The Oppressed Have Become the Oppressors

After the downfall of Nazi Germany, the German people “washed their hands” of any complicity in the Jewish extermination camps by pleading ignorance. Lower rank German soldiers excused themselves by saying that they were only following military orders! Today, in the Holy Land, the Zionist Jews, with the support of the majority of Israel’s population are themselves perpetuating a holocaust against the Palestinian people. After the bodies are counted and the atrocities documented, how will the Jews excuse themselves for committing these crimes against humanity?

It is collective punishment of a people and the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children and women is a policy of genocide!

Location: Jewish Holocaust (1941-1945) vs Palestinian Holocaust (1948…NOW!)

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45 responses to “The Oppressed Have Become the Oppressors”

  1. SlaveDriver Avatar

    someday jews will be our slaves…

  2. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    like many i believe that all the inhabitant of israel will suffer not only for the crime of denial of the exalted prophet jesus(pbuh)but also this genocide.

  3. guYasir Avatar

    Yahweh "chosen people" have been Satan's favorite targets. Zionists took control of them using Lies about the Holocaust and the 1948 "War of Independence

    Jews did not need a "national homeland" because of the Holocaust. Instead, Jews were sacrificed in the Holocaust so they would build Israel. The Roths-childs want it as capital of their New World Order/Odor.

    The Zionist leadership knew the neighboring Arab states did not constitute a threat. The Palestinians did not flee willingly as Jews are taught, but were driven out.

    The British and UN were accomplices. With 75,000 soldiers present, the British permitted the massacres and pillage in spite of their promise in the Balfour Declaration to uphold Palestinian rights

    Eighty-nine percent of the cultivated land in the UN designated Jewish state belonged to Palestinians but they eschewed all Palestinian rights.

    The purpose of Zionism is to help colonize the Middle East, subvert Islam, and control the oilfields. For this reason Israel continues to receive blank checks. (One analyst estimates the US taxpayer has spent $1.7 trillion on Israel.) This is why the founding of Israel took precedence over the welfare of the Jewish people

    Israel has little to do with the Jewish people. Zionism, Communism, Feminism, Nazism, are all creations of the same satanic cabal. These ['isms] are all means to the final goal, a neo feudal global dictatorship. Thats why I always recall 'isms none but illusions just created for selfishness and for Negative Polarity at last to steal our souls

  4. guYasir Avatar

    The Jewish people have been deceived (or have deceived themselves) on two counts:

    1. Most do not descend from the Biblical Jews. They are Khazars from southwest Asia.

    2. Judaism is a racial credo more than a religion. It designed to maintain racial cohesion, in this case the Khazar bloodlines.

    In the absence of a more satisfying religion, many Jews sublimated their religious urge into Communist and left-liberal causes. This impulse has been hijacked and nurtured by Jewish financiers who are creating a "new world odor" with other elitists. Many Jews are unwitting pawns, profoundly out of touch with their own truth. They are foot soldiers and cannon-fodder in a diabolical multi generational plot to destroy Islamic Civilization.

    Jews wishing to understand their roots might do better to visit Kiev than Jerusalem. They might learn more by studying a web site like

    Jews imagine they are descendents of the Israelites, irrationally persecuted for the crucifixion, morally superior people and a beacon for humanity. In fact, I suspect they are dangerously out of touch with their own reality. Most are descendents of Khazars who assumed the difficult legacy of the ancient Israelites by converting to Judaism.

    Since Judaism is mainly a racial credo, Jews are attracted to other religions. One local rabbi tells people he is a Buddhist. Many Jews have made their religion the creation of a secular Golden Age. Unfortunately this humanist utopia is a hoax. It is sponsored by the Lucifer-loving financial elites who wish to replace Christian and Islamic civilization with totalitarian world government.

    Throughout history some Jews have aroused enmity by serving as pawns and middlemen for the elites. Unwittingly, many Jews have assumed this role again. They form a core group in the movies, news media, TV, think tanks, universities and government that legitimize the elite and preach contempt for healthy ideals. They are reminiscent of the Jewish core group that engineered the Bolshevik revolution and Communism.

    But Jews are individuals and many Jews are opposed to the New World Order. I am inspired by others like Israel Shamir, Mark Bruzonsky, Henry Makow and Eric Margolis, courageous journalists who oppose the Iraq/Afghan war and tell the truth about Zionism. I admire Dr. Judith Reisman who blew the whistle on the Rockefeller's campaign to promote homosexuality. Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglade fight for academic freedom.

    I believe many Jews have a profound sense of justice and truth. They want to know who they really are. I think Jews are Khazars. Kiev is their holyland instead of Palestine.

  5. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @Every muslim or non muslim country should hold

    an exposition of such photos of Palestinian Genocide

    and erect commemorative monuments.

  6. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    nice post yasir!

    completely agree with you that "Judaism is a racial credo more than a religion" also the reaserch on the descendands of real bani israel especially khazar.mingling with other races is the undeniable fact.

    but i do not understand the denial of holocaust which is proved by Quran and Ahadeeth.their history is full of messacre and genocide committed on them by other nations.

    no wonders for muslims who know that how many times ALLAH swt warned them and forgave them.their blood stained history was a ultimate result of their mal practice of the religion they preferred their wish over ALMIGHTY'S commond.

    ALMIGHTY sent prophets(pbuh) and they tortured them and kill them.

    ALLAH swt revealed they concealed.

    ALLAH swt blessed them with every thing but they remained thankless.

    ALLAH swt tested so many times but they did not offer sincere repentance.

    they literaly fought with ALLAH swt and His PROPHETS (pbuh)

    and the result we all know from the pages of history.

  7. guYasir Avatar

    dr jk

    The Occult Conspiracy consists of a broad range of elitists who do not want God's plan to be the foundation of society. They seem to be united in the worship of Lucifer, the symbol of cosmic rebellion against God

    Luciferians believe they can do whatever they want, no matter if it is decadent or immoral. They call this freedom. They have redefined reality according to their own self-interests and perversions. Their self-deification is the ultimate idolatry.

    They maintain their control over mankind by provoking wars, which are also very profitable so they contrived WW1-2

    They instigated the heinous 9-11 attack as a pretext to launch a bogus "War on Terror" designed to set up a Orwellian police state to deter resistance to globalism.

    For many Jews, Israel and the Holocaust have become a substitute for religion. The reason is that Judaism is flawed but many Jews are not attracted to it esp those who have faith in Moses and later Jesus vision's of God.

    Judaism has been hijacked. Judaism was originally based on Moses' vision of God as a universal moral force. The Sadducees upheld this view but the Pharisees overthrew them in a civil war in 79 BC and declare Talmud supremacy over Torah. The remnants of the Sadducees "Torah Jews" still cling to Moses and the Old Testament but they are a minority.
    Phariseeism=separated is based on the Talmud, which consists of the interpretations of "sages" during the Babylonian exile 586 BC to 1040 AD. Generally speaking, the Talmudists contradict the spirit of Moses and take precedence over the Torah

    The Jewish holocaust has become an issue becuz it has been politicized. Elite mind controllers used it to justify Zionism and WW2.

    I'm marveled on special treatment given to the Jewish holocaust. All wars are genocides. More than sixty million died in the Second World War. German civilians and POWS. The Polish intelligentsia. Stalin killed more than twenty million people. Mao killed sixty million. Rwanda. Cambodia. Bosnia. Ukraine. Armenia.Iraq. The list goes on and on.

    As long as the elite exploits the Jewish holocaust for political gain, opponents will minimize it. The subject should be removed from the political arena altogether.

  8. guYasir Avatar

    Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Twentieth Century Cataclysmal

    You can also visit Nakba=Cataclysm of 1947 which was reminiscent of what Nazis did to Jews.

    Without the Holocaust there would have been no Nakba which has grown into a monster stalking the whole human race: the 9-11 hoax, and the War against Islam and Freedom

    Freedom lies to obeying God/Allah and His commandments otherwise no freedom and no democracy all delusions full of hoax and hogs…abstain them and try to uplift Divine-dogma so we may prosper.

  9. readinglord Avatar

    I wonder why Paky Muslims hate the Jews when their Allah had called them the best nation and had been pampering them by selecting almost all the prophets from that very nation. Nay, even to day they are leading the human civilization, intellectually and ideologically. But these so called muslims had been targeting even the Bani-Haasham, the avowed cousins of Bani-Israel, all along and are doing so even today.

  10. KarimG Avatar

    readinglord, I will let you in on a secret, its not just the Paky Muslims…

    and as to WHY….uhmmm good question!!!

    You should think about that…WHY! and please save us with that crap about antisemitism, doesn't work with most of the people any more.

  11. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja


    I am surprised at many " Thoughts " the West holds so sacred one of them is that Jesus Chriest was not a Christian but a Jew.

    I find it shocking?What is Jew ,Christianity and Islam ?

    It is not the heairarchy of a Nation or a Race .It is the contineouty of God's effort to send His Message to His people.It is the continuety of that message.

    So does it matter if Jesus Chriest was born to a Jewish mother ,I do not think so.

    Jewish line of inherritance passes on from a motherline so this was truely the biggest MIRRACLE,for Jews actually.

    That a Jew preached CHRISTIANITY and denounced the previous book.

    Jews are not reday to accept this fact even after centuries have passed and we have historical evidence.

    Well the tragedy of Darwin happened and now many Westerners are convinced that in the process of evolution ,it was the monkeys who became MANKIND.

    Where as Quran says the opposite of it,

    that God in His wrath turned THOSE PEOPLE into apes.


    Israel does not seek Peace ,how can they get it and if we look at Bible and Quran it very vividly describes the imagery; we gave them in abundance,fruits,trees,safe houses but instead of saying thanks to God they bacame proud and arrogant and started to walk like Pharoahs than see how the catastrophie struck them.

    Say to them they should not hurry for the Catastrophe it will come all of a sudden…………


    Nobody hates the Jews ,Nobody wants to wipe you out from world map.Stop killing people.You must not do to others what you do not wish to be done to you.


    Note:the passage above is not exact quote of Aayyat from Quran ,it is my own wording from top of my head the way I remember the meaning of various Ayyat with reference to the context.

  12. Anwar Avatar

    Sad it is – we are however overlooking an important aspect of the current crisis in Gaza and that is the role of Arabs – Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia in particular. Leaders in these countries are afraid of Hamas and its popularity as they consider it to be a threat to their own survival. They therefore linked Hamas to Iran, and HezebUllah in Lebanon. By destroying Hamas the goal was to establish a compliant leadership in the territories for an acceptable apartheid solution to the Palestinian problem….

  13. S. Harpasand Avatar
    S. Harpasand

    There is no question in anyone's mind, including majority of Israelis themselves, that Israeli military and government's treatment of Palestinians is brutal, barbaric and heinous.

    However, as a thought experiment try to imagine what sort of treatment the Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general would hand to Israelis in particular and Jews in general IF by some miracle tomorrow morning the Palestinians/Arabs were to acquire overwhelming power and dominance over their enemies.

    Just based on the recent history of intra-Arab conflicts, the treatment of minorities in Arab nations and above all the treatment of even Muslim laborers of "inferior" races e.g Bangladesh, India and Pakistan in most Arab countries I have no doubt in mind that given the opportunity and resources the Arabs will have no qualms about just annihilating all Israelis. As a affirmation of this just see the very first comment on this post, that particular comment summarizes the prevalent feeling and aspiration of pretty much most of Muslims world of today towards Israel and Jews.

  14. KarimG Avatar

    Folks, S.Harpasand is readinlord's boss, he has decided to take the matter in his hand and create a diversion here.

    So, lets recap here, the Israelis are bad to Palestinians, that much is true, BUT, since Palestinians are ARABS (this is an attempt to divert the attention to obviously idiotic behavior that most of us experience with these no class gulf Arabs) they given half a chance would be even MORE bad to Jews.

    S.Harpasand, you are occupying other people's land, you have taken up other people's identity, you are in violation of numerous UN resolutions, you are the major cause of unrest and wars in the world, you are the most corrosive influence there is in the world, no matter how cruel, idiotic or unsophisticated Arabs, Muslims or whatever the F%^K you want your actions to divert to are…it doesn't change that…your are evil and you have violated all norms of humanity, get it?

  15. S. Harpasand Avatar
    S. Harpasand

    You are correct on all counts about what Israelis have done, are doing and probably will continue to do for near future. As I said earlier, even most Israelis of current generation would probably agree with you on almost all accusations you have made.

    Question is: NOW WHAT ?

    Can you, or anyone else in the world, provide a guarantee or promise to these Israelis that if the occupation is ended and an independent Palestinian state is allowed to exist next door then that state will NOT arm itself with the stated objective of reclaiming all of what is today Israel ?

    Also consider that vast majority of Israeli population was born after the "land" was already occupied and/or conquered by their ancestors, either by military force or via UN resolution(s). One could make an argument that these 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Israelis have as much right to their homeland as the 180 million Pakistanis have to what we call Pakistan today. In many ways case of Israel is not too different from the case for Pakistan a.k.a. Ideology of Pakistan a.k.a. Nazree'a'e Pakistan.

    If 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation Israelis are to vacate the lands occupied/conquered by their ancestors then why couldn't the Hindoos next door to you and me claim that all Pakistanis get the eff out of Pakistan?

    After all, it was your and my uber-manly and passionate warrior Muslim ancestors who conquered, with much barbarism and violence, the place we today call Pakistan.

  16. readinglord Avatar

    I wonder why the Jew-haters forget that Christianity and Islam are both the offshoots of Judaism. In fact the very concept of monotheism (There is no god but one God) was given by Judaism.

  17. KarimG Avatar

    So now, after all the killings, house demolitions, humiliations and continued occupation God knowns…all the crimes under the sun, rather than asking for forgiveness for what you have done to the people who had done no harm to you, and hoping that enough goodwill can be created by your actions that coexistance would be possible, YOU WANT GUARANTEES, WHAT NERVE!

    On the practicle side on many occasions such deals have been offered to you, most recently by the corrupt Shaikhs of S. Arabia, but Israel has foiled all such peace offensives, because you want land, just the land not the people on it. The inspiration of your leaders are racists like Jabotinskys. Your analogy and comparison concerning Indo-Pak is completely false and misleading. In Indo-Pak whatever movement of people occurred it was between the people of the region who shared the same culture. No alien culture or people were artificially planted in the region and neither in India nor Pakistan an apartheid system was put in place. Regardless of the fact that even now in these countries on the street level discrimination definitley does exist but it is not part of the mentality, values and laws.

    You once again have tried to divert the attention from the conduct of Israelis by bringing issues that have NOTHING to do with what we are discussing here. And your friend did not invoke antisemitism but invoked jew haters.

    Let me tell you some thing, in this day and age people are sophisticated enough not to hate people just because of the religion, race or creed. You can not shut people up by these cheap tricks any more and don't insult our intelligence by these pathetic excuses for genocide.

  18. S. Harpasand Avatar
    S. Harpasand

    not sure why you keep rambling that there is some agenda to divert attention. In fact it seems ironic to me that I continue to agree with you on what Israelis do to Palestinians, and also continue to remind you that as far as I can tell most Israelis, esp. the younger generation, would also agree with you about the barbaric and oppressive tactics of their military. BUT your needle seems to be stuck at telling everyone that somehow the world is not acknowledging the crimes of Israel. Even the most passionate supporters of Israel, the American Jews, acknowledge the inhumanity of what Israel is doing in the occupied territories.

    Question remains…..NOW WHAT ?

    Why don't you enlighten us as to what should or could happen now that its proven that Israeli military is so barbaric and genocidal?

  19. KarimG Avatar

    There is no needle stuck, there is an air of genuineness deficit when you say most of the young Israelis, or American Jews would agree with me…NO, How can I believe that when I know that it is those young Israelis who are responsible for all the shelling, shooting and humiliation at the checkpoints, it is the Americans whose money and influence allows this barbarity to continue. As for what to do, I fear that the last opportunity to have an 'unjust peace' came and went with Camp David, Israelis blew it. Now too much has happened for this to end peacefully, you bet you will always have the support of the Americans to continue, the Palestinians have no choice, they will continue to fight. As for your desire for peace and what you think about Palestinians, just look at your language in the previous post "Palestinian state is allowed to exist". See you don't consider it as their right, it will be your 'generosity' that will make it happen and till this attitude doesn't change, well…it goes on, but you will loose in the end that writing is on the wall.

  20. anonymouse Avatar

    This is utterly pathetic.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for making such an outlandish and disgusting comparison. Jews had much of a say in what happened to them eh? I'm pretty certain I missed reading about how they were allowed to form political parties and mobilize the people and negotiate peace accords.

    You make me ashamed to be a Pakistani, a Muslim, and a human being.

  21. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @ a-nony-mouse

    you sound more pathetic than a mouse in a trap.

    israel will be eradicated from the world map.inshaALLAH

    these war criminals will have to pay for their crimes.

  22. anonymouse Avatar

    That coming from a man advocating genocide.

    Nice. You've just placed yourself in the company of Nazis (and ironically, considering the propensity with which the likes of you seem to believe that the 'Jews' are genocidal, in their company).

    Well done you.

  23. KarimG Avatar

    Who the F%^K is this guy and what the hell is he on about?

  24. S. Harpasand Avatar
    S. Harpasand

    So you will rather wait it out till the moment in time when Palestinians will win and Israelis will loose. Given enough time, that may very well happen. In fact, that is precisely why I asked the question which started this argument – what people on this forum (mostly Pakistanis and Muslim) think would happen if the Palestinians were to acquire the means and ways to annihilate Israel. You have yet to share your opinion on this.

    According to you it is too late for a peaceful resolution of this conflict, so the possibility such a scenario where Palestinians become the dominant party is not too far fetched. My personal belief is that it will happen sooner rather then later. Why don't you enlighten us what will be the eventual outcome if and when that happens ? Answer this based on your own understanding of the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims AND without a "deficit of genuineness". If you can answer this question "honestly" then I think you may begin to understand the despair and hopelessness of the people on the other side of this conflict. It may also provide some hints into why the Israeli public at large continues to tolerate and/or ignore the oppression of the Palestinian people by its government and military.

    As for American support for Israel. Would it be an acceptable situation where America agrees to stop all its political, financial and military support of Israel IN RETURN for the Muslim and Arab World at large stopping their support of the Palestinian resistance ? In other words, why is it ok for Pakistanis, Saudis, Iranians and Indonesians to support the Palestinians but not ok for Americans to support Israel ?

  25. KarimG Avatar

    You want to solicit an opinion that is based on the belief that some how Arabs and Muslims are inherently hateful or intolerant towards Jews. Historically Europeans and Romans have persecuted Jews, Muslims often have given them shelter. What Israelis have to fear is the eventual consequences of their own actions. After Madrid Accord there was a window of opportunity that was squandered by the Israelis with settlement building and making impossible demands of Yasser Arafat in Camp David.

    So, yes indeed may be there will be equal and opposite reaction when the other party will gain power, but it wont be for no reason, it will be for what YOU HAVE INFLICTED ON THEM WHEN YOU HAD THE POWER. And sure enough I admit that it will be a cause for yet another settling of accounts in decades that will follow.

    Of course Israeli leaders and people can perhaps still step back and correct the situation. It very well might be that the opportunity for two state solution has been lost and now time has come of talking about a truly democratic country with EQUAL RIGHTS for all the citizens. For that to be realized, the racist Zionist ideology needs to be forever put in the trash can never to be revisited.

    Are you ready for that…I guess not!

  26. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Karim G

    Who the F%^K is this guy and what the hell is he on about?

    Have your patiance ,India yaaka yak Anaath hougaya hai.

    George Bush was pronounced dead on South African news clip.

    World has a U turn against 9/11 and of course word Terrorism and Terrorist is banned.

    Main kambul kou chourta houn Kambul mughai nahein chourta.

  27. ali hammad Avatar

    I wonder why we don't look at the other side of the picture. I don't defend what the Jews have done to the innocent Palestinians. But by reading the ancient history you will come to know that, it was the Jews who lived on this land. Their land was captured by first Christians and then Muslims. Read Sura Bakara, you will have no doubt about what I said.

    I feel pity on Muslims, shame on us, we live in more than 56 countries, with a population in billions, with unmatched natural resources and look at us, we can't tackle a single, tiny nation with only a few million population.

    Don't blame Jews, they are killing for the safety of their nation, balme your selves, we don't deserve respect.

  28. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    Ali Hammad @nejamin netin yahoo!

    why don't you people come with your own real ids.

    the only sympathetic people on earth for the zionist are qadiyanis.

    when time will come inshaALLAH qadiyanis will also eradicated with the israel.

  29. ali hammad Avatar

    chalo ge… you dumb camels will never change your mentality … Inshallah Qadiayanis will eradicate… But for God sakes, if you have no arguments to support your thoughts, you start blaming at each other. Read my whole post and tell me where I am wrong, and you have nothing to do with my faith, its between me and my Allah and HE knows the best…

  30. ali hammad Avatar

    and btw mr.jawad, i have even provided a link back to my blog, you can view that before blaming someone and my identity on INTERNET is open for everyone, not like yours.

  31. ali hammad Avatar

    sorry, the link was broken.

    here is the one

  32. KarimG Avatar

    ali hammad, where did the Christians and Muslims land from? Who were they before they became Christians and Muslims? Would it be okay if were to tell you that you have no right to live in your house because you or your ancestors became Hindus, Christians…what about that, would it be okay?

  33. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @Ali Hammad!

    sorry bro.your arguments made me think that you are a Qadiani as was infested by qadiyanis since many months.

    however i must say that even positivity should have a balance.positivity should not go beyond logic and sense.

    you said:

    "it was the Jews who lived on this land. Their land was captured by first Christians and then Muslims.

    my grandfather was forced to migrate from india(many pakistanis are still alive who saw the genocide)does it mean that i should attack on india, expel the hindu population from their houses and lands,make them slave nation.

    do you think my claim on the house of my grandfather is still valid?

    can a hindu barhaman claim on germany? jsut because he is aryan descendant.

    you said:

    "Don’t blame Jews, they are killing for the safety of their nation"

    safety from whome ?? women and children?

    these 56 muslim countries are ruled by americans stooges.muslims around the world really tried hard to get rid of them, "akhwan ul mulimoon" in egypt, islamic front in algeria, taliban in afghanistan, hamas in palestine, syria, iraq and other countries where they have been suppressed by inhumanly force.

    today muslims are can easily see the signs of unrest all over the muslim ummah.

    dear ali!

    positivity is a good thing but one should not become possesed by the positivity.

  34. ali hammad Avatar

    thanks God at least someone wants to argue rather than blaming others..

    First of all I don't understand what you wanna say … I try to answer what I inferred from your question.

    You are forgetting one thing. I am not at all defending the gruesome acts of Israel against Palestinians.

    Jews were there before Islam. If I am not wrong Judaism might be among the ancient religions of the world. And where did the jews lived before Islam and even after that? and it were we,the Muslims, and Christians who threw them out of their land. Now you are looking at the modern world where you consider it oppression to invade the boundaries of another country. But after all they were the living on these lands which is now called Arab.

    But in actual i did not convey my point clearly. I am just criticizing the Muslims. We the Muslims, in the modern world, have a status of not higher than the status of a camel.

    We have such a big population that if we direct our sewage pipes from our toilets towards Israel, Israel will be flooded in a day. But we can not do that. We have other commitments with the world .. don't we?

    We Muslims have a habit of crying like a baby. We can only say "Its a conspiracy against Muslim Uma", forgetting that conspiracies are crafted by intelligent people, not by dumb assholes who can only eat and sleep. We must suffer… We have done nothing good to ourselves and for ourselves. We can only cry

  35. ali hammad Avatar


    bro. look they know how to live in this world. they have the whole world economy in their hands…. i think Arabs can do the same thing… Even if they can't fight, they have the economy in their hands .. they have the biggest natural resources in the human history but they can't use it for their own benefit. America is intelligent, they are sucking the oil from middle east for their own benefit..

    bro. what benefit did we get from Hamas, Taliban and others like that ,,,

  36. KarimG Avatar

    I think here you have adequately exposed yourself, if out of the monstrosity this is what you choose to post…I realize now you could not have been educated!

  37. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    KarimG: Instead of passing judgements on what others post, how about staying rational, eh?

    Simple question: Are you saying that Amnesty International, an extremely credible organisation that has exposed Israeli warcrimes regularly, is not to be believed when it reports on similar atrocities perpetrated by Hamas?

  38. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    "similar atrocities??????

    now thats interesting really interesting.

    similar atrocities versus popular support!!!

    may i ask who will win??

    of course our denial burki.


  39. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    What does that even mean?

  40. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    nothing dear!

    it was just a taunt to the stupid and helpless palestinian who inspite of "similar atrosities" giving the popular support to the hamas.


    "jo bhee bat ki,khuda ki qasam lajawab ki"

  41. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Refer to my comment in the other thread about the 'popular support for Hamas' myth. The facts don't agree with that assertion as Hamas got 42.9 percent of the total vote in the Palestinian Authority elections. A majority of Palestinians did not vote for Hamas, that's a fact.

  42. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    42.9 percent of the total vote ?????


    what's wrong denial?….

    don't you have a tv in your house.

    or you get these kind of news from zion search engine?

    even if i agree.don't you think they did a heck of a job after "similar atrocities"

    oh i see…..hamas got these 42.9% on gun point.

    now you are disappointing me.