Living with Corruption

Guest Post by Silence

Corruption and governance goes together in developing countries, especially the third world where democratic process is influenced by bloodline, money politics, feudalism, intervention of imperialist powers through military and religious exploitations. The process becomes more painful when the society is trying to develop from under develop, while profiled as ‘high risk investment zones’ these countries need investment for development, the clever investor who is aware of this fact bargains for softer terms and governments are unable to deny, the rules are relaxed and projects vital for survival of society are given to these investors, an example of this is can be the IPP’s in past Benazir Bhutto’s regime in Pakistan which was widely criticized at that time but proved to be a lifeline for Pakistan’s industry in following decade. It’s not a national interest which forces the governments to relax the rules, once relaxed in broader national interests, these rules become a tool for corruption and personal benefits, the prime examples are Pakistan’s defense agreements, where an Air Force Chief got kick backs of Billion of $ and many politicians like Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif multiplied their holdings, Shaukat Azaiz sold the national institutions for personal gains and was forced to stop from handing over Pakistan Steel and a PIA owned hotel in New York by Supreme Court and Pakistan Senate respectively, the father in law of former dictator Pervez Musharraff got the contract of elevated Rail track in Karachi for five times higher bid from national exchequer then the Chinese company offered and that too on soft loan basis.

That’s not the end, the country I am living presently was a model of development for decades in developing world, one weekend while I was on a pleasure ride of motorbike with my Canadian friend to a resort hill nearby our housing, we were surprised that a few kilometers bridge on ocean existed just behind our houses to connect the mainland with an Island, standing on top of hill and surrounded by beautiful clouds watching the beautiful bridge, we asked a local about that bridge and answer was “It’s bridge to no where”, to our utter surprise, the contract of that bridge was given to oblige somebody, the second most surprising project I cam across was a ‘Slaughter House” built by public funds and capable of slaughtering entire population of animals in country in a single year, obviously it didn’t operated a single day from its installation.

The situation reminds me of a quote and policy statement of most respected former Prime Minister in Muslim world who turned his country in to a model of development “Let the cake grow and everyone have a bite”. There were a lots of failed projects awarded in his regime on political and personal grounds while the rules were being relaxed to achieve development and in the same time there was huge development in infrastructure and industrialization, the end result is the most developed nation in Muslaim world, not a bad achievement.

I always wonder, is corruption, incompetence, personal gains a valid reason for toppling the democratic governments by equally corrupt military dictators in uniforms? The answer can be obtained from developed world, President Bush, while accomplishing the “Neo Con” agenda, pushed United States of America in to two unwanted and undesirable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which were initiated on false facts and have proven a disaster for economy and military of the worlds strongest economic and military power, they are facing a shameful defeat on military front and their economy is heading nose down, but surprisingly inside the military ranks of the biggest supporter of dictatorship in world, no general took over in wake of stupid decisions of a ‘cow boy president’. There are undeniable proofs of politicians and oil companies owned by the President and Vice President getting benefits from this war and many defense contracts being awarded as political favor to sponsor corporations of politicians, but still a chance is being given to the political system to refine itself by American public.

We, a source less and helpless nation at time of independence in 1947 were subjected to dictatorship by General Iskindar Mirza, who was a great grand son of the ‘notorious traitor Mir Jafar’ and subsequently were victims of Ayub, Yahya, Ziaul Haq and Musharraff on the sole ground of incompetence and corruption of political leaders and most of times these corruption and incompetence allegations were a result of agencies propaganda and part of plan of imperialist powers.

Considering such military intervention as a valid ground, there should have been several military intervention inside the biggest champion of democracy USA itself, but unfortunately this always happens in the third world countries where imperialism have its interests and these interests demand a ‘one man show’, as dealing with a one weak man in uniform is easier for imperialism then dealing with politicians who at some stage have to think about public opinion.

Although every nation and society deserves to be ruled by a transparent and honest leadership but there can be certain exemptions, even corrupt and incompetent political leadership opens doors for better a ‘better choice’ in future and must be given a chance in third world democratic process, the system and awareness in people will ultimately replace the corrupt and incompetent with more transparent and capable leadership. The same process through which the ‘Champion of democracy’ and biggest violator of it, went through in 200 years.

Obviously, we the Pakistani’s deserve better, we have some of the finest professionals in world, we posses some of the biggest natural resources, we have the most hard working people on planet and we have a desire to excel, what we need its to undergo the natural process of transformation.

If, Fatimah Jinnah was not defeated by a Dictator Ayub through state machinery, if Bhutto was not assassinated by a General and if Nawaz was not handcuffed by a dictator, undoubtedly our political institutions would have been a lot better then today, but its not late, we need to give a chance to system to work, we need to wait for political process to mature and bring some fine, honest and capable leaders but we can not skip the process itself for a refinement in leadership.

We have to live with corruption and incompetence and let the system refine itself, we have to bear the incompetence for competence, there is no quick fix in form of dictatorship and military take over’s, not 200 years as USA but we need to give system some tome, there is a better tomorrow. This is what makes me live with corruption, the hope for a better tomorrow then under a dictatorship which takes away decade of our national development and our future and we end up at the beginning.

Let’s live with corruption for a transparent tomorrow and let the system refine itself while working as a pressure group to force leadership make right decisions but still giving them a chance rather then killing the machanism itself for idealism.


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  1. Faisal.K Avatar

    To quote a friend

    “Musharraf ke isteefay pe sochta hun faraz

    woh tu khusbu hay hawon me bikhar jaye ga

    masla tu ab mulk ka hay jisay zardari nigal jaye ga”

  2. Kashif-x Avatar

    Wah Wah, excellent shair !

  3. Salman Avatar

    Beautiful words Faisal.K. I hope you can translate them for the non-urdu understanding visitors.

  4. KarimG Avatar

    It is a sad commentary but unfortunately true. Pakistan and countries like it have just been passed from one group of tormentors to other, from foreign colonials to local. Regardless of what one says, revolutions are bloody but neccesary “RESETS” in shaping the destiny of countries, Pakistan never had a revolution, it was always ruled by rich elitists and fuedals. Communist or Islamic, the country needs a ‘revolutionary reset’ where the generational hold of lands, industries, politics and resources are snatched from the hold hands. This whole business of “Chote Log” and “Bare Log” must end. Down with the Bhuttos and the Mians, down with the Chuadhrys and Bugtis, down with Pagaras and Khwajas…down with all of them. The day of the regular Joe in the street must come, enough already!

  5. nomi Avatar

    theoretically the comments against dictatorship is correct, but unfortunately dictatorship has always done more good than bad for Pakistan. Ask yourself, were you happy in nawaz era or musharraf era (put aside ur personal interest and political affiliation for a moment.)
    comparing US with Pakistan will not be correct, both of them have different dynamic. and as a test case, look at the economic progress of Bangladesh after the takeover by a military takeover. for your kind information bangladesh currency value has surpassed Pakistani rupee. now u cannot say the traditional statement ‘ takay ki auqat nahin hai” (doesnt worth a takka)

  6. ConsiderThis Avatar

    The intention of the Writer (or should I say a PEEPLA :

    1) Accept the corruption of Zardari Gang for *FUTURE* possible development of Pakistan.

    Its like putting tax on Prostitution earnings and claiming that the business will bring prosperity to the country.

    Then why can’t people argue to accept dictatorship for the development of Pakistan [and they can claim :Already proved and not a speculation].

    2)….intervention of imperialist powers through military and religious exploitations

    The writer tries to convince the readers that imperialist powers only intevene through the military and religious exploitations.

    Dear writer, I don’t know about you, but I had my eyes open when BB was performing pilgrimage to Washington day and night to convince them to give her another chance.

    BB, got another chance on the promises general people didn’t know. We living in the west had seen how the govt and the media reacted on the death of BB. It was like they lost the bigger solder on their side.

    And sir, who else do you call the Imperialist? Are not they the same people who gave BB a second coming?

    And sir, restoration of Judiciary is the foundation stone for the development of Pakistan and not the placement of thugs and pimps in the Parilament and President House.

  7. Living with corruption!!!!! Avatar
    Living with corruption!!!!!

    Its a shame that Ignorants in our society are asking us to follow the corrupt because they might lead us to *Development*….

    Read this story of one more ELECTED CORRUPT BASTARD

    Read at BBC

  8. Jusathot Avatar

    @Silence: ” … we need to give a chance to system to work …. We have to live with corruption and incompetence …”

    Wow! It’s like saying that since the existing System (the old-boys-networks a.k.a. The Establishment) is the only game in town, the implication being that it is the only one we ever could have. In other words, we can’t fight it and should “work within it”. Moreover, the defenders of the status quo will argue that a breakdown in “this” system would create chaos and maybe the so-called “Islamic bogeymen” will take over!

    In other words, there is no room for alternatives – as the alternatives could be monstrous! Wow! Such fearful drum beating is meant to keep people away from entertaining ideas about new socio-politico arrangement – i.e. an alternative system.

    This is the mantra from the likes of Bhutto-Zardaries for their own selfish and vested interests – for the sake of grabbing power and thereby the access to the keys to the National Exchequer. Such games have led to the break-up of the country and the breaking of people into small pieces – each divided and fighting for their own turf. No wonder, they are the perfect candidates for the Uncle Sams of this world! – who through their proxies at the GHQ, wants to keep this game (Read: System) going for their own ends!

    All this while, the radicalism by the groupies of Zardari-Bhutto, et al to go against the Establishment was just a show. The moment the sucker (Mush) who had reached the point of diminishing return with uncle sam was kicked out – these folks are back to their old devices. As long as, the lobotomised and corrupt leader belongs to their “camp”, s/he becomes kosher. Wow!

    These folks are part of the problem and not part of the solution in Pakistan.

  9. darakhshanda Avatar

    Musharraf’s father in law died ages ago….long before he came into power….get ur facts right dude.
    Nice shair …Faisal.

  10. guYasir Avatar

    Well my 2day topic is based on our country two ruling class i mean Dictatorship and Democracy and their rampant corruption.
    Its hard to distinguish in between 2 D’s. D stand for Devil in both case due to their corruption. isn’t it?
    I also feel that both are derive from each other, isn’t seem so?. I bet our mass-media is muzzle and it doesn’t show truth I feel proud to no longer a part of tame media despite being getting many modeling and newscast/anchor offer but I denied because I feel 1st I’m unable to face camera 2nd I’m unable to speak lie in front of camera to disguise public and make money, no way. Media always tells lie in guise of Democracy and spreading infidels agenda by lying, vying and showing stupefied shows, seminars and concerts. We public is just distracted by Entertainment, Sports and Trivia.
    Media is being tightly controlled by an illuminati backed bankers aka Freemasons. like J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. remember D stand for Devil.

    Well Mush literally wasn’t as bad as we thought.. His took over from Nawaz didn’t hurt at all but 90% public went against him when he decided to provide complete assistance to US forces to wage war in Afghanistan from Pakistan air bases. why he bow down on US demands, to find out You’ve to visit and read

    The new democratic gov will do the same as Mush was doing before ’em. Nothing gonna change as falsely claim by democratic parties. same operation will be carry on in FATA somewhat relieve in Balochistan but not full relieve, power problem will remain worse and their perverse policies and bashing budget in which petrol hiking on 87 CNG 44 everything goes up and it cannot be down as our gullible public think so, it just because we’re dwelling under massive devil-debt and dollar getting higher.what the heck is going on?

    We should seek Theocracy same that was in Ottoman rein and we and esp our media should denounce democracy which is more malignant than Dictatorship.Democracy is a ruse for those who are rubes. Are you?

  11. d0ct0r Avatar

    @darakhshanda actually he meant Bilal Musharraf’s father in law

  12. notanky Avatar

    Dant mian thanks finally u comming out from Mush paranoia and comming into reality whih is ugly and cruel.But if u gus still wont wake up buddy Zordari of BEmbino cinema gona drink u alive but it is too late for u dant american istalled democrazy gona suck u poor people alive long live democrazy and long live Dalda adlia run by Ganga sharif u guys should have no complant u voted them not me enjoy dant with Imf fund and SHARIF- ZARDARI.MARK MY WORD DANT NOW DOWN THE ROAD AND SO ON U WILL REMMEBER MUSH EVERY DAY WHEN U GONA DEAL WITH THESE CRROOKS ITS TOO LATE DANT ITS TOO LATE and i dont see any future of pakistan.KEEP RUNING ON STREET AND DO DHARNA DANT GOOD FOR TIME PASSING BEACUSE ONLY THING U HAVE IS A LOT OF FREE TIME SO WHY NOT.

  13. Romeo Avatar


    Don’t worry dude, Zardari will face the same fate as a USED CONDOM (MUSH).

    No body said that getting rid of MUSH will be the last step, it may very well be the first, who knows.

    The struggle for Fair and Powerful Judiciary should move on.

  14. KarimG Avatar

    Well then…so if I understand correctly we have the road map for AGLE SATH SAL! New MUSH followed by New Zardari followed by New Sharif followed by New MUSH…sounds like a nasty musical chair…

  15. notanky Avatar

    ROMEO,sir gee both Ganga and Zardari shaib were used condom but recyled at Langly plant in viginia .One more thing bro what is concept of Azad adlia u have i would like to know what r the perameters so we say this adlia is azad and u think after all this CJ should restore after knowing all fact he tout for Ganga sharif of raiwand think again?

  16. guYasir Avatar

    According to TIP (Transparency International Pakistan)2006 survey revealed top 10 most corrupted dept of Pak.
    In most corrupted province of pak in which punjab got #1 position while sindh 2nd and 3rd Balochistan 4th NWFP
    What an honor of being Pakistani? dying for democracy which is real cause for all corruption.
    There are many flaws in democracy to find out plz read

  17. KarimG Avatar

    Sorry guYasir, disagree with you. You can’t have any thing MORE corrupt than other. I give EACH and EVERY Pakistani institution Numero Uno…we are a proud nation, we don’t settle for any thing less than the top position!

  18. Silence Avatar

    Thanks, it was a typing errore.


    You seriously need to learn what are requirements for a revolution and should be social composition….in a society where one group is explioting majority and an ideaological force unites people and able to take over state machinary by power.

    In our case in each town and villege a ‘war lord’ is sitting with his own ideaology and armed group……in such places there can only be a civil war, not a revolution.

    Just take Karachi as an example, if one group wants to take over by force and establish a version of “Otoman Empire, lets suppose, its Taliban, what will happen.

    First Taliban have several groups inside them with their own concept of Islam, next Mohajirs will cutting throat of Pashtoons, Sindhi will be killing Punjabi, Sunni Vs Jamiat, and Sipah Sahaba VS Shia……what else is called civil war?

    As these all groups have their armed gangs and none is in position to take over entire Karachi, what to talk about whole country where thousands of such war lords exist with their personal armies.

    Still you think of a revolution?

  19. Freedom Avatar

    This nation is asleep, forget revolution.

  20. Chohan Avatar


    According to Silence, the nation should let Zardari and Altaf gang f#ck their as#es, because they are coming out of democracy.

    As far as Khilafah is concerned , we Pakisatanis are like those Jews who would rather see Jesus crucified than embrace him as a Prophet. Just because we are brainwashed enough.

    But don’t loose hope, Allah didn’t create Pakistan so that plunderes and their Generations can pollute this land with corruption as much as they want.

  21. guYasir Avatar

    @silence, please learn to write ideaology spelling correction ideology. yah i want strong revolution, regarding civil war hmm i guess its a 1st step towards ‘revolution’ isn’t it?
    you don’t wanna be a part of any revolution and doesn’t know how it will occur while you are happy to live in dis current sordid-system.
    I believes the “left” versus “right” split is fraudulent and used to control the debate and condition citizens to think along certain lines.
    Sooner or later people will wake up. 1st we have to dump the trap of right and left. This is a Hegelian trap to divide and control.
    Similarly, in the international field left and right political structures are artificially constructed and collapsed in the drive for one-world synthesis, i.e. authoritarian socialism controlled by monopoly capital.

  22. Silence Avatar

    “””But don’t loose hope, Allah didn’t create Pakistan so that plunderes and their Generations can pollute this land with corruption as much as they want””””

    Yes, leave it to Allah.

    You all pathatic littel corrupts (including me) when on keyboard are the finest human beings and the moment we pass the door of our homes, we turn in to ethicless monsters who are ready to kill, loot, bribe and find every oppertunity for taking away whats not our right!

    Psychology of a nation can be judged from its traffic acurately, just stand by some road and look how we behave on roads…..this is how we behave in our real lives.

    Leaving on allah is the best thing to do!

    You got who you voted for and you will get what you deserve, and what you are inside you, might be its too late when ‘Allah’ sends his help!

  23. karachi khatmal Avatar

    if i wasn’t crying, i would be laughing. actually i AM laughing.

    here’s one thing i have learnt though. these vast conspiracies that we weave are hatched and kept alive inside our own minds.

    the simple truth seems to be is that people and institutions act in their self interest. when those that are victimised try to make sense of their exploitation, they create a narrative which gives birth to such fancy conspiracy theories.

    a case in point is the allegations made by our friend who turned down modelling/anchoring offers from the devious pakistani media.

    there seems to be a general perception that the pak media has some unified agenda. nothing could be further from the truth. they are generally incompetent, and lazy and usually dishing out whatever they can in time for the bulletins. i make this claim because i am on the inside. there is no illuminati per se, it is just their self interests which are pointing currently to a certain direction.

    what we need it a unifying ideology to define our identity.

    but we won’t arrive at that until we clean up our own act. i loved the comment about the traffic. it defines how we are. if you disagree, try obeying traffic laws to the hilt for a week. it either changes you, or you go back to your old self.

    which is pretty much what being in pakistan is like.