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Pakistan is Not going to Collapse!!!

pak-land-forceThese days you will see massive campaigns against Pakistan identifying its security failures, deal with Talibans and the ultimate fall by loosing Nuclear Weapons to the extremists putting every inch on earth in danger.

Stop getting afraid of this massive propaganda campaigns spreading fear among the Pakistani people that Pakistan is going to collapse. Pakistan is not going to collapse!! It is being pushed towards wall by utmost pressure so that the nation becomes afraid. The best way to control a nation is when it is afraid. This is what the US politicians do with their own people. Dropping fear bombs that Al Qaeda is coming, Terrorists will replay 9/11 and what not to win elections.

The point being criticized by Mr Tariq Fatmi in a recent show “Second opinion – April 20” that the State should not surrender to one stateless actor at gun point is nothing less of non-sense with all due respect. You need to understand that stateless actor pick up guns when the State does not do what it is required to do!! That is to save the lives and provide justice to its people. This is the failure of the government that Stateless actors are emerging….in form of Talibans or Mumbai attackers or Al-Qaida. It is the failure of the Muslim leadership collectively to respond to the Economic Terrorism done by the west to all the under privileged nations of the world especially the Muslim world since these are the countries with greatest wealth…..or a nation without leaders.

Don’t get impressed with anyone’s analysis or style. Animals like Kissinger and Brezinski are the biggest terrorists of the world themselves. They and their barbaric intelligence agencies have toppled/assassinated dozens of democratically elected leaders for their political / business interests from Musaddique of Iran in 1952/53, to Omar Torrijos of Panama in 1981, to Bhutto in 1979, to S. Allende of Salvador in 1973, King Faisal in 1973, Jaime Roldo of Ecuador in 1981, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, ……….its a never ending list.

And who is Mr. Holbrooke showing his concern over swat deal terming it as surrendering of the land to terrorists. Since when did Taliban become terrorists first of all? Yes they are extremists but they were never terrorists. They rose from the ashes of barbarianism of the war lords funded by the super powers. If you ever want to understand guys like Holbrooke just look at their past posts in the previous governments and their personal business connections. It’s an oligopoly of Government, Businessmen and International Bankers. They are the one promoting their agendas of total economic colonialism. Targeting countries one by one.

And the biggest threat to them is Pakistan!! Have you ever wondered why?? Because this is the only nation which can stop them in their tracks. Everyone is not afraid of us because of Extremism and Talibanisation. Everyone is afraid of us because this is the only nation with potential enough to rival these so called super powers. Israel’s leadership has sleepless nights because of our nuclear assets. Why?? Why are they afraid? Because they know they are wrong. They have done extreme injustice. Every thief is afraid from inside. Why is not West Indies afraid of our nuclear assets. Have you ever wondered? Why all the economic powers suddenly afraid of our nuclear assets being spilled in the hands of the terrorists. Because they know there is no other way to take it from us other than making it so controversial and making our own nation so afraid, that in the end we hand it over to them ourselves saying ok take this and against this, just forgive our life.

This propaganda that nuclear assets will spill over in the hands of terrorist is so absurd to begin with. Do they really want us to believe that Talibans have the capacity to understand the nuclear fission reaction?? What will they do with these nuclear weapons or its nuclear fuel lets say uranium or plutonium. Do these Talibans have the capacity to understand how to split the Uranium nucleus by firing neutrons??? Isn’t this so so absurd?? Is the world so dumb to believe this without a second thought?

So wake up everyone!!!! Wake up the dead momin in our self and stand against the Zulm that is being waged on us in the form of War on Terror, now sugar coated by a new name “Contingency Operations”. Talibanisation as an Ideology is never a threat to Pakistan!!! It can never be. This is the land of Allama Iqbal, not Mullah Umer!!

No matter how grave the circumstances, Remember this saying of Quaid-e-Azam.

“Musalman moseebat may….ghabray NAHI karta”!!!!

Love to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.

Hassan Niazi
Chartered Accountant


  • Shayan |

    A. The Taliban are terrorists.

    B. Pakistan may not literally disintegrate but it sure as hell is going to the dogs.

    C. You sound really nutty. You're brandishing Pakistan's nuclear weapons at America while the militants merrily march on Islamabad. It's nothing short of clinical insanity.

  • Taliban Apologist |

    Soul of Gen. Niazi seems talking! Is not it?

    After Swat, Buner is gone…Entire south Punjab is in a state of fear, schools, internet cafe, barbers, even parents and women age getting threats. The barbarian Taliban are on the way and Mr. Niazi came out telling everyone to close eyes. Oh, not different when in 1971 Gen Niazi told radio 'Gooday tood dian ga"..(I will break legs of Indians), just a day before handing over his gun to Indians!

    Our close friend China would not like a Pakistan with nukes under Taliban or in a state of civil war, what to talk about West.

  • Raza Jameel |

    Brave and excellent analysis. Surely this truth is going to be painful to digest by many White God worshipers.


    Taliban are terrorists? Who declared that and when. Your western media gods? They are no more radical and extreme than the Northern Alliance supported by India, Iran and the US. So at the moment since they are not the political victors, they are terrorists. And Northern Alliance who are being armed furiously by NATO and the west are civilised are civilized slaves….. ultimately to be utilised and targeted in future as terrorist when Taliban turn the corner and West offer their laps to them as well. Its actually happening in Afghanistan right now, in case you have not noticed. The US and NATO are dealing with the "Good" section of the Taliban. And who are they. The one who can partner with the west. And the one who don’t…….terrorists and what else

    Your bias is surely based on western media who are always "truthful" in their reporting and successful in washing tiny brains like yours just like they did while invading Iraq on the pretense of WMDs.

    Surely you are insane and clinical in your blindness and deafness. Stupidity has no limits. So it will be hard for you to shut up. Keep replying then.

  • Yawar |

    Poor analysis. I agree with you that Pakistan is not going to collapse (Inshallah) but the points that the author has made seem very nonsensical.

    "Do they really believe that the Taliban have the capacity to understanding nuclear fission?"

    Are you kidding me? Do you have to be a nuclear scientist to push a button? Dude, I think you should stick to playing with numbers and leave the policy making and political jargon to the policymakers and defence analysts.

  • reflection |

    @ Pakistani Patriotics, their Army, their ISA

    will, with the grace of Allah, protect all

    Pakistan, even its nuclear capabilities, its

    better to use the bomb rather than disintegrate.

    Get all of them in one go !!!

  • Junaid |

    Could not agree more!

    Hassan Niazi you have brightened my day, Thank you! and may Allah Bless you. Ameen

  • Danial Burki |

    Crap post; and what's sadder is the kind of positive reviews it's getting. Says a lot for the target audience. Sheesh.

    And while India is pursuing a strategy against Pakistan in Afghanistan, Israel hasn't really given a shit about us since the early 1980s. In fact, Mard-e Momin Zia-ul Haq did some great business with the Israelis! They have different strategic aims that do not necessarily collide with Pakistan's.

    It's just the pathological hate that Muslims have for Jews that prompts Pakistanis to shove in Israel, Zionism, Mossad and Mrs Weisel into every doomsday scenario. It would be funnier if so many millions weren't brainwashed by their holy books into hating followers of other holy books, who in turn are brainwashed into hating followers of other said holy books.

    That's religion for you, heh.

  • Observer |

    A most glaring blunder is the criminal refusal of the Pakistan Army to take on these Wahabi mullahs, in Swat and in the rest of the country.

    If anything, the Army’s shocking apathy has done the most damage to Pakistan’s strategic interests, and has the potential of dealing a fatal blow to the country. After 20 years of indoctrination at the hands of Zia ul Haq, the Pakistan Army apparently seems sympathetic to Wahabi causes. The demonic rot has creeped in at multiple ranks of the military.

    Against this backdrop, General Musharraf’s operation agaisnt the Lal Masjid terrorists was highly commendable.

    A 200 year old cult cannot and must not be allowed to replace thousands of years of civilization in the Indus Valley. Islam was there and will continue to exist long after the influence of the barren wastelands of the Najd has waned.

  • Zia Ahmad |

    The post is clearly inane and goes for the gung ho slant that has successfully kept Pakistan in a paranoid haze while the world has moved on.

    The last time I checked terrorists were a bunch of hooligans who went on about the business of instilling terror. And some say Taliban are not terrorists. To beat that they have the gaul of questioning the sanity of those who dare object at Talibani ways.


    May Allah save us Pakistanis from "Pakistani Patriots" like you

  • Sohaib |

    Yar, this is quite a ridiculous post, and here's why:

    1. It presents nothing new. Same old arguments about how we are the chosen nation on the planet and doodh ke dhulay and how everyone is out to get us and kill us and destroy and take over our country.

    (The fact that you referenced something said by Pakistan's number one intellectual Zaid Hamid sahab probably turned off a large number of readers.)

    2. Your understanding of Taliban is painfully naive. If you like them, that's great. But to not call a spade a spade is downright dangerous.

    3. Taliban might not be nuclear scientists, but they don't need to be. Two Pakistani nuclear scientists met Osama bhai and Hazrat Ayman Zawahiri before 9/11, which pissed our CIA brethren off and they sent their head, George Tenet, to meet Musharraf asap to tell him personally about the threat. I'm too lazy to look up references for this. Khudi dhoondh le jo log interested hein.

    Rab raakhan.

  • Danial Burki |

    Haha, "Pakistan's number one intellectual" indeed. Zaid Hamid, Phd in Nonsense from Bullshit University.

    And to Point 3, Sultan Basheeruddin of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission met Osama bin Laden and offered to build him a bomb. This nutjob also believed that Pakistan could produce electricity from jinns! Haha; and another of his proposals included setting off a nuclear bomb at Tarbela and Mangla dams to desilt them!

    What makes these Muslim "scientists" dangerous is that they're serious about stuff like jinn power plants and de-silting nukes!

  • arif |

    This article is naively written piece of opinion. Sure you would want to agree with it because it is supposedly positive but it is more of a same baseless anti-American, anti-Zionist mentality which has brought us thus far!.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    yes.pakistan is not going to collapse.

    i believe the day we get a sincere leadership the day we will start to rise and shine.

    long live pakistan.

  • Yawar |

    talking sense? this is the stupidest piece of writing i've read. and trust me, there is nothing more that i want than Pakistan NOT to collapse. i love my country but it's a pity that we have idiots like this voicing their opinions.

    seriously, and this guy is one of the educated lot…

  • Aamir Mughal |

    loosing Nuclear Weapons to the extremists putting every inch on earth in danger.[Hasan Niazi]


    Dear Sir,

    We would have to go more deep to learn.

    For your kind perusal,

    The Journalist below broke the story of Abu Gharib Prison, read him on Pakistani Nukes.

    Watching the Warheads The risks to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. by Seymour M. Hersh November 5, 2001

    According to Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker, a few days after 9/11 members of the elite Israeli counterterrorism unit Sayeret Matkal arrive in the US and begin training with US Special Forces in a secret location. The two groups are developing contingency plans to attack Pakistan’s military bases and remove its nuclear weapons if the Pakistani government or the nuclear weapons fall into the wrong hands. There may have been threats to enact this plan on September 13, 2001. The Japan Times later notes that this “threat to divest Pakistan of its ‘crown jewels’ was cleverly used by the US, first to force [Pakistani President] Musharraf to support its military campaign in Afghanistan, and then to warn would-be coup plotters against Musharraf.”


    On the Nuclear Edge by Seymour M. Hersh March 29, 1993

    The government’s ability to keep the Pakistani nuclear-arms purchases in America secret is the more remarkable because for the past four years the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Department have been struggling with an internal account of illegal Pakistani procurement activities, given by a former C.I.A. intelligence officer named Richard M. Barlow. Barlow, now thirty-eight years old, was hired by the C.I.A. in 1985 and quickly became one of the agency’s top experts on Pakistan’s nuclear program. In 1987, he was dismayed to learn, at first hand, that State Department and agency officials were engaged in what he concluded was a pattern of lying to and misleading Congress about Pakistan’s nuclear-purchasing activities. He resigned a year later, after senior agency officials attempted to bar him from working on Pakistan. In 1989, Barlow, then working as a proliferation analyst in the office of the Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy, was forced to resign, under threat of firing, in what he alleges was retaliation for his persistent investigations into nuclear smuggling and his heated objections to yet another misleading congressional briefing on Pakistan. His allegations, initially written off as the mutterings of a malcontent, lately have been taken with increased seriousness by government investigators. In a recent interview, Sherman Funk, the Inspector General of the State Department, described Barlow as “one of the most brilliant analysts I’ve ever seen,” and depicted his forced resignation as an injustice.

    Barlow, who is currently a consultant for the intelligence community, agreed early this year to discuss his allegations in an interview, after initially attempting, he said, to work within the system. His allegations of a State Department and C.I.A. conspiracy to shield Pakistani nuclear-related purchases from members of Congress have severely tested the government’s system of oversight by Inspectors General. As of today, there have been no fewer than five I.G. reports dealing with Barlow, two of them in the Defense Department, with only Sherman Funk confirming some of his essential allegations. But Funk has recently urged his Defense Department colleagues to reopen their inquiries.

    Barlow’s complaints of government wrongdoing got a boost when Paul C. Warnke, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Lyndon Johnson and as director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in the Carter Administration, reviewed the case and agreed to represent Barlow on a pro-bono basis. “He was doing his job as best he could, and was penalized for doing his job,” said Warnke, who is now a partner in the law firm of Howrey & Simon. “I don’t think that’s the way the government should operate. It’s as simple as that.” Warnke and a law-firm partner, James C. Duff, have assembled evidence indicating that the Defense Department’s I.G. report included mischaracterized—and perhaps fabricated—testimony. Their information has been turned over to the Senate Armed Services Committee, and on March 17th Senator Jeff Bingaman, Democrat of New Mexico, a committee member, formally asked the Pentagon to reopen its investigation.

    In interviews for this article over a three-month period, many of Barlow’s former C.I.A. and State Department colleagues confirmed his essential allegation—that the full story of the Pakistani purchases was deliberately withheld from Congress, for fear of provoking a cutoff in military and economic aid that would adversely affect the prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. In addition, senior members of Congress, including Senator John Glenn, Democrat of Ohio, who is the chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee, and former Representative Solarz, who was the chairman of the Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that they had not been formally briefed, as required by law, about any significant Pakistani procurement except for one publicly known case, which in 1987 forced President Reagan to invoke—and then waive—foreign-aid sanctions against Pakistan.

    Furthermore, Senator Glenn, the former astronaut, who is widely respected inside the government for his discretion—he is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence—said that he had been told nothing about the nuclear scare in 1990. “They should have told me,” he said, citing legislation that compels the executive branch of government to keep him and other ranking members of Congress “fully and currently informed” on all proliferation-related activities.

    It isn’t difficult to understand why Glenn had not been briefed, even in camera: he has been one of the most persistent public critics of Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions and of the failure of the Reagan and Bush Administrations to do something about them. Glenn told me he knew that many of his colleagues in the Senate and the House had viewed nonproliferation as a secondary issue, especially when they saw a chance to take on and defeat the Soviets on the battlefield, as in Afghanistan. “I always thought in terms of the bigger picture—the nonproliferation treaty,” Senator Glenn said, referring to the 1968 international agreement, signed and ratified by the United States, to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. “We made a commitment that we’d cut off aid to transgressors, and we had to keep faith with those Third World people who signed with us. I didn’t think I had any option but to press for enforcement of the law against Pakistan.” He was in the minority on that issue all through the Reagan and Bush years, he said. “The Administration would always come to me and say how important it is to keep the arms flowing through to Afghanistan. I’d take my case on nonproliferation to the floor and lose the vote.”

    Cheney Helped Cover-Up Nuclear Proliferation in 1989, So Pentagon Could Sell Pakistan Fighter Jets By JASON LEOPOLD

  • Aamir Mughal |

    @ Pakistani Patriotics, their Army, their ISA, will, with the grace of Allah, protect all, Pakistan, even its nuclear capabilities, its, better to use the bomb rather than disintegrate., Get all of them in one go !!!


    Yes, Of course why not!


    In the best-selling version of popular myth as history, U.S. "goodness" peaked during World War II (aka America's War against Fascism). Lost in the din of trumpet sound and angel song is the fact that when fascism was in full stride in Europe, the U.S. government actually looked away. When Hitler was carrying out his genocidal pogrom against Jews, U.S. officials refused entry to Jewish refugees fleeing Germany. The United States entered the war only after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. Drowned out by the noisy hosannas is its most barbaric act, in fact the

    single most savage act the world has ever witnessed: the dropping of the atomic bomb on civilian

    populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war was nearly over. The hundreds of thousands of Japanese people who were killed, the countless others who were crippled by cancers for generations to come, were not a threat to world peace. They were civilians. Just as the victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings were civilians. Just as the hundreds of thousands of people who died in Iraq because of the U.S.-led sanctions were civilians. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a cold, calculated experiment carried out to demonstrate America's power. At the time, President Truman described it as "the greatest thing in history".

    The United States Army Air Forces dropped two atomic

    bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

    on the mornings of August 6 and August 9, 1945 during

    World War II. The goal was to secure the unconditional

    surrender of Japan. At least 120,000 people died

    immediately from the two attacks combined, and perhaps

    more than 200,000 by the end of the year, from the

    effects of nuclear radiation. More than 90% of the

    casualties were civilians.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    yes.pakistan is not going to collapse. i believe the day we get a sincere leadership the day we will start to rise and shine. long live pakistan. [Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Dear Jawwad Sahab,

    Yes, Amen. May Allah accept yiur wish. But we would have to be very watchful and must keep our eyes and ears open and senses intact.


    Read in a US Declassified Government Document as to how the US President Richard Nixon supported General Yahya Khan in 1971, when he was butchering the civilian population of the then East Pakistan [now Bangladesh]

    Handwritten note from President Richard M. Nixon on an April 28, 1971, National Security Council decision paper: "To all hands. Don't squeeze Yahya at this time – RMN"



    Excerpts from a Diplomatic Gathering in 80s

    ""The Soviet Foreign Minister, Gromyko, speaking in New Delhi on February 12, 1980 had warned that, "If Pakistan continues to serve as a puppet of imperialism in the future; it will jeopardize its existence and its integrity as an independent state." The United States, too, could in certain circumstances accept the dismemberment of Pakistan as it did in 1971. Henry Kissinger, the US Secretary of State during President Nixon's administration, had said: "In my conversation with Ambassador Jha I reiterated my constant theme that we considered Indian and American long term interests as congruent …. I emphasized that the United States did not insist that East Bengal remain part of Pakistan. On the contrary, we accepted autonomy as inevitable and independence as possible. A war was senseless; Bangladesh would come into being by the spring of 1972 if present procedures were given a chance. We differed over method, not aim."On October 7, I told WSAG meeting that if India would accept an evolutionary process, it would achieve most of its objectives with our assistance. If they would co-operate with us we could work out 90 per cent of their problems, like releasing Mujib or attaining some degree of autonomy for Bangladesh, and these steps would lead eventually to their getting it all." With the return of a Republican administration and keeping United States global interests in mind, it would be prudent to assume that should the US interests in the future be better served by sacrificing Pakistan or a part of it, Henry Kissinger's successors would not hesitate to do so. Pakistan must, therefore, strive to keep itself together by weakening those forces that are pulling it apart and this cannot be done by force of arms. The use of strong arm methods has shown that the situation did not, to say the least, improve."


    A renowned Writer Robert D Kaplan had predicted in Mid and Late 90s that several countries are not going to survive and India and Pakistan are amongst those countries. Such theories are launched off and on by the power that be [The USA, IMF and WORLD BANK]to prepare the children of the lesser god for more miseries.

    Read the articles of Robert D Kaplan on Baluchistan and India.

    Dr Abul Maali Syed's book The Twin era of Pakistan:

    Democracy and Dictatorship. Written in 1992, the book predicts an independent Balochistan in 2006. Dr Syed begins his book by saying 'Who would have believed that Balochistan, once the least populated and poorest province of Pakistan, would become independent and the third richest oil-producing country after Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.' This may not be a serious venture, but it should be nevertheless worrying especially if one reads it along with the US National Intelligence Committee that spoke of Pakistan as a failed State in 2015.

    The Lawless Frontier By Robert D. Kaplan Atlantic Monthly September, 2000


    This past April in Quetta, the bleached-gray, drought-stricken capital of the Pakistani border province of Baluchistan, I awoke to explosions and gunfire. In search of the violence, my translator, Jamil, and I jumped into a four-wheel-drive Toyota and raced through the section of town inhabited by Pashtoon tribesmen. Suddenly we were surrounded by Pakistani soldiers, who forced us out of the car and pointed assault rifles in our faces. While they searched us, I saw two other soldiers with automatic weapons run along a high wall a few feet from where we stood. Shots rang out from inside the adjacent compound. By 11:00 a.m. five people had been killed and twenty wounded, and a large cache of weapons had been confiscated in a raid on the Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami (Pashtoon National People's Party), a group supporting an Independent "Pashtoonistan" created out of Pakistani territory. The party stood accused of murders and kidnapping. Security forces claimed victory, but reports later circulated that party members had filtered back into the area with weapons.

    THE COMING ANARCHY by Robert D. Kaplan

    How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet

    The Atlantic Monthly, February 1994

    Pakistan's problem is more basic still: like much of Africa, the country makes no geographic or demographic sense. It was founded as a homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent, yet there are more subcontinental Muslims outside Pakistan than within it. Like Yugoslavia, Pakistan is a patchwork of ethnic groups, increasingly in violent conflict with one another. While the Western media gushes over the fact that the country has a woman Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, Karachi is becoming a subcontinental version of Lagos.

    In eight visits to Pakistan, I have never gotten a sense of a cohesive national identity. With as much as 65 percent of its land dependent on intensive irrigation, with wide-scale deforestation, and with a yearly population growth of 2.7 percent (which ensures that the amount of cultivated land per rural inhabitant will plummet), Pakistan is becoming a more and more desperate place. As irrigation in the Indus River basin intensifies to serve two growing populations, Muslim-Hindu strife over falling water tables may be unavoidable.

    "India and Pakistan will probably fall apart," Homer-Dixon predicts. "Their secular governments have less and less legitimacy as well as less management ability over people and resources." Rather than one bold line dividing the subcontinent into two parts, the future will likely see a lot of thinner lines and smaller parts, with the ethnic entities of Pakhtunistan and Punjab gradually replacing Pakistan in the space between the Central Asian plateau and the heart of the subcontinent. None of this even takes into account climatic change, which, if it occurs in the next century, will further erode the capacity of existing states to cope. India, for instance, receives 70 percent of its precipitation from the monsoon cycle, which planetary warming could disrupt.


  • Raza Jameel |

    I think the author got a bit emotional in defending Pakistan and underminig Taliban, but I think has highlighted a key point also.

    Firstly is Taliban a real threat to the "whole country" is the point. Surely they have Banurin their control now but how far will they go. They have a peace deal with them but surely when they approach Islamabad, its not the peace deal that will welcome them, but guns.

    Also I think the authour also pointed towards real causes of these emergence of stateless actors. The super power interests. Which is not at all conspiracy theories. One need to read history of just Latin America.

    Lastly he also pointed towards the media campaign to afraid the whole world. Please read this article from John Muller recently published on Foreign affairs website repeating the point of the author of this blog, that how strong these Al Qaeda and Talibans really are. This clearly proves media and other compaigns over selling the risk of Taliban takeover.


    Hope I did not offend anyone. But I must say its a good blog but one advice to athour, take your emotions out when you are writing the blogs. Good effort though.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Raza Sahab is correct about Latin America, type this in google:

    Church Report Covert Action in Chile 1963-1973.

    It is US Senate Report on Henry Kissinger's Dirty Politics in Latin Amaerica

    Because link I am posting is being stopped by the spam program of teethblog.

  • shahbaz |

    It is high time to launch a movement to save pakistan like one for restoration of judiciary; it must be realized that situation is precarious; no one should be now in any illusion and slumber; save our homeland for our future generation not by subduing before US or India but through self reliance; it is time to sacrifice.

  • SM Imran H Zaidi |

    not going to collapse inshallah; were here to stay…

  • Moaaz Awan |

    We should make this clear that Pakistan is not going to collapse. We people are united. We love Pakistan. We are not afraid of the Taliban. We have tested there ambitions By passing the (NAR). Now if they do not lay their arms then the army with the full support of the people should deal with them with iron fist. It should be noted that the first operation in Swat was not successful because the people were not supporting the army. I warn that if PAKISTAN would break then India will also break and the war on the so called terror in Afghanistan would be lost. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  • Ajay Mishra |

    Talibans with nuclear assets wont target West and other nations bcos they r wrong or they r thieves. They will target them bcos they hate what they represent, everything that does not fit into their Islamic ideology. Progress, growth, love, equality, harmony and power!

    And no wonder Pak is going to dogs when u have writers who say "Talibanisation as an ideology is never dangerous for Pak" and "We r the only one who can rival these super powers". Good living in ur little fairyland. It sure made up for a good laugh.

    In short if u still have this mentality, u ppl r doomed and no one can save u. Happy Dooms day PAKIS!

  • Ajay Mishra |

    Just heard the news. Taliban says they will convert Pak into another Afganistan. Still u say Talibanisation as an ideology is not dangerous for Pak? Zaid Hamid at work!

  • Ajay Mishra |

    Moan Awzan kindly explain how will India break if Pak breaks? Why is everything in Pak associated with India. Why r u guys so obsessed with us and bringing us down. Now the mud slinging will start….

  • Zain |

    Very true analysis.

    May Allah make Pakistan even stronger and may Allah make Pakistanis even better Pakistanis, Ameeen.

    May Allah make the enemies of Pakistan cry and may Allah destroy the enemies of Pakistan, Ameeen.

    O Allah, the enemies of Islam have made plans to destroy Pakistan and Pakistanis, Oo Allah you are the best planner, plan their destruction and save us from their evil plans, Ameeen.

  • Moaaz Awan |

    Ajay Mishra first of all Pakistan will never break which u always wish.Your comment about Pakistan is so baseless. Taliban Ideology is not coming over Pakistan if u stop pumping in money. Why are we obsessed with u guys well u were the people who have occupied Kashmir for the last 60 years,u had interfered and dismembered Pakistan,u are the ones who are pumping money in Balochistan and other troubled regions of Pakistan,u are the ones who are stealing our share of water and not honouring the Indus Water Treaty rendering our soil barren. So there is not a single point in blaming u.If Pakistan would break,India would also break because a large muslim population is being oppressed they are not getting their rights and the Mulim States of Hyderabad,Junagadh and Assam were forced to join you.The Muslim genocide and the clashes with the christians are a proof to it.

  • A.Rehman |

    Moaaz Awan's point has made >Ajay MIshra< "Thinking"

    Taliban is not a threat for Pakistani Army and people if India STOP interfering in our matters, as she is since 1970.

  • A.Rehman |

    Pakistani people just wanted too say that we know how to resolve the Taliban problem, by HOOK OR BY CROOK.

    we are now very much sucessful in that.

    We are not afraid of these Handful of People.

    ajay said:"Just heard the news. Taliban says they will convert Pak into another Afganistan"

    after this

    it is evident that indian INSANE Media controls the indian mind and Ideology.

  • Ajay Mishra |

    As I said the mud slinging will start…

    We have not occupied ur Kashmir, u r crying hoarse for a part that does not belong to you. Whatever I say here u will say no to that. so no point. U guys are not able to control 4 province, still u put all ur energy to fight a proxy war over Kashmir! If you have proof over Balochistan, why dont you provide it in UN and fight the case. After all USA, ur big daddy is part of UN. Regarding Muslim minority, they enjoy more rights in India than wht u do there. Thats the reason why no muslim has returned to Pak from India, whereas there has been incidents where Hindus have asked the shelter from Indian govt citing atrocities. Also do u think 170 million(Muslim population) can break such a big majority? Our army is not a snoozefest like urs!! As I have mentioned in my other post, stop behaving as a Messiah of Muslim population all around the world. Take care of ur home which is on the verge of break down. And yes, u r completely wrong, breakdown of Pak will have spill over effect in my country and thats the only reason why I want a stable neighborhood. And as regard to Indus valley treaty, it clearly says that distribution of water will be according to the water level and amount of rain received. Its not India's fault if u guys dont built dams, reservoir in so many years!!! In fact I am pissed at my govt why the hell it still follows that pact. No water should be given to u guys so that its converted to a dessert. That should be the punishment for ur proxy war and using terrorism as state policy!!!!

    @ A.Rehman: U r using an Indian's name to mud sling an Indian and India? Come up with something original and use ur composers name or u dont have any? U need an INDIAN Muslims/Hindus name to glorify urself? PITY!

  • Moaaz Awan |

    Ajay Mishra u will never learn and neither admit which is clearly seen from your bogus comment about A.Rehman u think that no one in this world can right his name because u have a singer of that name. Regarding to Kashmir, It is a muslim majority area,Its people are very close and many of them do live in Pakistan, Its trade is liked to Pakistan, Its river flows to Pakistan which has the blood of those women and children which your military is spilling. I think u should read the partition plan of 1947. In the early days you butchered muslims of Kashmir who were going to Sialkot(Pakistan)we have not for gotten that. We admit that we have done some bad things in our regions which we will soon correct. Your comment on sponsoring terrorism is so untrue we have been morally supporting the Kashmiri movements we admit that some times we got a step ahead but that was due to the atrocities.Your involvement in Terrorist activities in Pakistan is far more greater u provide them weapons, money, And training in India and Afghanistan.I think we should go to the United Nations against u but then i remember that there is a UNITED NATIONS Resolution since 1948 and i think u are just deaf and have no International Obligations. Under these circumstances we were forced to support the movements of Kashmir. Does India have Reson in supporting terrorism In the whole country?What are the numerous counslates doing Around the AF-PAK border.The proud democracy is just a COWBOY anytime there is an attack on their sacred soil they mobilize their forces along their border. U really dont want peace because u flood our crops u steal our water and u sponsor terrorism and increase and increase your military budget. U are really going to break sooner or later with more then 24 separatist organisations and the cruel oppresion and about giving muslims much rights Plz Come out of your luxury villa in Mumbai.A piece of advice (U have problems with all of your neighbours including Bangladesh,Srilanka,Pakistan,Nepal and China Start making some fiends).Start to act something like democracy Because now u have 2 DADDYS AMERICA and RUSSIA.

  • dr.jawwad khan |

    "Start to act something like democracy Because now u have 2 DADDYS AMERICA and RUSSIA"

    two daddies and one mummy (bharat mata)

    and so many bastard children


  • Hungry Hippos |

    I am confused.

    Lets look at the worst case scenario, if its even one.

    Taliban "take over" Pakistan. So? They are a handful of people how do you expect them to take over the entire country. Even if they succeed in it, what is so bad about it? What is going to change?

    The only thing Taliban want is for foreign fighters to leave Afghanistan and Iraq. They are the ONLY ones standing up to Western imperialism and their quest for global dominance.

    Why do you think Obama was selected to run in these times? Because he was the one candidate who clearly stated that he was going to invade Pakistan. The Jewish lobby in America supported Obama more than 100%. Ever wonder why? because Pakistan is the strongest Muslim country, if and when it falls, who will defend them?

    Guys, stop hating on our neighbors, there is no need to keep hating India or Bangladesh. Open your eyes and stop listening to the news. Even local news is rubbish. If you just keep track of world events and connect them together, you will begin to see the big picture.

  • A Rehman |

    Ajay how double standard you are

    First You Said: Take care of ur home which is on the verge of break down. And yes, u r completely wrong, breakdown of Pak will have spill over effect in my country and thats the only reason why I want a stable neighborhood.

    Then As always "POLICY CHANGED" ::: No water should be given to u guys so that its converted to a dessert

    Ajay you are a pure double standard indian

    On Your point about conversion of pakistan in to desrt i think that we guys should ponder on IRAN-PAK-INDIA Gas Pipline Natural Gas???


    Okay A.Rehman (your COMPOSER) was a hindu the he got converted into Muslim

    So ajay you shonld also change your name to an Pakistani One,, As INDIANS DO

  • Moaaz Awan |

    Pakistan should stand on its own feet! No doubt about it. We have been an ally of the US just because we thought that America was going to give us Kashmir.We were wrong instead of that we lost our one part. Now US is shifting its strategic ally from Pakistan to India so we should also turn ourselves to China. After all China is the future of the world.

    Mr.H.Hippos u r right that the US is also betraying us but we cant leave India we had many experiences with them.About your comment about us considering Bangladesh an enemy u r totally wrong we have much respect for Bengalis we still consider Bangladesh East Pakistan.

    TTP Swat has been proved anti-Pakistan if they really had a genuine agenda they should have had laid down their arms instead of making such alarming statements. Instead of laying down their arms they captured Buner and entered Shangla.The should be dealt firmly.

    Are they Pakistanis? and if, In whose hands are they playing?

  • Moaaz Awan |

    A.Rehman u have got a point that we have the decision of the IPI gas project

  • Moaaz Awan |

    I think Ajay is sleeping OR he is convinced that we are right.

  • Moaaz Awan |

    This forum is closed because now everyone has seen that we are not and inshallah never going to collapse.

  • Ali nawaz jat from T |