Student refuses award from US Ambassador

Samad Khurram, an active member of SAC and an undergrad at Harvard Business School refuses an award from the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson in protest of US policies regarding the support of an illegal President Musharraf and the Mehmand Agency attack.

As the video shows that Samad Khurram is called on stage to receive the award and simply walks past the US Ambassador in defiance and to the podium where in his 30 second speech, he simply hits out on the American Government for supporting this illegal military ruler and severely condemns the recent American attack within the borders of Pakistan. It reminds me of the photograph from China when a lone man stood in front of a tank. The United States is also a similar juggernaut all muscles and no brains. They are not used to seeing people who can stand up with dignity and protest boldly and publicly.

What really make us proud that our leaders stumble over their feet trying to please the American leaders and an unknown student has the courage to defy this hegemony and chooses to stand up for his country

I personally had a telephonic discussion with him barely and hour before when he was going to the event – at that time he mentioned that ‘someone’ might not be ready to take the award and he is going to the event to support him, little did I know that the ‘someone’ was he himself. Bravo Samad you make us proud
Video uploaded by Jaaf – Thanks

ONLINENEWS: A Pakistani student, Samad Khurram vociferously refused his Harvard University scholarship award presented to him by the American Ambassador Anne W. Patterson, which simply awed her into a terrible confusion. The said student refused the award, which was presented in an event held by a private collage at the National Art Gallery, as a protest against the recently carried out American attacks on Mehmand Agency. The American Ambassador greatly regretted these attacks, terming them as a “terrible misunderstanding”, and stoutly refuted the notion that the student was refusing the award, maintaining that currently there were 5400 Pakistani students studying in America. The entire hall resounded with thunderous clapping for the student, who was later on restricted by management to talk to any media member.




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  2. Taha Baig Avatar
    Taha Baig

    mashAllah good samad…we are proud of u man.:)…
    u did a nice job..may Allah protect u frem each nd every evil..and u succedd in life….thts the
    Nice work…inshAllah u will be so high in life i m sure..:)..Best of luck and applaudz fer ya..=)

  3. hira Avatar

    salute to you way to record the protest>>>whole nation is proud of you:)

  4. shobz Avatar

    good. at least he has the balls to stand up to someone. wish our leaders would learn from him?

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  6. mohsin Avatar

    well done man. we all r proud of u,, every student try to do such peacefull protest
    ALLAH bless u

  7. Faisal.K Avatar

    well done!!!

  8. Silence Avatar

    That is the reason many of us believe on Pakistan and believe in change, we are not looking for a “Bloodbath” but change of mind and we will see more to come.

    Althought we are an emotional nation and jump to conclusions to fast on incidents which are not according to our wishes.

    The present movement was started by Lawyers and later on supported by civil society and media.

    Samad Khuram has shown that we are a different Pakistan today. I am proud of him.

    Do you still think our movement has failed or was fruitless?

  9. Aamir pakistani Avatar
    Aamir pakistani

    well done sammad!

  10. israr wazir Avatar
    israr wazir

    well done samad, its a good way 2 record our protest.we (SAC) proud of u.

  11. Imran Avatar

    Mashallah, Subhanallah !!!

    Hang Musharraf, Shoot Down American Drones, and Kick out CIA, FBI out of Pakistani Soil.

  12. Kashaf Avatar

    Bravo! A true reprsentative of majority of the youth , i would say. Very motivating for the rest!

  13. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar Avatar
    Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    Well done, Samad. We are very proud of you. It is never easy to take a stand especially when it involves personal sacrifice. So, well done again. Hope to see more of you on the web and one day hopefully on the national political scene.

    We need more people like you – people with principles – not NRO’ed “leaders” that inherit supposedly “democratic” political parties.

    The time to hang the dictator is close.

  14. zak Avatar

    May Allah bless you always……we need leaders like you….I hope one day you can be a leader of Pakistan, ameen

  15. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    What is the use ?

  16. zak Avatar

    @Obi Wan Kenobi….use is that patriotic people like him can shove up ur fuking ass!

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  18. Kamran (Hyderabad, Pakistan) Avatar
    Kamran (Hyderabad, Pakistan)

    Mr. Obi Wan Kenobi, the is this to show the american that people dont love your policies, and some peole have the courage to show the difference and show the hate they have with american policies.
    Well done samad may ALLAH bless u and give u the courage and honor to do more AMEEN

  19. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    back in 2004 i know a guy Atif majeed from CASE who refused to take his degree from musharraf i dont know why didn;t media covered him any way a job weldone sammad

  20. Saima Avatar

    we feel proud for the way peacefully you stood for the entire nation….Bravo!

  21. grapesaresour Avatar

    three cheers for Samad
    Hip Hip

    Bravo man,bravo!!

  22. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Malik sb

    You wrote in a comment about a kid who refused to take the degree from Musharraf would you have any details to that extent on who it was and when – in 2004 Musharraf was not an open target so it may have gone in noticed –

    Let’s give credit where its due even if its four years down the road


  23. Musab I. Khan Avatar
    Musab I. Khan

    This nothing less than gaining political mileage. If he really wants to protest why don’t he return to Pakistan and study here. It seems senseless to criticize USA, refuse to accept the scholarship and then go on to study from the same country.

  24. Kashif-X Avatar

    Well done dude !

    All hats off to you, hope our a** licking politians can learn a lesson from this act.

  25. Zack Avatar

    While it does take a lot of courage even to do something like this, equating it to Tiananmen square protest is quite an exaggeration.

  26. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Zack – LOL at the Tiananmen square comment – I might agree

    But it required guts – which most of us could never do – he has lead by example – it will make a difference

  27. M@NI Avatar

    Rehman Malik openly denies that america dint hit and killed pakistan soldiers …WTF!!!!!

    Hats off to you Samad.. Proud of you:-)
    Say no to Musharaf
    Say no to illegal attacks by american’s on pakistan land
    Restor Pre 3rd november judiciary

    I think our politicians should watch this video every morning they get up and learn a lesson.

  28. Nadeem Avatar

    MashAllah weldone samad, we are proud of u.
    Mr. Khuram has shown that we are living in a different Pakistan. today.
    That is the reason many of us believe on Pakistan and believe in change, we are not looking for a “Bloodbath” but change of mind and we will see more to come.
    I am proud of him.

  29. R.M.S. Azam Avatar
    R.M.S. Azam

    Well done.

  30. Quli Avatar

    Great work! Finally something for me to take my mind off all the selfish acts going on lately by our politicians!

  31. Fahim A. Sheikh Avatar
    Fahim A. Sheikh

    we are proud of you Samad. you have done a great job.
    May GOB bless you.

  32. muhammad munir Avatar
    muhammad munir

    some brave people like samad keeps the country alive

  33. I.Shah Avatar

    Dear Samad,
    Thankyou for taking such a brave initiative. We are all proud of you and I hope and pray that all Pakistanis become at least as brave as you are.

  34. nazia Avatar

    He really deserves sitara jurat as he is unique breed in my educated class.My heart is now filled with proud that we still have live minds who can practically proof their strength in one of finest civilised way.
    Big cheers for our new hero.

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  37. SHAMS Avatar

    We love and appreciate your stance you bravest heart. if every Pakistani (especialy our Leaders) act like this no dictator can think of “TAKING OVER” in future. You have made us proud. We love You.
    And for Amercians please do atleast any single good thing for which generations to come will remember you.

  38. Pakistani Avatar

    Musharraf Zindabad.

  39. Karim G Avatar
    Karim G

    There lies the paradox…
    I am fascinated by this chorus of thumbs up on the gesture of defiance and protest of this young man while the irony of the situation is completely ignored. The privilege of being educated in countries like USA is an ultimate wish and desire of majority of young people who want access to higher education. For USA it serves well also because they get tomorrow’s Zalmai Khalilzad and Shaukat Aziz from this pool. But fundamental unasked and unanswered question is why it is such a great thing to be educated outside Pakistan? Why is it that every body wants to find a job outside Pakistan? Why is it that given half a chance people wants to live some where else than Pakistan? How come nobody, in politics or otherwise can state that to gain true independence, respect and dignity nations must stand on their own feet and end beggary to survive.
    Aid, aid, aid…handouts, that’s all we are always waiting for, and when we are treated with contempt, SURPRIZE!!!
    Our economic and political weakness has only increased every year, our dependence on IMF and World Bank has only increased every year. Besides nuclear technology, there is nothing noteworthy the leadership of this country has given to the country.
    So I submit, while I applaud this young man’s gesture whole heartedly because it does take guts to do what he did and obviously his heart is at the right place, it is not USA that takes liberties with us, it is us who have ALLOWED USA to treat us the way they do, let’s ask WHY and HOW?

  40. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    civilized and brave way to registered protest. Something which Pakistani govt should learn. Those who are criticizing sArmad are those who themselves have no courage to call spade a spade.

  41. Muhammad Farhan Ali Avatar
    Muhammad Farhan Ali

    This is the right way of protest.. may Allah Give our all people this type of sense so that they can not distroy their own home, village, city, country ,,, Good Samad you are an example of our upcomming nation ,,,

  42. Silence Avatar

    My company will be honoured to extend a scholarship for Sarmad to continue his education and finance it completely where he chooses, some one please convay him and tell him to to contact me.

    He make a right decison and he is future of Pakistan, we can not afford to loose such people who believe in truth and Pakistan.

    If Sarmad needs any finacial support or anything to support his thinking, I humbly offer him and would like to see him to shine in future as a bright star for our comming generation.

    Sarmad, no worries, just send me your contacts, what I can not do, you have done that, and I see you as my future, I am there to support you for my dreams.

    Long live Sarmad, Long Live Pakistan.

  43. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Most probably he is getting funds from some resource in US, be his professor or his dept or from any one for this matter. What is the big issue if he does not accept some award , it is not like he refused green card or scholarship at Harvard. I can refuse 100s of such stupid rewards, no biggie, just a political mileage and good thing to put in his resume as Pakistanis are the most sentimental nation in the world so I am sure he could cash it and if he is good in delivering his speeches than may b he would get some political party ticket in next election. Faggot. These stupid rewards means nothing unless there is some big cash or scholarship with it. And I believe he did not refuse award, he refused to accept it from the hand of ambassador.
    Stupid nation.

  44. Jaaf Avatar

    TM thanks for the video credit

  45. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Let me clarify one thing – After I did some investigation around – Samad’s non-acceptance of the certificate does not mean his Harvard Scholarship was canceled – the Harvard Scholarship has nothing to do with the appreciation certificate that was been given to him by the ROOTS school for his distinction in A levels and what not – it was simply an appreciation certificate. This is my understanding, last when I talked to Samad. The media / a few sources (even the Onlinenews source cited in this blog post) may have misconceived it as such. So its not hopefully that but we must appreciate his stand – which was a strong way to lodge your own protest

  46. shariq majeed Avatar
    shariq majeed

    dear sarmad
    u have made us proud
    brave act
    may u succeed in life
    take care

  47. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    i have invited atif majeed to tell his story in his own words hope he writes soon

  48. Tariq Khan Avatar
    Tariq Khan

    Allhumdu-lillah-o- Wallaho Akbar!

    Well done proud son of Pakistan, to show courage and authority.

    All the big soft generals of army and lackeys of the west corrupt politicians learn a lesson from this young man

    Samad Khurram.

    May Allah bless all those who highlighted this major story and commented positively.

  49. Altaf Avatar

    Good work. But he is young & jazbati. He was just a kid in the 90’s so he does not know how badly BB & Sharif fucked up our country & how much relieved everyone was when the army took over.

    Everything is not as Black & White as some in the media want us to believe. Democracy is better than dictatorship but that does not mean by any stretch that BB & Sharif have better record in power than Musharraf. To the contrary.

  50. IC Avatar

    Few things..

    Totally understand his rage against the US Government. But, what has he done against his own government. The US doesn’t choose Pakistani dictatorships, Pakistanis do. By disrespecting a foreign officer, he has achieved what? Are Pakistani morals that low that we appreciate someone for insulting? It’s not only unethical but unacceptable in any religion.

    Attending Harvard, he should have known better that which school creates the most US policy makers especially foreign; so why not abandon Harvard? Why does Pakistanis forget that US Government does what’s best for them and not what’s best for Pakistan and its Pakistani Government’s job to determine what’s best for the country.

    It’s just a random youtube moment for hype. It’s been over done in US for legitimate reasons but a new one stunt for Pakistanis.