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Zardari nominated as the next President of Pakistan

GEO TV just reports that the Pakistan People’s Party has just announced their candidate for the post of the next President of Pakistan – now dont hold your breath….. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari.

The name itself sends a shiver down through anyone who has witnessed his previous tenures in power, now armed with the article 58-2-B he will hold this entire country hostage.

A testing moment for Pakistan, but sad part is Nawaz Sharif has just been given the royal boot in the arse, and taken for the joy ride of his lifetime

What probably does not surprise me, as I think I had predicted this scenario to the letter on my blog back in early January, barely seven days, after the assassination of Beanzir Bhutto when I penned the article

From President Musharraf to President Zardari – January 3rd 2008

For many the headline itself is a scary thought, but I assure you its not unimaginable…

Let us not forget for a moment that PPP will practically do nothing but become a replacement to the PML-Q (as a after the elections I expect Chaudhry’s to be reduce to cleaning cupboards), Musharraf will continue, and we would effectively have the same rubber stamping judiciary. Zardari will definitely give Musharrf a run for his ‘money’ if for nothing else, granted Zardari will be tougher then the docile Chaudhry’s, but even if Musharraf ends up getting kicked in the balls, the person to replace him is – now don’t hold your breathASIF ALI ZARDARI, mind you in his press conference with Bilawal, he may have apparently ruled himself out of the running for the elections and the PM slot but he made no mention about the Presidential seat, that may open up when PPP lands a sweeping victory, or after he chews out the remaining skull bones left in Musharraf – hence we may rid ourselves of Musharraf but then its Zardari ……..a very scary thought, martial law seems better

Sadly I cannot for a moment trust Zardari. in all honesty I would have worked with the new hope of Bilawal, or even Fatima Bhutto the rightful heir of the Bhutto empire, but Zardari….. we are in for some bad times, if people had a look at the press confere

nce the way he conducted and addressed it, I assure you this is just only a precursor to what we will see when he will have the power under his belt, lets not forget to start counting the zero’s after the 10%, hes an experienced crook and third tim

e around, first will be get even with all his Jailers then he will get back to work…. mind you the old saying once a crook always a crook, many see an Altaf Hussain II in the making. I remain utterly resolute – even after BB’s assassination concerned Pakistanis must work against these evil designs of Zardari, Mush, PML-Q and the corrupt election commission – what I feel is yes, the PPP has a sympathetic vote going for them, they might come in full force that may be their democratic right but to save Pakistan we must work towards the restoration or complete independence of judiciary that’s the only salvation for Pakistan.

I feel its sad that Imran Khan is out of the loop of these election, but in all honesty – and i say it with a little bias, since I agreed with their move to boycott back then, with the hope that other like minded parties might follow, sadly they left him stranded on an island – they had made a choice on principle for whats best for Pakistan and not to contest under a corrupt election commission and an illegal dictator, they had a point of view and stood up for it, they might suffer this elections, but even now they truly remain a party to whom I would vote for the hope of fixing things in Pakistan, and no one else. Had if … they were participating in the elections … is another story all together

I feel what come may, saner Pakistani elements must stand united and appeal for the point as outlined earlier by Naeem Sadiq – What Choices do we Have

  1. Musharraf must resign and be made accountable for constitutional violations before a court of law.
  2. The 1973 constitution as it stood on 12 October 1999 be restored.
  3. The pre November 3 judiciary must be restored and all PCO judges removed.
  4. A new neutral and caretaker government and an independent election commission be appointed to hold elections within 3 months.

I think in this light – we must urge for a total boycott of the elections – this elections as we know, is all a scam – with whatever notion of democracy that may emerge, is scam at best. To live to fight another day — sadly Pakistan might not have another day if left at the hands of these crooks

I shed a tear yet again for Pakistan, May god help us all


  • Jusathot |

    Asif Zardari is like a Mafioso boss – and Pakistan is their country for the looting. The guy is a thug to the core – a perfect candidate for Uncle Sam who tends to favor corrupt & greedy sycophant who will barter their souls for dollars and do all their biddings.

    Alas! – the continuous saga of ‘lootmar’ and corruption. The changing of guards, topi and sherwani drama doesn’t change anything. As long as this ‘thakedari’ remains – nothing will change and the game will be the same – more lootmar, as if there wasn’t enough already!

    Change of topi or sherwani or even the appearance will NOT change the facts: The status quo remains and unfortunately, Pakistanis are doomed to repeat the mayhem, begging and robbery.

    If Pakistanis are fooled by the likes of Zardari-Bhuttos-Sharifs-Altaf Hussain-Fazlu, et al – NOT once – but for the umpteenth time – than maybe they deserve to be shafted. It is a sad story indeed for Pakistan!

  • Junaid |

    we shouldnt be afraid although we would continue to suffer but i m firm beliver things would change and it is the step in that direction.
    isnt it fortunate for us that atleast we got to know one major player FOR SURE that he is person of low character who doesnt honor his agreements and yes it is zardari, heir of pakistan peoples party.
    i would never even think of voting for this party untill this crook is there.

    today ball is in his court and he can play how he wants to play but soon it would get to the other side..
    atleast i m not worried but angry for sure…

  • KarimG |

    Jo Bacha Tha Va Lootneh Aain Hain…

    The Republic has gone Bananas…
    Asif Zardari President??? Who would have thought!
    Only in Pakistan

  • Paagal Insaan |

    You may have a point there but that’s a very Urdu-columnist type thing you did by quoting yourself. An Ejaz-Haider type thing at the best.
    But yes, now that Musharraf’s gone and the dollar is still rising, bombs still going off, the stock markets still falling, Pakistan needs a new villain to blame it on.

  • guYasir |

    What do you think about democracy is a solution for Pak peoples, no way. They are 2 corrupted leaders whose past records got enormous charges yet they are ruling over us in guise of democracy. I think democracy is a ‘charade’ an illusion as well
    I’m also a reader of Henry Makow a Magnificent Makow whose articles worth reading like below:which will tell you each and every conspiracy being created by west in guise of democracy or feminism or communism or socialism.. Must read below articles
    Must read above articles which is exposing Democracy.
    They paki politicians are perverse, dupes, traitors, liars, impostors, opportunistic and 3rd world Freemasons alike to their west politicians.
    I wanna tell you very important thing. You must consider it with seriously and religiously.
    There’s one authentic Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) He once cited, those nations who choose woman as their head of State never prosper. Now imagine our condition BB came back Pakistan in 1986-87 and elected PAK PM in 1988 and in my opinion (which is apparent from Hadith as well) that was the time of Pak Persuasive Perversity(PPP)
    Think Again and do research on that Hadith

  • KarimG |

    Pakistan does not need NEW villains, it has regular supply of it from all the political parties, political dynasties and our Fauji Javans…oh oh oh and one more thing, even if we do not produce any new ones, we have enough to last us well into 3-4 future decades, DON’T YA THINK UHMMMM!

    Jiyeh Bhutto Sada Jiyeh
    Jiyeh Zardari Sada Jiyeh
    Bow and join in… a King has been coronated

  • Hassan Abbas |

    Relax guys.Even if Zardari is elected President,God forbid; I am sure he wouldn’t last too long.

  • KarimG |

    Well he has come this far…I tell ya what, me thinks he figures a billion is not enough, I propose since he will loot any way why not offer him a bargain, may be for a quarter of billion he might accept to disband PPPPZ and ride into the sunset honourably. I hear criminals also do have honour…sometimes. For a couple of million more we might even convince him to throw in a promise that his son will also not run…yeah lets make a serious proposal!

    “ZARDARI, name your price for NOT becoming the president”

  • Jusathot |

    The cynical notion about “rascals in – rascals out” – with the accompaniment musical chairs drama – Pakistan will NOT move forward and see any change that matters – until and unless, the SYSTEM is completely overhauled – with a newer breed of leaders and politicians and an ALTERNATIVE set-ups from the “old-boys-networks” a.k.a. The Establishment. But that would require a mass mobilization and widespread organizing like the forces for change unleashed in many other parts of the world. Let’s hope and pray and do more to reach our destination (noble endeavors). Allah will help those who help themselves!

  • EkPakistani |

    Haha .. here we go again .. this is what our awaam can do. Everyone considers him/herself to be a leader and has all solutions to improve the country. I guess making any amount of noise on this website or any other forum won’t make an iota of difference. Save this effort, energy and time and pray to Allah — as Pakistan cannot survive unless a miracle happens…

  • amina |


  • KarimG |

    the slogan is:

    “Name your price Mr. 10%” for leaving us alone

  • Imtiaz |

    I do not want to use dirty words here on this nobel website but Mr. Zardari deserve these.

    I like the slogan

    “Name your price Mr. 10% for leaving us alone”

    Mr. 10% want to become Mr. 100% . He will sell Pakistani Nuclear Assets, He is even worse than Musharraf.


    May Allah Help Pakistan

  • shobz |

    doc as i mentioned i dont care for him or nawaz. musshy was a better choice if only he hadnt made a big mess with the judiciary. too bad that people reacted too fast. enjoy the spoils.

  • SB chaudhary |

    zardari looted a bank in moro at the age of 18 and had gunshot injury at his foot by the guard ,,,,,, but if he is changed then we are the luckiest nation ,.