MQM drama ends in a few hours

Just heard that the MQM chief’s resignation drama has ended after a few hours when multiple officials including the Town Nazim and Senators resigned after him!

Yet again we make a fool of ourselves in front of the entire world.but more importantly this was simply a way to show politicans in Pakistan the control Altaf Hussain has over his party and Karachi.



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  1. Saim Baig Avatar

    Same old way of ending on the request of “Haqparast” workers.

  2. Mind Avatar

    Same old tactic.. after killing in karachi…such drama is revival tactic…

    Its very clear that karachi have been hijacked in recent years. if there is anything wrong for them they can burn people alive… share govt with us otherwise…..

  3. M@ni Avatar

    hahaha hahahaha
    Altaf should come with Sanjay Daat… Bhayaa type movie.. he will be a great villan starring …Farooq Sattar , waseem akhtar, haidar rizvi..
    i have always posted seriously on this blog…but this time …i cant control :D:D

  4. Karim Avatar

    I remember the banners on cinemas growing up in 70s, AWAM KE BEHAD ISRAR PAR OR AWAM KE BHARPOOR ISTIQBAL KE SATH..and they used to run C and D movies..ALTAF bahai is so f*&^%$g useless and undesirable that he does not even rise to the level of C movies. BUT what can we do, we got what we’ve got!

  5. MB Avatar

    OHH!! THE clown . . .

  6. Awaam....Who??? Avatar

    Altaf Bhai always reminds me of Rajni Kaant, a popular hero of South Indian movies, if you know what I mean…………….

    I pity this guy, more so, I pity the people who follow this joker with a firm belief that he is their messiah. This guy cannot even speak a sentence like a common human being. He does not even know how to address a sensible audience, he thinks he is still in APMSO addressing a bunch of emotional students.

    Please Altaf Bhai, you have to grow up, its high time. Do you know of ANY Pakistani politician that talks in your tone??? And then his supporters ask, why do other Pakistanis hate their leader……………

  7. Rax Avatar

    ….he doesn’t even deserve to get punded. he is a menace for people of karachi. let’s give him a film fare for his recent performance in the drama “resignation”

  8. Hate MQM Avatar
    Hate MQM

    what a loser he is !
    He is such a shame on the face of this earth.
    I feel sorry for his supporters and the people of Karachi who supports him and his vision of terrorism.

  9. Jawan Avatar

    A thrid rate drama worth nothing and no discussion.

  10. shobz Avatar

    haven’t they gotten enough? i mean weren’t 5 years of power enough for them? they should disband the party and start organising pantomines or plays to showcase their theatrical skills. Their press conferences, actions and statements seem like they were scripted for some c-grade movie. pathetic people.

  11. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    He is the only person who has saved the lives of millions of urdu speaking people living in karachi who were treated badly and brutaly by the so called THEKEDARS PUNJABIS AND PATHANS where were you people at that time when only a single pathan used to rape a girl in front of a large gathering just beacause they were and are always equipped with guns, even if we dont like any leader we must remember what OUR BVELOVED HOLY PROPHET has taught us. Those people are pathetic who want to smuggle GIRLS,DRUGS and WEAPONS in the strrets of karachi when they are stopped by MQM each and every agent of those drug dealers start piffling against MQM.
    It is the love and affection of the people of karachi which stopped him from resigning.I ask the fresh mind people and educated people of PAKISTAN a question.When the brother of a prime minister can be killed when presidents can be murdered then what is the possiblity that ALTAF BHAI may not be killed by the AGENCIES thats why he has been living a life of exile and as far as calling it a drama is concerned MQM doesnt need to be in the news others try to get famous by entangling with MQM such as IMRAN khan and Nawaz so called Shareef.Nawaz shareef gets his votes by calling MQM a fascist everyone knows about the hypocricy of Nawaz when he ordered the ARMY to kill 8000 innocents urdu speakers in karachi wasnt that a DRAMA?

  12. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    1)i don’t know why ur party(MQM) guys get killed in a city which u controll and if u were so nice why has CANADA which is non bais country has named u a terriost organization ?
    2)why dont u have a strong hold in any other part of pakistan like other parties like PPP or PML ?
    3)from where do u get ur money from ,as ur leader said that they r poor people and a party for poors?
    4)why does most of the people think that u are the bad guys including Karachiets?
    5)why roits only happen in karachi?
    6) why the lawyers were killed in Karachi while afhgan was beaten in lahore
    7)why u guys will never win in any other province in future?
    8)ONe final question why do u guys suck?

  13. Karachiite Avatar

    I am a Pakistani, and my grand parents were immigrants who came from India. I grew up in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur in the 80s.

    I can vouch that there was a time when MQM was needed, and when it came out it was the answer to all our prayers. It provided an identity to the immigrants in Pakistani politics, it provided lots of jobs and I remember very vividly how the local MQM workers of the neighborhood were treated as heroes. I have sung anthems of MQM myself and I sung them with all my heart. It was the golden age of Karachi.

    But, things change. A few years later (in 2000) I was also mugged by a couple of MQM workers myself. It is true that MQM was the biggest thing in Karachi in the 80s and they did many good things. But things are different now, and MQM is not helping the people of Karachi anymore. It was us who voted for MQM and trusted in MQM and we still want the golden age of Karachi to return.

    Karachi is my city, and I love it with all my heart. All I want is to be able to see the golden age of Karachi once again.

  14. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    M@Ni: You cursed Rajni Kant by comparing him with Altaf. Fine book have very similar looks but unlike Rajni Kant, Altaf has no guts to earn money from hardwork

  15. Karim Avatar

    I think Karachiite has a valid point. The Pathan and Makrani goondas were ruling Karachi at one time and civil people needed protection BUT NOT A GANG. Altaf Bahai and his MQM may have outlived their usefullness!

  16. Qatil_MQM Avatar

    Why mqm is shouting, weeping and crying for June 1992 operation in Karachi !!! Why didn’t they take any action/investigation while they were in power for the last 5 or so years.
    They should have stoped licking musharaf’s “ASSets” and focus on such issues.

  17. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    But you can never make a difference between your own people and others they will never accept you and we never had any option and can never have any other option,why you dont find a pure urduspeaking politician in any other party at a RESPONSIBLE POST? why prof.GHAFOOR SAHAB is always given ticket from that seat where MQM has got the largest VOTE bank?If you were mugged by the MQM workers why didnt you lodge a complain against them.They are still doing good things but this is their bad luck that they dont have any sincere freind they have to rely on an ENEMY when ever they try to get elected in punjab their offices are set ablaze in lahore,sialkot and many other cities but the media and our own people keep quiet on these matters they are going ahead we are only safe till now just because of them,they will again be needed because they yes they will never accept us.You must have come to know about the transfer of SHOAIB SADDAL AND OTHERS.

  18. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    An educated and fresh mind person dont call names to anyone neither hates anyone like an enemy

  19. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    No they havnt outlived their usefulness and after few months or year you will get to know the truths and facts.When the GUNDAS and KLASHNKOFS were needed those were used but now the time is different.OUR people are so liberal SIR for instance if you hit someone at banaras the pathans will beat you till death and u will say ohh pathans are united jst look at their bravery BUT when you are beaten at nazimabad you will say that this BADMASHI isnt it SIR?

  20. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    MR.ALTAF HUSSAIN Upset about the inability of his party representatives to prevent the breakdown of law and order in the city on Wednesday – that left several people dead — Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain announced on Friday that he could no more lead the party. However, MQM MNAs, MPAs, city nazim and other elected representatives, expressing their regret over the lapse, persuaded their party chief to pardon them and withdraw his decision.
    Mr Hussain expressed his shock over the indifference of the party cadre towards his appeal on Wednesday to do their utmost to stop unbridled shooting and arson resorted to by “agents of conspirators”. Seven people were burnt alive when a building housing offices of some lawyers was set on fire. Several other buildings and vehicles were torched in the day-long violence that left another four persons dead and many others wounded on Wednesday.
    The MQM chief’s decision to relinquish the party leadership in sheer disappointment came in a letter read out by deputy convener of the MQM coordination committee Dr Farooq Sattar, the party’s parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, at a gathering of party workers at its headquarters “Nine Zero” on Friday evening.
    The statement quoted Mr Hussain as saying that he wanted the coordination committee to take charge of the party affairs and lead the party to restore and maintain complete peace in the city.
    Later, Mr Hussain made a telephonic address minutes after Dr Farooq Sattar read out the statement at the jam-packed venue. Dr Sattar and Senator Babar Ghauri, representing the party cadre, conceded their failure to prevent the violence and, in a gesture of solidarity, announced that all the elected representatives would quit their posts if Mr Hussain did not reverse his decision to quit the party leadership. City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal was among the first to announce his resignation.
    In his address to the workers, Mr Hussain said: “Being the largest party of the city, it was the responsibility of the MQM to maintain peace in the city. I am shocked and angry at the entire cadre because the coordination committee, the sectors and units, elected representatives and every worker failed to play his role in preventing the violence.”
    He said that a rumour was circulated amid the violence that several lawyers belonging to the MQM legal aid committee were killed. “Public reaction was natural,” he said, adding that the MQM leaders in the city should have played their role in calming down the angry people and preventing any untoward incident.
    He pointed out that five of the victims burnt alive in Tahir Plaza were either members or supporters of the MQM.
    He urged the president, the prime minister, the Sindh governor and the chief minister to order a judicial inquiry to ascertain how many workers were killed in the Tahir Plaza incident.

  21. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    When some people run out of reason and logic, say start names-calling, and start showing up their mental background, just as the case with some visitors of this and similar blogs.
    They claim to believe in democracy, but cannot gulp down the unshakeable mandate of MQM by the people.
    They claim to believe in justice, but it is their wish that the MQM workers and other common citizen are gunned down in streets without any charges.
    The culprits behind the Tahir Plaza burning were berserk lawyers, as many those died were MQM supporters, and it has been proven. These lawyers belong to the same group of miscreants who had gathered to charge on and beat the ex-minister Sher Afghan Niazi. The lawyers have lost all the moral of their notorious movement and now in their despair, they have started burning people alive. They are the symbols of shame for the nation (just like Lal-Masjid people brought shame for Islam).

  22. Karim Avatar

    You guy, yeah you the MQM people, you sound like brain washed brain dead members of a cult. I have absolutely no doubt that the your grieviences for the past injustices are probably right, I also believe that in the Pakistani politics given half a chance the bigger ethnic groups will come and try to eat you up, but for mama’s sake this joker ALTAF, I mean can’t you guys do better? I know that the Mohajir minority is the most cultured and sophisticated class, this low life is a clueless thug, he is an embarrasment, LET HIM RESIGN and move on..P L E A S E!!!

  23. Karachiite Avatar

    I will be called a ‘mohajir’ (immigrant) and my children will be called ‘mohajir’ no matter which part of Pakistan I will go to. And this will be in most part because of my native language (which also happens to be the official national language of Pakistan).

    I can not escape this label even if I want to, even if I start speaking fluent Sindhi or Punjabi. I will be treated as a ‘mohajir’ when I apply for government jobs, when I apply at government run universities etc.

    MQM is the only political party in Pakistan representing, or claiming to represent the ‘mohajir’ community, which is its most powerful base.

    Without MQM, we will not have ANY representation in the National or Provincial assemblies. Who will we go to when we face the ethnic prejudice? there will be no one looking out for us.

    I know MQM needs to pull its act together, the workers mostly belong to the lower middle class families with very little (if any) education. Emotions run high in the ranks right now, with workers hanging on to every word of their leaders quite literally. But we need MQM just as much as they need US. So lets provide constructive criticism instead of calling names.

  24. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    KARIM SAHAB even you sound like a brain wash person bent on criticising ALTAF HUSSAIN yes im proud to be a lover of MQM.You are leaving all the problems aside and just heading on a single personality this is a very old way of getting name and fame so you are adviced to get name and fame by your own guts.MQM was started by ALTAFHUSSAIN and can never go ahead without him,it is ALTAFHUSSAIN because of whom the SHIA SUNNI FIGHTS ended all the connexions are living peacefully under the flag of MQM and as far as leaving him is concerned ok lets promise to change all the politicians then we can accept the change.First the 2 times PrimeMinister should be kicked out of politics why dont JAMAAT go ahead without QAZI SAHAB?so,please stop hating a single personality without knowing the facts

  25. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    Yeah how can they see the middleclass guys going into the assemblies to represent their community.URDU SPEAKERS are not a minority it is not their fault which stops them from borning lots of kids they are trying to bring an equilibrium in population so should everyone else isnt it?They have been doing propaganda against MQM and will keep on that trend because in PAKISTAN if ONE wants to be in NEWS he is likely to criticize MQM.So,keep on the good work MQM and try to learn more and more day by day 25 lakh karachities are with you and this number once again can be increased.

  26. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    Blaming Pakistan People’s Party for what it called lack of seriousness in talks, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement announced on Sunday that it would sit in the opposition in the National Assembly and the Sindh assembly.

    “We tried our best to make the dialogue fruitful but the PPP adopted a non-serious attitude. Therefore, we believe that the PPP is responsible for the failure of the talks,” MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar told a press conference here.

    He said the decision had been taken by the MQM coordination committee and party chief Altaf Hussain had endorsed it.

    Dr Sattar said the MQM would continue to support all positive steps of the government and its efforts to promote peace and brotherhood in the province, in the larger interest of democracy and the country.

    However, he warned that the voice of the party could not be suppressed through state power and operation. “We want to clarify that this is not 1995… this is 2008 and no voice can be suppressed through power. We are ready to face any crisis.”

    He said the MQM had unconditionally withdrawn its candidate in the election of the prime minister after PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari requested Mr Hussain to do so. “We also voted for PPP candidate Yusuf Raza Gilani” and supported him when he sought the vote of confidence.

    He said the PPP co-chairman visited the MQM headquarters on April 2 and a negotiation committee comprising representatives of the two parties was formed on the basis of talks between Mr Zardari and Mr Hussain.

    “No serious talks were held because of the non-serious attitude of the PPP.

    “Yesterday, the PPP’s attitude could be gauged from the fact that its leader in the committee, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, left the meeting after a few minutes, leaving only Pir Mazharul Haq and Dr Zulfiqar Mirza,” he told newsmen.

    Dr Sattar said the MQM had serious reservations over the appointment of Dr Shoaib Suddle as the Sindh police chief. Dr Suddle, according to him, was responsible for extra-judicial killings of scores of workers of his party. “When we conveyed our reservations to PPP leaders in Saturday’s meeting, they replied that he was their hero.”He said that under such circumstances the MQM felt that the PPP was not serious in holding dialogue for reconciliation and the coordination committee had decided that the party’s lawmakers would sit in the opposition.

    He urged all MQM workers, including elected representatives, to keep an eye on the situation and inform the masses about it.In reply to a question, he denied that MQM’s demand for more ministries in the Sindh cabinet had resulted in the failure of the talks.

    “Our focus remains on a working relationship and talks on allocation of ministries were not held,” he claimed.

    Responding to another question, he said the party would soon nominate the leader of the opposition in the Sindh assembly.

    Senator Babar Ghauri said the talks had focused on a power-sharing formula in accordance with the mandate won by the MQM in the election.

  27. Karim Avatar

    Ahsan Waseem Khan, see..listening to some MQM people I do actually believe that they are smart. I can also vouch for the need and relevance of MQM, but just because Altaf started the party he should still lead it, is a very weak argument..don’t you think so? Honestly, he sounds like a cult leader, you must have other people who talk and think NORMALY. I repeat, LET HIM RETIRE..HONOURABLY..let the man go, if MQM is legit it will survive without him. As for PPP, what do you think..they don’t look like a bad joke with this Bilawal crap that they pulled, they do, and in the long term you will see, they will suffer in the polls, don’t count the last election, there was a big sympathy factor involved soon after the SHAHADAT!

  28. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    You are absoluyely wrong you are only bent on leaving one personality aside i dont know about PPP what happened with them or not?Dont mix these two different things SIR why what is the logic and reason you can give for leaving him behind as if you said i havent given any logic.YOU must know about the inventions that wouldnt be possible without a inventor and his name is always present at the LABEL he is the person who has provided us shelter when we were alone,he is the person who tells his worker to live peacefully otherwise URDUSPEAKERS are the most ANGRY people you can ever find on this EARTH,even you havnt got any logic and sound like a misleaded and misguided person.

  29. Karim Avatar

    I rest my case!

  30. Mohsin Jami Avatar
    Mohsin Jami

    Dear Ahsan Wseem Khan

    I am a punjabi but still known as a mohajir in our areas as our elders migrated to Pakistan a while befor partition. This doesn’t hurt us its the way we are known.
    I am residing in karachi since last 08 years and found urdu speaking(Mohajir) people the most helpful and cultured. My wife can go to bazar alone with friends w/o any particular worry about hooligans which is unlike other parts of pakistan.
    If identified as mohajirs please don’t mind as in no way this identification belittle your competence and worth.
    By living here in karachi i felt that it is the people who tend to make thier own little ethnic slums and our politicians exploit these cults to the fullest.
    As a sensible person i would request you to reflect and contemplate with a cool mind, isn’t MQM exploiting the urdu speaking people and if they are so loyal to the community why they are killing HAQIQQI activists who are also urdu speaking and mohajirs.
    How come altaf is living in London for the last many years, from where he is getting funds. Are the people of karachi donating. HAVE YOU EVER DONATED FOR ALTAF RESIDING IN KARACHI. CAN YOU TELL US ANY ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR DONATION.

  31. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan

    Mohsin Sahab.
    It doesnt make any difference whether you are punjabi whether you are a saraiki the laws and regulations should be equal for everyone.If you are saying that your wife i mean to say if Bhahi can go any where alone why are you not giving credit to MQM for making a rit isnt it?Yes we are helpless because we are threatened and hated by the AGENCIES and AGENTS living in karachi in the form of police rangers and FIA.We dont tend to make a SMALL ethnic slum WE are a STRONG POLITICAL PARTY whenever tries to spread over the country the ELEMENTS dont let us work and trap us in their dirty tricks.If you are living here for 8years just visit a single “JALSA” of MQM then i swear you yourself will say that urduspeakers are not a small group as i have told in above topics that just have a view on all development work done before 1999 whether in the era of NAWAZ SAHAB MADAM BENAZIR or anyone they didnt even dare to get some done in this city.Where were you when we were tortured,beaten and even our womens were treated badly by zeeshankazmi,bahadurali,sarwarcommando,naseerullahbabar who appointed them ME YOU OR the KINGS of those times how can i be calm when my uncle was kidnapped and killed benazir came to visit and said”so said but as you sow so shall you reap” now i can say the same thing on her DEATH but i cant i respect her a lot because she was a NATIONAL LEADER no actually UNIVERSAL but on the same time i can never remember those words just tell me any medicine which could heel my wounds.My father who doesnt even know about politics was arrested while living in PAK COLONY WHY?
    Yes it has been revealed on you through WAHI that MQM is KILLING HAQIQI GUYS WHY you people dont use your gumption or dont you want?It is just a trap by PPP and FIA SIR i know MQM is not as cool as i say but they cant kill those HAQIQI persons so deligently and planned they are killed so that the public should think that they are killed by MQM we have said the same to HAQIQI also that they are just trying to divide us we should get united and i know they are going to be our part once again.MQM guys are not 6″3 tall they dont have LMGS they mostly are not well built(smjhe aap mera point).
    hahaha and no one has the right to ask anyone about his personal life and earnings this is just a way of showing up?If all the other leaders give the answer to this question that were from they get money? I will tell you on MEDIA I swear and if you dont know about anyone you can easily say that (are ye tu drama hai drama) The person watching you weeping can have the same views for you as well.In which book is it written that only mothers can weep for their children and by the way when mother has been killed ofcourse the boy has to weep in her place.
    Sorry for using punjabi and pathans i shouldnt have used these words bcoz we are all one nation and MQM is spreading the same message and one thing more if your debating or giving your views you must be down to earth and shouldnt think by your heart.

  32. ahsan waseem khan Avatar
    ahsan waseem khan


  33. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    why only a urdu speaking person is called a mohajir?
    many punjabis also came from the indian side of punjab why aren’t they called mohajirs and for how long u can be called a mohajir?
    how can be u a immigrant in country in which the language of that country is same as ur mother tongue is a mohajir.
    aren’t u guys making this issue a little bit extra.
    and one more thing i have noticed that the new generation only speaks urdu even if they r punjabis or balochi or sindis.
    doen’t that makes u feel good .(these qyestions r to the so called muhajirs)

  34. Jawan Avatar

    Mr. Waseem

    I am liivng in Karachi for the last 24 years and have watched very closely the rising of MQM. You will be upset, but it is the truth, that MQM from the start was trained to be a terrorist organization. It has been involved in terror activities and all people of Karachi (including yourself) if they are honest to their Creator only in their hearts.

    You can now invite people to your public meetings. But i was fortunate enough to be present at one of the meeting in which altaf hussain adressed directly ( not like he does now a days over telephone). I remember ( you must be remembering too) when he advised muhajirs to sell tvs and ornaments and to buy Klashunkof ( spelling of Kalashankuf, you must be knowing well). Your leader’s speech is recorded and available for people who may try to deny it.I know so many of Altaf’s personnal body guards who have been brutally murdered by MQM itself just becasue they did not want to continue anymore once they got married. One even escaped to Malaysia but he was not spared once he visited Karachi again after 3 years. MQM is exactly working like a mafia and everyone knows it.

    I also know the fact that MQM has never been out of power since its creation by ISI of Zia mererly to counter PPP in Sind. Since then it has been a tool of dictators and serving their interests till now.

    Anybody who beats (what to talk of killing) an innocent human being is to be condemned. May it be Pathan or any other ethnic group. Same applies to Muhajirs as well( that you call yourselves. icall them pakistanis). It makes no sense that you start the same thing that you deplored yourself earlier.

    A simple question is that by retaliating in the same tone, rather taking it to extreme ends, have the Karachites been provided relief or their sufferings have increased? Only differnec is that they are now facing more wrath from their own people.

    The KEY is that MQM’s survival is in generating hatered and differences among people living in Karachi becasue it gets votes on ethinicism and linguistic differnces. So it will never become a genuine political force.

    One day Mr. Waseem you will be facing your real Lord Allah SWT in your grave like me. Be afraid of that day. Altaf is not your lord like you have made it.

  35. Mohsin Jami Avatar
    Mohsin Jami

    Dear Ahsan

    Apropos your comments of 17 Apr. Karachi had always been a freindly city for all. The credit does not go to MQM for free roaming of ladies.
    Most of the people get the impression about MQM as they say “Meetha Meetha Hup hup and Karwa Karwa thu thu”. You blame every bad thing on Agencies and every good thing to your credit. Inspite that you have been in power for the last 05 years and vitually for the last 08 years. Even after such a long period of time blaming agencies does not seem appropriate.
    MQM i believe has still not come out of the aura of Student politics.
    Now about Mohajir (i take it as a crap), all mohajirs are Pakistanis and moreover now your QUAID-E-Tehreek has adopted citizenship of UK and he is no more a Mohajir. So please get out of this. Mohajir is just an identification, trust me all the people of Pakistan consider you as much Pakistanis as any other.
    By saying HAHA people usually avoid answer to hard questions. My question was very simple i.e. have you ever donated to Mutahidda, What is the account number i would like to donate also.
    Another question : Why cant MQM sit in opposition why they are bent upon having coalition with PPP ( a party of feudal lords), is’nt it a sheer deviation to your menifesto which is against feudals.
    Why MQM needs ministeries of Local bodies, works etc. the simple reason is to mint money and donate to support your international office.
    I will take MQM as a serious political party if they sit in the opposition this time.

  36. Khan Lala Avatar
    Khan Lala

    Well i my opinion as per AH’s only single vivit to India years back, he dont even belive int he creation of Pakistan.. ! He means that Pak Indian borders should be opend up for good and let indian rule this part of the continent.. Well .. what to say. If AH really loves Pakistan and its voters atleast,,,,, he should show up here after getting free for all charges against him… Whay he is afraid of now.??? Can any one tell me !

    Khan Lala

  37. Junaid Anjum Avatar
    Junaid Anjum

    Khan sahaab.. u are right.. these are like foreing forces who don’t want him here. After Pakistan is fully hijacked by Taliban and his supports, he will fell like a un-employeed and most successful man on earth.. Did nothing and earned more then he deserves.. WWWAAOO !

    Junaid Anjum

  38. ahsan waseem khan Avatar

    Ahhh MQM hasnt come out of students politics?really then why we won majority of seats in karachi and hyderabad(wo tu BB Sahiba ki wja se ppp ko hmdrdi k vote prgae wrna rural sindh se next time MQM jeetegi).YOU are sounding like(main na manu janab)The reason for sitting in the local bodies is to help the people ok and even if it is to mint the money than where were you at that time when SURREY MAHALS and MINI MURREE was built wasnt that the money of public(hum to phr bhi chote chor hue na)AND as far as the matter of ALTAFBHAIS living is concerned he is earning is living no one is donating and even if somebody is donating then there should be no problem for anyone ok savy,yeah the credit goes to police i think,then who is the bearer of that credit?We are not benton sitting in the govt if you have GOT both eyes clear ASIF SAHAB came to 90 to seek our help and the people who were killed on that day were our people.OR JAHAN TAK MEETHA MEETHA HAP HAP KI BAAT HAI this is not our habit neither our slogan this slogan goes to JAMAAT AND IMRANSAHAB.We dont have enough seats in federal to change the system thtswhy we are always compel to sit with a party or to be a part of a coalition(is ALTAF HUSSAIN YOUR PROBLEM OR OUR POLICIES)if ALTAFHUSSAIN your problem then sorry and if you want to change our policies you can comment on our website.

  39. ahsan waseem khan Avatar

    i dont have much time these days to reply really sorry but u can chat if u want do tell your name while adding me.

  40. Mohsin Jami Avatar
    Mohsin Jami

    It is nice to hear that MQM is always ready to help whatever party is there in the government, even if the party heads are owners of SURREY MAHAL etc. Dont you sound hypocratic. At one place you lament these politicians and on the other hand dying to have a coalition / reconciliation or (Kaseerul Yakjehti as Farooq Sattar used to say).
    We have no problem with Altaf Hussain, lets develop a habit to say bad anything i.e. bad in anybody be it our family member what to say of a leader, currently none of our leader is stain free everyone is a rascal of highest order. When Allah wills to punish a nation He fixes bad rulers at the top. This is what happening to us.
    Ahsan i believe that you yourself now, is tired of supporting your policies ! (if you call them so) otherwise you seem to have been employed by MQM to write on this blog (cosidering such long answers you give). It is a known fact that empty pot produces more noise.

  41. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar

    Bazicha e itfaal dunia meray aagay
    Hota ha shab o roz tamasha meray aagay

  42. intiza Avatar

    bhai kuch bhi ho agar altaf kutta hai aur zardari harami hai to kia nawaz sharif doodh ka dhula hua hai bharwa kaheen ka loog to aisay he kehtay hein mqm yeh hai woh hai lekin haray ilaqay mein noon league kay randi aye thay masjif waloon say bhatta lainay aur bhatta jab nahi dia to firing ki salay chootiye ap ao altaf bhai punjab ka ek tabqa ap ko support karay ga yeh woh tabqa hai jo nawaz wadairay say nijaat pana chahta hai aur apnay punjab ki taraqqi chahta hai