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HUMOR: Pakistan Post launches new postage stamp for Zardari

Pakistan Post has launched a commemorative postage stamp for our new President of Pakistan Honorable Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

PS: The price tag of 20 crore [$2.6 million] you’ll have to rob a bank to even have the honor of affixing this stamp on your letters – BTW cats out of the bag run for the hills


  • Mustafa |

    This stamp should come as a set of two, the second stamp should be available for 10% of Rs 20 Crore.


    i would not even shit on this stamp even if some gives me 20 Crore .

    This thing is such a big shock to the nation that one of teacher always begins with the sentence with “Zardari as president of my god save us all”

  • zaheer |

    is this president’s Food Stamp for the poor of Pakistan?
    it should be finding its place soon on all the letters of intent by the new breed of fossil fuel hungry IPPs. Let it be out for public.

  • Teeth Maestro |


    ROTFL –> heck with the tall investment to simply buy the first day issue – id spit on both sides just to be careful, you don’t want to loose this stamp in the mail now

  • yaseen |

    there is not need to spit because it will automatically stick on your page.just place and press it.its the magic of the stamp.

  • BAKHSH |

    What about a stamp about nawaz sharif. he is also not less


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