Brazilian cartoonist on Gaza Genocide

[singlepic id=1005 w=100 h=240 float=right]Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff creates artworks that call on the world to condemn Israeli holocaust of Gaza. 


Carlos Latuff’s statement on his Deviant Art website

I’d like to beg all viewers to spread this image anywhere, as a way to expose Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Use it on t-shirts, posters, banners. Reproduce it in zines, papers, magazines, and make it visible everywhere. Here is the high-resolution version for printing purposes: link]    

Thank you in the name of every suffering Palestinian. 



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22 responses to “Brazilian cartoonist on Gaza Genocide”

  1. Raza Avatar

    Already posted his work on my blog. TM, also circulate the blogs from gaza on the web so that people get to read the real story from inside gaza. Some of them are here:

  2. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    the photos are witness of the Genocide by the

    Israeli Nazis, shamfull spectacle watched in cold blood

    by the savage blood-thirsty Israeli nazi young pigs.

    I wounder why is it called
    ” le massacre courageux a distance des enfants de Gaza ”

    can you explain ?

  3. hina Avatar

    @Asad Ali

    sorry i couldnt understand the language in the mentioned link but the the pictures made me cry.

    i wish we could take revenge from these pigs,

    i wonder what would pigs feel if i call them israelis!

    i found the link in this blog

  4. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Hina,

    its beyond speaking or writing power, I thought
    I was so strong, but, Oh my God ! its just enough,
    I went to the link you gave, and there, I discovered
    the horrors of Genocide, I wanted to communicate with
    the french blog to ask them ( German or French ), but
    impossible, the more I went thru, more I discovered,
    My God its unbearable, The Genghiz Khan and Tatars are
    all left behind.

  5. Hina Avatar

    @Asad Al & Hina: You can use a translation service to translate the web page from French to English:

  6. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    its not the question of translation ! why have they
    used such expression ? what was behind it?
    I can translate it, it says

    ” the courageous massacre of Gaza
    children from distance “

  7. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    I have informed many of my acquaintenses of the
    horror, I hope you
    continue informing others, I have seen some photos
    on PTV shown by Palestinian authority in Islamabad.
    which was only 1 %
    we are going to watch it tonight at a gathering,
    its going to be very shocking for many Europeans !!

  8. hina Avatar

    @Asad Ali

    isnt it a COURAGEOUS massacre of Gaza
    CHILDREN from DISTANCE!!!!!!!


    the only battle that this coward army could fight courageously!

    and getting big achievements_according to their chief…rubbish!

    because they can not fight face to face with ARMED Mujahids….

  9. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ hina,

    can you urgently confirm the website

    http:/ 2008

    Dr Jawwadkhan could’nt confirm its not validity ?

  10. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ hina,

    can you urgently confirm the website

    http:/ 2008

    Dr Jawwadkhan could’nt confirm its validity ?

  11. hina Avatar

    @Asad Ali

    kia matlab?why care validity!

    arent the pictures there enough to show the crimes of Israel?

  12. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    no, no, i just wanted to say that Dr.jawwadkhan,
    apparently, could’nt have access to the website.

    nothig to do with ” that” validity, I am trying to
    convince people to make din 3 and din2 size of photo
    pasting them to placards and use them during demos.

  13. mohammed Avatar

    The best portryal of the Gaza Massacar, hopefully the persons involved might get some lesson

  14. Anna Gwen Avatar
    Anna Gwen

    Interestingly when Israelis have been massacred by Palestinians in suicide bombs, the israeli reaction does not even come close to mirroring the irrational and illogical hatred demonstrated by some people on this site. It is also interesting that the very same people who express their irrational venom against Israelis do not bat an eye when the israelis are vicitms of terror. Anyone can post a picture of that will make you cry. It doesn’t matter if the child is Israeli, palestinian or whatever. Hate will consume you and do nothing to help the people in Gaza. All Hamas had to do was stop sending rockets. They didn’t.

  15. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Anna Gwen,

    your remarks are not only naive, but also biased,
    based on inhuman savage analysis, then, of course,
    your lesson ended up with a monkey morality, your
    appriciation on this genocide is shameful and distorting

    How many Israelis have been massacred since 1948 ?

    How many Palestinians, deported, exterminated,
    displaced, bombarded with chemical bombs, phosporus ?
    ethnically cleansed and Genocided ?, I will massacre you
    with figures if you dare respond ? let me tell you,
    Israel has created a concentration camp, an aushwitz
    in Gaza with 12 meter high walls all around with no
    outsider observers, and kill them, maime them, when ever
    they want with the complices of US. Israel is worst than
    the Nazi bastards.
    Tell me, don’t you have irrational venom against Hitler
    and the Holocaust, the same, now, and today perpetrated
    by Israelis on Palestinians.
    You want Hamas to stop sending home made projectiles
    which never killed any Israeli pig, while you want to
    exterminate them and occupy their land eternally ???

    before it was Palestinians, then it was Fatah Arafat,
    then it was…… and now its Hamas, I think you guys
    need a blow on your bloody faces.

  16. anna gwen Avatar
    anna gwen

    So you have just admitted that you harbour an ‘irrational hatred’ towards all things israeli. mmmm so that does not make you very objective, very clear thinking, or very good at advocating peace does it?

    Take a yoga class, chill out, get some perspective. There are two sides to every story, not just your side.

    How do you know I am one of ‘them.’ You keep referring to ‘you guys’ but you have no idea who I am or where I come from. Or is it your ‘irrational hatred’ that makes you see everyone and everything in black and white?

    No, I don’t have an irrational hatred of Hitler. Don’t like what he did, but irrational hatred is a pathetic thing. It means you don’t think straight, you are driven by irrational thoughts and you can’t be objective. Irrational hatred will just eat you up and it certainly doesn’t help the palestinian people or your ’cause.’

    Irrational hatred = throw more rockets = get another hammering from Israel. Maybe its time you tried another method. Less hatred, less irrationality and more peace.

    Hey there’s an idea…did YOU ever think of that, or is irrational hatred you raison d’etre?

  17. anna gwen Avatar
    anna gwen

    You justify everything the palestinians do. Throwing rockets, launching suicide bombers. You justify every atrocity and massacre of israelis by palestinians because you claim israelis are ‘on palestinian land’. Well my friend, that claim is very controversial and not everyone will agree with you. You cannot justify palestinian violence against Israelis and then in the same breath condemn israeli violence against palestinians.

    If you condemn israeli violence then you have to condem all violence and that includes the launching of rockets, suicide bombers etc..

    If you think it is ok to kill israeli children because palestinians have a ‘good reason’ then you cannot condemn israelis who kill palestinian children because they also think they ‘have a good reason.’

    The palestinian justification for violence towards israel STINKS, and the Israeli justification for violence towards palestinians also STINKS.

    As far as I can see the only difference is the israelis don;t seem to target civilians on purpose, whereas the palestinian suicide bombers walk into crowds of civilians in nightclubs and bars on purpose. Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas on purpose.

    My conclusion. They seem to care more about their own people whereas Hamas seem to care more about winning and less about the casualties they cause by using civilians as human shields.

    If you keep going on about israelis been on ‘your land’ then you’re never going to make peace. It will just be an eternal fight to the death. If that’s what you want then don;t complain about the number of casulaties because with that attitude you can expect even more casualties year after year.

    No international body is going to make israel dissapear off the map. So you either better learn to live with it, or continue to fight, and lose thousands of civilians year after year.

    As I said, the palestinian extremists don’t seem to care how many of their people they sacrifice in their ‘holy fight’ so it looks like the poor civilians stuck in the middle don’t stand a chance.

  18. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ anna gwen,

    you hav’nt answered my single line, instead,
    you wrote all over nothing but symtoms of
    “kreutzfeldyakob disease”, bullshit, Catho-European
    moralities, particularly when they have finished with
    jewish holocaust, now they teach moralities to others,
    stuff like rational and irrational.
    European responsiblities in the ordeal of Palestinians
    is clear and net, Europeans were and still are direct
    responsible of Palestinian plight.

    4.5 palestinians deported
    285.000 exterminated during 1948-60
    350.000 exterminated 1960-2008
    1460 already exterminated in january 2009
    486 were only children, at homes, clinics, schools
    5000 injured and invalid for life, maimed

    1.5 millions living in new auschwitz of Gaza

    every single line of your comments are nothing but a
    failed Zionist propaganda, deviating from “occupation,
    no solution, extermination, reducing the palestinian
    race by eliminating them, this is the nazi politics
    ” your final solution ”

    consult a good psychiatrist and keep on doing yoga,
    you might get the nirwana of absolute ecstase of the
    chosen race disrupted orgasm.

    please change your name, Gwen is too Irish !

  19. anna gwen Avatar
    anna gwen

    I’m sorry for you. You are clearly quite deranged in the head. Keep sending your message of war and hatred and all you will get in return is war and hatred.

    You, and people like you are directly responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza.

    Send rockets onto others and you will get nothing but rockets back.

    Good luck. You need it. Perhaps you should change YOUR name. Clearly you are a BIG waste of my time.


  20. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ yes, now you put your crimes and murders on

    other people this is what the zionist are good at

    doing in Europe, why should you think I be

    useful for your zionist ambitions, blaming always

    others for your own crimes against humanity

    you guys are worst than nazis if not pure nazis.

    you wasted time on me, you thought I would support

    your bullshit,lies and zionist propaganda and

    biased pacifism. its good that you disappear, don’t

    comeback with a different name.

  21. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ you arsehole zionist calling yourself “ELOHIM”
    you nazi bastard genocider of Palestinians
    you Hitler’s sperm.

    @ Anna Gwen

    you don’t have to change your sex and appear
    in zionist diety, you really deserve what you merit.

    The zionist whether Israeli or American its the same