Nationwide Dharnas on 28th from 12:00-2:00pm

We apologize for any inconvenience in advance. as the judicial movement has exhausted all avenues for a amicable resolution and with the numerous broken promises by Asif Zardari in regards to Restoration of Judiciary, we feel its important to peacefully send a message and have decided to hold a Dharna for a period of two hours which might result in traffic being disrupted in certain section around the country at the following locations

For now our message is directed towards the ex-President Musharraf and the new incoming Presidential nominee Asif Zardari to undo the actions of 2nd November and restore that Judiciary as it stood then. Our message is strong enough to urge you to join us also if you do not want Zardari as President, you MUST join us today to fight for rule of law. Chaudhry Iftikhar did put a stay order on the illegal NRO which has sadly opened the door for the return of Asif Ali Zardari poised to make a mess out of our country

JOIN US today and stand up against the possibility of seeing Zardari becoming President of Pakistan and recommence the looting and plundering of our nations wealth. The next generation of Pakistanis may not forgive you !


Lawyers have decided to aggregate at 11:30 at City Courts and then proceed down MA Jinnah Road at 12:00PM to finally stop at a location near State Bank and sit there till 2:00pm
Contact Person: Riaz Ahmed

Meet outside the Aiwaan-e-Adal on Mall Road and head towards Chairing cross down Mall Road and stop in front of the Lahore Assembly at 12 PM.
Contact Person : Ahmed Saleemi

12 – 2 pm
Please choose location closest to you
Kuchery Chowk, (Sohail)
Liaqat Bagh, Outside Benazir Assassination spot (Malik Waheed Anjum)
Pirwadai More (Malik Siddiq)
Contact Person: Samad Khurram

Meet at Zero Point 11 45 PM. Dharna on Zero Point at 12 PM
Contact Person: Jameel Abassi

Contact numbers are available and can be obtained on request here


6 responses to “Nationwide Dharnas on 28th from 12:00-2:00pm”

  1. notanky Avatar

    Dant mian the is over for ganga Sharif and Braister Atizaz ahsen this is re appiontment not restoration of your 2nd nov adlia in othar words Dant babu mush 3rd nov actions has been accepted by american installed democracy . atizaz ahsen is a big tout of Zardari he gona jump from boat very soon o my deer Dant r u going for Dharnas by the way dont wast your time Iftikhar ch is history like mush better he should open notary public now some where in RAIWIND and attest gangas papers.Dant now put your energy on economics of pakistan u know no money no honey .

  2. Faisal.K Avatar

    Gluck my friend 🙂 and take an umbrella its hot outside!!!

  3. Freedom Avatar

    @ Awab

    Mush (Hero of Obi-Wan-Kenobi) is gone. (Thank God)

    Now lets focus on Food, Energy, Jobs, Education, and yeah that Big Fat Growing Civil War in NWFP and Baluchlands…..

    Or lets watch Pakistan break apart while we clap on for judges.

  4. tauseef Avatar

    Please provide the contact number of persons.

  5. imran Avatar

    what would one do, when he has tons of free time and nothing better to do… dharna or what else?

  6. guYasir Avatar

    According to TIP (Transparency International Pakistan) 2006 public survey in which our Judiciary came up at #3 means got 3rd position in corruption.
    1st position goes to our perverse-police 2nd position goes to our Black-WAPDA 3rd position goes to juju-judiciary which held 4th position in 2002 survey. that was the condition of our judiciary in 04/06 now current movement of wuklacola is seem either part of dis corruption or eradicating dis corruption?.
    I’m wondering to find out but I’m in favor of strong honest judiciary which never got 3rd position in injustice/corruption but rather get 1st position in Justice without being bias to one side to another which is their main role without caring who’s landlord and whose not.
    every1 should be an equal in judiciary eye but unfortunately contrary is going on in judiciary which turned judiciary 3rd most corrupted dept of Pakistan.
    Judiciary is being handicapped by Plutocracy and their cronies in order to avoid capture so they got Carte blanche to do whatever they want to do in the guise of democracy or dictatorship.Think Again