Geo News Blocked in Sindh

Its just being reported that Geo News transmission has been blocked in certain areas of Karachi – I personally can verify that the Geo News feed on Worldcall is dead, while the GeoTv website has this to report

KARACHI: Geo Network’s transmission has been stopped in most parts of Karachi. Cable operators blocked the transmission of Geo Network in a number of areas across the city on Monday, without assigning any reason for the stoppage.

People are making phone calls to the Geo’s Headquarter, asking for the reason as to why Geo News and other channels of Geo Network have been blocked.

If this blockage is limited to Karachi then might we suspect a fumbled catch between Shakil ur Rehman and MQM PPP? Deja Vu anyone?

UPDATE @1327: Geo TV website reports that this blockage is spread across the entire province of Sindh – and PEMRA has no knowledge of this blockage – story



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13 responses to “Geo News Blocked in Sindh”

  1. Altaf K. Utta Avatar
    Altaf K. Utta

    I think this is linked to the Geo report regarding that false news of Mustafa Kamal being the second best mayor.

  2. mustafa Avatar

    @Altaf K. Utta, i am guessing so

  3. d0ct0r Avatar

    Karachi Hyderabad Mirpurkhas and Sukkar . MQM got its unit/Sector terror cells in these very cities .

    Either Geo by mistake issued a clarification about the false propaganda being done by MQM about world’s 2nd best mayor or maybe MQM is unhappy about not getting enough coverage in media for Altaf’s telephonic address in North Nazimabad karachi in which he asked his militia members to get arms licenses ready, buy new guns , do some shooting practice and enroll in security guard agencies (Altaf and his militia would be in security guard business as well, i am not sure how many of the rich folks would be comfortable to have Altaf Dakait’s Militia as their security guard.)

  4. d0ct0r Avatar

    As usual all of this would be conveniently blamed on Awam-E-rad-A-amal or unknown elements .

  5. khi Avatar

    ahm ahm … where is unazia?

  6. Arshad H. Zubairi Avatar
    Arshad H. Zubairi

    it is not at all related to MQM, actually yesterday in capital talk Mr. Hamid chellanges Moulana Sahib and uses very un professional language which presentor should not use as he should be a un biased person. This termination related to the same as most of caple operator in Karachi are phatans and they reacted now..

  7. mustafa Avatar

    there is something else going around, if this is cuz of moulana , why they didnt block GEO transmission in Sarhad,Balochistan aur Punjab

  8. nota Avatar

    Yesterday’s Capital Talk made it pretty clear who’s behind this act, without naming “them”. But Editor Khushnood Ali Khan of Daily Jinnah went a step further and stated:

    “Ataf Hussain had an event in London to celebrate the landmark victory of Mustafa Kamal to be delared world 2nd Best Mayor. Geo and ARY did not broadcast this event Live as per the desire of MQM Leadership that made them furious. Farooq Sattar, then ordered blocking these channels through cable operators. On contact by Chairman PEMRA Malik Mushtaq, Farooq Sattar replied that if they will not show speech of Altaf Bhai, then how (dare) they can run their channels”.

  9. Aman Avatar

    Hello All,
    I think altaf hassain gives speaches so many times in a month , and they have never asked or got furious on any TV channel to brodcast his speach , than why now they will do so ? As far as the world second mayor award is concerned thats not a big deal, Mustafa Kamal has done a great job for karachi so for karachides he is already NO.1.
    There is something else going around this could be molana sahib issue as hamid mir challeged moulana fazl-ur-rehman as moulana sahib calling the Jews Agents.there may be some other thing , but one could not beleive in govt stand as they do not know who gave order for this , thats what makes me confused govt has to see this issue very seriously otherwise this could lead them to another scandal , i wish all , All The Best.

  10. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    the honey moon is over the heirs of gen pervez musharraf will defend the patrimony by any and all means neccesary.
    they may not cause considerable damage to electronic media but bloggers can be dismayed by rampant use of state terorrism.

  11. decent guy Avatar
    decent guy

    Its no longer the matter of award which was awarded to Mustafa Kamal, coz everybody knows he has done praisworthy job for karachi, so for karachides he is already NO.1.
    I ask all of U 1 question that for any act terrorism in punjab will U blame PML-N?

  12. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ decent guy,

    your question is politically “indecent”, there are
    plenty of others in Punjab e.g
    1. Mullah Fazlu with his patty-in-Geo the bad-khaslat and
    atleast 4 hords of takfiri talibi badmaash Taifah,
    Punjab is infested with 150.000 Dargahs Gaddis where
    Indian Raw freshly arrived from Indian Punjab is
    fishing already.

    2. PPP’s jialays and Altafi bulldogs ready for the show.

    3. PML.Q is apparantly neutralised, but who knows ?

    4. heavey concentration in E.Punjab of Batilans.

    5. PML.N has no “terrorists” agenda, how can you blame
    them, but they should keep any eye on the above.

    NB. Mustaf Kamal, should he be kept appart, remaining,
    MQM’s Altaf he can expand his agenda and participate
    in any terrorist rendez-vous. Or else, can you say
    he has’nt done his homework in Punjab ? once a
    terrorist, always a terrorist.

  13. Aman Avatar

    We always use word terrorist very easily for any one , but actually we do not try to find out the facts , who is behind all the scenes , whats is actually going on , pakistani politics is turning out to be a dirtiest politics where people always keep blaming others for any action , they never come forward to stop something before it happens , once it is done , every one come for there own publicity to condemn it . These all are actually culprits for what ever is happening in pakistan , may ALLAH save us all.