Reference Against Pervaiz [pre-draft]

I share a pre-draft document prepared by the PPP to use as a reference against Pervaiz Musharraf, it was initially forwarded to me via an extremely trusted source to hold in confidence, but we very soon discovered that this same document had been uncovered elsewhere. The pre-draft of references that will most likely be filed against Pervaiz Musharraf are outlined in detail by Senator M. Enver Baig along with his comments, it is quite possible that some changed might take place before its final acceptance but we share only to give our readers an idea as to what basic issues will the PPP use to plan its attack against Pervaiz Musharraf.

Senator M. Enver Baig: Pervaiz & his colleagues keep saying that no body is above law. True, we agree. When references can be filed against the Chief Justice of Pakistan, certainly there should be a way to file the references against Pervaiz too! So far whosoever had tried to file these references, the courts were unable to consider these because instead of Pakistan’s constitution and law, the honorable courts are forced to follow Pervaizee Law which says that he is above the law and the constitution. Obviously this is NOT an acceptable position. We will like to file following references against Pervaiz for:

  1. Toppling an elected civilian Government thus dishonoring the verdict of 140 million Pakistanis.
  2. Breaking the constitution and the military rules
  3. Killing Lawyer Mr. Iqbal Raâd in his chamber when he publicly told that he would prove in court beyond any shred of doubt that Pervaiz plane hijack was a CIA orchestrated drama. He used MQM terrorists involved in killing of Hakeem Saeed to kill Mr. Iqbal Raâd
  4. Illegally removing elected President of Pakistan Mr. Rafiq Tarrar
  5. Illegally dismissing the elected National Assemblies, the Senate and the Provincial assemblies
  6. Assisting President Bush after surrendering to his one phone call, by letting him use Pakistan territory, Pakistan forces and other resources of Pakistan and people of Pakistan to bombard Afghan & Pakistan Civilians
  7. Abducting Pakistani and Non Pakistani citizens and either keeping them in torture cells within Pakistan or illegally handing them over to President Bush for torture in such notorious terrorist cells as Guantanamo Bay. This includes Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef; an ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and his 3 innocent children
  8. Conducting a fraudulent referendum using people’s money in which he in reality got less than 4% votes and declaring this non-sense and illegal referendum a justification for continuing as President!
  9. Giving away precious lands and properties of people of Pakistan to Mr. Aga Khan and his associates. This includes hundreds of acres of lands in Malir, Karachi and Habib Bank etc.
  10. Appointing extremely corrupt people as Federal Ministers including Aftab Ahmed Shair Pao, Faisal Saleh Hayat and wanted murderers as Governors including Ishrat Ul Ibad etc.
  11. Using NAB and other institutions for pure selfish reason. When a minister or opposition leader tries to disagree or not obey the national institutions are brought in motion but as soon they agree to obey, the institutions stop their proceedings. Massive rigging of all elections e.g. Elections of Shaukat Aziz, Karachi City, Azad Kashmir and others.
  12. Helping USA and NATO forces to kill innocent students in Bajoor with no court trials and proceedings & proudly taking full responsibility for these extra judicial killings which resulted in backlash in killing of several Pakistani soldiers in Dargai thus also responsible for these killings too by idiotic and non sense actions!
  13. Actively supporting MQM for carrying out terrorism in Karachi. On May 12th 2007 over 40 innocent Pakistani citizens were killed by planned shooting by MQM under his full protection and support. He himself was “celebrating” all these killings from behind bullet proof glass wall in Islamabad amidst hired several thousand laborers to show his “massive” public support! Later in April 2008 MQM burnt alive several lawyers and their visitors and clients. There was no election in Karachi and with Mush’s full support MQM thoroughly rigged the elections and its 15 terrorist members inducted in Sind cabinet. Mr. Satan Malik played key role in this deal. Satan Malik get dictations from Tariq Aziz who is the Principal Secretary of Musharraf
  14. Carrying out illegal operations in Wazeerestan against innocent human beings to please Zionist bosses of USA, UK etc. RAW, Moosad, CIA, MI5 etc burn girls schools and carry out other operations and create false documents which create hatred towards good Muslim who oppose and resist Uncle SAM’s designs.
  15. Using Government money and facilities for himself and his clans. The luxury trips cost nations millions of rupees. In addition to shopping spree on public money Senators enjoyed Disney Land etc while poor public did not have even basic necessities of life.
  16. Personal corruptions e.g. Chak Shahzad plot & MacDonald in F 9 Park Islamabad
  17. Loading Pakistanis with heavy loans e.g. Rs. 400 Billions in this budget and then wasting. Re-scheduling the payment of the loans and interest so that the coming generations will end up paying these loans along with 10 times interest.
  18. Actively spreading and immorality in order to weaken the nations; this includes handing over educational matters to Aga Khan foundation
  19. Beating and harassing Media and the journalists
  20. Creating worlds history by attacking the Institution of Supreme Court and taking about 60 honorable Judges and their families hostage
  21. Carrying out massive massacre of innocent children (Specially girls) using phosphorus bombs. One of my colleague Doctor and some of my student doctors carried out about 100 autopsies and they are eyewitness to that.
  22. Killing Mr. Hammad Raza, the personal assistant to Chief Justice and a good friend who was the eye witness of what transcribed in that biggest contempt of Court in GHQ.
  23. Keeping Abdul Qadeer Khan under House arrest for his crime of making Pakistan a nuclear power and thus protecting Pakistan army and people of Pakistan
  24. Creating enormous hatreds Pakistan armed forces in public due to his above crimes and his illegal granting of extensions to himself every year. (Actually he should have been court marshaled for his gross violations of the rules of armed forces)
  25. Using ISI and other national agencies and staff for his own anti state activities
  26. Committing high treason by breaking the constitution and law on many occasions
  27. Carrying out a fake and Sham Presidential elections in which 160 million people of Pakistan were not allowed to hold accountability of Musharraf’s performance over last 5 years. By definition Elections mean holding accountability otherwise elections are sham (See Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia)



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14 responses to “Reference Against Pervaiz [pre-draft]”

  1. Freedom Avatar

    Hang the Bastard

  2. Freedom Avatar

    Top 20 reasons why Musharraf is being Impeached

    20. Hijacking Government of Pakistan, destroying Constitution of Pakistan and Presidency in name of “Pakistan First”, conspiring against elected Pakistan governments

    19. Mismanaged Economy, Fiscal Policies: Food/Energy shortages in an agricultural country

    18. Suicide bombing and terror attacks took toll on Pakistan while Musharraf is in charge

    17. Creating and fanning insurgencies in Waziristan, Swat, Baluchistan and Fata, to effectively stay in power and blackmail America to get billions of dollars for his politics

    16. Abduction, kidnapping, sale and killing of Pakistani nationals in name of war on terror

    15. Creating and mismanaging Lal Masjid disaster & huge loss of Pakistani lives

    14. Millions of Dollars of Pakistan used for personal lifestyle

    13. Arresting A.Q Khan and making him apologize on National TV

    12. Making incompetent Shaukat Aziz, PM of Pakistan, through rigged elections

    11. Bungling Kargil operation and tragic loss of Pakistan army jawans lives for a lost cause

    10. Dividing and spreading communal hatred in Pakistani nation for political gains

    9. Rigging Elections of 2003 and creating of rubber stamp parliament

    8. Creating PML-Q through bribes and installing Crooks (Chaudhry brothers/MQM) in Pakistan

    7. Punishing opposition by creating false cases through NAB and jailing them

    6. Punishing and jailing barrister Aitzaz Ahsan for supporting Chief Justice of Pakistan.

    5. Installing civilian cronies and ass kissing Generals to key positions of Pakistan government

    4. Selling Pakistan’s national assets for pennies, mismanaging privatization

    3. Killing of Nawab Bugti, Killing of Lawyers

    2. Imposing Illegal emergency on Pakistan on Nov 3, 2007, rigging Presidential Elections through outgoing assembly

    1. Arrests & Dismissals of Pakistan Supreme Court Chief & 60 Judges

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi Avatar
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Hahaha, mos t of the reasons are so funny that I can’t stop my laugh. No worries, Karachi would always welcome Mush and I wish then Karachi to declare independence like Kosovo and send all Punjabies to Punjab who support Ganja sharif.

  4. dr razahaider Avatar

    hahaha,ufffffff my god………..hahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahh.will revert soon with sane comments……look who is blaming whom……..

  5. dr razahaider Avatar

    1/.After the proclamation of emergency on October 14, 1999, all orders made thereafter including amendments, orders notification etc will continue to be dealt as constitution and made under good fate and any appointment secondment, deputation rules and regulation made after 12 October 1999, have been validly made during and after and will not be challenged or ask in any court of law.

    Under the heading orders will continue to hold position until it is repealed or amended by competent authority, whereas competent authority here is the president and not the houses. (270AA).

    All orders done between 5th day of 1977july will always be deemed and validly being made and will not be asked in any court of law on any ground whatsoever .Article 270B).

    All president order, ordinance, regulations etc will not be altered until by competent authority or per appropriate legislature.

    Competent authority is the president. (Article 271)

    No suits prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against any authority, on account of order made action taken or act done in execution of compliance as the same has been taken in good faith and as per constitution and will not be challenge in any court whatsoever .

    2/. In case of self assumed or real emergency, president has the power to suspend constitution and promulgate and execute emergency with suspension of fundamental rights.

    The same situation can also be put up by the governors the right to challenge will not be entertained in the court of law and parliament, (article 232,233,234,235,236,237).

    Amendments will not be questioned in any court of law on any ground whatsoever. (Article 239)

    3./ Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other un-constitutional means shall be guilty of high treason(clause1)(Article 6)

    Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason (Article6) (Clause2).

    Laws specified in 6th schedule will not be altered without the prior sanction of the president.
    Under the umbrella weather the law is operational or not it will keep the weight and force of the law. (Article 268)

    4. / the president and all others as prime minister, federal minister, state minister, chief minister, provincial minister and governors, are not answerable to any court, in the line of their duties and power to implement their functions.

    They can not be charged with any criminal proceeding, arrest or imprisonment from any court during official terms. (article248)

    5/. Impeachment and removal of the president can only be initiated on ground of physical or mental in capacity or on the charges of gross misconduct and violation of constitution. (Article 47)

    Joint sitting (national assembly and senate) of 2/3rd majority can only initiate to impeach and unfit the office of the president. (Article47)

    The president may dissolve the national assembly on the advice of prime minister as well as at his own discretion.

    The decision to dissolve will be forwarded to Supreme Court to justify his opinion. (Article 58)

    Keeping a bird’s eye view on present scenario the sacked Supreme Court is under the hold of president and successors of the present judicial academy are already the blue eyed, who will hold the fort of president as well as their own to enjoy the position.

    The only beneficiary after BB assassination is asif zardari and not the president.

    Columnist, anchors journalist, reporters have always been the part and parcel of activities that comes under the domain of blackmailing, espionage and fraudulent. American writer, disclosing the myth with relation to death of BB and conversation, has more of the implication as planted version of intention.

    Asif Ali zardari can buy and by by any one,as per his previous record.

  6. dr razahaider Avatar

    please sing a song’Hum DEKHAY GAY ‘

  7. arshad hussain zubairi Avatar
    arshad hussain zubairi

    If this is the reasons than the opposition should again sit and come up with solid ones as all the reasons are fake and laughing stock.

    The writer of the story should think beyond MQM, till when you make a “dug dugi of MQM” kindly come up with anything else.

  8. Jabbar Khan Avatar
    Jabbar Khan

    Kamina adami hai , au dushmanan agent dai we doubt if he is even a muslim .

  9. karachi khatmal Avatar

    what is truly disturbing is that the comments on display present a wide range of emotions from the affronted muslim types to the blue eyed secular intellectuals. currently all of these contradictory voices are united in their hate for the president.

    the question is what is going to happen once he leaves?

    some of us here hate him for sacking the judiciary, others question whether he is a ‘true’ muslim or not. once he leaves, who is to say these people won’t turn on each other.

    also, while the anti-MQM sentiment can still be understood, the gross attacks on the aga khan remind me of the ahmedi demonization of the past. just like we once disgraced the only nobel laureate we ever had, we are now planning to discredit one of the most accomplished philanthropists in the nation.

    we deserve the terrible condition we find oursevles in. there is a general musharraf within us all.

    i feel ashamed.

  10. M. Faisal Avatar
    M. Faisal

    This indeed is a laughing stock, anyone can be impeached in Pakistan, its the nature of our politics and there is no honesty in this business.
    I feel sympathy for the common person in Pakistan, they do not deserve what they are facing in this phase of time, economic crisis, thus all governments have failed to find a remedy to provide incentive and better living facilities for its citizens. We are poor nation and will remain like beggars in the coming future. Being a Nuclear power nation is not a big deal these days, and nothing to be proud of.
    If musharraf is a criminal then so are Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Benazir, Altaf Hussein and members of all political parties. Anyone who comes to power, have ever since misused it in its entirety. I don’t believe in the nation of Pakistan and hate all the resolutions passed in the name of Pakistan. We dont deserve a nation, we all have our corruptions and Allah assigns a nation the kind of leaders based on what kind of citizens reside in that country.
    So there you have it, I have more important things to do in life then to find a justification for Pakistani leaders.

    Let them all die like how benazir died, a shameful death.

  11. d0ct0r Avatar

    @Obi Wan Kenobi like Altaf hussain, Mush should never be allowed to set foot on Karachi’s soil ever again(karachiites would never forget 12 may massacre,tahir plaza massacre etc),a not so secret detention site on the pattern of CIA black site sould be built for him behind Lal Masjid massacre site where he should spend the rest of his life..

    CIA Black site

  12. Silence Avatar

    Charges against Musharaf will be big surprise for everybody and with proofs, list of his crimes is long and before every body and his association with criminals of MQM is proved.

    He is an unlucky idiot who still lives on advice of his followers like our respected member drraza, this time a general is going to be hanged not a civilian PM and I am sure that we will see him facing trial in Iftakhar's court.

  13. Wajahat Avatar

    The ignorance on diplay on this comment board is amazing and once again proves the point that most of our PKani bros are emotional, overzealous and intellectual pygmies.

    Musharraf has done a lot wrong, he has allowed power to corrupt him and made some pretty silly moves over the course of last few years. However between him and the Zardari/Sharif and forty theives, he still comes out shining. I am all for getting rid of a dictator, however if we let monkeys rule the land instead thats a worst choice. We all know what zardollari is upto, he wants to be el presidente himself and wants to intill his own State bank governer and CJP, so that he can really rip this country off once and for all (He has proven his abilities for plunder before). Sharif wants to shine his own head(much hairier now), and will wait for the PPP setup to fail to take over and rip the country off just about (I think Zardari will give him a run for money, in a competition to rip PK off).

    So what do our bros do, they become part of the emotional ‘Democratic’ voice of impeachement, not really understanding the undercurrents or the dynamics. Its funny how alike the fundoos and the forces for democracy sound these days.

    Pathetic, disappointing and not a surprise. Our leaders at the end represent us, and if we are this stupidd we dont deserve any better.

  14. oracle Avatar

    I wish all the politicians die in some bomb blast……. all are the same. We as humans might be having short term memory but we haven’t forgotten what they had done.

    May they all burn in hell. And as for mush……. even he is not 100% but he is better than the rest.