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The list of our ‘poor’ Senators

Senators in preparation of the upcoming Senate elections have filed their declaration of assets with the Election Commission of Pakistan & Dawn published an investigative summary outlining some prominent politicians and their ‘official’ declared wealth.  A run down through the list will make many wonder as to what might be the actual definition of the word ‘official’. Of which Israr Zehri incidentally happens to be the richest….

  1. Federal Minister Israrullah Zehri

    Israrullah Zehri who faced criticism for justifying the tradition of burying alive of three girls in Baluchistan as tribal tradition, is the richest Senator, he owns around 50,000 acres of agricultural lands worth several billions of rupees, mostly in Baluchistan. 25,000 acres of agricultural land in Kalat, 15,000 acres in Jhal Magsi, 5,000 acres in Khuzdar and 3,000 acres in Thatta. The value of land has not been shown in his statement as he alleges that he has inherited the land, and awaits to be distributed among his family members. Mr Zehri owns bungalows in Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta and runs a transport business and also owns a construction company. His statement shows he has Rs35 million in cash and Rs33 million in bank.

  2. Minister for Science and Technology Azam Khan Swati

    JUI-F leader owns huge properties inside and outside Pakistan, including nine houses in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi with an estimated value of Rs180 million. His statement shows he owns properties worth over $1.6 million in the US and two under construction residential towers in the UAE worth 20 million dirhams.

  3. Attorney-General Sardar Latif Khan Khosa

    Latif Khosa owns houses in Lahore, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Kasur, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, a flour mill, flats, offices, agricultural land and residential plots.

  4. PML-Q Senator Tariq Azim

    Tariq Azim is among a few parliamentarians who have declared their assets abroad. According to his statement, he owns a house in the UK with an estimated value of £600,000 and other assets worth £120,000. The value of his house in Islamabad is around Rs28 million.

  5. Deputy Chairman of Senate Jan Mohammad Jamali

    Has declared he did not own a car, suggesting they either travelled by public transport or used only luxury vehicles provided by the government.

  6. Senate Chairman Mohammedmian Soomro

    Who lives in a multi-hectare farmhouse and owns a luxury bungalow in the heart of the capital, declared the value of his immovable assets to be just Rs4.689 million. He owns houses in Karachi, Lahore, Jacobabad, Ahmedpur and Shikarpur. Among these, two houses have been gifted to Mr Soomro by his mother while the rest were also shared by his family members. The chairman has a Toyota 1998 valuing Rs350,000 only besides Rs892,324 in bank accounts.

  7. Deputy Chairman Jan Mohammad Jamali

    Jan Mohd Jamali, is among those Senators who do not own a car. His immovable assets are worth Rs20.1 million, including rice mills worth Rs10 million in Usta Mohammad. Mr Jamali has declared that he operates a bank account in which he has only Rs60,000. But he said he possessed jewellery worth Rs1.38 million and furniture worth Rs200,000.

  8. Leader of the House Mian Raza Rabbani

    Raza Rabbani is one of the luckiest lawmakers as he was ‘bestowed’ two properties as ‘gifts’ in posh areas in Lahore and Karachi worth Rs5 million each. He did not mention whether these properties were houses or plots and did not identify his benefactor. Mr Rabbani’s other assets include two cars, jewellery weighing 220 tolas, Rs446,000 in bank accounts and furniture worth Rs700,000.

  9. Leader of the Opposition Kamil Ali Agha

    Kmail Agha submitted a return showing a property worth Rs5.62 million along with moveable assets of Rs13.5 million. The vehicle he owned and furniture and money in his bank accounts was valued at just a ‘few’ million rupees.

  10. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Senator Babar Awan

    Has declared assets abroad, his properties inside Pakistan are worth Rs77.12 million. He has provided details about a property in Spain in which he has paid advance payment of Rs15 million. He has also declared he owns movable assets, including a law firm, worth Rs4.376 million. Mr Awan owns two vehicles and operates two bank accounts with Rs192.41 million and Rs8.383 million, respectively. He has also declared details of multi-million properties owned by his wife.

  11. Minister for Law and Justice Farooq H. Naek

    Farooq Naek, has declared immovable property of Rs10.201 million including plots and houses in Karachi besides an office worth Rs1.124 million. His movable assets are worth Rs10.379 million. Mr Naek has liabilities worth Rs5.669 million, including Rs3.23 million received through a crossed cheque on the closure of a foreign currency account operated by Mrs Nusrat Bhutto as her attorney.

  12. Ports and Shipping Minister Babar Ghauri

    Babar Ghauri owns properties worth Rs177.55 million and movable properties worth millions of rupees.

  13. Minister for Housing Rehmatullah Kakar

    Owns an ‘inherited’ property worth Rs130 million, 25 per cent share in a Quetta hospital and two kilograms of jewellery and millions of rupees in bank but he does not own any vehicle. He also owns millions of dollars and other foreign currency accounts in foreign and local banks. He has liabilities of $1.1 million payable to banks in the United States as loans.

  14. PML-N’s parliamentary leader in the Senate Ishaq Dar

    Owns immovable property in Pakistan worth Rs49.5 million while he owns a villa in the UAE for which he has paid 7.04 million dirhams. His assets also include four vehicles, two of them Mercedes. His other assets are worth millions in investments and bank accounts.

  15. Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Javed Ashraf Qazi

    Has declared immovable properties worth Rs19.1 million besides movable properties of Rs6.09 million and operates local and foreign currency accounts worth a few million.

  16. Senator Talha Mahmood of JUI-F

    Has declared his immovable property including three houses and a plot worth Rs500 million and Rs114 million movable assets. His liabilities stand at Rs150 million.

  17. PML-Q Secretary-General Senator Mushahid Hussain

    Owns just Rs35,000 in his own name while rest of the property including a 50-acre plot of agricultural land, a 600-square-yard plot and a luxury house in Islamabad are either owned by his wife or shared by his two brothers. A Suzuki car worth Rs300,000 is owned by his wife.

  18. JUI-F’s Secretary-General Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

    Has a house and a plot worth Rs400,000 and Rs150,000, respectively, and furniture valued at Rs100,000. He has no other assets.

  19. MQM’s Mohammad Ali Brohi

    Is among ‘poor’ senators. He owns a house valued at just Rs600,000 and jewelry worth Rs500,000 and furniture of Rs250,000.

  20. Senator Maulana Gul Naseeb

    Is among the poorest of Senators with just Rs30,000 in his bank account. He has no other assets.


  • iFaqeer |

    Random, one-off finger-pointing does nothing. In fact, it only raises the temperature and enables those who would play on the anger of the people. We need to do this in a concerted, organized way.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    I agree with you – this is just the Dawn reported re-formatted to be a little more readable online it is – Public information

    Wiki – as usual im all for it

  • Sajid Iqbal |

    Isn't this amazing that most of JUI-F senators have no vehicle? However one can easily observer Fazl-ur-Rehman wandering in a Land Cruiser in Isalamabad.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    because of this reason,a bloody revolution is required to remove all these plunders from the power circle of pakistan once and for all.

  • guYasir |

    Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2008
    And our above leaders.pk are represents them instead of Public.pk. so power is corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely…is there any solution for our present predicament in presence of these chameleons?

  • iFaqeer |

    So you guys are saying that a bloody revolution or total “mayoosi” are to be considered options before we try to recreate something like the very Judicial Watch you quote yourself?

  • Asad Ali |

    @ very soon Karachi and Lahore zoo's

    IDP will be heading towards

    Islamabad Senat in bulk.

  • Syed |

    This is mostly the nursery the filthy coward dictator mush nursed in greenhouse.

    Gte hold of the master first to know what he has robbed Pakistani people. But Zardari under a deal has let him go scotfree.After a guard of honour ofcourse.