Ahmedis expelled from Medical College

BBC Urdu reports that a group of 23 Ahmedi students having been expelled from a Medical College in Faisalabad on 4th June 2008. The pretext was that it would create a law and order situation because the Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT) had protested that these students were propagating their religion which these students deny. Even if this were true, whether they have or do not have the right to do this can be looked at by a court of law. Expelling the students from the college is illegal and usurps the right of Pakistanis of any religion, color or caste to have education. Some of them have spent four or five years in this college already.

I do understand that this is a sensitive issue, but if we do not stand up for the rights of Pakistanis and minorities (as Ahmedis by law are in Pakistan) who will. Is it fair that mob mentality should not be allowed to pressurize institutions to take such action? If we succumb to accepting this think of Muslims as a minority in India or any where else in the world.



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  1. RAJA Avatar

    Allah O Akbar!


    When a man dies in grave two angels will come and ask about TAUHEED, and only Momin will answer it straight away i.e SHAHADA but one who has doubts or false has been defying his words or causing mischief will not be able to answer this simple question.

    I have asked this very question about few weeks ago but no one has replied this was specially put forward to qadi’s.

    Allah Subhan O Tala has decided he has his ways.

    Allah O Akbar!

    I pray that Allah Guide us all


  2. Muhammad Rizwan Ahmad Avatar
    Muhammad Rizwan Ahmad

    When a person has no answer of other sects / religion then defiantly they do this as these people do. What a great Answer that “IF you talk wrongly about ISLAM and we have no answer then will turn our face like the pigeon do while the cat jumps over him.” I think they do vary right because when you are unable to answer to a question then why we do not remove that page from the book
    {Shame Muslims Shame }
    {Shame Jamati Shame}
    Shame Shame Shame Muslim Shame, That is your todays worth.

  3. Atif Avatar

    Dear friends,

    I am based in London and well aware how qadyani work / behave in their lives. In my borough, we have significant number of ahmadies and we do deal with regularly.

    We have received following information from our sources which also include some Ahamdi friends as well. Let me share with you:

    They were nor expelled on the basis of Ahmadies. They converted few muslim girls to their religion.These girls denied to go their home upon their new religion. They were sent to live with Ahmadies families in Faisalabad or Rabwah.

    All these expelled students declared themselves as muslims i.e. not Ahmadies on their admission forms.

    In medical college, no one is allowed to preach religion, but these students were in breach of clauses:

    a- unlawfully signed declarion that they were muslims.
    b- preaching their reeligion

    College authorities did not expell those Ahmadi students who declared themselves Ahmadis/Qadyani on their admission forms.

    I think no one sitting in Pakistan knows how this community work and try to convert as many people in to their sect. I have live examples here in London, Ahmadi girls marry to Sunni/Shia boy only to influence into Muslim community.

    We have a joke back in 10 years , You marry to Ahmadi girl , Ahmadi Jamat will give £50 Marks & Spencer voucher for celebrate.

  4. RAJA Avatar

    Thanks Mr Atif

    I could not understand what Mr Rizwan was talking about.

    They so strongly deny that we are khilafat etc. and Ghulam qadi was not …i dont know wat cuz they are not sure them selves.

    Well They often say that Ghulam was not the last prophet and Hazrat Mohammed pbuh was Khatim un Nabian to decieve naive muslims.

    They are liars … In their Salna Jalsa in UK last month they were chanting slogans HAZRAT GHULAM ETC KHATIM U NABEEN ISTAGHFIR ULAH.- showing their true believe.

    By doing this clear that they are kafirs and not muslims.
    it is same as christians say that they follow Jesus christ but actually they are following teachings of St Paul. This another topic.

    if u dont believe i have recordings from thier mta

  5. Mohammad Danish Avatar
    Mohammad Danish

    I do not believe Qadyanis or Ahmedi as a Muslims community, they are
    Hippocrates and they are calling their selves as a Muslim. I do not agree with Adan Siddiqui, as what he said about kicking them just because they were talking about their belief with others is not good at all. Hippocrates is Not repeat Not allow to live among us. They created and tried to disrupted and almost having the aim to destroy the reality of Islam as such they ponders other Muslim is not real Muslim compares to Qadyanis or Ahmedi. First, they refused to accept our Mohammad (SAW) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. They believe that their Imam can be the last messenger of the Allah almighty. They must get the rid of our entire Muslim world unless, otherwise they must have to return back to the Mohammad (SAW) constitution and be follower of Mohammad(SAW) pattern and to accept Mohammad (SAW) is the last messenger of the Allah Almighty.

  6. Hafiz Nauman Avatar
    Hafiz Nauman

    salam i want to say on it that it is a very shameless incident .because all world knows that ahmadies are very kind persons and in pakistan it is only caused by MULLAS which called himself MUSLIM and every body knows about these MULLAS / MULVI,S these r terrorist and are involve in terrorisom so i want to say the INTER NATIONAL AMBASIDORS to force the GOVT OF PAK. to stop these incidents caused by MULLAS to AHMADIES .THAK YOU

  7. RAJA Avatar

    well done Mr hafiz nauman
    from ur blog and confirm that ur dont know what u r talking about and hardly 17 yrs.

    Tommorow u will call zardari and nawaz as honest and pious muslims.
    son dont comment on what u dont know. At least read all this blog and than say something, might be useful

  8. Sajid Khan Avatar
    Sajid Khan

    Good step eXcellent
    Khatm-e-nubuwwat ZIndabad
    Qadyaniyat Murdabad

  9. muzammil Avatar

    khatam e nabowat zinda bad
    qaidiyano ke tarha sheeyo ko b adalat k zareye kafir qarar dea jai
    ye log islam k naam pe ik dabba hey
    qaydiane r sheya MURDA BAD

  10. muzammil Avatar


  11. upscle stunner Avatar
    upscle stunner


    swords can win territories, but not hearts; force can bend heads, but not minds.<< khalifatul masih the IV

    you folks find some peace for yourself by giving peace to others!

    much love from germany

  12. Disgusted Avatar

    its better to practice your own religion to the fullest and let others do the same. denying rights of minorities wont get us muslims anywhere.

    i know all the terrorists operating within Pakistan(taliban etc) are muslims. killing people in the name of Jihad is also done by muslim terrorists. it wont hit me with surprise if muslims shall be banned from preaching their religion.

    as far as preaching religion is concerned; i have seen a lot of “tablighee jamaats” in universities and colleges.

    the way we muslims look down upon minorities really disgust me!!

    a muslim

  13. RAJA Avatar

    Dear Disgusted,

    question is how to treat minorities.
    question i swhat they are doing?

    they are distorting face of islam and abusing Allah and Mohammed.

    u look to be bit liberal what happens if someone scraching ur face and abusing ur father.

    Where as Taliban is concerned what u r seeing are mostly non muslims and big consipracy.

    i advise u please correct ur Kabba and comment when u r aware of facts.

    then u will rise above disgusted

  14. RIZWAN AZIZ Avatar

    thank god I am ahmadi not any else all the remarks are show the mental level of writers

  15. RAJA Avatar

    Allah Naozo Billah!

  16. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ erratum,

    my comment of 30th oct. @ 7.03 pm
    is addressed to all Qadiani militants
    NOT to Mr. Raja, I will address him in a seperate
    comment very soon !, sorry for inconvinience Mr.Raja,
    Rafay Kashmiri

  17. imran Avatar

    I may b not rong. The history of Ahmedis are not good.
    The have relations with Israel and in India they are acting as Muslims.

    What so ever good or bad I don’t Ahmedis from my Muslim and Pakistani eyes.

  18. Manish Awasthi Avatar
    Manish Awasthi

    I think all pakistani shud ooppose ban on ahmediya sect…..otherwise it clearly gives message that pakistans state policy is against hatred for some sects…yes if they r found doing illegal work..or terrorist activities..then its ok to ban .

  19. RAJA Avatar

    Dear Manish,

    Well we muslims with Emman do not care about worldly gains or losses and more so Isalm is not bound to countries or states.
    Their is only one policy which is laid down or must say finalized 1400 yrs ago.
    About legality it the Law and Principals laid down by Allah are the ones not You ME or any Tom Dick and Harry.
    As far as Ahmedi’s are concerned they mock and distort the basics of Islam to worst extent.

    As your hindu I say if Sri Rajnesh say he is above Ram or Lakshman and also try to make changes in basic believes of hinduism.

    Well I take oppurtunity to Offer You Islam and come to right path.Its not difficult my grand grand father reverted to Islam not for wealth or land Allah bless him and give him paradise.

  20. Ali Ahsan Avatar
    Ali Ahsan

    I find this blind hatred of Ahmedis and their expulsion not only sad but HORRIBLE and unjustified. They were expelled just because of their faith ?? THIS IS A DISGRACE TO OUR TALL CLAIMS OF PAKISTAN “SUPPORTING” ITS MINORITIES.

    We have the gall to accuse india of mistreating muslims …. just look at how we treat the Ahmedis.

    jahalat beyshumar, aqal gaee bharrh mein.

  21. Afzal Avatar

    I think IJT are bastards and they should be banned in pakistan thier policies does not match the theory os islam neither the idology of Qauid -e-Azam.

  22. Jamal Avatar

    why people are not left alone with their religious believes and let every one live in peace and work for country's future.

    I am a born Ahmadi, practiced Islam since childhood, lived in Saudi for 20 years, been to Makkah and Madina countless times.

    Many things i am not sure of but one thing that i am sure is that i will die as a sciencetologist.

    Folks, lets go to work,

  23. LIVE N LET LIVE Avatar

    reading all these words of hatred just give me head ache….it wud b better for those writing hateful things to watch what's happening to islam in the world and judge by themselves who is on the true path….when watching the news in pakistan i can c that islam has got a new name that is 'terrorism'.

    so stop being judgemental and save our ISLAM.



    note: respect Allah's creatures, Allah will send u to heaven

    spread peace and the words of love and be tolerant. if you disagree then ignore. LIVE AND LET LIVE

  24. live n let live Avatar

    just want to correct a mistake from orevious message:

    our beloved prophet* (saw)

  25. Rida Avatar

    exactly.plz no need to convert this issue in to a religious one

  26. Rida Avatar

    ops.u r not getting my pint.I just want to say,if people linked with IJT do this,i realy condemn this,but some times the thing is in spotlite is not the reality.So all here are baeting about the bushes are now starting to put it in a religious circle.The reason of all this is some thing else.