We will not go down (Song for Gaza)

Michael Heart – Song for Gaza – We will not go down
My original intention to donate proceeds from the sale of the MP3 to charity has been complicated by technical matters; therefore, I have decided to make the song available free of charge. I would like to request that after downloading the song from this page, you kindly donate directly to a charity or an organization dedicated to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. Worthy of note is UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East), which has been helping Palestinian refugees since their dispossession in 1949.





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  1. Usama Zia Avatar

    Really a heart-touching song…

  2. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Nations are build on their own blood

  3. pknew Avatar

    The Turkish PM to israeli president


    Mr. Peres, you are older than me, yet your voice is so loud. The reason why your voice is so loud is because of a sinner's psychological disorder. My voice will not be as loud as yours. So keep that in mind.

    When it comes to killing, you know very well how to work this out. I know very well how you killed the children playing on the beach. I know two important statements from two of your Prime Ministers. Your Prime Ministers have said, "When I enter Palestine with tanks, I feel a great happiness inside", whereas you only give me numbers [for the Palestinians killed until now]. I can give you the names of those Prime Ministers, maybe some of you are curious to know. I also denounce and criticize those that applaud this injustice because applauding those who kill children and innocent people, I think, is inhuman. It is also a human mistake. We cannot leave the truth aside.

    I took a lot of notes [from Peres' talk] but I am not about to respond to all of them now, I just want to say a few words. Firstly, in the Sixth Commandments of the Tawrat, it is said: "You shall not kill" but we clearly can se that Israel has done mass killings. Secondly, it is very interesting that Jewish writer Gilad Arzmin has said "Israel barbarianism is beyond cruelty". Also, we have the professor of International Sciences at Oxford University, Avni Shlaim — who has also been an Israeli soldier — saying in The Guardian newspaper that "Israel is a country of burglars".

    From this point onwards, Davos is over for me and I will not come to Davos anymore because you did not let me speak freely. He [Peres] spoke for 25 minutes whereas you only let me speak for 12 minutes…this is unacceptable.[/quote]

  4. Marryam Chaudhry Avatar

    This is my first visit to your blog Awab, and the first thing I saw is te gaza song…Well done…this song is beautiful , very touching and very timely as well..the audio and visual combination make it a complete message.Thank you for posting it and a thanks ti Micheal for singing such powerful word! God Bless you all!

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