has been ineffective.
    Now the Rangers and Vice Chancellor are in a bind and concocting stories to save their ass.
    Poor havaldar is just following orders, and the authorities will make him an escape goat.

  14. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar

    Okay, I have gone to TWO schools in US too and I can tell you there are armed forces on campuses too and police is always patrolling but please do not compare oranges and apples. The point is that this particular gate (Silver Jubilee) was CLOSED for cars and the professor should have taken another route when informed but no he insisted that he is a PROFESSOR and he would go from this gate only. No one is beyond the law. The rangers did not stop him from leaving the campus as suggested by some posters here, they simply asked him to take another gate, how difficult it was for prof. to take another gate. Just use common sense that why would rangers start hitting one guy w/o any reason. I am sure that professor was hostile and invited the trouble. Not that I am defending the rangers but the way the professor is portrayed innocent is ridiculous.”Don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.” Believe me, not only I spent 4 years as student at KU but I also taught there as visiting faculty. I spent almost 8 hours there for 4 years and I know the inside out how does university works. You know what they say in US is that quickest way to get killed is to take a shot at cop. Again what rangers did was wrong and it should not be allowed any where but then in Pakistan , people generally have least amount of patience and tolerance.

    @Kingsley, that was not me , that was some one OWI BAN who talked about 1998 incident.

  15. Owi!  Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi! Ban Kenobi

    Kingsley, please differentiate me from the Obi Wan Kenobi. I am his antidote. What I wrote was in favor of Professor and highlighted the discrepancy of rangers. Read before you respond! Same goes for Bilal.

  16. Owi!  Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi! Ban Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi, it is people like you, coward to the core, not standing up against the wrong and perhaps had some grudge against the beaten professor that our society has come to this pass. In Pakistan, people have learnt to live in fear so much so they will give up their rights. If rangers knew he was professor, why didn’t they let him go from that gate? The fight happened between student groups, right. Why teachers known to the administration are not allowed out? It is people like you that help in cultivating the Police state.
    Name the institutions that you have gone in US where there were ‘armed forces on campuses’? And I have been to both US and Canadain universities, the police patrol the perimeter of the campus, they are not allowed to enter the campus without university authorities permission.
    I have a sense that in US you were so scared that you believed University security as the ‘armed forces’.

  17. pjs Avatar

    Guys, ie the kenobis, please, give each other credit. Obi Wan has admitted in his post that what rangers did was wrong. Owi ban has speculated that Obi Wan has a grudge, which he shouldnt really. If you have both been to all these institutions that you both mention, than argue and learn to disagree without getting personal.

    Even as though Obi Wan has come around from his original position: “Arrest the …..” (the first item in this thread, although why wasnt he using his objective skills he learnt at two US universities and at UoK is difficult to understand), he still seem to imply that somehow there is some justification because of the gate being CLOSED and following the law etc.
    I would like to put this to Obi Wan: Apart from the fact that there is a vast difference between following law and following a directive, all law enforcement agencies themselves under the obligation of the law. Now lets assume your argument and say the Professor was entirely unreasonable or wrong in this situation. Is the penalty for disobeying a directive having your brains bashed? 6 Rangers (including the commandant) all armed and one unarmed Professor. No objective minded person in this particular instance could justify violence with rifle butts and boots, could they?
    I am not even going to go into the US universities and their police, because although they are armed, they are under direct control of the University and not government agencies. They are also brutal, but look up you wont find any assaulting University staff. If they did the President of the University and University police commissioner would have to resign, before anything else happens.

  18. pqrs Avatar

    “I would not go after a university professor in such a case.” Amir Shaikh, SSP investigations East

    Oops, I shouldnt have highlighted it, the ‘beat first ask questions never’ kenobis would probably get the guy removed from his duty (may be thrash him as well?)

  19. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    the following story took place in edmonton in 2004 at Gran macewan college.
    one of my teacher shaved his head beacuse of some charity and forgot to bring his id that time there was a serial killer on lose in edmonton so at the moment he enetered the gates the Armed gaurds of the college asked him for the id card he said that he didn;t had it but any body from inside can identitfy him and as he is getting late he said to let him go and he pushed a little forward at that piont the ARMED gaurds kicked him on the ground hand cuffed him and by the way when he was kicked his head bumbed the ground and he screamed at this all of us in the lincon hall came out and saw this we immediately called our principle and than he was let go at the end there was an interview on the local tv where the teacher and the commom public admired the gaurds of there heroic efforts.
    And the poor MR nick lethloa had to say soory to the gaurds for not showing his card.
    the moral of story when some body does his job in foriegn country he is prasied and who does not follow the rule is arrested and when the same thing happens in pakistan u know what happens

  20. pqrs Avatar

    put up a link to this story you have mentioned about the Grant Macewan College

  21. yjan Avatar

    For Malik Amam
    Many teachers may have been arrested, but it looks like your argument for justification of excessive force without arrest is rather hollow [sic]. (after reading pqrs, I googled all variations of Gran/Grant Macewan beating, teacher armed nick lethloa and cant find this incident)
    I have also been googling to find any report of a University security / police or any other type force physically assaulting any employee (let alone a Professor). I havent found anything tangible so far. If you do let me know. Looks like University of Karachi (UoK) may have achieved a first!

    PS: there is a Dr. Nick Lehtola at the Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton Alberta Canada when you google. I have emailed him to ask him if he was the person you have misspelt as lethloa

  22. yjan Avatar

    Malik Amam google Larry I Krakower

    [and pay special attention – because the guard didnt actually do anything except let the assailant to his office and the Board of Education got charged]

  23. Owi Ban Kenobi Avatar
    Owi Ban Kenobi

    Malik Amam, if you had been to that college you would know they do not have any gates with armed guards!!! My friend has been to that college and according to him they only have metal detector at the entrance. Google the college name with image and you will know what my friend told me. Try making up stories that are believable.
    By the way, if you had been to such a college the principal is not principle. And in 2004 when it was a community college they had President as head of the college and not “principle”.
    If you think that what happened at UoK was right then it is your opinion, do not justify it with false and fabricated stories.

  24. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    ok MY NAME IS AMMAN JAVED MALIK ROLL NUMBER 1557954(this was when i was in that college)
    i was in beachelor of engineering university transfer program .search for nick lethlo he teaches programing
    u can find him at and than go to faculty there u will find his number ask him personally plz. i said the gaurds r armed i never said that they carry pistols and there was no metal dectectorr than and that pic on web site is 10 years old atleast i think
    if u want prove i can give u a sacaned copy of my transcripts and some pics. and search edmonton sum its a news paper and then go to archives of 2004 november i dont remeber the day or else i would have sent u the link. i only used the word principle u majority of u could understand as thats what kinda system is hear .
    and there is no president there r board of governers represented by some deans and other personal and one student nominatted presindent and at my time there was some indian guys who won the votes.
    MY friend obi they have armed gaurds all around the campus if ur friend could have been to the orientation at least he would have known that and i also said that at that time a serial killer was on the lose which used to kill the prostituies(confirm this also by going into archives of edmonton sun news paper’)thats why there was extra security . and plz if u didn;t witness it ur self don’t tell me what crap ur friend is telling.
    there is a lady named KAThy Waslhs she is in the international student department she knows my personally may be ur friend can meet her inquire abt a student who onces had a trouble tranfering named Amman she must have that in her records if she fails to recall u must give me ur friend name and phone i also wana know what is happening in my old college

  25. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    excellent work on there yjan and pqr u guys at least inquire abt something without telling a person is liar or not thanku and plz put the answer of that email on this post ok.

  26. yjan Avatar

    @MA or roll no 1557954
    Thanks re excellent work.
    your link is dead.
    I told you in my post that there is a Lehtola (not as you are naming him). I dont mistrust that you are not who you are saying.
    But despite searching I cannot verify this story.
    Anyway, the basic premise of your argument, even if I take your word for it this story, has little bearing on your comments regarding the University of Karachi Professor assaulted by Rangers and than falsely accused situation.
    You yourself admitted that the lethlo guy was hurt during arrest. Not beaten up on purpose and that then started the cover up by University authorities.
    But the lethlo story not coming up in any searches when it happened in 2004, makes your whole story stretching the realms of reality!
    try lethlo edmonton sun grant macewan or Lethola……

  27. yjan Avatar

    PS: and whatever happened or not happened at Grant MacEwan College, does not make that the ‘system over there’. I am sue they must have courses on logic, reasoning and reductionism at GMC?
    Is it desirable to make armed men the power to be judge, jury and executioner? No
    Is it a good thing, even occasionally, to allow or condone violence for a dispute such as which gate to allow whom to pass? No
    What is on balance better for a University, to have regimental rule or free thinking? the latter
    Is it a good idea to use the excuse, real or imagined, of fear to perpetrate violence? No
    What is worse, a Professor insisting on leaving, even if it can be miscontrued as ‘disobeying’ directive, or using excessive violence to stop him, or letting him go and reporting him to the authorities?
    I can go on and on ……..
    but one other thing:
    when is it fine for law enforcing agency to take the law into their own hand with no accountability and people coming to their defence? Never